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    Not bad at all, love it, ride on pls.

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    Hmmmmm, i just hope everything gets better

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    Is good u are trying to understand ur parents Kate

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    Wilson sat opposite both daughters and kept staring, while Stacy fidgeted with her hands, Kate was just looking into her father’s eyes.

    Why is he staring so innocently. Kate said and hissed. Kate are you okay, Wilson finally had to ask.

    What do you care Dad! Kate retorted back. Because you look the same way Claudia did breathing her last air. Wilson said worriedly.

    Well, good thing I’m not Claudia and besides what do you expect when you marry me off like some cheap thing. I think about it sometimes I still don’t get it Dad!

    You hate yourself for trying to rape me, that should even be the more reason why you should pamper me, not marry me off to a man who couldn’t even keep his matrimonial home devoid of….. Kate was about to continue when Wilson nearly yelled.

    What are you saying, Did nectar hurt you. He said in a rather high pitched tone which startled Stacy and her eyes wide open.

    I knew it, that calm Dad trying to defend me earlier from my mom was just a face you were putting on. Finally you have given yourself up, now this is the Dad I know.

    Stacy this is the Dad you would be ending up with, don’t let him marry you off. I wouldn’t be here to save you so you better set the records straight with him before he ruins your life like he did to mine.

    Kate said while Wilson just searched her eyes for answers he could not keep forming in his head.

    What is taking Mom so long to get down. Kate hissed and adjusted herself widely on the couch occupying the whole couch.

    Gosh I miss the comfort of this couch. She said and sprung up.

    So this girl is still running her mouth out here too. Catherine said coming down the stairs and Kate who got startled earlier opened her mouth but words failed her.

    Kate you got to stop this attitude, where did I go wrong with you. I did everything right alone. Catherine said. Maybe because you raised me up alone, she said rolling her eyes towards her Dad.

    I’m talking and she still got the guts to talk back. Catherine frowned and walked closer now. Stacy, feel at home and you what do I owe this visit. She said sitting beside Kate.

    Why is Jane and Andy not behind bars. I hope Dad you are not planning on pushing this under the bus because your mom is involved. Kate couldn’t help but ask.

    No one is trying to defend Jane here, but if we do that innocent Stacy would be found guilty as well. Catherine just had to speak up for her husband.

    Mom, why is he not talking himself. He should answer me. Kate asked staring at him for an answer.

    I know your resentment towards my mom but kindly be patience, my lawyer is working on Stacy’s issue then we can proceed. He said stammering.

    You mean that betrayer of a lawyer, he is the reason why I’m in this mess. And I understand from mom, Jane is not even your biological mother so why not give her up already Dad.

    Trust me I have your beloved daughter here covered. She said smiling to Stacy who was almost near tears.

    Kate what are you talking about, Catherine who was silence after Kate kept ranting about Jane finally asked. Something is wrong with her daughter she thought.

    Mom I have a contact here, you guys can have a look at it, if you agree then we can proceed with the arrest of Jane and Andy, whiles Matt’s works on something else.

    Let me see that, Catherine quickly grabbed the envelope from her daughter and went to sit beside Wilson. Take your time and read, Stacy and I would go grab something from the kitchen.

    Kate stood up holding the couch down and Stacy supporting while Wilson murmured take it easy and quickly focused on the envelope.

    Kate get in here now! Catherine yelled out to Kate who just deeped her hand in her mom’s stew, chewing on the last meat, while Stacy looked on smiling.

    Kate quickly swallowed the chunk of meat and wiped her mouth childishly while walking away.

    Miss, you haven’t washed your hand and you could get choked up without water. Stacy said and Kate paused in her steps.

    Aargh, she feigned and walked down to wash her hands. Here, Stacy handed her a glass of water while smiling. Stacy you are a genius, she gulped down a little and rushed out while Stacy followed shaking her head.

    Mom why were you yelling! She asked when she got there. You need to explain this, Catherine asked raising the document to her direction.

    Mom don’t be mad. I spoke with Matts, that’s the only way out of this for Stacy for now until she figures the rest out. Kate clarified.

    So you mean to tell me, you pleading guilty for Stacy’s crime in your condition will help ease the pain I’m already going through. Catherine blurted out and Stacy shouted.

    ‘WHAT’! Miss, you can’t do that. I should pay for my crimes. I believe when I plead guilty I would be given a few years. Stacy said sadly.

    Really, you think life behind bars is easy and you stand there running your mouth. Kate said furiously.

    Mom, I would just get house arrest because of my condition, that’s why I did the transfer of ownership in her name, though I still got half shares. Kate said trying to make sense while her Dad looked on confused.

    Kate you can’t do that, no offense to you Stacy. I liked you the first day Kate introduced you as her P. A but I just can’t watch my only joy sacrifice herself. There must be another way. She complained.

    Mom there isn’t for now, Probably Matt’s would come up with something and we don’t even need to make use of this contract.

    And Wilson why are you silence on this matter. I hope you are not supporting this idea. Catherine yelled out to him.

    I’m not sure Kate wants me involving myself in her issues. Wilson said to defend his silence.

    Wilson, this is not a matter of Kate’s decision, if she didn’t need help, she wouldn’t come here in the first place. I know my daughter very well. She needs help.

    Wilson sighed heavily and adjusted himself with his head on the couch.

    Kate can I be honest with you both. I mean you and your mom. He asked and Kate nodded her head. She feared whatever might come out of her mouth would just make her mom angry.

    Before I say anything, is there a different reason why you would want to go that extent for some one who has wronged you in so many ways. Because I don’t get why you would just give up on yourself. Wilson asked.

    Dad incase you haven’t noticed, am not heartless or selfish like you. If you hadn’t gone sleeping around with everything, am sure I wouldn’t have to do this.

    Young lady, watch your mouth! He cautioned and looked at Stacy who wasn’t able to raise up her head all this while.

    Dad, what I’m saying is even if I had different reasons, I still want to be of help. Kate said and her mom flared up.

    That’s enough you two. Do whatever you want to and tell Matts to see me when you get home. Catherine said and relaxed on the couch.

    Stacy have a seat, you look scared. Catherine said to release the tension. They kept discussing for a while and Kate asked to leave.

    Behave yourself, will let you know when we are ready to make the arrest. Catherine said and hugged her daughter tightly and didn’t want to let go.

    Mom, I could give birth now if you don’t let me go, and I ate the last meat in the stew. Thought you should know. Kate said and Catherine released her instantly.

    That’s your dad’s lunch young lady. Catherine said and they both laughed.

    Pearl, you keep calling me and I don’t get it. Nectar said once she opened the door to pearl’s apartment that afternoon.

    Saint forgive me but I don’t feel well. Looks like something is wrong with this pregnancy. I can’t keep anything down lately and you have completely ignored my needs. Pearl cried out to nectar.

    Pearl, even my wife doesn’t give me this much problems. It was her first time as well but she handles herself pretty well. Now what is the problem, you can’t handle. Nectar said and walked closer checking her out.

    I cant keep anything down, and I find it difficult sleeping at night. When will you spend the night with me again. I also deserve that care you give to your wife every night. Pearl said frowning with pain.

    You are not serious Pearl. Now pin your buttocks somewhere and let me check you out. Nectar said and she obeyed like a baby.

    Did you contact Sly as I asked you to. He asked Pearl who was looking at him seductively.

    I don’t want thesame doctor as your wife. I want you attending to me yourself. I like your gentle touch. Pearl said licking her lips.

    That won’t happen Pearl, I understand you are doing me a favour by not telling my wife about this baby but I need you to be healthy as well.

    Not that I really care that much but I’m having a child with you, that alone means something to me.

    Then let me be yours Saint, for just this once. You runned out of here the last time as if you’ve never seen a naked woman before but this is thesame body you run to when you had issues.

    Pearl said stripping naked. Gosh pearl! Put that on, nectar said turning around. Why can’t you look at me, am I not attractive anymore? She asked.

    I didn’t say that Pearl, my point is I can’t love you anymore, you knew this and you even helped get the woman I love now. So why don’t you do me a favor and clothe yourself.

    Pearl, with tears in her eyes walked closer and hugged him behind.

    Please make love to me this once, Saint and I would be out of your life. Just this once, I would disappear with this baby. I could get rid of it like I did for you when Keisha was here. Pearl said grabbing nectar’s attention.

    What did you say, when were you pregnant for me? I’m asking you a question and you better answer me before I loose it.

    Nectar asked now turning around to face her, with the anger in his eyes he has overlooked the fact that he couldn’t control himself earlier.

    When Keisha was three months into her pregnancy. She replied honestly.And you didn’t tell me because?

    If I had would you have left your wife for me, No Saint! I did the best I thought of at that time. I don’t want to ever be a single mother.

    She cried out while smooching his g---n.

    You better take your hands off me. Nectar yelled. What you did is unforgivable, you decided for me what I should do with my own blood.

    Pearl you took something from me and I don’t think I want to continue seeing you. Just let me know when you give birth.

    He said and pushed her hands which were giving him all the pleasures at that moment, if not for the revelation earlier he may not be able to handle her seduction.

    He thought for a while, looked back at the crying Pearl and rushed out.

    Jane, that plan won’t work! Are you sure that Pearl is even pregnant. Andy asked Jane who came home earlier after meeting out with pearl.

    I don’t think she would lie to me, besides she gave me evidence of their first night together.

    Wilson mentioned some blackmail of these pictures but I had no idea she was the one. I thought I was the only one who had it out for Kate. Jane narrated while Andy’s mind was far away on the pictures.

    D--n, I miss this body! Looks more attractive now, those days were fun. This body has endured a lot of spankings, he said and licked his lips.

    Trust me your grand daughter had it all. Andy was saying and Jane just shut him up. Give me those pictures, she grabbed them and walked out on him.

    Kate entered their room yawning while nectar was already in relaxing on the couch. How did it go Kate? He asked and Kate couldn’t hide her surprised face.

    I thought you were not talking to me for days now. What changed nectar. Or you want something, nectar finally rolled his eyes to meet her gaze.

    oh that’s it then! What do you want this time around. She asked.

    Kate do we have to be strangers because you are too stubborn to listen to your heart. I know you just don’t want to admit the fact that you want me.

    That’s fine, Kate but don’t blame me when I get my needs elsewhere. Nectar said and relaxed back on the couch backing her.

    As if she wasn’t bothered at all, she just stared though with regrets and just shrugged. I have more issues on my head, not this lovers quarrel, you want sex just say it and stop making my life difficult.

    She murmured to herself and begin to ransack her side box for her medical bag.

    Nectar I know it’s you? Where’s my medicine bag. She asked while walking towards him on the couch. I took it, do you have a problem with that? Nectar asked.

    Yes I do! I’m the pregnant one here and should be in charge of my own medicine. You don’t get to decide for me because you are a doctor. She asked now facing nectar sitting comfortably on the couch.

    I’m still your husband, the last time I checked. What’s wrong if I need to check on your health. He asked.

    I don’t know what you hope to find in there but may I have it now since it looks like you are done. She asked politely.

    I gave it to Matt’s, ask her for it. He said giving up.Kate hissed and tried walking away when he held her back.

    Kate struggled for a bit but his warm arms around her gave her some sort of comfort. She didn’t want to admit she was on her way to giving out herself for the last time in her marriage. She thought for a while.

    Nectar I’m tired please. I know that Kate, but I promise to be gentle. Just turn around. He said softly in her ears.

    Kate was in his arms indecisive for a while and thought what could she loose when she’s not even sure she would be here the next minute.

    To be continued

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    I love this story

    Glad you do! Have you seen @bettyjoy around

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    Okay, waiting 4 d nxt episode

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    Just observing jejely

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