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    O MY GOD…. She is now been used by the devil

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    Dãñîél wírê
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    so she is a spirit queen

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    Episode 5
    Nyasha waited for Thelma to come back home, she didn’t understand how the man lying on the couch had been hurt on his arm. He was bleeding and Nyasha was trying so hard to stop the bleeding. She had already called Thelma and Thelma was few minutes away to the house. She hadn’t wanted to leave Nyasha all alone but she had to. What she needed to take care of didn’t need her to come along with Nyasha so thus she had to go alone. Once she drove inside the yard, she got out of the car leaving it unlocked. She rushed inside the room and saw Nyasha pacing up and down with a man lying on the couch bleeding.

    ‘What happened?’
    ‘I don’t know what happened to him,’ Nyasha honestly said to her.
    The only thing she remembered was seeing the man standing at the door asking for someone called Forbes. How he ended up in the house with her? How he got hurt as well? Nyasha seriously didn’t know what had happened to the man. Thelma knew what he needed to do, she asked Nyasha to leave her with the man. Dablo always told them not to leave any loose ends and if Nyasha was going to be in trouble with the cops, Thelma was going to get blamed. She was the one in charge of Nyasha and needed to make sure that she was safe. She finished off what Nyasha had started and carried the dead body to her car. She placed the dead body in her trunk and walked back inside the house to clean the blood that was on the couch.

    Nyasha was waiting patiently to be called by Thelma. She sat on the bed and felt as her hand was hurting. When she locked at it, it was sore and that surprised her. It’s as if she had been hitting someone but she couldn’t remember doing that. It had been long since she opened the bible and when she had been possessed, she stopped reading the bible and she never thought about reading it.

    ‘The man is going to be okay,’ said Thelma as she stood at the door.
    ‘Thank you. Do you know what happened to him?’ asked Nyasha and she seemed to be very much confused.
    ‘I don’t know,’ said Thelma.
    She wasn’t supposed to tell her that she was the one who had hurt her. Nyasha felt as if Thelma was hiding something from her. Thelma quickly got out of her room before she could ask more questions. Nyasha just sat on the bed and tried to think what was on her mind.

    Weeks passed and nothing seemed to be making Nyasha happy. She often felt depressed and the loneliness in her life was something else. She hadn’t been chatting with Rutendo for a while; Nyasha actually didn’t feel like talking to anyone. She was sitting outside the school bench when she walked to her with the poster. She just handed it to her.
    ‘What’s this?’
    ‘It’s a party and you are invited,’ she said and continued with what she was doing, handing out her posters.

    Nyasha looked at the poster one more time. A party could not kill, she thought to herself. She needed this, she needed to go out and party just maybe she was going to feel okay. She agreed to herself that she was going to the party. She hadn’t seen Fadzai during the day and didn’t look for her. She left for home when she was done with her lecturers. She hadn’t found herself a best friend yet and didn’t want to replace Rutendo either. She got home and told Thelma about the party. Thelma agreed to let her go but she wasn’t sure if she was doing the right decision. Anything could happen at the party and Nyasha wasn’t at all safe to be left all alone. Well she let her go and Fadzai had travelled to SA to meet her brother Dablo. He had summoned for her.

    Nyasha left the part alone and got there. The place was fully packed and she just joined in the crowd. She found an empty spot and went to sit there. He was amongst the guys who had just walked in when he saw Nyasha sitting alone. These were kids from rich families.
    ‘Shane, I will be right back,’ he said to him as he walked to where Nyasha sat.
    ‘He has already found himself a lady,’ said Shane to himself.

    He didn’t get to look at Nyasha but went to get himself a drink. At 25 he had been with 4 girls but all of them, he had found them dead on his bed. He couldn’t remember hurting them and some of the things he did, he just failed to remember. Shane had no idea of what was happening to him and he felt as if his father was hiding something from him. His mother had died a mysterious and Shane was their only child.

    ‘Another one,’ he said to the bar tender after he had finished the first bottle of vodka.
    Shane’s friend made Nyasha very drunk whilst they were busy engaging in a conversation.
    ‘I need to go home,’ said the now drunk Nyasha.
    She tried to get up but couldn’t. She fell back on the lounge and he smiled. He was having her tonight.
    ‘Let’s go and have you wash your face.’
    He knew the house was big and they were houses, after all his cousin sister was throwing the party. Shane on the other hand also took one of the ladies he had found with her upstairs. Shane’s friend opened the door for Nyasha. It wasn’t a toilet and they walked inside the room. He switched on the lights and they walked to the bed. Shane on the other side opened the door opposite his friend and walked inside with his lady.

    ‘What do you want us to do?’ asked Shane’s friend.
    ‘Nothing,’ replied Nyasha with a laugh.
    ‘Nothing? You are so pretty,’ he said running his hands though her tight dress making her feels uncomfortable, actually mad.
    ‘You should stop what you are doing please.’
    He didn’t even listen to what Nyasha was saying to him. He wanted her and this was his chance. He was high on drugs too and not in his right state of mind. Nyasha started screaming, there was so much noise coming from downstairs. No one was going to hear but when her eyes turned red…..

    Shane placed the lady on the bed and started kissing her. She was enjoying his kiss and she wanted him more. Shane hoped nothing bad would happen with her. He was about to be more sweet to her when his eyes turned read..

    Minutes later Shane and Nyasha opened their doors at the same time. Nyasha looked at Shane with blood on his hands; Shane did the same with Nyasha.
    ‘What have you done?’ asked Nyasha.
    ‘And what did you…,’ Shane stopped at mid-sentence when he saw his friend lying on the floor; Nyasha had opened the door much wider.
    She was actually trembling and the alcohol she had taken had evaporated. She was now sober and couldn’t remember how she got in the room with Shane’s boyfriend. Shane rushed in the room while Nyasha just stood there not knowing what to do. This was becoming more confusing to her. His friend was already dead and there was a lady who had died too on his bed.
    ‘Go and wash your hands. Leave before everyone finds you here,’ said Shane to Nyasha.
    ‘What about you?’
    ‘Just go!’ he shouted.

    Nyasha was able to find the bathroom. She washed her hands and thank goodness she was wearing a black dress. She walked through the crowd as they were busy dancing. She ran as fast as she could with no idea of where she was going. It was really dark outside and when she finally stopped. She knelt down in the middle of nowhere and cried out loud. She cried out loud and felt weak up until she felt hands on her shoulder. When she looked back it was Thelma.
    ‘I killed someone,’ she said and Thelma just patted her back.

    She wished she had a better way of explaining what was happening to her but she couldn’t. She just comforted her and took her home. Nyasha got home and took a bath, that night she hardly slept thinking of what she had done. This time around she really felt that she had killed Shane’s friend.

    Shane woke up with his dad sitting in his room. He had already known what his son had done but didn’t understand how his friend had died. He didn’t know if it was the right time to ask Shane about his friend. Shane’s father didn’t feel bad about what was happening to his son. Shane belonged to Dablo’s sister and he was supposed to be her husband. Any girl that Shane was going to be with ended up dying. Just like all the girls that he had tried dating and the one he killed last night.

    ‘I found her dead again and failed to remember how she died.’
    He wished he had a better way of telling his son what was happening to him. He just took him in his arms and comforted him.
    ‘We need to go for your friend’s funeral. They think he was mugged. What happened to him?’ asked Shane’s father.
    ‘I don’t know, I don’t remember,’ Shane lied to his father.

    He remembered Nyasha and he just couldn’t tell his father about her. He wanted to find out what he could about her. There was just something about her and her presence in that room where his friend died was something else. It’s like he wasn’t supposed to be in the same room with her. Shane’s father walked out of the room and left his son all alone thinking about the mystery girl at the party.

    News had been spread about the lady who was found dead at the party and it was the same girl whom Shane had killed. His father made sure that nothing was going to come back haunting his son, no trace of evidence will be found against Shane. He made sure of it and so did Thelma. She made sure no one will ever found out that Nyasha killed Shane’s friend. Thelma watched Nyasha as she slept on her bed; she had managed to drug her so that she could take some rest. She grabbed her phone and called them back when she saw the missed calls.
    ‘What’s wrong?’
    ‘Linda has escaped.’
    ‘What? How? Find her or we will all be in trouble with Dablo.’
    She hanged up and sighed deeply.

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    Interesting… bring more

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    So your grandmother initiate you to be a killer bean hmmmm , very risky.

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    I dont know where but i have read this story somewhere before

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    Now both of u can seat down together and find solution to ur problem

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    give Linda hot slap abeg fool

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