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    Fred becareful those who want to distroyed your marriage are many

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    At last season 2 is out…. Chioma leave both of them alone and look for another husband…. Ulinma wellcome to womanhood

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    next pls

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    Chapter 2&3

    Chapter 2

    ?My pretty lunatic ?

    (Change of mind)
    Fred’s Pov
    In no time i was done cooking and i dished out the food and took it to the dinning table.
    I would have loved for us to eat in the kitchen but she needs to say in a place where she can feel comfortable.
    So after serving the the food properly i came back to the kitchen only to see beauty struggling on how to get down from the kitchen counter.
    And a small smile appeared on my face, I never in my life dreamed of getting married to a virgin.
    because i have fvcked lot of girls and i believed someone somewhere was also fvcking my future wife.
    I carried her bridal style down from the counter to the dinning area and placed her slowly on the chair.
    I helped her dishe out her food before dishing out mine and started looking at her, not because i am not hungry but because i wanted to confirm if it was delicious.
    She took the spoon of fried rice in her mouth and moaned munching on the food with her eyes closed.
    she moaned.
    The moans were really affecting me but i can’t do anything to her because i know i really destroyed her legs last night.
    “I don’t think what you’re doing is good considering your condition..”
    I said with a smirk on my face.
    she asked with her mouth loaded with food making me burst into laughter.
    “What’s so funny Fred?”
    I asked with a small frown.
    I replied and her frown deepened.
    no it can’t be nothing.”
    she replied dropping her spoon then cleaned her mouth with a wipe then resumed eating.
    “Okay Okay you are just eating like a woman pregnant for triplet..”
    I said and she laughed.
    “HaHaHa for me if i get pregnant i will not be disturbing anyone just sleep do my chores and sleep again..”
    she replied.
    that’s how you people talk but immediately you conceive you guy make us your slaves Asap..”
    I said.
    “No ooo!
    me i am not other women and if i say am not gonna be disturbing you cross my heart i won’t..”
    she replied.
    “Okay oo!
    let me hold you by your world and if i eventually get you pregnant and you start with the pregnancy hormones i will remind you of this discussion..”
    I said and the two of us bursted into hilarious laughter.
    The truth is immediately silence heat us i started imagine ulinma carrying my baby inside her.
    In as much as i want her to carry my child i also want her dreams to come true.
    I really want to be proud to say one day that my wife is a lawyer and that must happen.
    After eating i helped her in washing the dishes since she’s too stubborn to sit down in a place.
    We were in the kitchen washing the plates she was telling me her experience with the guys in the village and i most say it was the best joke i have heard in a long while.
    I couldn’t believe she emptied a pot of water on a boy that always disturbs her.
    I was just imagining the look on this face when he felt the cold water on his body.
    Our fun discussion was cut short my the sound of my phone ringing.
    I groaned in anger while she bursted into hilarious laughter.
    I looked at the caller and it was from an unknown number and that got me wondering who it is.
    Don’t get me wrong this is the first time someone is called me with an unknown number.

    Simi’s Pov
    I wasn’t happy today because the man wasn’t able to kill Fred’s pretty wife.
    So sad that the innocent lady had to die so early when God decided to bless her with happiness.
    The truth is that if i am able to see another man as rich as Fred i will remove my hands from this disgusting game chioma is playing.
    Be it sugar daddy or just another guy at all as long as he’s willing to spend on me .
    My mind has been telling me that even if we succeed in killing Fred’s wife he can never fall for us.
    Yeah initially i wanted to execute my place but our men actually short a police officer and the stupid girl wasn’t even bothered.
    I have so many plans for myself and that includes getting married and giving birth to children but going to jail isn’t part of that plan.
    I have spoken with senator Bello and he promised to send me one millionaire and with the money and the one i have it will be due for me to buy an apartments.
    The list i will do for chioma is to help her pay for the daily pay for maybe two months.
    I know most of you maybe thinking that i am a bad person but am not, that i am a prostitute today is for a reason.
    I was once a very nice girl from a rich family, my father and mother pampered me like an egg since i was the only child.
    But in just a day my life turned upside down.
    My parents left home but never came back, i heard there were involved in a motor accident.
    I was just 14 years old then, my father’s brother claim all my father’s properties without even giving me a little piece.
    And when i turned 16 he tried taking advantage of me and i ran away from my father’s house to the comfort of the street.
    Anyway that’s all in the past now and this is the present.
    I think i am gonna drop this plan of mine and maybe God may even bless me.
    My thoughts were cut off by the sound of my phone ringing and it was senator Bello.
    I sighed tiredly and picked up the call hoping he wouldn’t disappoint me.
    … Hello daddy good morning..
    I greeted him tiredly.
    … Morning darling hope your night was a blissful one?…
    he asked.
    …Yes it was daddy and thanks for asking anyway…
    I replied.
    … Okay darling but i actually called you for a reason, i called to tell you something very important…
    he said and my fear rose.
    …What might that be?…
    I asked with my voice barely a whisper with tears clouding my eyes.
    Why is my world always turning this way huh? don’t i reserve to be happy huh?. I thought.
    …I am actually getting very old and i don’t think i can continue sleeping around with little girl like you…
    he said.
    …And you being my favorite call girl coupled with what you told me i don’t want you to continue doing this…
    The tears i was holding rolled down freely from my eyes.
    …I have already sent you twenty millionaire and you will receive the alert immediately after this call…
    …Oh my God…
    I yelled happily making him laugh.
    …HaHaHa with the money i am sure you can buy an apartment and open a business to help yourself…
    …Daddy thank you so much only God will reward you…
    …Okay my darling this might be the last day you’re gonna be hearing from me…
    he said and before i came say anything he ended the call.
    I tried calling him but it said the number i was calling doesn’t exist.
    immediately an alert came into my phone and when i opened it my mouth dropped.
    It’s not even twenty millionaire but fifty millionaire and yet i kept trying his line and it wasn’t reachable.
    After ten years of suffering god has actually rewritten my story.
    I will just have to advise chioma and if she refused to listen i will live her to face her karma.
    I guess i should start looking for an apartment to buy.

    Fred’s Pov
    After thinking for a little while i left ulinma in the kitchen and went to the living.
    I picked the call and placed the phone on my left ear.
    …Hello this is Mr Fredric uchemba on the line please who am i speaking with?…
    I said and the familiar voice laugh.
    …HaHaHa dude what’s up it me Tobi this is actually my new line…
    he said.
    …Wtf! Tobi what happened to your other line fvck! dude you really got me scared…
    I said.
    …I am done being a playboy dude, so old things has past away behold Tobi has become new…
    he replied and i bursted into laughter.
    …HaHaHa so dude do you have a girlfriend know huh?…
    I asked.
    …I am actually dating your wife’s cousin don’t get me wrong i just like the girl she’s my type of girl…
    he replied.
    …Which of them?…
    I asked.
    he replied.
    …Wow goodluck bro…
    …Okay dude later…
    he said and i ended the call and immediately the door bell rang.
    ulinma came out of the kitchen and sat down beside me on the couch.
    I was about kissing her when the door bell rang again.
    Who the fvck is that? I thought.

    Wow one word for Simi .
    and who might be the intruder
    Chapter 3

    ? My pretty lunatic ?

    (Natasha in Nigeria)

    Fred’s Pov
    I gave beauty a quick kiss making her to laugh and i walked to get the door.
    And when i opened the door i saw Daniel my security at the door.
    “Daniel what’s the matter?”
    I asked.
    “Oga there is a lady outside the gate she said she wants to see you..”
    he replied.
    “Okay let her in..”
    I said and he left.
    I went back into the living room and made ulinma sit on my laps.
    “Are you sure your legs still hurt or you are just pretending?”
    I asked and she laughed and slapped my chest playfully.
    “It still hurting but just a little..”
    she said shyly.
    “So i can do it tomorrow right?”
    I asked kissing the side of her lip.
    “Aren’t you going to work tomorrow huh?”
    she asked taking her hand to my hair.
    “No tomorrow is saturday so can i?”
    I asked.
    “I am all yours remember we need to give mama grand children..”
    she replied and i bursted into hilarious laughter.
    I placed a kiss on her lips and she immediately responded to the kiss i squeezed her ass and she gasped.
    giving me the opportunity to slide my tongue into her mouth.
    The kiss was getting more intense when the door burst open and someone came in.
    Natasha that s--t.
    “Hello babe…”
    she was cut short when she saw beauty sitting on my laps.
    And to my surprise beauty just shot her glance then started kissing me again.
    Holy moly!
    I have succeeded in spoiling my wife, she took my left hand to her round ɓøøɓs and folded it.
    She is really turning me on.
    “Wtf! Fred who the hell is this b---h?”
    Natasha asked fuming in anger.
    “Oh Natasha i didn’t even notice you were there my bad wow what the hell are you doing in Nigeria?”
    I asked with a mocking smile.
    “I came to see you but that doesn’t answer my question..”
    she fired beauty tried saying something but I cut her off with a kiss.
    “Well Natasha this is my very beautiful wife ulinma and babe this is Natasha my ex girlfriend..”
    I said and immediately kissed her.
    “You mean the one that dumped you huh?”
    beauty asked.
    I replied.
    “Well Natasha not well meeting you, didn’t you parents teach you a little manner don’t you know you have to knock before coming into someone’s house huh?”
    beauty fired.
    how dare you talk to me in such manner huh? do you fvcking know who i am?”
    Natasha asked in anger and my wife smiled.
    “Why wouldn’t i talk to you the way i want? you are standing in my house and you expect me not to talk to you huh?”
    Natasha was about saying something when i cut her off.
    “Natasha what are you doing in my house?”
    I asked with a cold face.
    she sighed softly.
    “Actually babe i am here to beg for your forgiveness i am really sorry for taking you for granted then..”
    “And i will like us to return to the way we use to be before please..”
    she said and i bursted into hilarious laughter.
    I sat down on the couch and made angry ulinma to sit on my laps and i kissed her neck making her smile.
    “Well Natasha i was never angry with you, you chase be away because of your dandy and that made me see this beautiful woman in front of me..”
    I said.
    “But you still love me right?”
    she asked.
    “HaHaHa Natasha the truth is i never loved you and i think you have over stayed your welcome leave my house or i call the security to throw you out..”
    I said.
    “Daniel! Daniel!”
    I called.
    “Yes Oga”
    “Throw this mad woman out of my house.”
    I said and like a flash Daniel carried her on his shoulder outside.
    “Fred! Fred!”
    she keep shouting.

    Natasha’s Pov
    I was fuming in anger because of how Fred asked his security to throw me Natasha Donald out of his house like an animal.
    How dare him.
    I am not angry with him i love him so much.
    But how dare him huh?
    And to say that what father said was true was what made me more angry.
    And i most say his wife is d--n beautiful with a sexy body too.
    I blame dandy for all this if he didn’t dump me i won’t be doing this.
    I can’t give up.
    not now not ever even if it means getting his wife out of the picture i will.
    My phone started ringing and i checked the caller and it was mom.
    so i picked it up immediately.
    …Hello mom…
    I said.
    …Natasha so after all our warning you still want down to Nigeria huh?…
    she fired angrily.
    …Mom can you imagine that Fred threw me out of his house because i asked for us to come back together huh?…
    I said.
    …He was even easy on you he would have handed you to the police…
    she said.
    …I give you 24 hours to return back to America or get ready to feel my route…
    she said and ended the call.
    i am never gonna give up my man without a fight.
    Fred it either you come back to me all you loose your precious wife.

    Chioma’s Pov
    Later in the evening……….
    I was angry the whole day but the thing one of the men told me today made me very happy.
    He said Fred’s ex girlfriend came back so i will use her as the instrument to kill ulinma and then.
    put the whole blame on her and Fred will me mine.
    I happily order a cab and went home only to see Simi packing her things.
    what’s happening? I thought.
    “Bestie what’s up?”
    I said with a smile.
    “I am fine this one you’re looking happy what happened?”
    she asked still packing her bag.
    “Abi you are aware that those men were not able to kill my good for nothing cousin sister but get what?”
    I asked.
    “Fred’s ex girlfriend is now in Nigeria to beg for Fred’s forgiveness and i think i will join forces with her and when my stupid cousin is out of the picture i will report her and Fred will be mine..”
    I said with a smile.
    she sighed softly.
    “Chioma you see as a friend i will advise you to live Fred and wife alone, and if you insist to continue count me out of this..”
    she said.
    “Simi what are you even saying?”
    I asked still confused.
    “You see chioma the girl in question has suffered enough for you to let her have a peaceful marriage..”
    she said making me angry.
    “I am not giving up not now, i have gone so far to give up now..”
    i said.
    “Your choice but when it starts to backfire remember i warned you..”
    she said zipping up her last bag.
    Some men came into the house and started talking her bags out.
    “Are you living?”
    I asked.
    “Yes and i am no longer into prostitution i need to start planning my future this is ₦400.000 take it it’s the balance of that your ₦700.000, I have already paid for the daily rate for two months bye..”
    she said and left with her Gucci bag.
    She has now joined in the list of people i am going to shame when Fred eventually get married to me.
    I will go i meet his ex girlfriend tomorrow.
    Simi can go to hell for all i care.
    Pot calling kettle black.
    So chioma don’t want to change
    Linda and Simi has given up two to go .

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    Chioma e shock u. U think say u dey wise abi. Nwaoma osisi melo low ur own dey c-m

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    Choima repent now

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    Hmm… with Simi out of the race of fighting for Fred is good for her.
    Can Chioma even get sense despite the failed attempt on Ulinma but want to dig her grave so very deep by conniving with another person?

    Getting interesting anyways!

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