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    pearl is not pregnant for u if truly she is pregnant

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    EPISODE 69

    Nectar glared for a while and fixed himself for bed. He sneaked in quietly and tossed up restlessly. “Are you okay nectar”? Kate whispered.

    I’m fine, you should turn off the lights then. Kate said and closed her eyes backing him.

    Nectar stitched his eyes opened all night, trying to figure out what to do next. He couldn’t possibly think of an abortion. He is not heartless and he is a doctor. Is this baby even mine? Sleep took over before he could answer that question.

    Nectar knocked on the door nosily and furiously. He rushed from home when Kate’s phone kept ringing and messages popping in.
    The door opened after some few minutes of fuming over his mistakes.

    Didn’t you hear me knocking, Pearl! What took you so long to open this door? He asked angrily. Saint calm down, do you know the time, She asked calmly.

    Yes it’s three in the morning, and I’m here to warn you for the last time to stop calling my wife at odd times. He said angrily, his hands flying in the air.

    You haven’t seen anything yet saint. I hope you had time to delete the messages I left as well.

    Pearl you are really stupid, you know that. This is no way to keep a man, whatever I felt for you, I had let go since I met my wife. Come to terms with it, I can’t love you now.

    You can’t love me now right, tell that to your child when he/she is born. Pearl responded. You know what I’m not even sure that child is mine. Nectar said bluntly.

    Oh really, who else have I slept with aside you, you forgot how you couldn’t have enough of me a month ago. A month? You are a month pregnant and you cared less telling me about it. Why now pearl.

    Unlike you I have a conscience too, you think I want to hold you down with pregnancy. It just happened, I always take protection but the last time you came around helplessly I was just lost in your tears.

    Believe me Saint, I just wanted my conscience to be clear, I know whatever I had with you when Keisha was alive was wrong but I couldn’t help it. I see myself doing the same thing to you and your new wife. I hate it but I wouldn’t want to be treated that way, so allow me tell Kate the truth.

    I have plans of leaving once I do that. Pearl finally said and Nectar sighed.

    Where do you have to go, he said now walking closer to her. She looked at him seductively and admitted she loved this man. Have a seat let’s talk, Pearl pulled him to the bedroom and they had a seat on the bed.

    Pearl, bear in mind I know what you are up to, nothing will happen here. Take that from me, but I just need you not to bother Kate now, she is fragile. I want to be the one to tell her about your pregnancy.

    Nectar said fighting the urge to respond to Pearls touch. Are you sure you don’t want to be a father to this beautiful child, Pearl asked while undressing him with her eyes.

    Of course yes, if this child is mine. I definitely would take responsibility but allow me handle Kate, that’s all I ask of you. Nectar pleaded.
    Saint if I keep my mouth shut, what would be my reward. Pearl asked instantly. Pearl get a grip on yourself, I have to go now. Nectar stood up instantly and pearl held him down.

    I have to stop sleeping over. I’m not ready for a baby now. Drake said and got a frown from Matts. Matts have you seen my husband? Kate yelled out from the dinning where she was seated waiting for breakfast.

    Which husband? Matts replied startled and got a waking up blow form Drake on the head. Drake what’s that for, Matts asked laughing.

    Matts I can hear you laughing. Have you seen your brother this morning, he wasn’t on bed as at three in the morning. Kate said worried.

    No Katie, I only saw your Grams pulling out her luggage this dawn. She said to tell you she had an emergency back home. Matts narrated and caught Kate’s attention.

    She walked from the dinning with her belly shaking in front of her to the Kitchen.

    Drake don’t spit inside my breakfast. She said smiling and Drake staring with his eyes in surprise. Kate ignored him and walked to meet Matts. So as you were saying, why didn’t you wake me up?

    Gram wanted to talk to me the other day and I totally ignored her, not on purpose but I had a lot going on then. Hope she didn’t leave angry. Kate said worried.

    Katie call her and find out, besides as we spoke about the last time you should be careful with her. Matts said focusing on the breakfast.
    Where could nectar go? She asked once again. Katie your husband is a Doctor and could be called in any time, so relax. Matts interrupted her thoughts.

    But he normally wakes me up or leaves a note. I’m just worried Matts as he didn’t look himself last night. Kate further complained. He didn’t look himself as in bed mood or the other thing. Matts asked winking and almost shying away.

    Silly girl, don’t get any ideas. I mean he looks troubled. I’m tired let me have a seat at the dinning. She said and paused realizing Drake hasn’t said anything yet, he just kept staring.

    Matts tell your guy to stop staring at my belly. If he wants a baby, he should get one already. Kate said teasing and walked away from him.
    Matts practically had to shake him out of his trance. What was that for she asked?

    I was just wondering how tired that pregnant beauty is but wouldn’t admit it. He said to defend himself when he was actually lusting over her.
    Matts couldn’t help but just frown. Don’t get like that, you know I’m with you now. Drake said to console her.
    Stacy did you talk with Dad already. Kate asked instantly when Stacy picked up the call. Yes, we talk…ed and he wanted to ask you for perm…ission so I get to spend some time with him. Stacy stammered to say.

    Are you stammering because you don’t think you deserve some time with your Dad, or because you think I wouldn’t give you some time off? Kate asked.

    No Miss, I was thinking how you would feel about it since he has never done that with you before. Stacy said honestly.

    Wow Stacy, you care about me that much. I never knew! Well, that’s fine provided you don’t turn him down. But wait, how did you know he never had a sit down with me. Kate asked and there was silence for a while.

    Don’t worry, it’s obvious whoever planted you in my life fed you with every information. She said confused at that point in time.

    Stacy I would call him and approve, just don’t forget you still owe me a new contract which you were supposed to deliver earlier. Kindly let me have that soon. Let me know how it goes, Kate said and tried to hang up when she spoke up. Mrs. Glover, can I come over to your house? Stacy asked and Kate was confused.

    You don’t need to ask permission to visit my house. I’m fine with that and don’t worry about that issue with my husband, I will talk to him. Kate said and hanged up.

    Talking of husbands where has he gone to, I hope he hasn’t run back to Pearl. She thought for a while, Kate could feel the tears almost coming out then she dismissed the thoughts.

    She heaved a heavy sigh when Matts dropped breakfast on the table.

    At long last, the salted omelet is ready. Kate said teasing while Matts smacked her on the back gently while returning back to the Kitchen. She smiled and tried to fix herself.

    Was that Kate, Jane asked Stacy. And she nodded while staring at her Moms luggage still sitting on her couch.

    Mom you still haven’t told me what your mission here is. As I texted you back yester night, Dad was here and he wants a sit down with me.

    Thinking about a lot things, all these became clearer when he asked me who my mom was. Seeing you in Kate’s house made me realize a lot of things. Kate called you Grams.

    Jane was just staring at the little girl she rescued twenty seven years ago.

    Did she actually rescue her or she stole her to satisfy her own loneliness and to use her in destroying Catherine. She kept thinking when Stacy spoke up again.

    I did some checks, I never thought of it until last night. If Wilson is your son, then you are actually my Grand mom.
    I always knew you were not my mom but I played along just because whatever it is you did for me, you obviously loved me enough to have taken me away from my parents.

    But I demand to know who my mom is right now, or you leave my house this very moment. I can’t believe I was naïve all these while. You clouded my mind and I could barely think for myself.

    Stacy said sternly while Jane looked on surprised and obviously angry.

    Is this how you intend to pay me back? Jane angrily grabbed her by the arm. Mom let me go now. You could hear Stacy shout even a mile away, until she finally broke free.

    I’m sorry I had to lay my hands on you for the first time. I will leave now, you know where to find me. Jane said remorsefully and packed up her things.

    Grams, I’m sorry I couldn’t make time out for you while you were around. I was busy with some family issues.
    Are you around so I come over so we talk about what you asked me to see you about the last time over lunch? Kate tried to be smart.

    Don’t worry Kate, I got what I needed, so there is no need coming over besides am on my way back to the states. Jane said her goodbyes and hanged up.

    Just then Nectar came in obviously out of his thoughts, because he had his shoes in his hands while walking bare footed into his bedroom.
    Nectar are you okay, Kate asked and he snapped.

    Do I look not okay to you, stop asking me every seconds if I’m okay. It’s starting to get on my nerves. He said without regrets.

    Sorry gentle man, you obviously walked barefooted from outside while holding your shoes, haven’t seen you this lost before. I won’t ask again if it bothers you. Kate said and walked out of the room.

    Nectar realizing he snapped just dropped his shoes and rushed into the shower. Kate I’m sorry forgive me someday. I was a sheep in wolves clothing, I obviously don’t deserve you Kate.
    He murmured in the shower. Kate who realized she shouldn’t have walked out earlier came back and looked on sadly while he talked to himself, then she walked away before he could even notice.
    Matts who was sadly leaning against her bedroom door after yet another marathon with Drake got startled by Kate who tapped her on the shoulders.

    She turned around with her eyes filled with tears, what’s going on! Kate asked instantly. Ask your lover boy there, I can’t believe he was playing me all this time. Matts cried silently.

    Drake who was on phone earlier with Anthon mentioned he was only playing along with her feelings for him since she couldn’t stop crushing on him. His feelings are running wild now since he is obviously starting to like her.

    He was tired of holding on to a failed love, he wants to continue with whatever feelings he is starting to have for Matts.
    Obviously Matts only heard the first part of Drake’s conversation with Anthon and couldn’t handle it.

    Kate barged in and he jumped up from his sitting position with Matt’s towel wrapped around his waist. Get out now! She yelled. Kate take it easy, what did I do this time. Drake asked innocently.

    I said get out, she said again, running out of breathe. She grabbed the chair by Matts work table and sat down. Kate are you okay, he asked and tried walking closer. Don’t even attempt touching me, just pick up your stuffs and walk out. Drake obeyed.

    He dragged his attire on, not minding if Kate was watching him naked. He walked out and paused by the door. Matts who finally grabbed the floor as her comforter was still in tears.

    Matts what’s going on, Kate kept yelling at me and you sit here with the juice I asked earlier crying. Did someone die, or did I kill someone? He asked while fixing his buttons.

    Matts whose face was up against the wall brought her eyes to meet his gaze. Drake, yes someone died. My love for you died, and you know who killed it. You son of a b---h. I can’t believe when you came back to apologize you were actually playing games with my feelings. Matts said angrily.

    Drake’s eyes opened at once and he remembered what he mentioned to Anthon earlier, Matts might have overheard him. Please hear me out, you misunderstood my conversation with Anthon earlier. Drake tried to explain.

    Then he heard a voice coming down the stairs. Nectar who wasn’t sure what the noise was about decided to come out. Dude get out before I do something I might regret, he yelled while walking down. She asked you to leave, just get out.

    Drake looked back at Matts who obviously wasn’t ready to listen to him and then headed for the door.

    To be continued

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    so many drama
    so many secrets
    I hope Kate can handle dis

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    More complicated…

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    Hmmmmm this family dilemma is getting too much

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    Rara – Tekno Miles

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    hmmmm… secret is just too much

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    Really complicated

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