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    Kate really pass so many calamities during her pregnancy….dis problems is too much for her

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    Please come and update dearie,waiting patiently for the bomb

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    Katie you have to be very strong this time

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    EPISODE 71

    Kate didn’t realize she actually needed sleep, she woke up a few hours after that argument with Nectar. Gosh, I just have to get over my pride then. Is this even pride, I mean he is the one who went wrong this time?

    How long would I pretend I’m okay? I have been silent just to watch his reactions, but he keeps disappearing on me all the time. I was so sure last week I wanted to give us a chance but he has ruined it. Would things have been different if I wasn’t pregnant.

    Maybe I probably wouldn’t have married him in the first place, I did all these because of our kids. Kate whispered to herself once more.
    What would life be with all these men that has one way or the other hurt me.

    Maybe they wouldn’t have treated me like Nectar just did some few hours ago or probably they would have done worse. Is that even a man in love. He should redefine his love, but leaving him is definitely an option now. Kate kept sobbing whiles she murmured to herself.

    There’s no way anyone can forgive all these misdeeds, down from my family to my husband. But let me allow time deal with the pieces of my heart, whatever happens I know I’m in this alone.

    Nectar can do whatever he wants to, time would actually inform my decisions, right now any decision I would make might just be out of mere pity.

    She murmured once more and picked up her phone to reach him, he picked up on the first ring. Where are you, Kate asked softly.

    I’m around, just outside the gate. He replied. Hope you aren’t that busy, I want us to talk. Kate said gently.

    Common Kate, I didn’t go anywhere, I was just taking a stroll in the neighborhood.

    I didn’t say you went somewhere nectar, I just asked a question, come home and let’s talk, wait let me meet you outside, I need that stroll too. Kate said cheerfully.

    Kate quickly dragged her body out of bed and fished out her sneakers on the shoe rack. Katie where are you going with this your dressing, Matt’s leave me alone. I’m meeting your brother for a stroll.

    Oh that explains it because only nectar wouldn’t have a problem with this kind of dressing. All the best, Matt’s laughed. Matt’s get a life. Kate teased back and left. She saw nectar a few miles away waving her.

    Catherine why don’t you answer his call. He has called several times already. It could be important; you know the reason why you couldn’t leave in the first place is because of his health. Kingsley told Catherine.

    King, you know me well, if I’m fed up, I don’t look back. Catherine told Kingsley who she has been lodging with for the past few days.
    But you know you are not fed up yet, you love that man. Kingsley further said. No I don’t King, Catherine replied hanging up for the fifth time on Wilson.

    Remember he was the reason you didn’t want to get out and be with me. You can’t just tell me now you endured all that and you can’t endure a little fight. Unless there is something you aren’t telling me here. He asked suspiciously.

    Catherine’s tear ducts opened. King he is dying and he wouldn’t even admit and get help. I can’t stand that scene. Catherine finally opened up.
    So staying here would rather make your problems go away? And all that fight with him was because you are scared of losing him?

    Catherine nodded to confirm his revelation. Call him already, they were still talking when Kings wife came in.

    Nectar, you know you hurt me a lot and I might just be living looking over my shoulders. Kate said while they walked hand in hand.
    What are you saying Kate? Nectar asked so confused.

    Nectar I feel what you feel, in case you haven’t noticed I was beginning to open up to you and you ruined it. In as much as I think about this whole thing with you and pearl, I’m convinced the worse isn’t over yet.

    Whatever you keep sneaking out for since I found out about pearl bothers me. You don’t want to talk about it, that’s fine but you should know your attitudes make me restless at night. Kate said and paused.

    Let sit on that rock nectar finally said and lead the way. Kate, I think about your health a lot, it seems you are not aware of the severity of your condition. Whatever I kept from you is for your own good. Trust me, He said.

    Like what you are keeping from me now? She asked. Don’t push it, Kate! We will talk when you put to bed, that’s the only way out now. Nectar said so convinced.

    You won’t change your mind, not even for love. She tried to bribe. Nectar nodded to respond. With all that said, I have come to a decision about what is next for us. Kate said avoiding his gaze.

    He was silent as if he already knew what his wife was coming to say

    All these family crises, and my marriage on the rocks, I barely get to sleep at night while you snore into the night, I stare into the darkness waiting for morning. I need time for myself, to be honest we really don’t need to do this to ourselves anymore.

    I’m obviously liking you, amidst all the troubles you give me at night, I want to hold on to you. But this is beyond me, I’m a mess right now as you rightly pointed out, am hardly breathing.

    Nectar held her closer, quickly checking her pulse.

    Gentle man, I don’t mean that kind of breathing. Kate said flashing him a smile. What am saying is I want us to go our separate ways. Kate finally said and nectar didn’t take it easy at all.

    He sprung up, Kate but I love you. Nectar love alone isn’t enough, Kate shot back.

    I just feel this is the best thing to do now. She said again hiding the fact that her last conversation with Sly didn’t go well with her. She has pleaded to keep that to herself, the more reason why she needs to drop whatever charges she had against Stacy.

    For God’s sake, you are a Doctor nectar, can’t you see life s-----g my breath away slowly. I thought you were commended to be the most brilliant back then and now.

    You have saved so many lives. Can’t you figure this out, has whatever you went through with Keisha destroyed you to the extent of not realizing the woman you sleep in bed with every night and wake up to is beyond fixing.

    Maybe pearl has clouded your true nature. She hissed and stared at him once more.

    Kate are you okay, you just said you want a separation and you fell into your own thoughts. Have you changed your mind? Nectar asked with hope.

    No nectar, I haven’t. Let’s not complicate this anymore. I will fix whatever is broken. Allow me make it right, don’t let me go through another phase of loss. He pleaded.

    Nectar you aren’t thinking straight; you haven’t been for a while. It beats my imagination how you even get on well at work. Kate said bluntly.
    So all this is about my night episodes Kate.

    Are you running away because you can’t handle it or because you are tired, he shot back.

    Nectar, I can’t handle it and I’m tired are all saying the same thing. But that’s not my point, we both are mentally sick somehow but I just don’t want to continue this sham of a marriage anymore. Just let me go please. Kate couldn’t finish before he interrupted.

    Okay Kate, i will grant you the separation, he said not so much worried while Kate looked on surprised.

    Are you sure you want this she asked? I don’t but if you want this to happen, why not Kate, I understand you, to be honest you have gone through enough yet still standing.

    Whatever makes you happy is the only thing I have to give, my love for you is all I can hold on to. Nectar said with certainty.

    Kate thought why he would give up easily but she dismissed that thought. These kids are yours, I won’t deny them their father. She said. Kate first things first, how would you explain to your mom and there’s Matt’s we have to face. Nectar asked.

    Am not saying immediately, but after I give birth. She clarifies and almost added he should be ready to take care of the kids alone. Nectar heaved a sigh thinking he had more time to do something about this big blow.

    All that said now, can we go back in, she said and they walked back looking at each other weirdly. But you need to stop running your mouth all the time Kate. I know right, she said and entered the house laughing.

    Finally you two are back, Matt’s said almost blushing. And where are you off to dressed like you just scored another goal. I hope it’s not what I’m thinking Matt’s.

    No, I’m done with the hairy guys. Matt’s said while nectar couldn’t stop staring at Kate. Matt’s winked and finally grabbed Kate’s attention. Oh yeah I get it, all the best! Just don’t push it that hard. Kate finally said.

    Nectar, stop staring at your wife like today is her last day. Matt’s said to tease but that caught nectar’s attention.

    He quickly rushed back in and got hold of his phone. Sylvester, are you sure everything is okay with my wife? He asked almost at once.

    Yes, why? Is my patient okay Glover? Does she need to come over because I’m not around so I quickly cancel. For your sake I hope you are telling me everything I need to know Sly. Nectar yelled.

    What’s going on nectar, Kate entered and asked nectar who was startled on the phone with sly. We will see at the hospital tomorrow, he said and quickly hanged up.

    He nodded to indicate he was okay. Nectar you haven’t answered me yet. You were yelling, what’s going on.

    Nothing Kate, I just realized Sly didn’t do as I asked since I handed over my patients to him while going on leave. Nectar lied but his smart wife could see through that lie.

    Catherine opened the door almost immediately to meet Wilson’s gaze. They stared for a while, as if she would collapse right there and then.
    What are you doing here Wilson and how did you even know I’m here in the first place.

    That would be me, Catherine heard Kingsley behind her. She was about to shout when King’s wife flashed her a supportive smile.
    Can we go somewhere and talk? Wilson asked gently finally doing away with his embarrassment.

    Wilson you have just one minute to say whatever you came here for. Okay, I want you to come back home with me. He said rather quickly and so sure.

    Why should I do that Wilson? So you keep abusing me. I have dignity you know. Catherine I force myself on you not because I want to. But I hate the idea of sleeping with my own sister. He said with a lot of venom trailing off his voice. That’s what Claudia never understood.

    What did you just say Wilson. Who is your sister? I’m sure am not related to you in any way, so come again. Can we have a sit so we can talk. Wilson asked calmly.

    Catherine looked back and the hall was empty. Where did king and the wife left to leaving me with this abuser of a husband. But I love him. She thought.

    You are not coming in; you should know that. Catherine said. We can sit in my car please. He responded. Catherine waited for a while and asked him to take the lead.


    I miss you, Drake finally said after several stares and minutes of silence between them at the restaurant. When Drake sent the address of her favorite restaurant in town she smiled and decided to hear him out. Matt’s was in deep thoughts when he spoke up.

    I wasn’t thinking you would come, but am glad you are here. Drake said almost smiling. I almost didn’t make it, she murmured. What did you say? Drake asked staring at her while her face was down all this time.

    Look at me love, he reached out and raised her face up. You look stunning, Drake flattered. I’m sorry once again, you heard wrong. I admit that was my plan the first time we slept together but whatever you said in there furiously got to me.

    That long talk in your house the last time meant a lot to me. I’m in this with you, don’t doubt that. Matt’s tears were just flowing like the ocean pacific.

    Don’t cry you would ruin your makeup. I don’t want you wasting time in the bathroom touching up this evening when we could do a lot of meaningful things with that time. Drake teased.

    She smiled and giggled. That’s better, so you can wipe your tears now.

    I’m sorry I had to doubt you but nothing is happening anytime soon. She said smiling. Really, that’s a relief Drake said and they both ended up in a cheerful laugh.

    What do you mean by meeting your Dad was not a coincidence? Catherine asked surprised. Catherine, I found out I was adopted when my Dad brought you home that night.

    Apparently my Dad has been looking for you for years, to the detest of my mom. She doesn’t want you to be found. Wilson narrated.
    What did you say Wilson, we are related? That’s an abomination.

    No we are not, I wasn’t even theirs to start with. You were my Dad’s only child. I refused to accept that for a while but came to terms with that with the help of Claudia, so now you know why I treat you that way.

    I hated the fact that I had to sleep with the daughter of someone who raised me, but Claudia badly needed a baby. And I would do anything for her as she has saved me from myself several times.

    Your Dad never said any of these when he picked me up, so this was the reason why your mom wants to hurt my only child. How did she even know Kate wasn’t Claudia’s?

    I told her Catherine, the last time she came around, she demanded to know why I’m still keeping you in the house and I had no choice than to tell her. I’m sorry Catherine, I know you always had your own reservations about my mom but she was an angel to me.

    I understand you Wilson, but you should know how she watched your Dad choke to death.

    She did what? Where was, I mean I was there the day he died and my mom was shattered. Wilson you don’t get it do you. Your Dad’s asthma started and all she could do was watch holding his inhaler few meters away.

    I know that because I was in the room that day, he called me earlier to draw his bath. I was in the bathroom then and saw everything. I only came out when she shouted and she realized I was in all along, then she threatened me every time.

    Catherine said with a lot of emotions running through her veins. Wilson heaved a sigh! You don’t believe me, do you? Catherine asked

    Catherine that’s not it, I believe you. Stacy confirmed her wrong doings earlier, so of course I would believe an innocent you. Wilson said emotionally.

    So what are you going to do about this, because obviously she is going after my daughter because she loathes me and I won’t have your paranoid mother hurting me that bad.

    I would call the cops tomorrow Catherine. Wilson said assuring his wife.

    So what I heard about Stacy, is that true. Have you figured out who her mom is? Catherine asked. I will ask my mom once we find her, she has a lot of explanations to do as to why my daughter somehow ended up with her. Wilson said confused.

    Catherine, thank you for standing with me all these years and for giving me Kate. She’s stubborn now but I know where she got that from. Obviously not from you Wilson, I know you are referring to me. Catherine said and teased him playfully.

    Then everything came to a standstill. They were looking at each other sheepishly. Can I hold you, Wilson asked looking straight in her eyes, without blinking?

    She blinked once and was about to respond when Kingsley knocked on the door signaling her to roll down the glass. She sighed and murmured ‘saved by the bell’.

    To be continued

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    This is so annoying, this story is not complete. How can i just be wasted my time reading half stories. This is the third story i came across but no complete. Please do something about it. Thanks

    Really, if you’ve noticed from the comments, it’s always updated everyday! You either wait when its completed then you hit the read button @Kudomofrank
    No one updates a completed story in a day, especially a long one as such.

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    I can smell the ending of this story


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      Everything is now getting clear with all the secrets being revealed.They should better not allow dat devil called jane to escape,how can she be the plight of everyone close to her nd yet not disturbed?

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  • Nawa for dis story, it is really complicated and unpredictable……
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