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    Hmmm.. Too much secret

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    this man is something else o you Alone did all this and for mama Kate you are a super mother for me and saint I like the way you reason for Kate keep calm things will be fine but Jane you will crying for your action

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    EPISODE 68

    Mom that’s fine. But why didn’t you talk to me, I mean I would really want to know you were my mom. Kate said glancing every second to her Dads direction.

    I was just ashamed of my situation back then and that one standing right there wouldn’t have me telling the whole world a street naive girl could bore him a child, what his sophisticated wife couldn’t do.

    Mom how could you even say that. You were ashamed of your own daughter. I believe I didn’t ask to be born. Kate said trying to understand her mom’s silence.

    No Kate, I was just ashamed of my situation. I mean i agreed to this surrogate arrangement because of my own situation. I wanted out of the streets, but having you gave me hope to hold on even if it takes me been harassed all the time. Catherine said and Wilson looked back with pleading eyes.

    Mom that’s okay, I won’t judge you. The significant thing here is i loved you even when you were not really mine. You didn’t for once treat me like an outsider. Kate said embracing her mom.

    But are you really sure about that? Kate said pointing to her mom’s luggage. Catherine paused and walked back to the bed, having her head in her palms.

    Kate sighed and walked closer to her mom who couldn’t control her emotions. Mom you know you don’t want to go. And you always told me a woman should always be strong and should never leave her matrimonial home. I took your advice the last time, could you please listen to me now. Kate said hugging her sideways.

    Not this time Kate! I refuse to do this man’s bidding any longer. Catherine said with her head down. So where do you want to go. Will you come with me? Kate asked directing the question to both Nectar and her Mom. Nectar who was watching sternly most of the time focusing on Kate’s body and reaction just nodded to answer her.

    No, you know I won’t survive with Jane in that house. Catherine said standing up instantly.

    Mom where are you going to, you don’t have anyone and you know that. Let me help you. Kate said holding her back while Wilson struggled with his movements pausing in the middle of the room.

    Kate I have a friend. Catherine said while nectar came to her aid when he saw her struggling with her luggage.

    Really, I thought you didn’t have friends. We will give you a lift then. Kate said walking behind her, then paused for a moment.

    Nectar hand me my bag please, she fished out the envelope and walked towards her Dad. For a moment she was speechless, but then tapped him on the back gently.

    Dad! Kate called out softly. Wilson turned around sadly.

    I think you can meet your other daughter now, I hope you would be nice to this one. Kate handed her the DNA test result Drake brought over the last time. She hadn’t opened it yet, hence was hoping to do that with her Dad over dinner.

    Wilson just popped up his eyes, stared at Kate without a word. Kate was actually expecting him to say something but he just slumped on his bed and his face dropped.

    Mom are you sure your friend lives here, Kate asked after a silence drive from the house earlier. Nobody was willing to comment on the DNA test incident.

    Yes, Kate I will find my way in. But are you sure about the findings in the on that DNA report. Catherine asked Kate who assumed her mom wasn’t watching or listening earlier

    Mom, I didn’t get the chance to check the results, but I can feel Stacy is my sister.

    Nectar Jumped up! Which Stacy? Your P.A? He asked surprised while Catherine acted as if she already knew.

    Yes, my P.A the same one that poisoned you. More shock registered on Nectars face when Kate mentioned she knew all this time it was Stacy.

    How did you know about that, did she confess to you? Nectar asked with every part of his nerves telling him, he is in for another trouble.

    Yes, tell Matts to hide her findings properly, she just left it in the open. I know you two didn’t want to tell me and I understand. Kate confirmed and tapped her mom who was deep in thoughts.

    Mom are you okay, I think you should go in now. Kate said just then a man her Dads age came out. I think your friend is here and are you sure you will be fine. Kate said smiling. You could still come with us. Kate tried to convince her Mom who was already out of the car.

    Okay, Mom I think you are stubborn like me, I understand now why I was always like that. Kate said smiling while Catherine shakes her head while walking away.

    Kate slumped into the front seat of the car and fastened her seat belt. She adjusted the seat so as to rest her body which feels shattered beyond repairs.

    Are you feeling okay, nectar asked and she looked away quickly. Please do we need to pass by the hospital, you don’t look fine to me. He concluded.

    Busy body, just drive and focus on the road, I’m going to be fine. Kate said faintly and closed her eyes.

    Nectar just smiled, he would be unfair if he wants to argue with her now, then his phone rang. Could you please pick up that call for me and tell the caller I’m driving? Nectar said and looked back on the road.

    Why are you forcing yourself to talk to me, she murmured and stretched herself to the backseat grabbing his phone. Her face dropped instantly. I think you should handle it yourself. She said and dropped the phone on his thighs.

    Kate I’m sorry I didn’t know pearl would be calling, I wouldn’t have asked you…… Nectar paused when Kate waved her hands in the air indicating she doesn’t want to hear it.

    He hanged up and drove on.

    Wilson stormed out after Catherine left with Kate. He drove on top speed nearly running into another car after reading the D.N.A test result. She even added an address. Wilson hissed and drove on.

    He stood at the door for a long while, and convinced himself he needs to be a man, then rang the bell.

    Stacy who left work earlier, trying to figure out how to explain things to Kate without telling on her Mom who wouldn’t back down on her plans.

    She would only carry out her plans this time if Stacy turns on her. What’s wrong with this woman, Stacy thought about Jane’s last warnings and quickly grabbed her phone which she had turned off since morning and dials Kate’s number then she was saved by the bell.

    She rushed to the door, opened it and gasped, Wilson kept staring until the tone of Stacy’s phone jolted him out of his thoughts. She left the door ajar, then kept staring at her phone. There was silence for a while and he spoke.

    Why don’t you pick that up, it could be someone in need of help, Wilson said stammering? Stacy turned around slowly and Wilson was right behind her.

    She saw the door closed and wondered when he followed and she didn’t figure that out. Was she that scared of him now? This was the same man she would have hurt a lot if she had gone ahead terminating her sister’s life, then the call ended.

    Stacy stood in the middle of the room, trying not to look back. Are you Stacy? Wilson asked taking a step closer when her phone interrupted again.

    Hello Mrs. Glover, Stacy picked up, looked back and walked a bit far from her Dad.

    I called work and was told you left early. Are you okay, Kate asked lying on her bed so exhausted to the point sleep has even eluded her?

    Miss I’m sorry, I… Stacy that’s fine. You probably had good reasons. Kate said interrupting her. Have you seen your Dad, I mean my Dad? He should be there any moment from now.

    What are you talking about Miss Santa, she said and looked back at Wilson who was just staring at the room.
    Stacy let’s not pretend anymore. I know my dad is there. That also should tell you I know the rest of the things you were very good at hiding from me.

    Talk to him, call me once he leaves. Kate said and didn’t even wait for Stacy to talk. Stacy’s silence confirmed what Kate wanted to know so she hanged up.

    How did you know the results were right when you haven’t read it yourself, Matts asked after Kate told her the new twist in her family when they got home?

    I just confirmed that, my dad is there, meaning he read the result, that could mean we are siblings. Kate said forcing a smile.
    How are you handling all these, Matts asked honestly?

    Matts, I’m broken, crushed and barely able to think straight now and I just want it all to be over soon. Katie, let nectar handle the rest now. Matts said hugging her so tight.

    Matts, I can’t breathe, release me already. Kate silently said amidst laughter. I can see you ladies are having a good time. They heard nectar said behind them.

    Kate, I’m going out for a while, would you want me to get you anything. He asked putting up a face. Just let me know if you would be late, so I don’t wait up for you. Kate said and looked away until Nectar exited.

    Is everything okay here Katie, you know you can trust me right? Matts asked when there was total silence after nectar left. It’s just this whole thing with my family, nothing to worry about. She said and Matts just feigned a smile.

    Why are you staring at me as if you’ve just seen a ghost, Stacy shot back at her Dad who finally asked her to grab a seat. Stacy took an offence to the fact that he had to order her around in her own house.

    Nice apartment you have here. Wilson managed to say.

    What do you want Mr. Santa? Stacy asked rudely. I’m glad you know my name that should explain why i came here instead of asking you to come home.

    Look I have been on my own for so long and I’m not sure I need a man who would rather order me around. Stacy said avoiding his Dad’s gaze. She could feel his blood boiling. Stacy thought of running into her closet when he strikes. The thought of that childish act made her smile.

    You just smiled, then I believe you know who iam young woman. Wilson said calmly.

    I don’t I want to know who you are Mr. Santa. I’m sitting here because I owe your daughter that respect. She said and tried walking out on him.

    Wait Stacy! Who is your mother? Wilson asked almost immediately.

    Really, you ask me that as if I was there with you when you decided to impregnate an innocent woman and couldn’t have the decency as a man to own up to ypur responsibility.

    I’m sorry, I didn’t know you exist. I have been looking for you for years since I found out. If I knew trust me, I’m everything you heard about me but to deny my own blood “life” is a No for me. Wilson said with confidence this time.

    Then her phone beeped, Stacy checked the message and replied.

    Okay I have heard you, can you go now. I have a few things to work on and I don’t need any distraction. Stacy said with almost certainty.
    Can we have lunch together tomorrow, he asked scratching his head.

    Don’t push it, I don’t have time. My boss would need me handling things tomorrow, she tried to make an excuse.

    I would talk to your sister to give you the day off. Wilson assured her. His statement rang very loud in her mind. Kate is now her sister. How is she going to handle the betrayal part of her story?

    I would think about it and send you a text. And don’t worry I have your number. Stacy said and paused in her steps.
    Do you care about Kate at all? She asked to his surprise. Don’t worry you don’t have to answer now. You can go, she walked away indoors leaving him to find his way out.

    Pearl you said it was urgent, yet you just sit here and say nothing. Nectar said. You know I left my heavily pregnant wife home alone, if it’s not important any more just let me go. He said again.

    Saint am I holding you? For your information you had better make sure you ask Jane out of your house before she poison the whole household. Pearl finally found her voice.

    What are you talking about? Nectar asked not surprised. Whoever Poisoned you would strike again, don’t ask me how I know all that because you insulted my intelligence last week?

    Stacy poisoned me, and if Jane is about to do the same thing, could they be working together like what Matts mentioned Drake overheard. Nectar was in deep thoughts.

    I’m just telling you this because I love you and i might be carrying your baby too. Pearl blurted out and Nectar nearly collapsed, as his jaw dropped and he just slumped into his chair.

    Saint are you okay? She stood up and tapped him. Don’t dare touch me, he snarled and walked out while she followed calling out to him.
    Nectar drove around for a while, his tears were just not coming. How do I tell Kate my mistakes have landed me into a trap? She hasn’t forgiven me yet. He thought.

    He walked into his bedroom and Kate seemed to be in the shower. He kept strolling up and down.
    Why are you pacing up and making faces. He heard Kate ask faintly.

    Nectar froze at one corner and contemplated on whether to tell his wife and if he should, how was he going to go about it. He was still thinking when Kate spoke up.

    You can turn off the lights when you are done staring into space. Goodnight, she said and coiled up in her bed.

    To be continued

    so i just have to drop this and leave.

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    God why is this happening
    What is all this family Drama

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    I reserve my comments, but Kate just be strong

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    Nectar made a big mistake wth pearl. Hmmmm well the deed is done. Is either u tell katie now to lessen your punishment

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    Saint may not be d father of pearl baby

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    Getting more complicated

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