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    Episode four

    By Stonez

    I was very happy,i printed the scholarship letter and ran home,i met my mom in the kitchen when i got home,i shared the goodnews and showed her the letter,she started dancing and thanking God….when my father returned later at night,i showed him the letter and he was happy……
    The school will be resuming in a month time,since am going on scholarship,i was given free accomodation for my first year,i used the little money i had with me to buy new clothes……

    Finally i was leaving for school,my parent saw me off to the park as i boarded the bus going to abuja,my dad turn to me and said “remember the son of whom your are,never let me down and move closer to God” ,i nod and entered the bus,the bus left the park immediately since…….

    Few hours later,we got to abuja,i called my father to inform him that i have gotten to abuja,i took a cab to the university main gate,i smiled as i got down from the cab,i paid the cabman and i entered and was awed with what i saw,different types of expensive cars,i went straight to the adminstration building…..
    I entered the building and saw a lady in her late twenties sitting behind her desk
    Me:good afternoon ma

    Lady:good afternoon,how may i help you

    **i gave her my scholarship letter**
    She opened it and said

    Lady:wow,so you are the guy who scored 92%,the highest mark nationwide,you are really a genius

    Me:thank you

    She gave me a key

    Lady:that is the key to your apartment,and you will have to come back to do your clearance later

    I thanked her and collected the key from her,locating the hostel wasn’t hard,i entered and searched for room17,i opened the door and i was amazed with what i saw….a single room self-contian with a well furnished sitting room,it look just like a 5★ hotel room…..i settled in as unpacked my clothes and hung them inside the big wardrobe…….
    I returned to the sitting room and switched on the television…..

    Diana pov

    I drove home after having a nice time with my besties,i met my mom in the lounge, i greeted before going to my room,she called me back and gave me my admission form and said

    Mom:go and prepare,the school is resuming next week,so you have to leave tomorrow

    Diana:my driver is not around and i cant drive all the way to abuja

    Mom:you are going by air,so u dont need to worry

    Diana:ok,i’ll book my ticket

    Mom:no,you will use your dad private jet

    Daina:ok mom,i’ll just go freshen up,see you later…
    I got to my room and i called my friends to tell tham that i’ll be leaving tomorrow,they said we will meet each other when we get to school……

    John pov

    The next day,i left the hostel very early,i went straight to the admistration building to do my clearance since am not a normal,i met the lady i saw the day before(i later learnt that her name is kate),i greeted her and she directed me another part of the office where i did the clearance….
    I returned back to the hostel in the afternoon

    Next coming soon

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    Episode five

    By Stonez

    As i was walking through the hallway going to my room,i met a guy standing by my door,i looked at him and said

    Me:hello,pls are u looking for someone

    Humpthy:No,i noticed that someone just move into this room,so i just wanna say hello,by the way am femi but they call me humpty

    Me:am john,a new student,i said as we shook hands

    Humpty:ok,nice meeting you,that my room,he said pointing to the room opposite my room……

    That was how we became friends,i slept off immediately i got inside…..
    I woke up around 7pm when i heard a knock on my door,i opened to the door and it was humpty,he was carrying a bag with him,he entered and brought out play station4(PS4),he connected it to the tv in my room

    Humpty: pes or fifa


    Humpty:hope u know how to play

    Me:wait and see

    He choose Barca and i choose juventus,we played till 11pm


    Humpty:time don go,and am hungry,and it is too late to cook

    Me:since it late already,i will just sleep

    Humpty:No,dress up,let go and eat

    Me:but all resturant around here do close by 10pm

    Humpty:yeah,sha let go

    We both left my room,we got to the hostel parking lot and he said we should take his car since it is late already……
    He opened the door of his royce and he drove out of the car park…..
    After driving for ten minutes,he parked in front of a hostel similar to ours,we alighted and went in,he knocked on a door at the end of the hallway,a lady opened the door,she threw herself on humpty immediately she saw him……

    Humpty:i thought u were pulling my legs

    Sassy:baby,i missed you

    Humpty:baby met my friend,he is also a newbie like you

    Sassy:hi am sophiat but u can call me sassy

    Me:hey,am Stonez,nice meeting you


    Humpty:baby,am hungry,he said as we sat down in her sitting room

    Sassy:what did you wanna eat,actually i prepared rice for you

    Humpty:since it late already,help me pack it,i’ll come tomorrow……

    She went to the kitchen and returned minutes later with two pack of food….
    We left for our lodge immediately we collected the food…..we ate and resumed our game,we played till dawn……..

    Next coming soon

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    Nice one

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    Nice story am really enjoying it

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    Nice one

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    My brother @stonez nice story.

    More biko.

    John u better be serious o.

    In fact waka straight John.

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    Nice start

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