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    Episode 6

    Nyasha woke up early in the morning with a pounding headache. She looked around the room and could easily recognize it, it belonged to Thelma. Thelma was busy in the kitchen preparing breakfast for Nyasha, she didn’t tell Diablo of what had happened to her. She was scared of what he will do to her. He wouldn’t have agreed with the idea of letting Nyasha go out to party, she was his queen after all and was trying to protect her. Thelma was also glad that Linda had been found or she might have been in serious trouble with Diablo. She finished preparing breakfast and placed the food on the table. When she was done, she walked to her room and found Nyasha sitting on the bed. She was staring at the ceiling and didn’t even flinch when Thelma opened the door to her room.
    ‘Nyasha,’ she called out walking to her and when she realized her eyes had turned red she just stopped calling her.

    Nyasha didn’t even hear Thelma getting inside the room. It was as if though she had been locked in her own world. Thelma just sat on the bed right next to her. When Thelma joined the league, she wasn’t sure of what she was doing. She didn’t know that she had to kill people to get the money she needed to take care of her dead mother. Yes, by that time her mother was sick and Thelma had to do anything to get the money she needed to pay for her hospital bills. By the time she had it and had already joined the league, her mother had passed away and it was Diablo who had caused her death. When Thelma found out about this, she was mad as hell and wanted out but Diablo had threatened to hurt her little brother. Thelma had to remain in the league and doing whatever she was assigned to do.

    Seeing Nyasha in that state really broke her heart, she didn’t deserve this so she thought to herself. Thelma could have helped Nyasha but things were just way out of her control. She knew that she would have never go against Diablo and his members or she might never survive the war.
    ‘Thelma,’ called out Nyasha when she had zoned out on her.
    Nyasha was back to being her real self. Whatever Diablo had said to her.
    ‘Are you okay?’

    Nyasha felt different from when she woke up, she no longer felt the pounding headache. She felt different.
    ‘I don’t know Thelma; I just don’t know what is happening to me anymore. The next thing I am myself and then I feel like something has entered inside of me,’ she honestly said.
    Thelma felt pity for her. If it was easy then she would have told her to pray about it but then Diablo would punish her for disobeying his orders. Thelma wasn’t deep into this, she had the chance to leave but then she was scared of what will happen to her little brother thus she had just decided to stay.
    ‘You are going to be alright,’ she wasn’t even sure of her words anymore.

    She knew every well that things were going to be worse for Nyasha. What she was experiencing right now, was Stage 1 of this thing. They will come a time when Nyasha would completely change and will have 1 personality, she will become the devil’s wife and no one was going to stop that from happening. Thelma had already lost interest in praying. If God would have forgiven her then she would have left the league without hesitation but now she felt as if Diablo had more powers than the mighty God who created her. If he wasn’t willing to fight this battle for her then Thelma might as well remain in the league and never leave so she thought to herself countless times when she tried to leave.

    Thelma had washed her last night’s memory from her brain. Nyasha couldn’t even remember anything, the party and the man she had murdered. She thought maybe she had spent the whole day at home just after school. Since it was Saturday, Thelma decided to take Nyasha out for a shopping. She figured out that she might need some warm clothes since winter was coming. The two ladies left home for town and went shopping. Thelma had grown fond of Nyasha. She was just a little innocent girl and she didn’t deserve this from Diablo or her grandmother. Nyasha had grown fond of Thelma too, she saw her as her big sister.

    They did their shopping and went back home only to find a car parked outside their house. Thelma couldn’t recognize the car. She parked the car just outside the gate.
    ‘You stay here, I will be back,’ she said and got out of the car.
    ‘Okay,’ responded Nyasha as she was looking at the car.
    Thelma walked to the car and he lowered his tinted glass window. Thelma was shocked to see the person sitting in the car.
    ‘We need to talk,’ he said with a serious look on his face.

    Thelma got inside the car and Nyasha was curious about finding out what was happening in the car. He sat next to her with his eyes focused at the front.
    ‘Master,’ said Thelma.
    ‘What has been happening?’
    ‘Nothing,’ lied Thelma.

    Diablo raised his hand and Thelma felt choked. She started coughing out blood when he put his hand down. She knew he wasn’t going to ask again the same question but then she couldn’t tell him that Nyasha had gone out and killed someone she was about to have sex with in influence of alcohol.
    ‘Thelma,’ he called out her name.
    ‘She got herself in trouble but it’s fixed now.’
    Diablo now had his eyes focused on her, he knew that she was lying but had seen how much his queen was happy around her. He knew that it will be a very bad idea for him to get rid of Thelma, he was very useful to him and despite her lying to him, she knew how to do her job.
    ‘Anything you need from me?’
    ‘No, we are fine,’ responded Thelma.
    She just wanted him to leave. Nyasha had now gotten tired of waiting in the car. She wanted to see the other person in the black car. She was about to open her car door when Thelma got out of the car. Diablo told his driver to drive away. Thelma got inside the car and drove in the yard.
    ‘Who was that?’ asked Nyasha when they were walking inside the house.
    ‘No one.’
    ‘Thelma why do I always feel like you hide things from me?’ asked Nyasha as she placed the plastic bags with the groceries on the table in the kitchen.

    ‘I don’t hide things from you Nyasha. It’s just they are some other things that are so hard to explain and I can’t explain them now, maybe sometime.’
    ‘You haven’t even tried to explain those things to me. What if I will understand?’
    ‘One day I will. Okay?’ she placed her hand on her shoulder.
    ‘When will be that?’
    ‘When I can be able to.’
    ‘Nyasha please.’

    Nyasha raised her hands in surrender and walked to her room. Thelma just wished she could understand what was at stake. It wasn’t that easy for her to tell Nyasha exactly what was going on. Diablo would know about it and then Thelma’s lil brother will be killed. Until Thelma find a way of defeating Diablo then she was going to tell Nyasha what they had done to her. The girls had their dinner that night and went to sleep.

    Diablo placed his jacket on the chair and poured himself a glass of champagne. He had to travel all the way from SA to come and see his queen. He had felt as if things were getting out of control and Nyasha wasn’t being taken care of. He had to make sure that Nyasha wasn’t seeing anyone and she wasn’t about to lose her virginity to some random dude. Thelma was doing a great job but Diablo had to make sure that everything was going as planned.
    ‘You know you can’t summon me anytime you want. I get busy too Farai.’
    Diablo laughed.
    ‘You love calling me with my name Fadzai,’ he said handing her the glass of champagne he had poured for himself.
    Fadzai took a seat and smiled while taking the glass from her brother.
    ‘Diablo doesn’t do for me. I should be called Jezebella then.’
    The two laughed.
    ‘Mum and dad will be proud of us Farai.’
    ‘I know right. We have made a lot of people to join our league and now what’s left for us is to get married.’
    ‘I have met Shane.’
    ‘I didn’t get the chance to talk to him but he is a cute,’ she said and took a sip.
    ‘I haven’t met my queen in person and today I went over to their house.’
    Fadzai placed the water glass on the table.
    ‘I don’t know why I always feel nervous around her. She should get to know me when she is not possessed. She needs to love me naturally Fadzai but I always feel nervous when I am near her. I mean so many times have I watched her sleep and still I can’t get used to her.’
    ‘She is the chosen one Farai. She is the right woman for you and we shall conquer the world as a family.’
    ‘I hope so because I don’t want to disappoint the elders. They will be mad at me when I fail them and we will lose everything.’
    ‘Have you talked to Aretha? You should tell her the truth about her daughter’s condition.’
    ‘I don’t want to be in bad books with her daughter.’
    ‘I don’t know why you are still keeping her. Why can’t you let her go?’
    ‘Because I am trying not to kill her once she finds out what kind of person her mother is.’
    ‘But still make her lose her memory then so she won’t remember what she saw in Nyasha. She is not such a bad girl and you know they always find out about their parents like her sister. Was it necessary to kill your in-laws?’
    ‘They threatened to take Nyasha away from me. Some sacrifices had to be done. You sacrifice something and gain something, I won Nyasha and she is mine alone.’
    ‘At least I didn’t kill Shane’s mother but his father did the job for me.’
    ‘We are never lost my sister,’ he smiled at her.
    ‘Never, my brother Diablo.’

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    Interesting…ride on

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    Who is this almighty Diablo self ?

    Lord ve Mercy.

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    But what kind of grandmother will give her daughter out to evil spirit

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    Episode 7

    Shane sat in his office thinking about Nyasha. Its 2 weeks already since the incident happened but he had failed to get her off his mind. He didn’t understand why he kept dreaming about her and they looked so happy together in the dream. He wished he had someone to share his dreams with but then he had chosen to keep them to himself. He had tried looking for her even checked the footage at the party but Nyasha had disappeared. It’s as if though she didn’t attend the party.
    ‘Where could she be?’ he asked no one in particular.

    ‘Sir,’ his secretary called out his name but he wasn’t even listening to her.
    She shook him, bringing him back to reality.
    ‘I am sorry if I startled you but there is a lady here to see you.’
    ‘She said her name is Fadzai.’

    He remembers the name because his father had mentioned it in the morning at his house. Fadzai was the lady he was supposed to take out for dinner tonight. Shane hadn’t expected to meet her so soon. He didn’t want another lady dying in his bed again but his father had assured him that nothing bad was going to happen to Fadzai. The secretary was told to let Fadzai in and Shane had sat on his chair waiting for her to come in when she walked inside dressed in a beautiful pencil skirt with a white long sleeve blouse. Shane was amused by her beauty and the way she graced herself. He had come across beautiful ladies before but they were never compared to her natural beauty with no make-up on her face. Fadzai smiled feeling proud of herself, what she had used made him feel very weak around her.
    Earth to Shane, Fadzai cleared her throat and Shane got up from his seat.

    ‘I am sorry,’ he laughed at himself, ‘you are such a beauty,’ he complimented with such a cute smile spread across his face and that sent shivers down her spine
    He gestured her to the couch that was placed at the corner of his office. The two walked there and sat on the same couch.
    ‘Do you need anything? I mean something to eat or drink.’
    He was even failing to speak with a hint of confidence in his office, it was a stammer and her beauty had made him feel that way, some kind of way. He couldn’t describe how he felt towards her, the feeling was something else. It was indescribable and it was the same with her. Shane was such a handsome and she was willing to kill any lady just so to end up with him. Shane asked his secretary to bring them some coffee since it was almost 10am and time for breakfast. She didn’t take long to make the coffee and came with it on a tray with 2 cups of mug. She placed the tray on the table and left the room. Fadzai took a sip, she wasn’t used to coffee but it tasted good.
    ‘This is nice. I am no fan of coffee but this is great,’ she complimented.
    ‘I have always told Grace to leave this secretary job and be a coffee maker. She is so good with this.’
    Shane was just complimenting but Fadzai felt a hint of jealousy sweeping through her. Shane immediately changed the subject to,
    ‘So how do you know my father?’
    Fadzai almost got choked; she wasn’t expecting to be asked that question very soon. It could have been later than sooner. What lie could she possible create right now?
    ‘From my parents.’

    ‘Oh, I heard about what happened to them. I am sorry.’
    Shane had been told by his father that Fadzai’s parents died in a car accident on their trip to Malawi and both died on the spot. Shane felt like a fool asking something that he already knew. Of cause his father knew Fadzai’s parents. They spent minutes later getting to know each other and there was just something different about Fadzai, thought Shane to himself but he brushed off the thought of wanting to go deeper with the conversation. After all they were getting to know each other and it would be too soon for him to judge or conclude on anything right now. He had to wait at least for another date.

    The two agreed that they were going to meet the next following day for dinner since Fadzai was rushing somewhere for that day. Shane did enjoy spending the morning with her up until lunch, he was saddened when she left his office but then she promised him that they shall spend the whole day together. Fadzai left his office to her car parked outside. Her brother had been telling her to find a driver for herself but she wasn’t up with the idea of being driven by someone, she wanted to drive herself. She went to her apartment and did a little decoration with her apartment.

    On the other side Thelma had been told by Aretha to make sure that Nyasha is well dressed for tomorrow’s occasion. Diablo was ready to meet her and the intro was just going to be simple. Thelma was going to introduce Diablo to Nyasha as her brother. It wasn’t time for her to know that Diablo was her future husband. In case they might scare her off, it was actually much better for Nyasha and Diablo to know each other first then taking things slow. Nyasha had to grow to love Diablo naturally for their plan to succeed. Nyasha was told about the event happening the next following day at around 8pm at Holiday Inn hotel and she was ready for whatever was going to happen there. Rutendo had been worried about Nyasha but he couldn’t get hold of her. She had had so many bad dreams about her and prayed about it but then she wanted to know if she was going to be alright.

    ‘Now I am confused. Is she somehow ignoring me?’ Rutendo asked Pastor Evans.
    Since she started having the bad nightmares about Nyasha, Rutendo told one of her uncles who was a Pastor about it and they used to pray together. Her uncle had advised her to call Nyasha to tell her to always pray but because of the works of Diablo, Rutendo had been completely blocked from ever talking to Nyasha. They couldn’t hurt Rutendo because she was heavily guarded by their enemies, they never believed in God or his angels but they had their own God. They didn’t want them to take Nyasha away from them because she was their own queen. Pastor Evans knew that it was going to take a while for them to finally get hold of Nyasha but they decided to keep on praying against what they were currently facing.

    Time seems to be flying like it’s no one’s business. Nyasha had perfectly worn her beautiful black dress. Black and white had always been her favorite colours. It suited her perfectly well. She looked at herself in the mirror and the story she had been told was that, she was going to meet Thelma’s brother if only she knew.

    Shane had also finished dressing up not knowing what will happen tonight, he was over excited. Diablo didn’t know that Fadzai was going to meet Shane at the same hotel he had organized to meet Nyasha. The question was that, what was going to happen? Diablo had organized everything, even told the driver when to pick up Nyasha and Thelma. The two girls were already waiting for him and Thelma made Nyasha the most beautiful girl on the earth that night. Even Diablo was going to be very much impressed by her beauty. The driver came with the limo and picked up the two ladies.

    Shane left the house just after calling his father, letting him know that he was going out with Thelma. Shane’s father was very happy with the turn of events. He was happy that finally he had impressed Diablo and didn’t fail him. Shane drove the car to Holiday Inn, the place they had agreed to meet. Thelma and Nyasha arrived at the hotel and their car doors were opened for them. Shane was few meters away from the place and was driving his car in high speed not wanting to be late. When Nyasha was walking to the entrance, a cold chill breeze just swept over her and the scarf she was putting on was taken away.
    ‘My scarf,’ she started running after it.

    Thelma was busy on the phone that she didn’t see Nyasha running after her scarf. By the time she looked back, Nyasha was nowhere to be seen. Nyasha ran with her high heel shoe and the scarf landed on his car that when he was about to hit Nyasha, he drove on the other side and hit his head on the steering wheel just by pulling over. Realizing what she had caused, Nyasha rushed to the car and her scarf had fell down on the ground. Shane was busy wincing in pain while trying to get out of the car when Nyasha opened it for him.

    ‘Are you okay?’ asked Nyasha taking his hand.
    ‘I am al…,’ Shane stopped in mid-sentence when he realized that it was Nyasha.
    Nyasha couldn’t remember Shane at all but Shane could still remember the girl who murdered his friend. He just stared at her and there was just something about them that made the air different from when they were with other people. Nyasha was busy apologizing for what she had done but Shane wasn’t even listening to her. He felt something for this woman but it’s as if though something was holding him back. He was trying so hard not to feel that way towards her but he just couldn’t help it. He didn’t even know if it was love at first sight.

    ‘I am so sorry,’ those were the only words that Shane heard from Nyasha and her sweet melodious voice.
    ‘It’s okay.’
    ‘You are bleeding. Your forehead.’
    Forgetting why she came over at the hotel, Nyasha asked Shane if she had any first aid kid and he told her that he had one at the back of his car. He sat inside the car while Nyasha attended to his minor scratch on the forehead. Thelma had just turned left when she saw Nyasha with Shane in the car. She already knew who Shane was.
    ‘Oh my God!’ she exclaimed with hands on her mouth knowing very well that this wasn’t supposed to happen.

    Nyasha wasn’t supposed to meet Shane or the way round or things won’t work out for Diablo and his sister. Diablo on the other side was still waiting for Nyasha and Thelma when he saw his sister, Fadzai sitting on the other table. Their eyes met and they were both shocked to see each other at the same hotel.

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    e shock them

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    Their plan is already failing

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