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    During the summer vacation between my junior and senior year my parents celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. They had gone on a cruise for their honeymoon so they had decided to re-capture the experience. The biggest difference was the first cruise had been on a second rate ship and had lasted only a week. This time around, due to the fact that they were better off financially, they booked a master suite with a balcony and this cruise would last 15 days.
    Now normally when they went away I would stay home by myself. But because they would be gone for over two weeks during the height of summer party season had made them amend their thinking this time. Instead they arranged for me to stay with my father’s brother and his new wife.
    “Listen Jim” my father explained “I know you aren’t happy about this but it’s the way it’s going to be. We trust you but we’ll be gone almost three weeks counting the flights we have to take each way and your mother and I won’t worry if we know you’ll be at my brother’s house. You’ll eat real food this way and if something happens there will be someone there to help. Besides after what happened at the Fosters’ last year your mother was concerned that something bad could happen.”
    The Fosters’ were our neighbors and when they had gone away their kids had thrown a wild party which resulted in both a lot of property damage when things spiraled out of control, as well as the police responding to said problems resulting in some charges being filed.
    “Anyway you always liked Uncle John and maybe you can spend time with your cousins. Plus you know they have an in-ground pool.”
    I had no choice anyway so I decided to make the best of it. I had a part time job so I would be pretty busy anyway and they lived in the same town so I could still see my friends when I wanted. Since I could visit my house I didn’t need to go crazy packing and brought a minimum of clothes and toiletries as well as my laptop computer.
    My Uncle John drove me there the evening of my parents’ flight to save them the trouble of driving me,
    so we said our goodbyes before I left. Uncle John was younger than my father by a couple of years. He and his first wife divorced a few years ago after fourteen years of marriage and two children, my cousins John Jr. who was now 14 and his older sister Ashley who was16. Uncle John had remarried last year to a woman a few years younger than he was. Aunt Laura was an elementary school teacher and the few times we’d met she seemed to be really nice and good for my uncle.
    “You can stay in John’s room. You know since I bought the house your cousins don’t actually live there but with their mother. They each have a room for when they stay though I figured Ashley’s room would be too girly for you sport.”
    “What if John comes to stay?” I asked.
    “Well I know this upcoming weekend he is doing something with some friends and he might stay with one of them. So maybe Ashley will be coming but not John. If he comes we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. While you‘re staying feel free to have your friends over, we don‘t want you to feel like a guest.”
    “Thanks Uncle John” I said.
    “And you can have your girlfriend over if you want, just use some common sense” he said to me with a wink.
    “Vanessa and I broke up right before the end of the school year” I told him. We had gone out for eighteen months and most of my family had met and liked her.

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    Too bad, any particular reason?” he asked.
    “I don’t know, these things happen” I answered vaguely.
    It was none of his business in the first place but what could I say. That I was sick of her putting off sex with me because she was scared that I would hurt her if I f----d her. That she would give me hand jobs and lame blowjobs but wouldn’t let me go down on her because she was afraid she might enjoy herself too much and lose control. That when we first went out, while we kissed and petted I had fingered her to o----m but now she wouldn’t even let me do that anymore. I was about to be a senior in high school and I was still a virgin. My hand aided by p--n on the computer was my sex life right now.
    “I hear you sport, but now you can play the field, eh” Uncle John said grinning.
    We arrived at his house in a few more minutes. He had a nice sized house and yard on the outskirts of town where most of the newer houses were being built. He pulled into the driveway and parked next to Aunt Laura’s car. I carried my bags as Uncle John opened the front door.
    “Honey we’re home” he called out as we went in to the air conditioned comfort.
    “Be right there” I heard a voice in the recess of the house say.
    In a moment my Aunt Laura came into view. She gave my uncle a quick peck on the cheek and headed to me. It took all my willpower to maintain my composure. She had obviously been sunning herself by the pool. All she was wearing was a tiny bikini with a sheer cover-up and flip flops. I had never realized how sexy she was before. At family gatherings she had always dressed demurely. She had appeared attractive to me but in a more wholesome girl next door way. Now she was a bombshell.
    She gave me a hug and stretched her petite frame to give me a kiss. I saw the golden streaks in her short brown hair but of more interest to me were her small firm breasts which pressed into me as we hugged. I also noticed that surprisingly her navel was pierced. I guess that teachers let their hair down during summer vacation as well.
    “Jim, glad to see you. We’re so glad you could stay with us. Now are you hungry? John is about to throw something on the grill.”
    “No thanks Aunt Laura, I ate dinner before I came” I answered “right now I just want to put my stuff away.”
    She looked up at my eyes, seemingly reluctant to end our embrace although she finally did.
    “Of course Jim. Honey why don’t you fire up the grill while I show Jim to his room.”
    “Good idea Laura. Steaks will be ready in a jiffy. Jim if you get hungry later there is plenty so don’t hesitate. We’ll be by the pool” my uncle answered before heading toward the back.
    I followed his wife as we climbed the wide staircase to the second floor. Part of me didn’t want to but I found my eyes drawn to Aunt Laura’s firm round backside as I followed a few steps behind her. It swayed as she walked reminding me of two kittens playing under the small, thin fabric. More than once she turned back towards me with an enigmatic half smile on her face. We reached the top of the stairs and turned right in the hallway.
    “Mine and your uncle’s room is at the other end of the hall and this room is Ashley’s” she said while passing a closed door, “John’s room is at the end and is over the garage so it has plenty of privacy as well as its own bathroom.”
    After saying this she opened the door at the end of the hall and walked in. The room was good sized, bigger than my room at home, and appeared even larger because it seemed sparsely furnished. There was a double bed against one wall, a dresser across the room as well as a desk and chair. A small flat screen TV was on the wall and an open door led to the small bathroom. There wasn’t even a trace of personality in the room and it was obvious my cousin had done nothing to make it his own. I put my suitcase on the floor and my laptop bag on the desk.

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    Seated… Let ride on

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    @willingyung, thanks for the I.V.

    Oya take this one for only you.

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