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    that sounds cool
    the president looks happy
    the emperor arch his brow.

    they know williams james has been dangerous man.

    call a dog’s bad name and hang it ain’t bad.

    that’s the slogan of williams james.

    hassan; since williams had just assure us what next?
    president: nothing more, captain musa? he called out.
    musa: sir,
    president: prepare the strongest army down.



    angels carl woke up on the chair he slept off.
    he waited long before he slept yesterday for mick and julie.

    they never arrived before he slept off like child.
    ‘kindness begets kindness
    ‘children imitate their parents

    would mick be good boy?

    he’s just 6year old.,

    what are they doing at army college america?’

    general angels thought as he went to the bathe room than shower than dress properly when he heard bell rang.

    he heads out meeting mick and julie by doorpost.

    mick; good morning dad. he ignored his greetings.

    gen: what the f--k happened yesterday?

    julie; actually we went somewhere and

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    julie: actually we went somewhere and we couldn’t return home because it’s late. i’m late and i’m sorry.
    gen: i don’t like mick out.

    julie: even me?
    ….she asked with more feelings…..
    she’s beautiful with wonderful heart.

    gen: no, that’s not what i want. don’t do that face again. i’m not bad, doing things right time is the key to success in life. i want better future mick.

    mick: dad, don’t scream on aunty. she made me happy by the first time i can say since i’m born till now. are you gotta ruin my joy?

    that touches heart…..
    …..he’s just 6…
    and facing lotta things….
    tears fell.

    gen: i’m sorry mick, just trying be good father around.
    julie; mick? tell dad you love him.

    mick: i love you dad and aunty

    …they laughed out…..

    gen: i love u more

    they hugged themselves.
    to be continued soon

    pls invite others, is it interesting? leggo.

    olly gimme my pen!

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    Ride on

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    pls who will help me do d iv now

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    Jboy young
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    Ride on

    d roll call abeg

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    Gen: thank you for making mick and i happy after lotta sad years. you beem my heart with joy i won’t forget. he said facing julie.
    julie is excited with what she’s seeing, tho she had not gotten married to general but there’s surely gonna be joy what is happening.
    julie: christ owns it all….he own the vessel of every human heart.
    mick: who’s christ?
    julie’s eyes changed into shock. she looked at general, general also looked back.
    julie: angel, don’t tell me he’s not been to church. this f-----g wrong angel…umm. i’m sorry general. she realised quickly.
    gen: every cloud gotcha a silver lining, i’m sorry julie. i just want mick safe-guard.
    julie: but christ guards every soul.
    gen: i know but i dunno they gonna allow guards in church so i skip that off.
    julie: just got it, don’t skip god, mick come over.
    mick came closer, she pulled him closer to herself with a kiss.
    julie: don’t mind dad, God first.
    he just nodded.
    julie: let’s go and prepare for school.
    that word shocked general angels carls.

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    he have not trusted any woman before but he’s gonna lose it to julie.
    gen: school?
    mick: yes dad, are you angry?
    gen: no off course, thank you julie for everything.
    julie: anything for you sir.
    she grabbed mick as they were halfway to the door.
    gen: i’ll take you somewhere this noon julie, if you don’t mind.
    julie: off course, i don’t….


    Northwest Street. Saudi Arabia.
    A Car drove into the gate two guys were at the car. the slim one phone’s rang and he picked up.
    guy: sir, we’re at the house. no security, it gotta be simple.
    phone: i know this…..i want no mistake ken.
    ken: ok…mr williams james.
    williams: just do what i want else……(he hung up).
    rome wasn’t built a day…. ken and kesir were the best of williams james’ gang.
    they entered the house. in the living room seated a young man and a boy.
    youngman: what the hell are u doing in my house without a knock?
    ken smiled and sit down.
    ken: i’m ken…. your death is here mr nebu.
    nebu shivers immediately, kesir was caring galon containing

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