My village wife season 2

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    In case you missed season 1 see link >>

    Chapter 1

    ?My pretty lunatic ?

    (Mission failed)

    ?Ulinma’s Pov(cont’d)?

    God! What is this?!!
    My whole body is on fire and the pains is unending, if anything it keeps increasing.

    “ Ahhhhhhhhh.. please Fred stopppp… please stop…Fredddd… ”
    I kept screaming out but it fell on deaf ears as he did the opposite of stop.

    He increased the pace of his t----t, slamming hard into me, that the coming together of our groins produced loud noises and the force of his t----t was sending my large a*s bouncing on the bathroom wall were I rest.

    It hurts!

    “ Pleases i am begging you Fred… ”
    I cried even more holding on to him tightly, my fingers piercing into his flesh wishing he should just stop and this whole thing can end.

    ” argg… fūck! You so sweet beauty.
    He kept groaning as he t----t even harder and deeper, damaging inside of me with his long, thick d**k.

    My pu**y hurts so bad and my legs has become so weak and shaky.

    I was sweating in the water and it felt like I was going to pass out in few minutes time, I wish I could pass out because the pains were too much. I don’t know how much of this I can be able to take.

    “ You are hurting me Fred … please stopppp ”
    I cried loudly as the tears roll down my cheeks but he kept on destroying my V like an animal with no mercy whatsoever.

    He was rough and fast

    ” Argg..” He was groaning as he grabbed hold of my hair with his right hand, choking me as he slammed harder inside of me, the sounds of our groins impact was as loud as drum.

    I felt my pu**y tearing apart and his d**k was hitting the very end of my walls.

    It was painful as hell!

    But I could no longer scream as my strength was living me every passing minute.

    “ Freddd please”
    I tried speaking out but it was almost impossible to be heard, his grip on my hair was tight.

    “ Yes.. f**k. I have missed this.. f**k I know am hurting you my love am sorry”
    He groaned some more pounding me in and out of me a little bit slowly.

    I lacked air because even when he was slowing down it still hurts like hell.

    “ Ah ”
    I gasped when he pulled out of me.

    At first i was scared of his touch but after a while i relaxed.

    “I’m so sorry beauty it won’t hurt next time.” he said and i just nodded because I didn’t have the strength to speak.

    He washed my body and carried me bridal style into the bedroom.

    And made me sit on the bed.
    I was naked in front of him with no towel on.

    But I cared less about it because the pains in between my legs couldn’t let me think straight.

    Fred bought out one of his shirt and wore it on me after that he dressed up and placed me properly on the bed.

    He then lay down on the bed beside me and placed my head on his chest and i slept off.

    Hoping for the pains to disappear before tomorrow.

    Next morning……?️?️
    When i woke up Fred wasn’t beside me on the bed.

    “ Ah ”
    I let out a sigh of relief, relaxing my head back on the pillow.

    “Last night was the most painful day of my life I didn’t know first sex was that painful, and that’s even getting me scared of our next sex…

    Fred nearly killed me last night or will I put it this way he really destroyed my V although it was kinda sweet and I found myself blushing.

    Can you believe that? I am actually blushing. when Fred almost killed me with his d**k.

    Maybe I have gone mad!

    I wonder where is could be right now or don’t he know he should be with me this morning.

    And the most baffling thing is that am here thinking about having sex with Fred again after nearly being killed.

    I am sick! Very sick!

    I think Fred is really a caring husband to say he bath me last night after the brutal sex.

    So was naked with Fred last night wil he was fvcking my pu**y like an animal maybe it been a while he had sex.

    I really enjoyed him last night I mean the pleasuring part of course not the part when he was fvcking the hell out of me.

    And oh my Gosh! I sae Fred’s dvck last night…

    It was so big, thick and beautiful! I think I asked for it when I grabbed his dvck last night. but Gosh! it was so tempting.

    I wonder if that his big dvck was going to fit in my tight pu**y and it did.

    All those sinful thoughts are making me wet down there. Gosh! silly me.

    I think i really need more rest….

    ❣️ Fred’s Pov❣️

    Answering a call.

    ?.. point of correction my wife was attacked but she wasn’t shot nor is she dead.?
    I replied.

    ?..Oh sorry to ask sir are you sure she’s not dead because it all over the news that you lost your wife?..?
    My stupid secretary asked and I felt like slapping her through the phone.

    ?.. Didn’t you hear what just said huh? my wife was attacked but she’s fine.?
    I yelled already pissed off as I ended the call before I could hear any more of her nonsense.

    I have been receiving call since morning after the sudden attack on ulinma yesterday.

    They were calling to confirm if the story the put up by the press was true, i was surprised when i woke up to see a news that my wife was shot dead.

    Gosh, it all just sounded so sickening to me maybe because i was so scared yesterday when i saw a guy on mask pointing a gun at ulinma.

    Speaking of ulinma, I am sure she is still sleeping course few minutes ago when i left the bedroom to the gym she was sleeping soundly.

    I still find it hard to believe i took her virginity last night, i mean my wife was still a virgin.


    That was about 50 minutes ago when i left her at the bedroom to do a little exercise at the gym and she should be awake by now.

    And I think i should better round of my exercise and go prepare breakfast for her.

    I really felt bad last night for coursing her so much.

    And for the fact that she kept herself for me and also give me the honor of being the first man to break through her walls, I promise to protect her with the last drop of my blood.

    I love ulinma so much that i don’t think i can leave without her.

    When i rounded up my exercise series i took my phone and dialed the number of my private investigator, and when he picked i told him to do research on the person that shot my princess.

    ?Ulinma’s Pov?

    After using the bathroom the pain in between my legs were a little bit better so i dressed up on one of his baggy shirts and started walking downstairs to look for him.

    I remember last night and smiled shyly wondering how am gonna face him.

    When i got to the living room a sweet aroma heat my nose making my stomach grumble.

    I managed to climb the stairs to the kitchen only to see my husband wearing an apron cooking.

    So he can cook huh? and Mama never told me.

    I tiptoed towards him and wrapped my hands around his waist resting my head on his back.

    “Beauty good morning, does it still hurt?” he asked.

    “Just a little bit…” i reply and he nodded.

    Fred turned and lifted me up to the kitchen counter like i was just as light as feather and i blushed.

    “Food will soon be ready so sit down there…” he said and i nodded.

    He smiled at me and turned back and continued with his cooking and i couldn’t help but check him out, this is a guy that saved me from death yesterday.

    I felt so happy having Fred in my life because he changed my life, from the village ulinma who has to do anything her uncle tells her, to this ulinma that lives a life of a queen.

    What more can i ask for.

    ?Chioma’s Pov?

    “ guys are completely useless, worthless! ” I cursed
    “ So because you failed to kill her the first time does that mean you won’t try to have her killed again? ”
    I yelled at the men i paid to kill ulinma but they were just looking at me as if am a fool.

    “ I didn’t pay you guys to just attempt to kill her, I paid you guys to kill her, so if one attempt failed I was not expecting you good for nothing men to give up but instead make another attempts as many attempts as possible until you finally kill that stupid husband snatcher i call a cousin!

    Now because of you guys incompetency i know Fred will be looking for the people that attacked her”

    I yelled fuming with anger it felt like i was going to blow up in few minutes.

    It was today that the couples magazine came out and ulinma and Fred were in the cover same with the billboard.

    “ Perfect couple ” one of the men commented and i shot him a glance.

    This was what got me seriously angry today if it was another day i wouldn’t have bothered.

    Ulinma has finally succeeded in taking what belongs to me and I want it back, I want Fred back.

    It would have been me on those billboard and magazines.

    It would have been me
    I yelled.



    Chaiiiii chi chi beke?

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    Okay that is you yes

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    Chai i don land

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    Choima dem go catch u

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    Ireoluwa Emmanuel
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    Stupid chioma, u were shoutin upanda dat ulima snatched ur husband, was it nt bcoz of ulima fred came to d village?

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    Chioma still wished to continue with her motive of killing Ulinma not knowing that she mightn’t be favoured with the next attempt.

    With what is ahead, only the couples (Fred & Ulinma) strong love that can make them overcome.

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    Chioma u better sleep and wakeup with a good motive, u beta change ur mind coz ur next plan will only land u in jail

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