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    @bella am not gonna forgive katie …. Never!

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    Gosh!! This kate is so disgusting

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    Kate is really disgusting. U are married and stl went ahead to sleep with that player of a guy, yet u wont evn let ur husband to touch u. I think u are sick in the brain. I just hate u ryt nw

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    kate is really something else

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    EPISODE 48

    How is our pregnant wife? Matts grinned and Kate smiled shyly back. Come sit here, the way you are smiling, WhatsApp.

    Nothing, I just won a big contract from some company. Kate replied with a funny tone. Are you sure, because you look very different. Matts asked curiously.

    Oh really, you can read that on my face. Kate was surprised. Oh yeah. Matts said in expectance of good news.

    You will not let this pass right. Kate asked now giving up. Not a chance Katie so start talking my dear matts said and adjusted herself.

    I met with Mandy. Kate finally revealed. What? When? Why Katie? Matts kept repeating short dialogues.

    I don’t know but I just want to hear his side of the story. He told me a lot, which am yet to come in terms with. Kate said looking confused. She might have had a great time last nice but she is the most confused pregnant woman still battling with undying attraction towards a forbidden man.

    I don’t know what is wrong with you. You know very well that you are addicted to the dude. I believe he took you to jerry’s bar again. Be careful you are married. When you came home last night and rushed upstairs rudely that was where you were from. Matts was getting so furious now.

    Matts relax, nothing happened. I know am addicted to Mandy but he did not get to touch me. Kate said with all smiles. And you want me to believe you. Kate I know you and what Mandy does to you. Just a single touch and you just succumb to whatever weird feeling you were never able to kill then.

    What makes you think I believe you could now? Just stop it now, before you hurt nectar so badly, build your home. Matts paused and swallowed the saliva brewing in her mouth close to the three minutes she was talking nonstop.

    Matts, look you are spewing all these out of proportion. Am not a s--t, am surprised you are even insinuating that. I know am married, and with children too. That alone gives me the decency to respect myself. Kate said with her gaze on matts.

    Though the chemistry was so strong, I controlled myself. For the first time ever I resisted Mandy in our 5 long year relationship, give me a medal for that. You know my history with Mandy more than anyone, so why doubt me now Matts. Kate announced like a child who just won her first volleyball match.

    Katie that’s okay, I believe you but be careful, you might not be able to resist if you keep meeting him at secluded places. Matts advised.

    So I was the left over you rushed home to sleep with and had the guts to fake an o----m while moaning another man’s name. Kate you disgust me.

    Matts and Kate raised their head to the direction the voice was coming from. When did nectar come downstairs that we didn’t notice? How long was he standing there? Kate begun to wonder when all of a sudden world war two started.
    Kate, you have no respect at all. This is unforgivable, initially I thought you actually wanted to be with me so I just brushed last night’s ordeal off but here you sit bragging about chemistry for another man who happens to be an ex-convict.

    Common, think for once Kate, I thought you are beautiful so you would have brains to think for yourself; now you just reflect the saying, beauty without brains. What do I do when my wife finally decides to sleep with her ex-boyfriends all in the name of one weird attraction? Nectar said with so much bitterness in his voice.

    Are you punishing me for marrying you by force? You know what I actually saved you and those bastards you carry in there; I haven’t even asked who their father is. I think your dad was right all along about you sleeping with everything in trousers.

    To think you claim your dad doesn’t like you for reasons known to him, I am beginning to think the problem is you Kate. This your slutty and bratty attitude made your dad to treat you, whichever way he has so far.

    Do you want to know the truth, your Dad actually cares for you enough to beg for a man to marry his daughter with bastard children, but you wouldn’t know how far that man would go for you? But the way I see it you have a problem up there, get help Kate?

    “Kate and Matts kept exchanging glances with so much regrets and worry on their faces whiles nectar kept talking.”

    I did you a favor Kate, appreciate that and stop breaking my heart all the time. A man’s patience can run for just a while, I think I have reached that limit. Nectar paused, looked on and towards the direction of both Matts and Kate who just stare blankly.

    Kate tried to say something but she knew she was already guilty, so she just kept quiet watched on while nectar gave her the insults of her life and details of last night’s ordeal in so much venom in his eyes. He was trying so hard to conceal it but Kate just saw another pattern of her Dad in him, which scared her.

    Words failed her and whiles Matts kept holding her hands so tight to calm her down, little did matts know Kate wasn’t going to retaliate. I know it when am wrong for the wrong reasons, she comforted herself within. Besides nectar is right, she has done enough harm when he only remained calm.

    He finally walked out, after staring Kate hoping to say something for close to two minutes and she gave a loud thank God sigh.

    You slept with nectar yesterday because you could not control the feelings from that meet up with Mandy. Matts not you too. Don’t judge me; nectar has done enough of that already.

    Wow! Though am a little bit disappointed but am happy you didn’t sleep with Mandy. Matts said and smiled.

    Katie, but how could you break the poor man’s heart, by faking an o----m while thinking about Mandy? Matts said trying to taunt me the more.

    You think I wanted to do that to him. I could not even tell when I mentioned his name but I sure did not fake any o----m. To tell you what, I actually enjoyed it. Kate revealed with a smile brewing on her left cheek. Kate spoke up.

    Oh, wow! Does that mean you are falling in love with nectar? Matts said happily. Oh hell No! I just needed to sleep with someone, at that very moment he was there. It was a perfect moment. Though I had my share of the enjoyment, I disagree if you push this on love. Kate said in a defending manner.

    It seems like whatever happened between you and nectar right now doesn’t bother you at all. I like this new Kate. Nevertheless, am happy for you. Matts said with so much honesty. Was he that good? She further asked. She gave Kate a good wink and they laughed.
    Give me more gist then. Matts further probed with eagerness. Get out of here. Kate pushed Matts.

    As I was sitting on my bed, reminiscing about nectar’s earlier outburst, I could not help but feel guilty what I did unintentionally. Memories kept rushing in from the previous night.

    I remembered pushing Mandy away. The next thing, I was driving on top speed because I was experiencing feelings I thought I killed.

    When I got home, I met matts working on something whiles watching America got talent. I just waved her and said later. I rushed upstairs and nectar was not in.

    I then heard water dripping in the washroom. I murmured to myself perfect and rushed in there. Can I join you? Kate asked! Nectar was amazed and dumbfounded. Are you going to let me wait? Maybe I should go. I made to leave when he pulled me back in.

    After the deed was over, he left me embarrassed. I was confused and shy so my face was down all throughout his last words. Do you always have to mention Mandela’s name during sex? I hope you are satisfied. Nectar asked last night. Kate kept trying to remember details from last night’s encounter.

    My hands flung up to my mouth while he tied his towel on the waist and made out of the washroom. I did it again. Nectar walked out and left me alone in there. I managed to get myself sorted; he was asleep when I came back.

    I just lay down quietly, trying to think about when I mentioned Mandy’s name. I do not blame him for reacting that way and I have to think about all that Mandy said the last night.

    What does he mean by, planted in my life? By who? To destroy me? He fell in love with me after that. He has proof. My dad knows his prison officer.
    Am I in danger? Who is behind that emails he showed me. Could he be lying to me again? I mean he lied about his name, his family, his occupation. His whole life was a sham. How could I have fallen for one of these scammers? Kate asked herself over and over.

    I was not desperate for a boyfriend then when I lost the last good thing that happened to me. What happened to a handsome gentle man like Mandy to start selling himself off the internet? I wonder how many souls he has slept with all in the name of an escort.

    We only blame women when they do that. However, for a man to do all that he told me, and still sat in my face telling me about his love for me. That is bullshit. But I loved then. Now am not sure what weird feelings I have.

    Meeting him once again, resurrected every old feelings and new ones. Why am I not so pissed off at him anymore? I used to curse his entire generation.

    How did I manage to sit close to an hour with him in that bar and not burst out? What has Mandy done to me? The last time I saw him was when I met that scene of Matts all over him in his house. He tried to see me several times but I was not ready. I knew my weakness; I would just forgive him and sleep with him to forget everything.

    I was that soft, like I almost did in that bar the previous night. He has a way of making me agree to things that I do not want to do.

    After Andy who died with a brain tumor, Mandy replaced whatever strong feelings I shared with Andy my ex. I would have ended up with Andy if not for the fact that life took him too early.

    I usually have strong attraction towards my men, but nectar am not able to see that connection.
    Katie, open up. Drake is here to see you. I forgot I locked myself up. Nectar has not been home for three days.

    Looks like Matts does not care either. She said I should give him time. He will be back. It is not as if anything will change when he gets back.

    To be continued

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    @bella am not gonna forgive katie …. Never!

    I think you might want to forgive her now, my dear

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    EPISODE 49

    My mother in law opened the door and ushered me in. You did not come with your wife. She had no idea I came here Mum. Nectar said in reply to Catherine’s question.

    Come in, hope all is well, she said while handing me a glass of juice. I admire this woman so much. From what I heard from my Dad, she has taken a lot of harsh treatments form Mr. Santa but still does not want to leave him.

    “I hope she forgives me for what am about to do. I was in deep thought.”

    Nectar, are you okay. You look lost. Is my daughter okay? Catherine asked so worried. Yes, mom, I just came to ask you for your permission for some other matter.

    Permission to do what. Catherine asked again adjusting herself this time to look directly at Nectar. Mom am tired of her attitudes. I cannot take it anymore. Nectar said slowly.

    I want a divorce, I believe she will jump to that since her ex fiancé is back in town and she has started seeing him again. What are you talking about nectar? Mandy is out? OMG! Catherine said almost standing up. And you feel threatened, is that it nectar? Catherine asked calmly.

    Already your daughter has no feelings for me, she disrespects me all the time and I just close my eyes and swallow her words. But what I can’t take is to look over my shoulder all the time, when she goes out, wondering if she is meeting up with Mandy.

    I came to understand she is addicted to her ex. If it were just mere love, I could manage but not an addiction. I want to let her go. I have much respect for you so please do not stop me mom.

    Nectar tried to wipe the single drop of tear on his cheeks. Are you sure that is what you want my boy. Catherine tried to confirm. Not really, but I have nothing else to loose, he replied.

    Please forgive me and understand. I wished she were like you, so calm and understanding. You have my permission but always here if you need to talk. Catherine sighed with so much difficulty written on her face.

    Have you told my husband yet? Yes, he said he is fine with that! And I should tell her not to come back to his house. Nectar narrated. Thank you my so much Nectar, let me know when to come in once she decides.

    Hey Scottish gentle man. How are you? Finished drinking your life out. Kate said to Drake. I will leave you two to talk. Matts said and cat walked out. For a moment, I thought I saw a reaction from Matts, which surprised me but I quickly brushed it aside.

    Kate am sorry. Hope I did not hurt you and Matts the last time you came over. Drake asked with regrets. Oh, you have done more than that. Kate said trying to tease the poor boy obviously burning with love.

    Please am sorry. I just can’t seem to forget you and I blame myself for this mess of a marriage I allowed you to sign up for. I love you; I have loved you for a very long time, am sure before we even met. Drake said with his emotions almost failing him.

    What do you mean before we even met? Am sure I only met you the day I bumped into you. Anyway, Drake. I love you, but not like that. We can’t have anything aside our friendship.

    Am where I have to be, if I ever leave here, am not sure I can end up with you. I love our friendship I tell you everything. And I love it to stay that way; besides what life will I be giving to my children when I separate them from their father.

    Kate you know I can be a father to these children. No you cannot, you wanted me to abort this pregnancy before I could even tell you nectar is the father of my children. But nectar on the other hand accepted responsibility at first hand, without even knowing he is the father. That is the difference between you two. How would you love them after wards, knowing you didn’t want them in the first place?

    What? Nectar is the father. How? Drake asked surprised. Yes, he was the gentle man I slept with from the bar; fortunately, he happens to be the man Daddy wanted me to marry. Kate said honestly.

    So you knew along and you kept it from us. Drake asked angrily now. I did not want you trio to start judging me. Kate confirmed.
    When have we ever judged you? Please give me a chance to make this right. I love you to the extent I could kill for you. Nectar suddenly said.

    I then flared up. Maybe you should kill yourself then. This part of Drake I haven’t seen before. Drake’s eyes were turning red now.

    “This dude must have really felt something strong for me to make him so weak and destroyed this way.” Drake, take it from me. Am not capable of love anymore. Kate said instantly.

    Lies, so what do you call what you were doing with Mandy in that bar. What could a married woman be doing with his ex in secluded places?

    To be continued

    EPISODE 50
    Kate was taken by surprise; how did he know about Mandy? I was in my own thoughts when Drake spoke up. Oh, you think I don’t know, he snapped.

    How dare you drake! Were you spying on me? Who made you my bodyguard? Get out of my house. Oh really, am even on my way, this house you call your own.

    Keep parading yourself with that sick dude you call a husband. Mental illness runs in the family. I pity the innocent children you are bringing into this world. I hope they do not inherit any mental ishh.

    Huh! I just slumped in the couch and I saw Matts rushing to me. Drake walking away. I recommend Doctor Sues. He banged the door so hard and walked out of the door.

    This is my best friend, I tell him everything but because I do not feel what he feels, he had the nerves to treat me awful. How did he even know about nectars illness?

    Matts did you tell him anything. I saw the way you were looking at each other lustfully earlier. Really, you are putting that on me now. I hardly know the dude. Matts replied cheerfully.

    I love my brother; I have been keeping this secret long before you came along. Maybe you spilled the beans yourself. He is your best friend remember? Matts rubbed in with jealousy beaming from within her.

    No, I would never do that. I am sorry. Just so surprised with his words. Kate said with empathy. Maybe Doctor sues told him matts said.

    No doctor sues is a psychologist he recommended I see after I could not take the betrayal from you and Mandy. I remember I was not able to see her.
    Just then, nectar walked in. Handed an envelope to me. Matilda help her read that incase she is too proud to read, he said. Then he walked upstairs, and we both looked at each other thinking what was in the envelope.

    Bring that; Let me see what your dearest husband bought for you now. It is mine so I should be opening. Matts and Kate kept tossing from one end to another like children.

    I nearly collapsed on seeing the contents; Matts quickly grabbed it from me while holding me down. A divorce? How? Why? Matts kept asking.

    “She left me on the couch, and went after him. I could hear them screaming at each other.”

    How dare you, was that why you side lined me for this past days. You think I would have you or another man break her heart again.

    Be sensitive a little Saint, what is wrong with you. She has been through enough already. You have been there too; you should know better.

    You think she decided to be like that herself; it took men like you to turn her into what she seems now. Do not add up to it. Be a man enough, take charge of your home, and stop behaving like a small kid.

    You want to lose another child, No two children with that stunt you pulled out there. She could have miscarried out there and another blood will be on your head. You want that right. Keisha will not forgive you.

    “Matts kept talking whiles nectar kept strolling with his hands in his pocket.”

    As if Matts touched his nerves, he became so furious within himself and his eyes looked like he was ready to kill me right there.

    How dare you bring my past out. I hate you for this Matilda. You want me to keep leaving with a woman whose heart belongs to another.

    She does not respect or see me as her husband. What do you expect I do? Tell me, her dearest addiction is back, they can reunite.

    For five months, I waited hoping she would come around, at least not to tell me she loves me but care a little about my well-being but she prefers riding all over town with his work and friends.

    That is not even the issue, how do I contest with Mandela, what I have learnt the last time she practically used and raped me is one hell of a love story. She will never be mine. Admit that Matts.

    I admit but I want you to reason for yourself. You think I am in this house because I just don’t have a job or a place to stay. I came here because she cared enough to let me know your episodes have started.

    He gave me an, I don’t know what you are talking about gesture.

    To be continued

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