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    Katie don’t just misbehave again. Good step.

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    God I love this story

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    I jst knew it dat Andy(the living dead)will have something to do in dis matter and whoever kate step-sister is,she better b careful b4 whatever she is doing or planning will back fire on her.And as 4 Mr Wilson, u should b ashamed of urself if 4 d past 27yrs u re yet to accept her as ur daughter no problem oo bt jst make sure nothing happens to her,because u have no choice here. Like father…like daughter,u cheated on ur wife and she cheated on her husand so u two have same blood flowing in u.

    but kate didnt cheat on her husband? Or she did …ahh well. Hope you are fine

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    EPISODE 55

    How can you make a joke right now when I am serious? Kate said still not sure of her feelings. As she thought about it for a minute she feels it’s a good idea not to jump the fence yet, as she had no idea what to expect.

    Sorry, I just…. Nectar was about to say when she held her middle finger on his lips and told him to give her time.

    I can hold you in my arms right. Says, who? We giggled and drifted to sleep.


    Why did you ask me here Matts? Has something happened to Kate?
    After learning drake did all that? Matts arranged a meeting with him, though she has her own personal agenda to push around.

    “I must admit I admire his stature, which am lusting over right, now sitting in front of him. Matts thought.”

    Matts, are you just going to stare at me? Drake asked wondering what was going on with her.

    Emmm pardon my stare. Matts came out of her reverie stammering.

    Why did you bring me here Matts? Drake asked again, confused why Matts kept staring and swallowing saliva as if she was thirsty.

    Waiter, please kindly give the lady here some juice. Pineapple preferably because she hasn’t touched the coffee in front of her, Drake ordered.

    I was suddenly dumb. I could not explain my feelings towards this dude now. It’s not as if he is my type but the feeling is just intense. Maybe I just want to sleep with him Matts thought.

    By the time, I realized I saw him dropping money on the table, probably for the coffee I ordered but had not touched yet.

    Matts quickly stood up and blocked his way, am sorry Drake. Don’t go Kate’s life depends on it. He looked back into matts eyes and she feigned a smile.

    Okay make it snappy, I have somewhere else to be. Drake said without reading meaning into what matts said earlier, or he just doesn’t care anymore.

    Who is LITDEVIL5? Matts asked and saw the look on Drake’s face. He was surprised, that tells her he knew what she was talking about now. He was silent for an extra two minutes, Matts kept looking into his eyes and each time he made to talk nothing comes out.

    Drake, you did this to someone you claim you love? Common to think I came here hoping you would actually prove me wrong. Matts said just hoping that somehow she was wrong in accusing Drake.

    Look Matts, who else knows about this. Drake finally found his voice.

    “Wow so it is true. Matts said losing all hope.”

    He held my hands firmly, which I slapped on the table earlier. The spark I could not control but I need to focus on his answers. Matts get over yourself now, Matts murmured to her inner being.

    “I asked a question and I need an answer.” Matts said annoyingly now. See I can explain but only to Kate. He said calmly.

    She doesn’t want to see you. What point of that don’t you get Drake. Matts said trying to control her anger and emotions.

    That is my username on but I sold it out after I found Kate again. He said opening up with honesty in his eyes.

    What do you mean by again? You two know each other before you met again. Matts asked inquisitively.

    I need to talk to Kate she alone will understand me. I hope nothing happened with what I started. He asked worried.

    Matts told him from the beginning to the end, somehow she was so happy he had nothing to do with all this mess, but she still need not to make it obvious.

    “They were about to leave when Drake asked if she believed him.” Of course, I can see through your beautiful eyes. Matts said rather aloud.

    Drake jerked his neck back and looked at her. Well I mean I like your blue eyes, Matts stammered.

    Thank you, Drake said with a serious face, while he drove alongside Matts.


    Stacy! Kate called up to her assistance who was looking around the living room while Kate was yet to attend to the reason she came by.

    Kate walked down the stairs, while nectar followed.

    Hello Miss, I brought the documents as you asked. But the investors want a meeting with you soon or they pull out, Stacy stated while avoiding nectar’s gaze which was on her since he came down.

    Don’t I know you from somewhere? Nectar asked, distracting their conversation. Kate shoved him an eye.

    Nectar of course you know her, Stacy my assistance. Now can you please let us have this meeting? Kate but am sure I know her from somewhere else.

    Nectar, leave us alone. Remember I am in the house because you asked me to, i think I should go to work now. Kate said standing up.

    No, Kate! I give up, but lets talk about this when you are done. Nectar said, took a second look at Stacy whose heartbeat from afar you can detect and her confused gaze all over the room.

    So Stacy, I will be at work next week. Send them an invite, then we see how best we will handle that. Thank you Miss, I have to get going now. Stacy said rather in a hurry.

    Why don’t you wait for lunch, i am sure my husband wont mind. You are avoiding him for some reason he tried to state earlier. Do you know him, because you usually wait for lunch at my mums when you come over. Kate said.

    No Miss, I just have many reports I need to handle. Stacy said struggling with her voice. But i am the Boss, the reports can hang on for now. Kate said smiling. But Miss, the truth is I have a date, I need to prepare for.

    Ohh I see! Good luck then, Kate said and walked her to the door.


    Nectar, what was that all about earlier, you scared the poor girl. I have been trying for years to get through to her but she keeps to herself.

    Sorry Kate, her face struck someone I know! Nectar said still trying to remember. Someone like the many girls you took advantage of. Kate spilled that trash out before coming to her senses.

    Wow! Is someone jealous? Nectar couldn’t stop smiling but managed to ask. You wish. Kate said smiling. Well if you happen to remember then you let me know because I know she knows you too because I saw her earlier staring at your image on the wall.

    Nectar jerked up and wondered why Stacy was interested in his mere image. Are you sure Kate?

    Yes, but it’s not a big deal. Besides, she could just be admiring you that’s all. Kate said now smiling. If you say so, but be careful around her. Nectar advised. All right Bishop Glover. They both laughed.


    Mom am not sure I can continue this anymore, everytiime I get the opportunity to take revenge for how I was abandoned like a chicken; she just makes me feel welcomed.

    Shouldn’t I be going after her Dad rather? No if you do, you might not get enough money. If Kate is out of the way, there you can get everything.

    Mom is that necessary, I mean I could just ask. Am sure she wouldn’t hesitate. My daughter you wouldn’t understand, the humiliation I had to face when your dad denied you, just because of that S--t Kate.

    But she is not a s--t mom. Open your eyes, and don’t screw this up for me again Stacy. I want to get Wilson where it hurts most.

    Stacy’s mom on the other side of the phone said to her when she left the Glover premises earlier on one of her missions.

    What is happening here? Katie asked coming down the stairs, and staring at Drake and Matts sitting watching each other weirdly.

    Relax dear he has answers. Matts tried to defend. I miss my friend but I have to be tough on him. Kate thought!

    “Kate! Look at me! After all these years, I was wondering if my face hasn’t strike your memory yet.” Drake said with difficulty.

    What are you talking about now? Kate said frowning her face.

    Grade 5. The sluggish dude who always had a crush on you but you were always withdrawn and reserved back then. I looked for you after you changed school. I heard you went to Beacon Hills. I never forgot your face after I turned twenty-one.

    During one of our reunions, I met your desk mate Sansa, the British girl. She told me about George Town. When I arrived here, I stalked you for a while, there were times I followed you and Mandy to your secret places. It breaks my heart to see him treat you like trash but you seem to love him.

    “I was on my stalking sphere that sad afternoon that was when you bumped into me.”

    Look, all this drama, I just don’t remember you Drake. To me whatever you feel for me is absurd. Kill it now. Am back with my husband now, I may not exactly say I love him but at least he wouldn’t be stalking me like a fool. Kate said bluntly to matts detest.

    “Drake was near to tears, but pushed it back.”

    Who has the username now? Don’t worry Matts texted me with the details before you came. Kate said after she saw the surprise look on Drakes face when she popped the question.

    With that site, you don’t meet with whom you are selling your account. He said calmly.

    You know what fix it. You made me vulnerable to a vulture out there, who could swallow me soon. Kate said getting angry within herself.

    Okay I will find a way. He said with sorrow, whiles matts watched on.

    Now you can get out. Kate threw out with emotions and was returning upstairs when he called out. Kate am sorry for the mean words I used on you the last time. Please forgive me. Drake announced apologetically.

    Katie listen to him. You can’t lose your best friend. Matts said without jealousy this time.

    Is he God that I can’t lose? Okay fine on two conditions! She reconsidered.

    Name anything possible! Drake said cheerfully.

    “Look for the one responsible and second try and kill whatever you feel for me.”

    Kate that is not possible. You of all people should understand, drake tried to reason with Kate. How do I do that? I don’t care, do that and you have my forgiveness. Kate said seriously now.

    “Maybe you could just sleep with Matts here that would break the love charm. She is good at breaking charms and hearts.” Kate said without thinking.

    Katie! Matts yelled! You are a sellout. Matts said and grinned with anger towards Katie and Drake she couldn’t figure it out.

    I saw Drake leaving when nectar walked in. Hey, they greeted each other. “I stood on the stairs watching Matts running her hands through her hair.”

    Hey Sis, how is it. Then he walked to where I was standing. “Hi Kate. Hope you are fine. I replied with a Yes “. He passed by to the room tapping my shoulder briefly.

    Am I missing something here, Katie? Matts asked surprising me.

    What? I pretended not to know what Matts was referring to. You just answered nectar in a smooth manner. Has he slept with you again? Matts said with a loud tone.

    I rushed to her, calm down, I said with my hands covering Matts mouth and dragged her to her room.

    You want him to hear you. Tell me or I go out there and shout. Matts threatened. Matts nothing happened. You ruined our Kiss with that knock.

    Wow, you are a s--t Katie. I threw her pillow at her. You called me a s--t right. And you are a brat Matts.

    Seriously, between the two of us, who sleeps around most? Katie asked. You Katie, matts replied covering her face with the pillow thrown earlier.

    Matts i sleep with my boyfriend’s not random hairy dudes. Matts gave me slap on the back and we all laughed.

    You need to get a man soon Matts. At least one to sleep with better than sleeping with everything in trousers. Kate advised Matts who was looking on sternly.

    I know right, matts replied. I know you don’t like the marriage stuffs but a personal booty call will do no harm Matts, Kate tried not to sound offensive.

    Thanks mom, matts teased. Silly you. I need to see nectar I will be back. Do not rub it in my face, Matts said while Kate smiled back.

    To be continued

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    so it was Stacy mother planning evil things to kate

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    i wish nectar could remember Stacy face on time

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    Bella quick healing
    keta is better you go and beg your husband

    Thank you Miss

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    Stacy is d green snake under d green grass

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