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    she don de vex me

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    I think d letter came 4rm dat crazy guy in jail MANDY and dat attack I tink it came 4rm Drake’s ex.

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    Or our vry good friend ANDY(the living dead)

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    Jst reading wit no emotion involved

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    Always enjoying this story… Thumbs up bella

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    EPISODE 44

    Careful you don’t fall. I heard nectar say and I just ignored him. Matts, are you sure Mandy is locked up, I asked immediately I entered her room.

    Yes, I made sure he has. Why? Are you thinking he was the one who attacked us earlier? Matts asked with a curious grin on. I just received a letter from him. Kate managed to say through her fears. What? How? Where is it? Matts was lost as to what to ask.

    I destroyed it. Kate replied. What did the letter say? Matts asked giving me the impression she is hiding something from me. I could not finish reading. ”I just read the greetings.” “Hope to see you soon, then I tore it up.”

    Wait here let me check out. Matts brought out her phone, trying to make some calls. I thought to myself what she is up to again.

    He had ten years’ jail time for second-degree murder. He should still be in by now right. Kate further asked when Matts seems to be avoiding the topic.

    Katie, it is okay to be scared. He will not hurt you, am here for you. Matts, thank you but what do we do now? I managed to say while sitting on Matt’s bed with my face in my palms.

    When? How? I heard Matts asking while looking back a few times towards my direction. Let me know when you find out. Don’t give me that crap; she flared up in between her calls.

    A month and you never bothered to tell me about it, you know I have a personal interest in this case. Just be quiet, what do I sex you for in the first place. It is over just get rid of my number. Matts angrily hanged up looking in my direction weirdly.

    It looks like whoever you were speaking to just gave you the worse news. What is going on Matts? It sounded like that was about Mandy.

    Don’t worry your head. She finally said while moving towards me. Matts it didn’t look like things are fine between you and the man whose bed you keep gracing to keep a certain secret.

    I can handle what it is. I replied even though I know my stand already. Katie, relax! Mandy has been out for a month now, and he never bothered to tell me about it. She finally said, that gave me a bit of relief.

    “At least he may not try anything funny yet, since obviously he wouldn’t want to go against probation laws.” I kept thinking to myself again. Then I felt Matt’s hands waking me out of my reverie.

    Are you going to tell me who the HE is? Kate asked Matts. Just a booty call, friend in the Judges’ office. Well that is over now. Can we get dinner ready? Your husband might be hungry by now. Matts grinned.

    I hope you are not planning to throw me under the bus again Matts. Kate said and paused. No, I just want us to forget that useless Mandy. She said.

    You know when it comes down to it I might not be able to Matts. Now let me hear why he is out before his time.
    Katie I don’t have all the details, but I promise I will find out from work tomorrow. That is not good enough; you know I can feel you are lying to me right. Kate said showing her displeasure.

    Yes, I know, but the less you know, the better for your children. Matts said stressing her voice. I will have to find out then. I replied.

    “Are you women okay inside? You have been in there for ages now, whispering. Nectar came knocking. We both stormed out.”

    Kate are you okay, you look worried. Matts tell your brother to mind his own business. God knows am trying my best to accommodate him in my life, he should not add to my troubles right now. Katie, he is your husband. Standing right behind you. Tell him that yourself. Kate hissed and left.

    I went upstairs, knowing very well nectar was following me. I just laid on my bed to relax my already pounding head, asking myself weird questions. Why is Mandy’s sudden appearance giving me this kind of feeling?

    Katie has he contacted you again? Matts asked after two weeks. He dare not, I will skin him alive. Really, Katie, I thought two weeks ago you were professing your undying love for him. Matts teased.

    Matts I know I might break down with the attractions falling back in place, but I might still want to kill him. Just be careful you don’t make my brother into another widower. I just gave her a tap on her thighs to get her mind back to better things.


    I will pay you the rest of the money, when you get the job done. The disguised woman at the entrance of St. Joseph Hospital said over the phone to the other caller.

    Make sure you get him alone. Don’t screw this up for me like you always do. The man who seems to be in charge said over the phone and hanged up.

    Doctor Glover, you were saying. I was asking how far you are. Six weeks, I think. The lady who walked into Nectars office that morning replied.

    Then lets check it out, but wait here for me. Let me get a nurse to take you to the lab. Nectar walked out leaving his morning coffee he forgot to take earlier. He walked back in and the pregnant woman who came for a check up was nowhere to be found.

    Dr Glover, I saw her leaving the premises in a hurry a while ago. One of the nurses said. Nectar sighed and sat in his chair while he gulped down his coffee.


    Miss Santa, there is one Mr. Bradley here to see you about the contract. Stacy said through the intercom. Which contract, from brownies ltd Miss. He said he called you earlier. Not sure, I have an idea, but let him up.

    Come in, I heard a knock on the door. I just glued myself to my chair when I saw the image in front of me. What are you doing here? Out of here, I yelled on top of my voice. Babes I can explain, Mandy said. Explain why you slept with my best friend or maybe why you killed an innocent girl.

    I did not cheat on you with Matts; neither did I kill an innocent girl. I am no murderer. Get lost before I commit my own murder. Kate replied.

    “I pressed the intercom. Within a twinkle of an eye, they barged in”. Take him out; they kept dragging him out of the door, while he kept saying something on a loud tone.

    I was not sure what I heard, but something about my dad. What has this man done? He is everywhere. Kate wondered to herself. I rushed home because I can’t handle another encounter with Mandela. I barely handle my emotions back in there.

    Whether she should run into his arms or just throw him out, was a tough decision for her a while ago. Kate was glad she chose the latter.

    “Did he say his name is not really Mandela? Kate was still talking to herself”. Just then, my phone beeped. If you don’t believe me, ask Matts. Am sure she has not told you everything.

    Just ask her what my lawyer told her, and what your Dad was doing with my prison officer. Mandy’s text read on my phone. I just melted at once. Matts again? Kate approach this with much care. I told myself silently.


    Drake what do you want. I just want to apologize for my behavior the last time. Am listening, I said with a frown while holding my phone with both hands on my ear and strolling in my room, while nectar was undressing himself by the mirror.

    What is this man doing? Undressing in front of me is unacceptable. I tried not to watch. Drake let me call you back. He did not hesitate saying I love you. Kate hanged up without a reply.

    Hey you, what do you think you are doing. Nectar tried looking back, am talking to you gentle man. What does it look like? I thought we agreed this here would not happen in each other’s presence. Kate said confronting nectar.

    Look Kate am tired of your nagging and rude attitude. Am really trying here you know. Please let me be, you can watch or you walk out. He yelled on top of his voice while trying to be calm.

    He slummed the washroom door on my face and I just stood there like a toasted bread. Burned with my own fire. I tried going in there to give him my peace of mind but he locked it up.

    What is happening to him, he has never reacted to me that way before. And he has been in that bathtub close to two hours. Is he all right in there? Should I call him out? I made up my mind to call Matts to come check on him but I remembered she was out of town.

    “Just that moment he came out of the tub unclad and spilling water all over the floor”. I popped up my eyes, as if this is the first time of setting my eyes on a man’s “hometown” as huge as nectars. Of course, Mandela I thought had the cutest and big “hometown” but nectar’s is something else. Kate focus, I slapped my cheeks.

    I could not take my eyes off, until I heard a thud. Nectar threw himself on the bed and covered himself with the duvet like a kid who is suffering from a nervous breakdown. I took my eyes off and walked out, Matts has travelled for a case out of town.

    Is Mandy all right at all. What makes him think I will accept that crap from him? He is so much in trouble now. What does my dad have to do with all this? I realized I was just so not myself, asking questions I already have answers to.

    To be continued

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    EPISODE 45

    “Kate was in deep in thoughts, when she heard a loud scream. She tried rushing upstairs, stumbling a few times.”

    The scene that greeted me was one I would not want to see in this condition. Nectar was convulsing and then tucked under the duvet. With his eyes swelling as if, he was breathing his last breath.

    I was in no condition to carry him; I looked through the window and luckily saw the security seated munching on something. Jones, I shouted. Hurry upstairs.

    I may never tell how I was able to drive on top speed since I always drive slowly. “One of my weakness Matts and Mandy never liked about me”. They would rather drive in their own rides.

    Kate was restless walking through the whole hospital floor. She really cared about this dude. She thought. God save him for me, Kate prayed silently. She had no idea how she just managed to pray but she could barely control her emotions right now.

    Since Matts was out of town, I had to call his mum. What happened, they asked. Mom, I don’t know. I just saw him convulsing. Mr. Glover was staring at me as if he does not believe me.

    I recognized the man coming out as the doctor he recommended for my antenatal. I quickly rushed to him. How is he I managed through my emotions?

    Mrs. Glover, can we talk in private please. I watched on while my mother in-law walked up to the Doctor.

    No I mean, your sons wife. If am right, you are his mom. Doctor Sylvester said. I looked around and saw my father in law looking like he is out of this world.

    Follow me, he said. Can we come too, I finally heard Mr. Glover asking as he has not spoken a word since he came to the hospital. If you don’t mind, I would like to speak to the wife alone. Huh! What is it? I almost forgot I was the wife. Doctor, what is it? I sat down trying to calm myself.

    He ate some aggressive poison. I beg your pardon. Poisoned! How? I mean I eat the same food he eats so how is that possible. Kate inquired.

    What was the last food he ate? Emmm, then I remembered he cooks his own food and I instantly felt guilty.

    Mrs. Glover. Yes, Doctor. That name brought me out of my reverie. What was his last meal? Am not sure but when he came back, he was not in the mood for food but went straight to bed. Kate lied.

    Meaning he might have eaten from outside. The poison has done just about five hours’ damage. Where ever he might have been to after work is the problem then. He said and slumped into his chair.

    I saw the fear in his eyes. Is it bad Doctor? Kate found herself fidgeting with her hands and asking in a worry tone. We did our best in there, but he is still in critical condition. Still in the ICU. I will do my best as a doctor, I know Glover he will pull through.

    You brought him here on time. And how are the little ones doing in there. They are fine, Kate managed to say and smile. Can I ask a question? Are you his friend? Kate asked the doctor. Why do you ask, I don’t really know any of his friends?

    Are you sure, that is all Mrs. Glover. You can call me Kate. You don’t need to be formal. Okay Kate. He called. So are you his friend, Kate asked once more.

    And are you asking because you are worried about him. No Doctor am not. Kate said without any emotions. I said that before I realized it came out the wrong way. I mean Doctor, I want to be sure he is in very capable hands.

    Who will not be worried, meeting a sight like that in your early stages could cause a miscarriage. I replied again.

    You just said you are not worried. Common Doc am not heartless, am just scared he might not survive it. I understand you; your husband since he joined us in this hospital has rather been a reserved and workaholic type.

    He has never gone on any of his breaks off duty. He appears to me as a rather strong man, than what you are worried over now. He will pull through.

    No, we are not really friends. He hardly meets the rest of our colleagues for drink ups when we ask him to. However, I was very glad when he called on me a few weeks ago; he wanted me to be your doctor.

    I was actually requesting for some breaks for some few months but he made me understand you are very important to him so I should do this for him. He offered to run my shifts for me. I saw this as a good gesture, meaning he is capable of loving, appreciating and above all trust.

    He is a good man; at first, I thought he was just not capable of love. Doc why are you telling me everything I already know. Did he complain about me in anyway?

    Come in please, Mr. Glover interrupted our conversation. Doctor, if anything am his Dad. I should be here as well. Mr. Glover standing at the door still ajar, I saw the sad face of Mrs. Glover. Looks like you have been in here for a while and a poor mother is out there scared out of her mind.

    “Cold blue, I heard nurses rushing on the floor dragging along medical gadgets.” Then the Doctor rushed out, Nurse what is going on.

    Code blue, room three. Your patient priority number one. OH geez, the doctor yelled and rushed away without saying anything. As if I do not know what cold blue is, I quickly rushed after him. He disappeared into one of the buildings.

    Nurse, what is going on? I see everyone rushing in and out. Kate asked. One doctor Glover is …, she did not finish before I collapsed in my mother in laws arms.

    When did she even follow me that I did not realize? I woke up for what looked like hours because my doctor was attending to me. Looks like he has finished resuscitating Nectar. Tell me, is he okay. I managed to say silently. Do not stress yourself I heard Matts say.

    Matts you are here. Is he okay? Katie, relax. The babies are not doing well. Let the doctor check you up first. Why is no one talking? Mum, Dad. I called out to my in-laws. They just looked on with so much sadness on their faces.

    Someone talk to me, I yelled. Come down Kate. Let me just check this wonderful twins. They are important; your husband will not forgive me if I let anything happen to you.

    We will talk when am done. I just thought what the point was, risking these children’s life. Okay. I breathed heavily and gave permission to proceed.

    With Matts holding my hands. I watched on while Doctor Sylvester did his checkups and finally sighed. One of the twins are having a poor heartbeat. I will give you a few medications and watch you for this evening. If tomorrow morning you are still not okay, then we operate immediately.

    You need to take it slowly from now on. Relax. Worry will not help you. Can you do that for me? The Doctor told Matts.

    To be continued

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    Nxt pls and 6 more to go @Bella

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