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    By Stonez

    A story of love,betrayal and revenge

    Episode one coming soon

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    Daniel EdemDaniel Edem
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    Links To Available Episodes.
    Scroll Down For Episodes 1-3

    Episode 4-5

    Episode 5-6

    Episode 7-8

    Episode 9-11

    Episode 12

    Episode 13-14

    Episode 15

    Episode 16-17

    Episode 18-19

    Episode 20-21

    Episode 22

    Episode 23-24

    Episode 25-26

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    Ubi KyleUbi Kyle
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    Ok I’m Waiting

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    Where is the story now

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    Episode 1

    By Stonez

    My name is john,but my friends always call me Stonez, i could remember back in secodary school days,only few poeple knew my real name,not even my teachers….
    I live in abeokuta with my parent,i am the only male child,i have two elder sisters,i was born into an average family,my father is a teacher while my mother is a trader

    Ever since i was a kid,my dream was to become a soilder,i want to serve my great country and fight against corruption which is eating our country up…..unfortunately,that dream could not come to pass….
    When i graduated from secondary school,my father called me

    Father:my son,am happy that you have finally finished your secondary school education,so what the next step you want to take concerning your future…jamb form will be out soon,i want you to futher your education and make it in life,i dont want you to suffer like i did

    Me:Dad,thank you sir
    I thought about it and i have decided not to futher my education,i want to join the military…recuitment form will be out soon

    My father:My son,i am the one that gave birth to you,and i know what is right for you,as your father i want you to futher your education,the military system is corrupted,and with the increase in terrorism in the country,it is likely you are deployed to fight them….i will give you time to think over it

    Me:thank you father

    That was how my father told me not to join the military,i refused to listen to him….

    I went ahead and registered and i was recuited…i was posted to Enugu state for a six month training…..
    The six month i used in the camp was hell,many people quitted while some died,the pain and hunger is too much but i endured and pressed futher with determination….
    Finally after six month,the training finally ends…..

    Unfortunately,on the day that we were to be deployed to our various stations,as we lined up waiting for our deployment letter,the camp commander came with about 30 guys and he removed some of us and he put in the new guys as our replacement….

    Unfortunately,i was among the guys that were removed,we later learnt that those guys that they brought were children of rich politicians,their parent bribed our commanders in order to recuit their children…….

    I was sad and broken,after enduring for good six month,we left the camp with a broken sprit,i dont know where to go,my father will be very disappointed when he sees me…..had i known,i would have listened to him..
    I joined the bus going to abeokuta,i paid for my ticket and sat at the back
    Few hours later we reached abeokuta

    Diana’s pov
    I just dont know why my parent are insisting that i should travel out of the country to stay with my uncle,i have been trying to persuade them for one month now…..
    I just dont want to leave Nigeria when all my friends are here
    Let me introduce myself
    My name is Diana,the only child of Mr Williams….my mother is a business man,my father is the special adviser to the president…….

    Episode two coming soon

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    Episode two

    By Stonez

    Diana’s pov cont’d

    Diana:dad,pls i dont want to leave the country,i want to stay

    Dad:i have decided,there is nothing you can do about it,i already booked your ticket….
    Your cousin will pick you up when you get to the states

    Diana:dad,why are you doing this your one and only daughter

    Dad:am doing all this for your sake,and i wont stop until you listen to me……..

    Diana:but dad

    Dad:no but,Nigeria is not save for you at the moment..i will only allow you to stay if you to be going around with securities

    Diana:no dad,you know i will never go around with those securities following me

    Dad:then start packing your bags

    Diana:ok dad

    Dad:since you’ve agreed,i’ll assign two agents as your personal guard

    Diana:whatever,but i dont want a male guard

    I said and walked out of the sitting room to change my outfit,i wanna go my friends house,i sneaked out only to meet two female agents already waiting for me outside….am Eva and she is Eve,i nodded and went to my car,Eve collected the key and they both sat at the front with Eva behind the wheels while i sat at the backseat…..
    An hour later i was gisting with my friends (Ella and Pearl)
    Ella father is the ambassador of nigeria to the USA
    Pearl father is a influencial politician
    The three of us have been friends ever since we were young

    Ella:diana love,how was the discussiom you had with your dad

    Diana:hmmmm,he agreed to allow me stay,but with conditions

    Pearl:what conditions

    Diana:he said that i must go around with my guard…he aired two agent to guard me.

    Pearl:since he has finally agreed,we will get rid of your so called guard soon

    Diana:so which university did you guys prefer,Barclays or Ethaid

    Pearl:Ethaid International University is actully the best

    Ella:i spoke with my dad concerning the university admission process

    Daina:ok,i’ll just inform my dad

    We continue gisting until i left her house in the evening…….

    John pov

    I got down at a motor park in abeokuta,i took a cab home..i alighted and paid the cabman,i walked into our and knocked on our door,i could hear my mom voice as she came to open the door,she screamed and hugged md,she opened the door wide for me to enter,she ran to the kitchen to get me a cup of water… father came back later in the evening and i told him all what happened at the camp,i wept and ask for his forgiveness for not listening to him………


    I was doing laundry on a saturday at the backyard when i heard my father calling me from the sitting room,i ran to the sitting room only to see him reading a newspapser,i sat beside him and he tore a page and gave it to me to read,i scanned through the headline
    “Ethaid International University is offering scholarship for the first time”
    I read through and discovered that they want to give scholarship to three student with bo janb required……
    My father urged me to apply and try it out since no jamb is required

    Episode three coming soon






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    Episode three

    By Stonez

    Ethaid University is an international university in Nigeria,owned by Ethaid Airways…..The university has branches in all african countries and the one situated in Nigeria serves as the headquater……The university is the best and the most expensive in the country,therefore the institution is filled with rich kids,children of top politicians and business moguls attend the school…..The school has both white and black lecturers from different part of the world.. Their hostels looks just like a 5β˜… hotel (well furnished and structured),and their lectures room is equipped with different gadget in order to aid learning……..

    John pov

    I smiled as i flagged down a cab in front of our house,my father gave me money to go and purchase Ethaid University Scholarship examination form,i alighted as i got to a popular cyber cafe in town,i went in and i purchased the form online for free….

    I head back home,the man told me to come back for my print-out….
    I got home and met my dad at home,i was suprised when i saw him,i sat beside him and asked him why he returned early from work…he opened his bag and gave me an envelope,i opened it and i saw a letter tittled “LETTER OF DISMISSAL”…..

    I turned to him and said “what is your offence,why will they sack you without compesation”
    He did not reply,he stood up and went to his room,i made up my mind never to let him down….
    I returned to collect my print-out from the cafe three days later…..

    Three weeks later

    I woke up around 5am on tuesday morning,the exam will start by 7am,i quickly rushed and took my bath,i wore my neatly ironed dress,i made myself a light breakfast of bread and tea,it beeb three weeks since my dad was fired,things became hard as we my mom income is not enough to cater for the family needs…..

    I left our house by 6am so as to get to the exam venue before 7am,i got to the centre around 6:40 and i was shocked and suprised with the number of people i met there,excatly 7am,we were ready as everyone sat behind their system(CBT),a man walked in and spoke to us before we commenced.

    Man:good morning everyone,as we all know that you are here to write the Ethaid scholarship exam,the management has decided to choose only one candidate this year,so you have to put in your best because you guys are not the only one writing the exam,the exam is also held in all 36 state nationwide and we are only going to award the scholarship to just a single candidate,so i will urge you to put in your best….thank you..

    We started the exam and everyone concentrated on their exam,within an hour i finished my exam,submitted and left the exam hall…i took a cab home as i await the results…..

    My father later got a job in one primary school in our area,though the pay is not much but it is still managable….
    The result came out ,i recieved a message that i got 92%,i was very happy…
    i went to the cafe to check my profile,immediately i stepped into the cafe the owner of the cafe shook hand with me and congratulated me…….

    Next coming soon

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    It’s a nice story but the updates are slow, it took.ten days to post just 3 episodes
    Guess Stonez will jamb that university
    Ride on

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