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    Kate is a very strong woman

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    So-so complicated

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    everyone has his/her box of secrets……:………………

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    So many dramas…. Kate condition doesn’t need that if she most deliver safely

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    EPISODE 70

    Why should I even be the one calling him. Kate hissed and dials his number. Dad, you can have Stacy to yourself as long as you want to just don’t try forcing yourself on her else you would hear from my lawyers. Kate announced instantly without waiting for Wilson to say hello.

    ‘Kate, I’m sorry’, Wilson tried to say when she cuts in.

    You better mean that sorry. The only reason why I’m not pursuing that case is because of mom. Unlike me who apparently had no idea I could be this strong, mom certainly can’t handle it anymore.

    You see her so strong and her eyes dry all the time but she cries a lot. Kate said over the phone and her Dad was just quiet. I guess you don’t have anything to say. Goodbye then, Kate finally sighed and hanged up.

    So tell me what next, Andy asked Jane who left Stacy’s earlier for his place. Are you having cold feet Jane because whatever ways it goes I still need my money.
    ”Of course not.” Jane retorted with out most certainty.
    If you say so why don’t you give me the last plan, then. Andy said gulping the beer in front of him.

    I will let you know before tomorrow, now where do I keep my luggage and do you have anything in this house to eat. Jane stood up following Andy’s lead.

    Matt’s are you okay in there, Kate yelled out from the hall where she sat with her legs rested on the table and nectar sitting opposite her.
    Katie, I’m just fine in here. Matt’s yelled back! Would you mind keeping me company as I’m bored in here. Katie blurted out just to get nectar’s attention.

    Nectar just looked in her direction briefly, which he barely said a word, and looked troubled. Kate thought! She was tempted to ask are you okay severally but the warning earlier keeps ring in her mind.

    This time she isn’t the one distant, whatever is bothering him could be so big. Could he be sleeping with Pearl again, Kate thought and told herself he would be so stupid to do that.

    Where did he go as early today, he wouldn’t close that early if he had gone to work? Maybe telling him I have made a decision on his betrayal would help a lot.

    Nectar who rested his head on the couch kept staring into an empty space after Kate’s outburst. Then the bell rang, Matt’s rushed from her room and nectar almost running into her at the door.

    Kate glared at the two siblings, she was surprised how they both quickly rushed to the door upon the ring of the bell. Matt’s might be expecting Drake, but who is Nectar expecting to the extent he had to rush to the door as if his life depended on it.

    Kate kept thinking and stared at both siblings standing one hand throw from the door and staring at each other.

    Would someone get the door already, Kate yelled to jolt them out their trance. Nectar reached for the door, opened and heaved a sigh of relief.

    Mr. Santa, welcome. He paused looked at Stacy and feigned a smile, to clear the tension. Please come in, he said showing them in while Matt’s raised her head to check who it was. She was disappointed to not have seen Drake coming through the door.

    She walked back inside quietly.

    Kate your Dad is here, nectar said to Kate who was backing the door. He should get his filthy body out of my house. Kate thought of telling that to his face but decided against it when she saw Stacy with him.

    Stacy you are here, have a seat. She said and adjusted herself properly in the sofa, while turning she made a faint noise of pain. Are you okay, Wilson asked with concern registered on his face. Really, you are late to the party Dad, say what you came here for and get going.

    Kate said with anger now. She was surprised with her reaction which nectar just managed a frown.

    Mr. Santa you can have a seat and I will get you guys something in a bit. Nectar said and quickly turned to leave when he spoke up.
    Son that’s fine, I just had something on the way. Maybe Stacy would want something, Wilson said further directing his gaze to both Stacy and Nectar.

    No sir I’m fine, Stacy said with a shaky voice. Well since you both don’t want to take anything from my house as if I planned on poisoning you two maybe I should have a juice then. Nectar please I would have a juice, she said frowning.

    Nectar paused for a while trying to figure out if she was serious until she spoke up.

    Maybe I should get that juice myself, she said and stood up. No wait I would get that, he said and walked away. Wilson just stared at Kate for a while and back to Stacy. Coming to think of it there is a slight resemblance, he murmured.

    What did you say? Kate asked. I mean you two quite look alike. He said smiling which Kate was about to reply then nectar dropped the juice on the table by her right hand.

    I will leave you three, I’m just upstairs, call me if you need me. Nectar said. No wait, you should be here too, you are family. My family, unlike I can say for these two here.

    Nectar quickly grabbed a seat by Kate.

    I can’t begin from where it all started but you should know I was drunk the day I tried to force myself on you. It was Claudia’s ten years and I had too much to drink.

    Though that’s not an excuse for what I tried to do with you but I’m paying for it. I distanced myself knowing you might remember when I’m too close. Wilson said and Kate cuts in.

    Well, be glad I don’t remember. Though I did remember mom’s abuse all the time. She said rather calmly. There was total silence, and eyes were flying in every direction.

    Is that all the two of you came here for?

    ‘No’ Stacy finally spoke up. I have the document you asked me to draft and the answers to what you asked me to find out. Good, let me have the document then. Stacy bent over handing the envelope to Kate.

    She quickly opened up, stared at her for a while and kept reading. Kate got to the point where she nearly collapsed. Stacy what is this! I asked you to draft your contract promising a good behavior and you wrote a letter for me.

    And which Andy are you talking about. Are you sure about these allegations against Jane? Kate said and Wilson who was sitting quietly watching the two deal with their issues got a surprise look on his face when Jane was mentioned. Stacy what has my Mom done. He asked angrily.

    She is my Mom, too. At least that’s what she made me believe until recently when I met her here with Miss…. I mean Mrs. Glover. Stacy fumbled with her words while getting a certain look from both Nectar and Kate.

    You should read this for yourself, that’s the kind of mother you keep protecting to the extent of abusing your own wife. Kate said and threw the letter in his face supporting her jaw with her hands, while looking on.

    You mean you and my mom were responsible for all the happenings around my family lately, have you even stopped to think how much damage you two have caused. Wilson said yelling.

    I’m sorry, I thought I was doing the right thing since Mommy Jane was the only one there for me since I started growing up. Stacy said almost in fear and tears.

    To think you even knew all along Kate is your sister and you still put a price on her life. I don’t know who you took after, because a Santa wouldn’t hurt a fly. Wilson said and Kate interrupted.

    Did you say a Santa wouldn’t hurt a fly, when your mother is the head of all these attacks on my life which I have no idea what my offense is, but obviously you have an idea?

    So get your ass back on the couch and don’t ever shout on Stacy again. You have no right to do that, you don’t just enter her life a minute ago and starts to play the Daddy role. Dad you need to do better than that, if anything you should be apologizing to Stacy here.

    She deserves the love you denied her, for me I had a mother who loved me beyond everything, so I would say I was lucky but Stacy here was stacked with a fake mother for some weird reasons she had no idea of so cut her some slack.

    Kate said now yelling while getting a gentle tap on the shoulder by Nectar. She paused and calmly said sorry to Wilson who stood up earlier yelling on Stacy.

    Wilson gently grabbed his seat. I’m sorry Kate, I was just furious over how far my mom have gone. Well do something about it before I do. Kate said silently.

    Do you know where, I can find your mom, sorry I mean your Grand mom. Wilson turned to Stacy who was stunned on the Drama unfolding in the hall.

    Yes, she might be going to Andy’s place. Stacy said grabbing Kate’s attention once again with the name.

    Yes, you mentioned Andy, that name rings a bell. I hope it’s not who I think he is because that’s not possible. But it seems like the guy is just interested in your money, though he claims he had a past with you, he just needs money. Stacy stated clearly.

    That’s not possible, the Andy I know is supposed to be dead Stacy. Kate said surprised.

    Katie, Stacy is right, Andy faked his own death. Drake gave me this envelope the last time he was here, we wanted to tell you about it and the incident happened. Matt’s said from behind them.

    How is that even possible, Matt’s you were there as well. The Doctor said he couldn’t beat the tumor, you heard him that day. Kate said almost in tears.

    Please take it easy Kate, Nectar said smooching her back gently. Nectar you don’t understand; this was the man I loved. What’s wrong with everyone. You think you love them and they pay you back this way.

    With guilt written on nectar’s face he grabbed the envelope from Matt’s checking the evidence Drake brought. He glared at Kate, then sighed. That’s enough, nobody gets to hurt me again. She said and adjusted herself on the couch.

    Dad whatever you feel like doing about your Mom, do that and leave me out of it. Kate said and stood up walking away when Wilson spoke up.
    Do you know where I can find your Mom, I’ve been looking for her but with no luck. Wilson asked trembling.

    You are really asking me that now Dad, you should be ashamed of yourself. See yourselves out and don’t come back unannounced. Kate said and walked up the stairs, and both father and Daughter walked out sadly while Nectar and Matts looked on.

    Kate the least you could do was to listen to your Dad, yes he might not have been the best you wanted but you could see he is trying his best.
    It takes a man to admit his fault, and you just embarrassed your Dad out there who was trying so hard to make up for his mistake. Nectar said angrily.

    Like you are trying your best to admit your faults, birds of the same feather. Kate hissed. I can see you are not ready to reason with me yet, so I will go when you are ready just give me a call. Nectar said and stormed out leaving Kate who could barely handle her emotions helpless.

    Why won’t you stop calling me Drake, I mean it’s over now. I can’t believe you just used me yet another time. I mean what did I do wrong, I have been adjusting to your rules.

    What else do you need from me? You want to share Kate with me, just say the way only if Kate would agree. I wouldn’t have a problem with it, but it just turned out you just want to break my heart. Matts blurted out with anger.

    Would you just shut up already and listen to me love? Drake practically said before realizing he just called her Love. At least you are a lawyer, you should be smart enough to eavesdrop properly.

    You only heard my last statement probably because you came in late. Drake said and surprisingly Matts was silence and calm.

    You should know I’m not faking it now; I want to be with you now but you are too stubborn and hasty.

    Can I see you later in the evening, so we talk about this, I would love to come there but I can’t tell what your friend would do to me, especially your brother? Drake finally said and expected Matts to say something but she only sighed.

    I would take that as a Yes then, will send you the location, Drake couldn’t finish talking and she hanged up.

    To be continued

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    Ok ohhh

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