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    EPISODE 51

    Yes, don’t give me that look. We never wanted to tell you anything. Mum will kill me if she knew I told you. Matts said angrily to nectar.

    What episodes Matilda? Nectar asked confused. You are a mess and you are not aware, just like Kate, you both have issues. Matts was walking out when nectar called her back in a faint tone.

    “Matilda is it that bad. Save me the embarrassment and tell me already.” Nectar asked matts sadly.

    Saint, talk to your wife. Matts rather said instead of telling nectar what he wants to know. That would not change my mind, nectar said with much assurance. Nectar i know you are too stubborn to change your mind over an illness. Don’t worry you are not dying now. Matilda said sarcastically.

    “Matts rushed down from the room and listened in on Kate’s conversation. I believe that is her mom.” She told herself while descending gradually.

    Mom, I will be fine. Don’t worry about me. My life is a shamble right now but I still have my children. You are coming with me this time around. Kate managed to make a joke with her Mom over the phone.

    Matts looked and realized somehow within her friend was hurting a lot. She might look like, a spoilt brat but the Katie she knew treats men with so much love and dignity. Not what she has reduced herself to. Matts kept thinking but didn’t hesitate to curse Mandy with every word that came to her mind.

    Hey, are you all right? Matts asked the obviously broken Kate. Why should I be worried? Kate replied!
    Am glad, you know you can talk to me right. Matts replied and sat closer and gave Kate a tight hug, and then Kate broke down.

    Was it my fault! Is love by force? Why is my own life different? Kate lamented amidst tears.
    No, you are not my dear. Look at me, Matts held up her face disengaging from the hug. You are the best. Just give yourself a chance Katie. Matts advised.

    Am sure nectar knows you don’t love him but he just needs a little respect from you. What do you mean Matts? Katie am sure you know what I am talking about. Matts said giving Kate a smile.

    What is the point Matts, nectar has made up his mind already? I will just have to sign this now. Kate grabbed the divorce paper beside her. No, you don’t have to Katie, matts said instantly grabbing the document from her hands.

    Do you want to stay? Matts asked weirdly. Kate nodded her head shyly. Then go in there and talk to nectar. And say what exactly Matts.

    I trust you Katie you know what to say. Now go, I will be just sit on the couch here and wait for you so we celebrate.

    Kate saw herself standing up lazily; she looked back at Matts, wiped her tears and sniffed. Matts I am scared of his reaction. Then she walked back to the couch. Katie let me take you to him, Matts said to her friend and dragged her slowly towards nectars room. “Matts finally saw her to the door and left.”

    Nectar was dressing up, probably about to leave again when he heard the door open but he ignored. Kate stood in one corner of the room and didn’t know where to start from.

    “she gave a little prayer; Matts come help me out here”. She was deep in thoughts and then realized nectar was walking to the door.

    Ne…C… Tar, can we talk please. Nectar stopped in his track, tried to look back but walked on. Please I don’t want the divorce; neither do I want to leave this marriage. Kate said with a lot of struggle, breaking in between with her eyes closed. She thought to herself the difficult part is over and opened her eyes.

    I think I caught his attention. Kate said in her head now gazing at the ceiling. Nectar retracted his steps back. There was silence suddenly, Kate sighed heavily.
    I said I don’t want a divorce Say something, Kate pleaded with her emotions.

    Nectar looked to Kate’s direction. And I want a divorce so; you had better sign that paper before I get back. He said avoiding her gaze, which betrays how he actually felt.

    Kate saw him from the corner of her left eye walking away again; She knew she had to say something before she loses all this.

    “The twins are yours”. Kate said before she came to her senses.

    What did you say? Nectar said almost having a nervous breakdown. I said the only thing keeping me here are your children. Kate reframed her sentence.

    I know they are mine. At least I love them as if they are mine, unlike your Dad. Nectar said assuming that was what Kate was referring to.

    To be continued

    Another short one

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    Hmmmmm dis is serious.tanx and hope u re feeling better nw dear @Bella

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    Hmmmmm dis is serious.tanx and hope u re feeling better nw dear @bella

    Very well dear

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    EPISODE 52

    Kate pretended as if nectar just didn’t insult her paternity, but she was so much angry with herself for waiting this long to open up about her feelings rather than retaliating at that very moment.

    I mean that night at the bar I was not safe, Kate starts to talk again hoping Nectar would just hug her already, to save her the rest of the memory. These twins are the result, Kate finally said pointing down to her belly. I guess you always knew they were yours, she said softly to nectar.

    Kate finally raised her head to where she directed it earlier avoiding her husband’s reaction, when she managed to move away from his hand, which was almost flying to her face.

    You were about to slap me, Kate said with a frown, while nectars hand kept hanging in the air, whiles he made several attempts to hit her again and she kept tossing him around. He realized what he was just about to do, melted at one point and managed to walk to the bed with his hands covering his face.

    How do I know you are telling me the truth considering you kept it from me in the first place? Nectar spoke up for what looks like ages.

    You are a smart doctor; you should know by now. Kate tried to be smart. Do not bring my profession into this, gosh I cant believe you made me call my own children unworthy names, nectar shot back with anger.

    From the way he was reacting a meter away from her reach, no one has to tell Kate he was very angry. This revelation does not change anything; Nectar sternly said and stood up, walked to the door and asked her to see herself out before he comes back.

    Kate managed to get hold of the couch and slumped herself into it. What have I done to myself, Kate lamented in tears. Then reassured herself, she will be fine.


    Where do you think you are off to in a hurry? What did you do to Katie? Matts asked her brother on his way out. How that concerns you is not my problem, Nectar said rather rudely.

    You knew too right, he tried to walk away and said again. What are you talking of Nectar? Matts asked facing his brother now.

    The twins are mine and you of all people kept it from me. What does that have to do with anything? Matts said blinking her eyes in between, which nectar knows she normally does when she is guilty.

    So you chose a total stranger over me right. Thank you very much, Nectar said. Saint I don’t get why you are angry. It was not my place to tell you anything, and she wanted to the last time she called you from work.

    You know what happened afterwards. There is no favoritism here; I know my friend was wrong with all of her decisions. You might look past it for the past few months but she is a good person. Just don’t throw that to the wind, think about it. She said to her brother.

    You should also leave my house before I come back. Nectar said without regrets, though he knows he needs Matts now more than ever. You think you can take care of yourself right. Don’t worry I will leave. Matts said sensibly. Matts left him there and rushed upstairs.


    Where do you think you are packing to go over to by this time of the night? Matts asked no other person than Katie.

    You heard your brother he said I should leave. Anthon and James will be picking me up soon. Kate said this time without tears.

    Do you always have to leave when things become so messy? You always have to give up easily. You of all people should understand Nectar. You were wrong so many times Katie, but stay and apologize. Matts stopped talking after tapping Kate on the shoulder to pay attention to her.

    And what happens after apology. “Men want whom they want”. If your brother doesn’t want me right now, should I keep leaving here? I know I was wrong, I ignored his goodness, now allow me pay for it. I think nobody understands what I feel. I hated myself for the marriage already; I don’t want to end up hating him. Kate said this time with tears forming in her eyes.

    Katie, I promise to fix this with you. Her friend said. Matts it is too late. There is someone definitely out there for me.

    Someone you mean Drake or Mandy. Think whatever you want to now Matts. Kate responded blankly, while Matts tried reading her expression earlier when she raised the Mandy and Drake issue.

    Can I go now Matts? Will let you know when the movers will come for the rest of my stuffs. Kate said trying to hide her sadness.

    Okay you have made your points, Let me drive you to wherever you are going. Matts finally said and gave up, obviously going to miss her friend. Good! I will give you the address on our way. Kate whispered. “She quickly texted Anthon to hold on since she will be coming with Matts”.

    The drive was very silent until we pulled up at Anthon’s apartment. Then our gazes met, Anthon what is he doing here. Kate asked after sighting Drake leaning against a wall.

    Come in first Kate, Drake was here when you called. He decided to wait behind. Anthon explained. Tell him to stay in his lane. She ranted.

    Matts are you helping me with my luggage or you want to finish staring lustfully at Drake first. She quickly took off her gaze from Drakes direction and helped me inside.

    You have to go home, am safe. Kate said intentionally to drive Matts away to avoid her tearing up again. “Matts pulled Anthon closer and told him something before she left.”

    Drake left a few hours later after the silence between us. I cared less, he is the least of my worries now. Kate thought to herself.


    I prayed not to meet Nectar during my antenatal. Whom are you hoping to see Kate? Your husband? Doctor Sylvester said bluntly, when he caught me looking around like a thief in the night. Kate just call him already, I told myself while I walked passed nectars office towards the entrance.

    I was still thinking about why Doctor Sylvester has to tell me nectar hasn’t been to work for these few days I have been away. Was he giving me that gist so I call him? Kate however brought out her phone several times, and dials nectars number but couldn’t bring herself up to the task.

    Headed to her car she felt someone was moving towards her but Kate just ignored since it’s a hospital and a lot of people walk in and out.

    Gosh Mandy you scared me. Mandy’s shadow falling on her while she tried to open her car doors startled Kate. Are you stalking me now, she ranted and tried to avoid his touch.

    Leave before I shout for help. What do you want again? I have your story. Whatever it was, you did in the past leave me out of it. I don’t want you complicating my already messed up life.

    I heard you left your husband. I looked up and our faces met. Mandy said with no emotions in his voice.

    Who fed you with that information? Kate ranted again this time, walking away from him a little bit to avoid any emotions springing up.

    I told you someone is out there trying to destroy you. I got an email telling me this is the opportunity for me to destroy your life as we initially agreed on. Mandy narrated catching Kate’s attention now.

    I think you need to sit down for this. He said! No, we are not sitting down for anything. Kate quickly replied to Mandy’s request before she changes her mind.

    You know what, call Matts with all the details; I believe you still have her number. And she is still single, you can have her now, Kate said annoyingly to Mandy.

    “Kate, He yelled, stopping her from entering her car.”

    Kate turned around avoiding his gaze, then he said he loves her and will do anything to find out whom the perpetrator is. Who cares, Kate threw back at him.

    Look Bradley or whatever your name is, I don’t love you anymore; get that into your thick head. Kate said trying to believe her own words this time. Maybe she never did, but the attraction overshadowed her eyes. Kate thought for a while and forged ahead back to her car.

    Kate was about to open the doors to her car again when he held her by the shoulders to face him. Then she realize he was crying. Kate tried not to look.

    He raised up my face by holding my jaw up . Look at me babes; I hope you know I cannot let you go? I love you; please give me another chance now that you are free. Mandy said softly.

    Even if i am so much addicted to you, I can’t go back to you. I said silently to Mandy trying to free myself from the circle we found ourselves in that moment.

    You have hurt me enough allow me start elsewhere. I was at peace in my marriage until you came back to destroy everything. Kate said still struggling with her mind.

    But you don’t love your husband; he can’t make you feel what you are feeling now. I know you want me to have you right here but can we go somewhere and talk first.

    “Then I will give you all the sex that you need. I can see you are starved and in the mood for a quick one.” Mandy kept talking while Kate was thinking out of the box.

    Am the only one who knows how you want it? I bet that husband of yours can last for thirty minutes with you. Mandy said with a selfish grin on his face.

    All his dirty talks were turning her on and she kept staring. “Kate kept swallowing her saliva”. He is right he makes me feel what Nectar or any man has yet to make me feel.

    But I can’t continue this with him. He has expired. Kate said in her head. Little did he know that statement about how long he can last with me gave me the clarity I needed to be free. “He only acknowledge me when he needs my body. That’s the reality, Kate snapped.”

    I made up my mind to push him away, but he held on too tight. Mandy let me go you are hurting me. In his arms, I was weak again.

    Please let me go, don’t try anything funny. I will hate you for the rest of my life if you do. Now let me go, Kate didn’t know she was yelling, in the car park.

    Then as if some miracle happened, I saw him rolling on the floor. I looked to my right and saw nectar, staring at his hurt arm.

    What is he doing here? Why did he do that? How long has he been here? He saw everything, OMG. Kate kept asking herself while she stares at both Nectar and Mandy giving each other fierce looks.

    Dude come down, I was just having a talk with your wife. Who by the way is not yours anymore? Mandy tried to tease. Kate saw the look of violence on nectars face and thought of fleeing.

    Ohh I am glad you mentioned the husband part. So you know who I am. What sort of man treats a woman that way? Did you not hear her pleas to let go? Nectar kept ranting and turned to Mandy.

    Kate just did the impossible again. She entered her car and drove off leaving the two men to sort themselves out.

    Anthon could not stop laughing at what went on earlier neither did Matts. Drake hardly talks when he comes around these days; I was thinking why and then still laughing with Anthon when the doorbell rang. I opened the door to the outburst of my mom.

    To be continued

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    Hmmmm kate u have done worng things in d past,all u need nw is to focus on how to give birth savely.and after d birth of ur kids u can nw have a rethink if u still want to stay in dat marriage and make things right with nectar,and nt bcause of ur kids bt because u both deserves to b happy.As for Drake,Andy,fake Mandy and Drake’s ex hmm I don’t trust them in dis matter ooo.and I hope kate father has nothing to do in any of dis thing ooooo.keep it up dear @Bella.

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    Please, my guy should not die o!

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    wow thanks.,be fine soon dear

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    Hmmnn …… He is still her husband Mandy atleast she is yet to sign the divorce paper….. @bella dunno you aint feeling fine am sorry …. Hope you are good now?

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