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    My phone is gving me headache, dats why my replies are not regular…. Hmmm i think katie is falling for nectar. I pray nectar survive it….
    I guess mandy poisoned him, the time he forgot to take his coffee b4 attending to the disguised pregnant patient

    Awww, sorry about your phone. Maybe Wilson poisoned nectar, well lets find out

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    Hmmm next

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    Loving this;

    Keep it rolling sweetie

    *THUMB* *UP*

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    yes that coffee server poison my Nectar friend because someone at the other side of the phone ask her to but not to temper with the wife.
    thank God they did not succeed.
    and as for you wifey I think is high time to open up to your husband

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    EPISODE 47
    Huh, I replied. I know you are tired or probably not in the mood, but I owe you a thank you. You could have just left me here to die considering the fact that I married you when you do not want to but you took care of me. Thank you. I hope to repay that gesture someday. Are the babies fine, he paused and sighed? Nectar said with all sincerity.

    “I realized I was getting emotional so I quickly pushed myself away facing the other end, only my heart knew I so much wanted to say something, but sleep suddenly took over.

    “For five days Matts has been avoiding me. I can’t tell what she doesn’t want me to find out.”

    In and out of the hospital, nectar is recovering faster than I thought. Am also glad I don’t need an operation anymore. I thought to myself and smiled.

    I had to hand over my work to Stacy and increase her income plus some holiday treat once I resume because when I put to bed she has to handle a lot. I kept talking to myself so loud.

    You may think I was running mad since everyone practically ignores me now, why don’t I talk to myself. I hissed.

    Walking pass siblings over dinner, they should marry each other and leave me alone. I thought! Was about to climb the stairs when I heard Matts ask if am not joining them.

    I paused in my track; I was already tired of this feud between us. I thought it’s a family affair. I said rather loudly.

    I know it was not funny, but they both smiled. Can we have that talk afterwards? Kate quickly replied before matts changes her mind.

    After a minute or two of silence. Katie am sorry for the last few days. That is fine, am sure I also have a lot to apologize. Let us talk about the latter.

    I do not know what secrets Mandy talked to you about. It has something to do with my Dad, Kate quickly said. Emmm okay. I know your Dad visited county a few times and I have no idea what he does there.

    Is that all. Kate said in a shocking tone. Yes! Matts replied sincerely. Where have you been lately? Kate further asked.

    Was investigating how nectar consumed that poison. Did you find anything? Not yet Kate! Keep me updated then. Oh really, I didn’t know you would be interested, matts asked surprised.

    Why would you even think that. Matts, I am trying here, you know! At least I have softened up to nectar or you haven’t noticed. Assume your wifely duties and I will believe you, “matts said with Kate grinning with that look of it will take time”.

    Katie, she brought me out of my reverie. Who recommended Stacy to you, matts asked with a look am not able to read now. Why did you ask Matts, is there a problem? No Katie, I was just wondering what happened to the last one.

    We were sitting on my bed; I was hoping to hear something I have not heard yet but I was disappointed. She stopped in her track while on her way out.

    I don’t know if you should know but Mandy might be innocent of the murder charge. Please do not ask how? Because I don’t have answers yet. Whoever let him out might have found some new evidence.

    “Which is? Kate asked obviously shaken. Katie, I don’t know.” What I know is, he is out there and am here with you. Matts said. Do you love Mandy? Kate found herself asking Matts hysterically.

    “Seriously, Katie! You should not be asking that, because he disgusts me.”

    Goodnight then. I said and wondered where nectar has gone to by this time of the night. We really need to talk, I kept playing that in my head.


    I finally resumed work after a whole two weeks. Everything just seemed out of place in my life right now, I complained to Stacy, who was staring at me with a weird look I have never seen her wearing before.

    “Kate you are not about making her problems yours! You have enough already.” I spoke to my mind.

    From one tension to another at home, drake will not stop bothering me. Fed up with our friendship already. As he will not stop sending me too many messages.

    Drake out of my life for this while I feel I have lost a bigger part of me. Weird feeling, I thought. Anthon and James could not advise him out of it.

    I was busy with some paper works, when my phone rang. I picked it up without checking the caller.

    “I just want to hear your voice. His deep masculine tone melted my anger”. He always sounds polite when he needs to have his way with something he knows I would be against.

    I wanted to hang up but I always love the way he goes about talking to me on phone. Kate what are you doing, I quickly asked myself. It’s not as if I still love him, I tried convincing my mind. I hanged up and he called several times which I did not answer. Then a message came in.

    Jerry’s bar. Six pm. I will really love to see you. If you need explanations, please come alone.
    Bradley, sorry Mandela.

    I kept staring at the message every minute for close to thirty minutes. I contemplated on going, then to calling Matts.

    It’s six already but I still have not made up my mind yet. I was driving the other way home, when his message came in again.

    “I will be waiting until you come. I know you want to see me. I promise not to hurt you.” .

    I turned back, and took the other root to Jerry’s bar. He knew that was our favorite hangout. How could he invite me there again? Memories started hitting my head. Within some few more minutes on the road, I got inside the bar. I spotted him in his usual attire for this kind of hang outs. He made to hug me, which I refused, though I so much wanted to.

    Now start talking. You look gorgeous with your pregnancy. I wished that child is mine. That is what I always dream of all the time in jail.

    Could you just say what you called me here for or I walk out? Kate finally stopped thinking about what she should enjoy with him and rather want to concentrate on finding answers.

    No, don’t leave, he said. As I told you the last time, I didn’t sleep with any girl. Moreover, nobody died. Let me first say, my real name is Bradley, someone planted you in your life.

    I could feel the energy and fire radiating through my body. I was just imaging myself in his arms. Kate are you with me. Talk am listening, I managed to control that part of my mind.

    He made to touch my hands a few times, most times, he succeeded, but I just wish we were already unclad in the bars washroom. I remember our encounter in that washroom.

    This gentle man here is igniting a fire I just cannot quench. He always does. We end up having sex several times a day. Those days, I could not keep my hands off him.

    I thought I was addicted to sex until the break up. I was celibate for 4years, now am beginning to think the addiction is back. I was deep in thoughts, then I felt his hand smooching my palm, before I knew it, I gave him a hard push.

    I was about going when he held my hands. I was not ready for any love game as he was searching for God knows what in my eyes. If you are not ready for this, I can still walk out. Kate managed to say.

    He kept staring, struggling to make a decision, while I looked elsewhere. There was silence for close to a minute, Kate knew he wanted her to make that decision for him.

    Kate threw caution and shyness to the air, at that point she did not care whether he wanted to or not. But I know I really want to have a mind-blowing sex at that moment.

    Putting my feelings aside and his gaze still on me, I slowly brought my gaze on him now. The weakness in my legs and my body was increasing, and then my legs started wobbling.

    I needed to do something quick, am not a one-minute kind of woman. I draw him closer, wherever that strength was coming from, I will deal with it later.

    I was thinking he would not respond to my touches and kisses, but I just smiled knowing he wanted me as well.

    Not completely sure what I was doing but what I know is Mandy has ignited something in me which I need to quench. We kept eating each other’s lips and body for close to ten minutes.

    When he held me up, turning off the water switch and pulling my blouse off, he kept at kissing everything on my body until he brought me down to his level and making me hold on to the edges of the metal liner on the wall while he kept going at me for a while.

    He turned my back to the wall, and that lasted for as long as he wanted. His moans were consistent and mine on the other hand was full of picturing myself in wonderland.

    Whatever he was doing, he was careful with the pregnancy. I quivered under his breath; I could feel the pleasure running through his veins. I could see myself accepting all his strokes.

    Whether what I was doing was right or wrong I just want to enjoy the moment while it lasts.
    I just needed to satisfy my desires and we both collapsed in each other’s arm after letting out a loud moan and groan.

    As if he came back to his senses, he turned on the shower, cleaned himself up, thought he was going to lift me up, but he just left me on the bathroom floor and said something while on his way out of the washroom.

    So much of a nightstand. You could not even give me a good memory of this night.


    To be continued

    i beg please manage, down with a flu

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    ride on ma

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    Sorry dear hope u re getting better and thanks 4 d update.dis kate of a girl is really sick in d head,just see ur life right infront of u.U could not stand d touch of ur husand bt u re there having some useless s.x with an ex hmm what a shame.

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    Kate u ar shameless, u can’t stand d touch of ur husband nd u sex wit dat shameless bull

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