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    🖊️ Episode 3🖊️


    I felt pain right at the lower part of my stomach,so hurt ,I found it difficult to talk much to avoid pain,I love my mum and I know she loves me too ,but why is she reacting like that

    Mum–,I managed to say

    “Princess,what did you want” mum replied standing up immediately

    When would I go home

    “As soon as you are fine,we leaving here”.

    Am fine mum,let’s just go home

    ‘okay,let me go see the doctor”

    Mum left


    Have been at the reception for some hours and no sign of Silvia ,I stood up and was about to leave when Silvia called my name


    Hey Silvia ,what’s up,what’s going on

    “I don’t have time for explanation,let me just go see the doctor,and thanks for your concern,you may now leave ”

    But why is she harsh,she doesn’t even show appreciation in a well manner

    Well,I left the hospital for my house without even having an idea of what happened


    Hi doctor,please prepare our discharge file

    “Okay miss” I wanted to tell you that also ,just make sure you watch over her time to time ,and please make sure she doesn’t miss any meal I beg

    Okay,doctor ,thank you,I said as I stood up from the chair and made an handshake with him


    It’s been days since we left the hospital,have always made sure princess takes her meal time to time as I can’t afford to loose her again,it’s too expensive

    It’s Friday afternoon,I had decided to go to school with princess ,have been on good terms with her since the incident happened

    In school ,I held princess by her wrist as we moved gently along the school compound

    So we done with the school activities,and it’s dark already,we stayed this dark cause of the heavy rain fall that made us stay back in school,we got out of the school compound and stayed by the road side obviously waiting for bus ,I didn’t come with my car,it was faulty so I left it at home

    A car speedily parked by our side,it splited water on us and I cursed heavily,I saw two guys alighting and I thought they wanted to apologise for their wrong deed instead they bundled I and princess inside the car,I wanted to shout but they raised their cloth and I found out a gun was kept there which one of them threatened to shoot princess if I make any foolish noise , so I rather shut up and comply

    I don’t know where we were taking to but I knew I was kept inside a dark room


    It’s been two days inside this dark room,I don’t know when it’s morning or when the dawn falls , everyday is dark ,every hours and minute is dark,I wasn’t kept where princess was kept,I have no idea of what was happening to my daughter,I cried everyday and night but they couldn’t provide her for me ,

    A guy came in with a torch light in his hand for safety movement,I tried looking at his face but he was on mask

    “How are you” his thick voice like a monster’s own

    I got scared at a point but I summoned courage to ask after princess

    Please where is my daughter

    “Which daughter” he asked with his audible voice again

    You kidnapped me with a girl right? She is my daughter,please where is princess ,don’t hurt her please,please ,I need to see her ,she’s all have got

    “Your daughter if doing very fine,we are not hurting her but we might hurt her soon ”

    Why would you want to her ,what have we done, Even if have wronged you,I believe princess can’t, she still a kid,more over,please have she eaten

    “She had eaten,like I said,princess is fine or would you like to hear from her”

    Honestly yes

    I don’t know who he called but a familiar voice was heard clearly on the phone since it was on speaker

    “Now speak”

    📞hello ,please I want to speak with princess

    📞hello mummy

    📞princess,how are you

    📞mummy,I want to see you

    📞baby,it’s okay ,don’t cry , hope you’ve eaten

    📞yes mum,have always been eating time to time but not as good as you should be here

    Give me back the phone,the guy yelled at me and I quickly handed him his phone


    I was kept in a room with a guy sitting always beside me to gist with me and provide food for me

    Uncle please what did you want from me

    “You ain’t the one I needed ,but your mother” he replied gently

    My mum,please don’t hurt her,I beg of you

    “Am not hurting her but she might get killed soon”

    Don’t kill my mummy,I don’t want to be an orphan pls ,

    “On one condition”

    What condition sir


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    What condition?

    Ride on

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    Heh! What sort of condition

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    what condition that’s stupid of whoever is behind your kidnapping

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    What condition is that

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    💔 TRAUMA💔

    🖊️ Episode 4🖊️

    “After hearing your daughter’s voice,did you still want her dead “?

    Whhhyyy.should I let her her her De dead ,dead ,I shiver in fears

    “I guess you don’t want her dead right?”

    Yes sir

    “On one condition”

    What condition

    “I will have to get down with you ” a voice came up saying from the entrance

    I tried to figure out who the person was but he was on mask also and I couldn’t identify him

    He walked in majestically as I sat down in fear still looking at him

    “Bruno,you may go ” he said and the guy who was sitting with me before left

    “Okay boss” Bruno said and he left immediately

    The guy walked round me and finally sat at the chair opposite me and lighted up a cigarette

    “Did you agree on the deal” he said after five minutes of silence

    What deal sir,I asked in pretence

    “It’s either I have sex with you or I execute your daughter”

    Please don’t do that to me,please

    “I don’t force things,well,get ready to mourn over her”

    Who ?

    “Your so called daughter”

    Please sir ,don’t kill her,I would do everything you want

    “Then lay down straight and open your laps for me ”

    *Blacked out*

    Hi 08155374754 for more interesting stories,story written by Boge Ayomide aminat


    It’s been weeks since I noticed Silvia in school last,

    “Hey guy, what’s up” a voice came from behind and I turned to see who was that ,Adetutu, a course mate of mine

    Tutu what’s up

    “Am fine,you looked worried what happened”

    Am good,just a little thing bothering me

    “Is it something you can share with me ”

    No,it’s fine,it’s privacy

    “Common, problem shared is half solved ,just tell me,I might have solution to it”

    It’s not a problem ,I would be fine

    “Oh,oh,so you’ve decided to turn me down right”

    That’s not it tutu

    “Okay,how about meeting you at home after school hour”

    Okay tutu ,you know my house right


    She won’t stop forcing things ,I murmured as tutu left


    I was finally released with princess,I had lost my phone,I don’t have anyone to call to come pick me up, Even if I had the phone with me,I don’t have family nor friends to call for help ,I carried princess at my back Asif I was carrying a sick person who was out of conscious,I walked and walked till we got home,it wasn’t an easy journey,I haven’t trekked like that ever in my life and I must tell,I felt more exhausted than have ever be ,i dropped princess on her feet as soon as we got home and I must tell from her look that she looked worried and sad but I don’t have time for questions and answers this Evening,I had managed out of my tiredness to prepare noodles for princess,we all know she mustn’t do a day without food ,I finally slept after freshen up and I drown to my dream Land

    The following day

    I had done my daily routine and ready for school,

    I was in my department when different thought strikes my mind,I think I should just enroll princess in boarding school once she resumes her senior secondary school,she is now growing older and not younger anymore,I still can’t forget my sister

    Silvia, Silvia,I made it
    I promise to make you proud, Silvia I would make you one of the greatest , Silvia ,be good for me honey, Silvia aaa,

    I kept remembering my sister’s words and a voice brought me back to my conscious state

    “Hey Silvia,you here”

    And what does that have to do with you ..

    “Noo,I mean no harm,it’s been weeks since I saw you last and you know,I don’t know your house”

    See Kennedy,you had better stay off me or else I won’t hesitate to strangle you


    I heard a knock on my door,I was surprised at first cause I wasn’t expecting any visitor,I turned deaf ear at the knock and assumed it was my ear,I heard it clearly this time around and I rushed to open it

    Ohh tutu , what’s up

    “Hi Kennedy”

    What are you looking for by this time of the day

    “Would you let me in first”

    I opened the door as tutu walked in majestically sitting on my bed

    I couldn’t sit on bed with her ,instead I sat on the couch

    “Why don’t you come sit on bed” she said as she used her hand to signal

    I am comfortable here and besides what have you come to do

    “Isn’t it good the way have come to say hi”

    It’s nice but you should have made it a day and not a night

    “That’s not a big deal,I purposely make it a night so I can sleep over”

    Sleep over??

    “Yes,or did you have a girlfriend to disturb that”

    I don’t have a girlfriend but this isn’t proper ,I mean ,your friend,sorry ,but it’s not proper

    “You mentioned my friend,what friend,I don’t understand”

    That was a mistake,but I don’t think it’s nice sleeping over here

    “But you know I won’t leave here ,see Kennedy,let me tell you something,you know ”

    Before I knew it,she had stood up from the bed as she gave me a slight kiss and deep hug

    I freed myself from her and quickly shift back

    Silvia,what’s this you are doing

    “Did you just mentioned Silvia”

    I mentioned tutu not Silvia,please tutu can you spare me this talks and leave my house right now before I push you out myself

    “Oh,I see,I would leave ,I now understand, so you mean Silvia is the obstacle right” I know what to do to her”

    You wouldn’t wanna try any funny thing

    She picked her bag and left angrily


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    Tutu must be the person behind the kidnap and rape of Silvia, I think.

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    #ride on

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