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    Please Bella is Kate dieing? I mean for real?

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    It’s better Kate and his dad talk one on one
    They really need to work on their father daughter relationship

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    Nectar f----d up a big time wth pearl.

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    Is that enough for you? Kate asked pulling the duvet to cover her naked self, while nectar sweats out from his own side.

    You owe me a new phone nectar; you broke this one just now. That’s not a problem my dear, he grinned leaning over for a kiss which she declined.

    Thanks Kate, I know it wasn’t easy for you, Nectar that’s fine! It’s a fair game, we both needed it. She said cheerfully. So are we still fighting, Kate suddenly asked sitting up on the bed supporting her head with the pillow.

    I should be asking you that Kate. You started all this, I just agreed so we wouldn’t fight but it seems it’s even worse. You behave weirdly and distant. I don’t expect this to be that way yet. Nectar said, raising himself up as well.

    Nectar you make it weird, I just want a peaceful separation. My hands would be full once these kids come out. Let’s not keep talking about it. Kate said rubbing her belly, knowing very well she might not be around that much to groom her kids.

    I’m fine with that Kate, hoping you would change your mind, though you claim it’s impossible. Nectar said rubbing her belly as well. Does Matt’s really have my medicine bag, Kate asked looking directly into his eyes. No to be honest, Nectar exclaimed.

    Where is it then. She further asked tapping him on the shoulder. I sent it over to Sly? The truth is Stacy called about Jane last week. I don’t know how she got in here but before she left, your medications were switched.

    What are you talking about, Nectar! But i took those meds’ just some few days ago. She asked really not bothered. How is that even possible, because I feel fine.

    That’s because I had to change it as soon as I heard from Stacy. Don’t blame her, she couldn’t tell you. Nectar said defending Stacy.

    Are you sure that was the only reason why you were checking my Medicine bag. She asked and nectar didn’t understand her question. I swear that was all, he said locating the phone by his bed side.

    Your Dad is calling here, Nectar announced. Please answer it, tell him I’m not here.

    Hello Pops, where is your wife. Wilson announced immediately after nectar’s greetings. She is taking her bath. I could take a message for her. Nectar said while Kate kept making gestures to him.

    I know she is there son, give her the phone. Nectar made signals with his hands then handed over the phone to Kate who reluctantly tried to say something.

    Dad what is it that you want this time, Kate asked getting a frown from her husband.

    Who is Pearl? He asked and Kate just felt like her heart had been ripped out. You are asking the wrong person Dad; you should be asking nectar who she is.

    I know I could ask nectar, but I’m asking you! I’m trying to make a conversation here Kate, for once let’s talk without you acting rude. Wilson said rather honestly.

    She’s nectar’s detective Dad! He can give you much details if you want me to hand over the phone to him. But how do you know Pearl! Are you sleeping with her too? Kate asked her Dad not regretting a word.

    Kate I would pretend I didn’t hear you just say that, but she called claiming to have another evidence that could exonerate your sister but with conditions.

    What conditions Dad! I hope she is not asking to sleep with my husband. Kate asked without regrets.

    Why would you think that way Kate, that’s your husband? Yes, the one you married for me, now tell me what that lady wants now. She asked now getting furious.

    She would like to talk to you alone? Okay Dad, tell her I’m home. No wait, nectar would give her a call. Won’t you Love! She asked nectar grinning and then her smiles disappeared which was replaced with darkness.

    Dad I will handle it and get back to you. She quickly hanged up. Do you have an idea why your mistress wants to see me? She asked nectar who had confusion registered on his face. No, I don’t! He stammered. Then call her up, let her know I’m waiting for her.

    Kate, that’s not necessary. He tried to defend. Really, my sister’s life depends on whatever evidence she claims to have. So call her before I do?

    Okay! He said and located her phone lying beside Kate who couldn’t stop staring at him while on the call with Pearl.
    Then her phone rang.

    So when were you going to tell me your husband has a mistress and a baby m……. Drake was about to say when she interrupted. Drake not now, let’s talk later and you know we are still at loggerheads. Kate said and hanged up without listening to what Drake had to say.

    What did she say Nectar? She is on her way. That’s good then and do you have anything else to tell me before she comes. Any surprises Nectar? No, but just don’t listen to any of her craps Kate. Nectar tried to hide his worry.

    Anthon, she didn’t wait for me to even tell her about Pearl’s pregnancy. Looking at things I can’t go to Matts with this. She figured out I have been hiding things lately but I don’t want her to get involved.

    Then talk to the guy Drake! He must have an explanation to all your findings. Anthon said.

    I can’t believe Pearl was going to sleep with me just to hurt nectar. I did love Kate but I wasn’t going to be involved in ruining her marriage by teaming up with Pearl.

    Drake, I’m not sure she would stop now that she is aware you obviously don’t love Kate that much anymore, I think you should tell Kate before she goes after her. Anthon emphasized.

    Anthon, that’s not the point. Telling Kate her husband has a baby mom somewhere, would bring her twins out early. Let’s think this through. James who was listening to the two friends for close to five minutes decided to speak up.

    I warned Kate about this guy, she wouldn’t listen to me. What is she going to do now? Drake asked practically no one. Take it easy, that is the love talking, not a friend. Anthon teased. Common, I’m with Matts now. Drake said grinning.

    I know that, but do you want to tell me if Kate should be free from her marriage, you wouldn’t take her back? Anthon asked the confused Drake.

    Of course not, I can’t be the reason for another broken home and friendship. I have a good thing with Matts, and I would want to work on that, though not compared to my earlier feelings for Kate. I just want to close my heart to those old feelings and explore these new feelings for Matts.

    Wow, is this Drake? Both Anthon and James chorused! Talk of the devil, Matt’s is calling. James said and handed Drake’s phone to him which he left on the table beside him.

    To be continued

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    Hmm so pearl is also part of Jane scheme to destroy Kate

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    is dis Pearl really pregnant bcos I don’t no y she want to hv sex wit Drake inorda to hurt andy

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    dis Jane is really a monster woman…so bcos of hatred dat y she is doing all dis instead of her to be happy dat d lady dat she was bcos of her angry for as married her son

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