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    Huh!..who killed him

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    Kate take it easy, you don’t need to stress yourself. Nectar said while attending to Kate who collapsed earlier over the death of Mandy.

    Everyone is shaken, I know you love the guy but should that be enough reason to starve your children. Nectar asked bringing Kate out of her trance.

    Nectar sorry you feel that way, I know it’s a total disrespect to our marriage, but I will eat now. Kate said raising herself up from the bed.

    So something is bothering me nectar, why did the detective keep saying you were the last person to see Mandy alive.

    Because I know you saw him some weeks ago when he was here, but not recently. Kate asked and nectar’s face colored up.
    Nectar look at me, what are you not telling me? Kate focusing on his colored face.

    Yes I saw him two days ago, Kate. But it’s not what you think. ‘Nectar confessed’.
    “Start talking, am listening”. Kate said now adjusting herself.

    Mandy contacted me a week ago. Nectar said while Kate’s face was covered with confusion.

    Nectar, you have killed me, to think you didn’t want me contacting him. I respected your decision, and we parted ways. What exactly do you have to discuss with him to the extent of seeing him behind my back. Kate said calmly.

    Please it’s not what you think, and I hope you are not thinking I had something to do with his murder, nectar said moving towards Kate’s direction.

    Nectar I trust you, I know you are capable of silly mistakes just to get Mandy out of my life but not murder. Kate said now holding his hands.

    Thank you Kate for trusting me. He claimed he had some information on who took the pictures at the hotel, and the attack on your life.

    We were going to work together as he promised to send me some evidence. Nectar finally said confused.
    When was he to send you that? Kate! That was yesterday. Nectar replied.

    Nectar I have a bad feeling about this, whoever killed Mandy did that because he knows something, you need to be careful. Kate said with fear.
    Mom, where was Dad yesterday! Kate asked her Mom who came to visit upon hearing the news.
    He was home throughout my dear. Don’t tell me you are suspecting him. Catherine asked.
    Since he has refused to treat anyone right, why won’t I suspect him? Kate said with hatred breeding in her voice.

    Kate, your Dad is a lot of things but not a murderer, and I hope you would forgive him someday when he open up to you. She told her daughter plainly.

    Mom you are talking like you are hiding something from me. Don’t let me find out you are protecting Dad again, I only forgave you for your betrayal the last time because I realized you were only a victim and has suffered enough. Kate warned.

    I thought you said Jane is with you. Haven’t seen her since I came. Catherine asked Kate while looking around.

    I know you just changed the topic but Granny went out, she should be on her way soon. And mom she is behaving strangely these days. Most at times out of her mind. Kate confided in her mom.
    Really, I know when she feels lonely, she starts to be paranoid, Catherine confessed.

    How bad is that paranoia mom because I need healthy children! They can’t inherit any strange illness. Catherine laughed at Kate’s naive comment.

    How is that going, you feel fine right. Are you happy you would soon become a mother? Catherine asked.

    Of course mom, and I’m married to a doctor so I am fine. Thank you mom for talking me into marrying nectar. Kate said and rested her head on her mom’s shoulders.

    Don’t thank me yet, when you become a mother then you will understand the sacrifices you need to make for your children. But am glad you are giving the gentle man a chance. Catherine said and smiled.

    He is so understanding, not perfect but I understand you haven’t thought me anything about marriage yet, so mom can you tell me how I can fall in love with my husband and give out myself without feeling I have betrayed my body. Kate asked her mom shyly.

    Where is that coming from dear? Mom, I still haven’t been able to give myself out freely, and nectar seems to have a tough time handling that.

    It worries me, but I am trying my best and it feels like I might lose him soon if I don’t do anything about it. Kate complained.

    Kate this is between you and your husband, you should sit down and discuss it but I must say you just need to open up your mind, your heart and the rest will follow. And stop behaving like a baby already. Catherine advised.

    Stacy pulled up at Kate’s favorite coffee bar, where she normally fetches her bosses’ morning coffee. She was startled by someone. Stacy looked up then Jane shoved her an eye.

    Mom what are you doing here. You came to finish what you started. How did you even know I came to this coffee shop? Stacy asked Jane.

    Look young girl, you better respect me. Had it not been me, you wouldn’t be here now.

    So you better buckle up and lets finish this. I am closer to Kate now, so it’s easy to take her out. Jane cautioned Stacy.

    Mom, I don’t want to do this anymore, I don’t feel like you are my mummy anymore.

    Mother’s don’t push their children to the wall. I want out, and am telling Kate everything tomorrow. Stacy told Jane angrily.

    You had better not do that, I will skin you alive. I should have left you to die in that incubator but no I rescued you. Jane said forgetting Stacy had no idea she wasn’t her real mom.

    What did you say mom. Which incubator! Who am I Mummy Jane. Stacy said almost crying.

    Jane stood up with her bag, regretting what she just told the innocent girl.

    You know where to find me, if you change your mind. And you better not try anything funny because Kate won’t believe a lunatic like you.

    To be continued

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    Mandy dead hmmmm dis must b d hand work of d person who planted him in kate’s life in d first place.

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    who killed him?

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    RIP mandela

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    He’s afraid of losing katie

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    someone killed him

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    Was she the one that killed him?….. Why are they here?

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