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    @bella dear am nt roaming in ur brain bt d story kind of remind me of my late dad and I who was never around bcz I always reminded him of his lost wife.anyway keep it up dear

    Aww!!! Sorry

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    Edward JoyEdward Joy
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    next ooo

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    Katie behaviour is kinda stupid what exactly is her problem you initiate the wedding contract but you keep doing like a spoilt brat you are
    And I don’t even know why Nectar talk to her if at all that kind of Katie marry my bro or family (which will never happen) i will be the one to send her away to hell with her and her pregnancy
    A guy decided to marry you with another Man’s baby and you couldn’t appreciate that. shame on her
    She is just too annoying,stubborn and proud for my liking

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    Enjoying this story…. Ride on

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    Hmm sorry 4 ur lose nectar and as for kate I kw she will have a change of heart soon

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    that Kate of a girl is too strong headed 4 ma like

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    EPISODE 39

    I have made a decision on the antenatal; I want to have it at your hospital, and also can we look at the house you got later in the week, because I will be resuming work next week? Kate sat nectar down for a talk.

    Nectar kept staring, while Kate did all the talking, say something or you don’t want to be my doctor anymore.

    Nectar finally sighed, and said okay! I will have the paper work done tomorrow, but you should know things have changed. Nectar said at the end and paused for a minute, making Kate wonder what he was referring to.

    “Kate gave nectar a start talking now gesture”. Now that we are married, I could be your doctor out of the hospital, but not inside the hospital premises.

    I sure will get you a good one; nectar said and adjusted himself in the couch, I must admit I was a little disappointed he said that, but I understood. Kate reassured herself.

    Finally, your mum has been waiting for like two hours now, nectar said after one afternoon nap. What? You did not wake me up. Kate asked nectar as if they had an agreement concerning that.

    Kate you said when you are asleep I should not interrupt, Nectar said innocently this time. Gosh, forget whatever I said. What a child you are, Kate hissed and stood up.

    “Where is she, before nectar could say anything, Kate had rushed downstairs.”
    Hey mom, Kate be careful you don’t fall off as you are running down the stairs like a child. Mom, what are you doing here, are you driving me out?

    We talked with the family for a while, when I asked my mum inside my room. Hey WhatsApp, mum don’t get angry, I was going to tell you.
    What have you not told me again? That nectar is the father of my twins. Kate said softly! Huh, say again, yes you remember the gentle man I slept with at the bar.

    Yes, Kate, you mentioned that when he first came to the house, I thought you were being rude as usual. Have you told him yet, mom inquired?No I do not know how he will take it. Kate confirmed her fears to her mom Catherine.

    “Kate could feel her mom’s anger and full eyes on her while she spoke up.”
    Do not tell me you are planning to keep this again, Catherine finally calmed herself down and asked. No, I will, but not now please. Kate said in fear.

    Just make sure you do soon, because I can’t help you with this baggage now that you are married, you need to learn how to solve your own issues. Mom finally advised her daughter. Thanks mum. How are you not so very angry this time, well because I always knew!

    Huh! Yeah right, Kate. Your mother knows everything, Catherine said and both mother and daughter laughed.

    At least say something about the house, if you do not like it I start looking for a new one, I remember you sitting me down about this same house the last time. Nectar tried to control his anger when it seemed like Kate has changed her mind after several weeks of trying to get through to her.

    Look gentle man, am trying to be calm right now, just to adjust to the fact that am stuck with you now. So do not provoke me, whichever environment you think your children should stay that is fine with me.

    My children? “Nectar quickly repeated what Kate said with his full gaze now directed to his wife.” I mean, am stuck here with you so, whatever the patern… paternity of these innocent ones are do not really matter. Kate said.

    “Right or you do not want to be a father to them anymore. Kate carefully defended herself whiles constantly checking nectars reaction.”

    No do not take it that way; I want to, if you will let me. Nectar said succumbing to Kate’s statement. Good then, when can we move in. Kate chipped in.

    I just need to make some payments. Give me two weeks’ tops. Nectar said! You do not have money? Kate sighed.
    I just want to make this investment with some other resource, so please bear with me. Nectar apologized.
    Sorry, I was rude the last time when you girls came by, that is fine Kate, does that mean we are even now. Kate said shyly, to both Annette and Eve.

    “Not a chance”, Kate retorted back to eve’s question but I think whatever bitterness I hold its almost over. Kate said to clear the air.

    We were talking when Matts came home, haven’t seen her in a while. Is there a meeting I do not know of? We turned to her direction, hello Katie are you okay, Matts asked? So innocent like those days, Kate thought!

    “Kate are you listening at all, a drink up next weekend”, the girls chorused.

    You all know I cannot drink now, and besides we are moving from here to our new place, i will therefore be busy; Kate managed to throw her friends off her back. Katie did you just make an excuse not to hang out with us. Eve asked.

    You know what; we will come help you move. I heard Annette say. Good, just then my next nightmares entered. “Hey ladies, I can see you having fun”. Eve you look good in your attire; I can see marriage is doing wonders for you huh. Nectar said and walked away.

    They all laugh except me, and Kate found that annoying, as soon Kate’s friends left. Kate confronted nectar!

    What was that all about earlier? Kate asked nectar. What are you talking of? Nectar pretended not to know what she was referring to.

    I mean you were flirting with my friend in my presence. Really Kate, are you jealous now? Nectar found her question amusing. Me! No, forget it. Kate tried to hide her jealousy. Do your worse, Kate said and got herself washed up. During bedtime, I saw him fidgeting with his hands on the couch.

    Gentle man, you are making noise, why do you keep turning up and down. I can’t sleep with that noise, am restless already. Kate asked nectar who keeps murmuring stuffs to himself from a distance and makes a lot of noise with his body against the couch.

    “Sorry, I have aches all over lying on one side all the time, all the best, Kate said and tried to sleep.”

    Look, I did not sack you from here, you decided to move there yourself so it is either you get over your pride and come over to bed or you go and sleep elsewhere, you are distracting my sleep.

    Nectar just picked up his pillow and went out, I cared less. “Kate thought to herself”

    Matts, I do not want to poke my nose in your marriage but saint was in my room yesterday. Matts asked her brother’s wife over morning coffee.

    “Did you sleep with him too”? Kate rubbed the past once again in matts face. Katie, I thought we are over the past now. Do you have to rub it in my face every now and then? Matts asked rather angrily.

    To be continued

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    finally reason is prevailing

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