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    Ride on

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    Stacy has fall my hands. Nectar, I still wonder what it is you have with Pearl

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    EPISODE 63

    Kate stormed in so exhausted to the point of barely struggling with her breath. She walked to the bed and nectar meeting her half way. Kate are you okay, he asked. You look stressed and she just threw herself on the bed totally ignoring him.

    He knelt down by the bed and stretched himself holding her hands. Kate withdrew her hands and adjusted herself to properly fit on the bed. She closed her eyes trying to catch some sleep but opened it a few minutes later staring at the ceiling, then locating her phone she threw earlier on the bed.

    She stared at the text message she received while driving home. For some weird reasons she wasn’t bothered at all.
    Nectar you can stand up now, let’s talk when I finally get some sleep and I would need something for this headache please. She finally spoke up faintly.

    Nectar watched her wife who has been sleeping since he gave her that medication on purpose to relax her nerves when he knows all she needed was to get rid of her headache. He is in another trouble but he also knows it was the right thing for her.

    Matts and Drake who decided to take their party outside by the pool met Kate driving in hurriedly.
    She just waved them, feigned a smile and walked inside.

    Matilda, i have to get going now. You saw how she walked in earlier ignoring everyone. When she gets like that you just have to find your way out until she finds herself.

    Drake you don’t have to go, I have known Katie all my life. She will come out smiling soon. Matts said just to satisfy her own love agenda.
    I know you want me to spend the whole day here, but I got to go. I’m not comfortable in this environment. He said and stood up.

    I understand, I will move back to my place soon so you don’t have to see Katie all the time. I just have to make sure those two couples up there can handle themselves especially with the babies coming in soon, I don’t know when I’m going back to my place. But I can always come to your end, matts said and Drake frowning.

    Drake sorry, I won’t push it, when you are ready to see me, you know where to find me. Matt’s said walking away when Jane who came home earlier interrupted.

    Matilda I need help with some stuffs in the kitchen.

    Drake I will see you when I do. She hugged him and rushed away leaving Drake to see himself out.


    Wilson what happened to asking nicely. Catherine said pushing him away angrily.

    I’m sorry I don’t know what came over me again. It seems like you have that excuse all the time. Catherine replied.

    And you look weak because the Wilson I know wouldn’t get off that easily. Are the results in yet? Catherine walked closer to him now.

    I need a new Kidney Catherine. My body seems to be rejecting Claudia’s after all these years. He said with bloodshot eyes. Catherine went on her knees beside her husband contemplating whether to hold his hands or pull away as she can’t predict what his reaction would be.

    Wilson can I hold you, she asked. He raised his head that he tried to cover in his palms which were obviously too small, stared at her for a while and stood up scratching his head.

    Wilson you are confused, that’s your usual gesture, I mean scratching your head. Can we talk please? Catherine said.

    How did you know that’s my confused gesture? He asked walking back to the bed.

    You just happen not to have noticed me but I do know a hundred things about you. Your likes and dislikes I have stacked in my mind. Catherine answered him while he looked on.

    Well I obviously haven’t realized how much hatred you have built up inside for my harsh treatments but two heads are better than one.

    Am not sure this is about the way I feel about you because I obviously don’t love you. Whatever I did for your family obviously is an obligation I owe Claudia for her kindness.

    She may have made a mistake with her decisions but I was happy anytime I had to hold little Kate in my arms though your mom always never liked me because your father chose me over her.

    I was young then just twenty -one years and naive. Am sure she was threatened your Dad was going to make me his second wife.

    The man just wanted to help me as Claudia suggested to him since you hated the idea of house helps.

    She still carries that hatred, I just hope she comes to her senses soon and accept am tied to her family now. I know she found out about Kate and if am not mistaken she is the one behind all these drama going on in your daughter’s life.

    Trust me Wilson I know she has a hand in all these attacks. She wants to get me where it hurts most and she doesn’t care if the one in the middle of all these is her own blood. Catherine said now holding hands with her husband for the first time as they never got to have any moments together.

    It was always the cold treatments ever since Claudia asked her for that life changing favor. She was not the happiest person but she owes Claudia her life. She thought for a while and was brought up of her reverie with a loud yell from Wilson.

    You don’t talk about my mother that way Catherine. This should be your last time you would subject her to your problems.

    I’m sorry Wilson, please don’t go. Let’s talk about your health first. Catherine said when she realized she just lost the only chance should could get to talk with her husband.

    I don’t think I need your help with my health, don’t wait up for me. Wilson said and closed the door on her face.

    I am falling in love with this man gradually, yet he doesn’t notice. It’s best I keep my feelings to myself. Am not sure it’s even right anymore. Catherine kept thinking when her phone rang. She rushed to it by the mirror.

    Hello Kate are you okay! She said instantly said wiping her face.

    Mom I’m fine. I know I have a sister out there and you two are hiding that from me again, but that’s fine am just tired of you two lieing to me all the time. Just want to find out what Dad is doing about locating her lost child. Kate asked her mom sarcastically.

    Kate am sorry you have to find out that way. Mom let’s not start with another apology just answer me already. Kate snapped.
    He is doing his best, believe me this time he is stepping up as the father you want Kate.

    Mom why do you always have to defend this man. Are you falling for him now because I know he disgusts you and you were holding on for me. Get out now when you still have breathe. Kate said trying not to sound bossy and angry.

    I have to go now, Take care of yourself. Kate said raising herself off the bed while walking towards the washroom.

    OH you are in here, Kate gasped at nectar who was taking his bath. I will just come back later when you are done. Nectar just nodded as the guilty husband he already is.

    She said and walked away to the door and changed her mind. ‘Can I join you’. Kate asked looking back but still standing at the door.

    Nectar stared at his wife surprised because he was expecting a reaction regarding the earlier pearl incident. He kept staring until he was brought out of his thoughts by Kate’s cold and soft hands on his chest.

    Stacy kept staring at the resignation letter she wrote for Kate. She cursed herself for not telling Kate it was actually a letter addressed to tell her she was her sister and all the wrongs she has done. Since she couldn’t face her wrath.

    Now she believes she did the right thing for not telling Kate who she actually was, because her anger earlier she could barely stand.

    She got out of her car and walked into the hospital she was supposedly birthed at. Nurse, I’m Stacy! I think we spoke earlier about a child born here 25 years ago.

    The Doctor will see you now Stacy. She walked in looking over her shoulder, because she recognizes the environment she has found herself in again.

    I’m Doctor Sly. Okay! Stacy here please, I called earlier about my birth parents and I was asked to come in today.

    Yes, I checked up with the information you gave out but I only found out of two kids who were born here with the date you mentioned but different years.

    I’m sorry we couldn’t be of much help. The Doctor said standing up on the call he received to see his next patient.

    Stacy rushed out knowing she has hit another wall, her only hope now is Mummy Jane who she would have to do her dirty works for before she could help her.

    Talk of the devil, Stacy hissed and picked up the call. Hello Mom, I was just about to call you. Stacy told Jane.

    Save it Stacy, what were you doing meeting up with Kate, when I warned you not to. Stacy gasped! Oh you think I wouldn’t know, don’t try that with me again. Jane said and hanged up.


    To be continued

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    secret here,secret der
    everything is complicated

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    I just want see clearing here

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    Hmmm i guess all this problem now is traced down to jane. Hmmm takin revenge on an innocent kate

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    nxt pls…..i reserved my comment

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    Kate I can explain. Nectar said and at the verge of shying away since he had no idea what his wife had in mind for him. His conscience keeps pricking him and his chest warming up to his stomach. He was lost in Kate’s thoughts.

    Without a word she took off her over-sized gown, since her husband was already unclad she wrapped her hands around his waist now expecting his rejection but nectar on the other hand was in closed eyes for no reason.

    Nectar slowly opened his eyes after minutes of enjoying his wife’s touch and stunned at his wife’s excited face at the same time. She pulled him closer to her body taking him by surprise since he was in deep thoughts earlier.

    Nectar decided to enjoy the moment while it lasts.

    He found his way to the right places on her body which Kate succumbed and responded quickly to. Her eyes were wide open in shock and ecstasy, as to how much she has been missing.

    Kate was driving him nuts already and he only kept thinking of how much more his pregnant wife can take.

    As if Kate knows what turns him on, she sure had a way driving men crazy. No wonder Matts said she’s not a one minute lady. Nectar smiled in his thoughts.

    A moan escaped Kate’s lips and she clenched her teeth to his lips.

    He felt himself coming close but had to make this work as Kate seems to be far away in her thoughts obviously having a good time.
    ‘How he missed this moment with pearl’. The memories quickly flashed his mind and he dismissed it.

    He was close to his o----m but looking at Kate who was on the point of tears he felt guilty and just had to ask if she was okay. Nectar be gentle she said faintly.

    They both cried in joy finally which was all he needed to take his mind off things. She drooled slowly on the bathroom floor, relaxed for a while with her head against the bathroom wall.

    As she stood up she whispered in his ears, I wished this moment would last forever then showered herself quickly and walked out while nectar looked on speechless.

    Kate what was that all about earlier! Nectar asked after spending lots of minutes back in the shower. What are you talking about Nectar, so it’s now a crime to make love to my husband! Kate retorted.

    Maybe you should tell me why you stayed back in the shower. Were you scrubbing yourself off my sweat so you could run back to pearl as if nothing happened?

    Nectar just melted while still standing. Kate am sorry, obviously I understand this time was different for both of us but what I meant was you haven’t said a word about your encounter with pearl. And it’s killing me already. He said walking closer.

    What about pearl? Should our conversations now revolve around her? Can’t we just pretend she doesn’t exist at all, because the way I see it you obviously have your reasons for whatever you do with her out there?

    I just want to take charge of my home now, if you will let me do that. Kate said trying not to meet his eyes.

    Nectar still speechless, just stood in the center of the room with his towel still in his hands. He tried to cover his face with it several times but just too heavy to even open his mouth.

    I know you don’t have anything to say and I don’t think I even want to know, to think your overnights at the hospital could be another brothel in disguise.

    You know what just help me tell that your obsessed mistress to stop sending me messages. I don’t need to know how many times she slept with you or where you had her. If she keeps bugging me with them I might just get a restraining order, and you are not escaping it too.

    Kate just adjusted her pillow and gently dropped her head on it. She closed her eyes, asking herself why she is so calm. Could she have done better than how she handled it? Maybe she could have listened to his own side of the story. But what is the point when he is obviously just going to lie again.

    Kate said goodnight when nectar’s shadow fell on her and she drifted to bed.

    To be continued

    My worse work ever, sorry this could only qualify for a snippet. Hope it get some people a good night sleep.

    As am being chased to bed, someone wants me to be an early bed tonight. 😮

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