No Mistake season 1

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    Still observing!!!

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    chapter 8.

    At william’s house.

    Mr Williams sat down in the living room and thinking on how to go about making mr president lost trusts in General Carl Angel.

    his house maid was sweeping the house, Mana was a girl with big butt and big breast.

    she got to where william sat down, she started whinning butt, mr williams couldn’t resist this since he’s not living with his family.

    He grabbed her butt hard, as his d--k was fully erected.
    mana: “assh…..sir” she managed to moan out softly.
    williams: just calm down, we gonna do it just quickie.

    mr william pulled mana’s face closer and started kissing her she was also responding and was giving the moan- am interested, mr william’s hand went her underneath and sifted her pant.

    he inserted two finger and started finger f-----g mana’s p---y hard. she was crying and also enjoying the action.

    mana: yea….baby….go on! mr williams removed mana’s gown and then set her on the table, he torn her pants and then rubbed the surface of mana’s p---y.

    he set his tongue on her p---y and started s-----g her hard, she was moaning hard and also screaming but mr williams didn’t stop.
    mana: oh… goddd!, she pressed his head closer to her p---y for easy penetration.

    After some minutes she cummed into his mouth, then mr william separated her legs and he inserted his 7inc d--k into her and continued f-----g mana hard as she was crying.

    Army Base America

    Gen angel was inside his office, it was about closing hour when his phone rang and it was mr president.
    Gen: good evening mr president.
    mr president: evening my general, actually firstlady will be leaving the country tomorrow and i want a safe security for her.
    Gen: that will be ensured sir.

    hang up.

    General Angel called another commander and gave him order to arrange some boys to keep the firstlady safe.

    just then mrs julie walked into his office.

    “baby, how are you?” mr angel asked.
    “i’m fine, i’m just believing hard that we are having more betrayal in this army” mrs julie replied.
    “you are right but we are surely gonna take victory.” mr angel said.
    “yes darling!” mrs julie said and they started kissing themselves in the office.

    somewhere in saudi.

    william came out of the car and then received a call.

    caller: sir, he was given to secured firstlady.


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    “sir, he had been given to secured the firstlady”
    “then what are you waiting for?”
    mr williams asked
    “sir can’t we used fake armies?”
    the caller replied
    “Don’t ask me rubbish question, i just want the firstlady been kidnapped.”
    “ok sir.”
    williams hang up immediately and smiled wickedly.
    mrs julie: (sitting down on his lap as her p---y was been f--k) ouch….oh mywwwww. you gonna tear my p---y.
    mr angel: (using hand raising her butt) ash… are the best.

    they kept f-----g until he cumed, they cleaned up in the office toilet.

    “Julie, you’re d--n hot” Gen Angel said.
    “you almost ruin my p---y, the lip of my p---y are paining me.” mrs julie replied.
    “sorry baby.” he said.

    “oh my god! it’s late already let get going now.”
    “yea, you’re right.”

    they went outside to where the car was and about to enter when they heard voice.

    “sir, the boys here are not enough so i’ve ordered for more boys from other base”
    “without my knowledge?” mr angel asked.
    “i thought you’re busy.”
    “just shut up. You know what, i’m leading them.” Gen Angel Said.
    “you’re not deaf, i said am gonna lead my team here, i don’t need any assistant.” he said and drove out.

    The commander connected his walkie-talkie.
    “mr william, our general is taking the task”
    “haha, i know this. we gonna make him a dead person”


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    I love this story

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