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    wats all dis now I dnt think Kate can handle another secret

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    I really hope kate will be strong enough to handle what pearl wanna say

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    am enjoying the story, this Pearl is a she-devil

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    Jane is really insane
    What exactly is her problem

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    I hope Kate can handle another secret, why can’t Pearl take no for an answer, why can’t she just leave Nectar alone. Love cannot be forced

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    Really more complicated..

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    Nectar grab a seat and stop pacing around. You are distracting me.

    Unless you know why your Mistress asked to see me and you are worried. Kate told nectar who hasn’t sat down since Pearl informed him she was on her way.

    Kate we don’t need to do this, let me meet pearl myself. Nectar was saying and she cuts in.

    So you sleep with her again, you think you are so smart. Get your ass down on the couch nectar! She yelled but he wasn’t bothered.

    Then the gate opened, nectar recognized Pearl’s car from the small opening in between the curtains and window. He rushed towards the door. Where do you think you are heading to, I told you earlier to grab a seat. Kate yelled and stood up heading towards the door.

    She got out and waited for her to get out of her ride. What looks like minutes, she just rested her head on the steering.

    Are you having cold feet, Kate yelled! Nectar I think she passed out, come over here and help! Kate yelled with worry. Nectar who could barely think straight a while ago rushed out, glanced at Kate who directed her gaze to Pearl’s car.

    He froze at a point, indecisive for a while. Go on, I don’t want her blood on my hands. Nectar rushed to the car, knocked severally, about to break the glass when she raised her head with bloodshot eyes.

    He waved his hands signaling her to roll down the glass. Pearl stared for a while and rolled down reluctantly. No one spoke a word, they kept staring until Kate yelled.

    Someone should tell me something, what’s going on there. Kate asked straining her eyes to see through Pearls tainted windows.

    False Alarm, nectar managed to tell Kate. Kate heaved a sigh of relief and walked back in barely hanging in there, as she kept telling herself prior to Pearl’s arrival.

    Are you just going to stare at me, Pearl asked faintly? He kept to himself for a few minutes then spoke up.

    Are you Okay escaped his lips before he could even put a stop to the emotions in his voice? As if you care Saint! I told you the last time you came to my end; I don’t feel well. I’m coming down with something.

    And I told you to see Doctor Sylvester. Looking at you now, I could see for once you are telling the truth. Open the other side for me. Nectar said and walked over to the front seat. Let me see, he checked her pulse and her lower abdomen.

    She raised her head and leaned it against her seat. Don’t get any silly idea’s, nectar said silently while checking her out. Common nectar do I look to you like someone who wants to sleep with you anytime soon. Pearl asked faintly.

    What’s wrong with this girl. He grabbed a pen and piece of paper from her dashboard where he knew she usually kept it, wrote down some medications.

    Take this, my security would drive you home and get these drugs for you on your way home.

    Will call to check on you later and we might have to reschedule this meeting. I don’t know what your plan was initially with this arrangement with Kate but she wouldn’t take no for an answer.

    Just get better and come back later and you better don’t plan on telling her about your pregnancy. Saint do I look like a fool to you, I came here thinking I could make things right with your wife.

    Get the envelope on the backseat. That’s all the evidence I’ve gathered since Kate came into our lives. She said faintly as if her breathe was failing her.

    Nectar stared at her for a while, and kept thinking why Pearl would now be changing her mind. Saint do you want to help your sister in law or not.

    He snapped out of his trance and grabbed the envelope. Nectar shouted out to his security. He gave him instructions on what to do and surprisingly, Pearl didn’t refuse help this time. She adjusted herself to the next seat when nectar got off.

    Pearl, let me know how you feel in the evening, I would send Sylvester to you tomorrow in case you don’t feel any better.

    Pearl murmured thank you and the car moved out. He closed the gate, walked to his entrance and thought of what to tell his wife.

    Where is she? Kate who was restless on the couch instantly asked nectar who came in confused and relieved at the same time. Nectar, I’m talking to you! Where is Pearl?

    She wasn’t well so I sent her home with a few prescriptions. He managed to say. For your sake, I hope you are telling me the truth nectar. Something doesn’t feel right here nectar and don’t let me find out.

    And what is that you have in your hands. She asked when her eyes fell on the envelope pearl left for her. She asked to give this envelope to you. Nectar said stammering.

    Let me have it then, she said. Kate don’t you think this is another set up. At least let me be the one to open it please. You are already agitated, I promise to let you see whatever is in when you calm down.

    You are right for once. Just then Matt’s came in. You are here on time, one person I can trust now. Matt’s help your brother read that evidence from Pearl, we might need it for Stacy’s case.

    And who is Pearl? Matt’s asked confused. Your brothers Mistress, Kate said smiling which left Nectar surprised. Mis…what? Matt’s asked looking in his direction.

    Should I spell it out for you Matt’s, i thought you said you know your brother so well, how did you miss a relationship that existed during Keisha’s time.

    Saint you are silent again! Is this true? Matt’s asked. Common Matt’s, I wouldn’t lie to you, Kate said and then nectar interrupted.
    Kate please we talked about this. You were okay, I thought that was why you made that decision.

    You think any woman would ever be okay with the fact that her husband has a mistress. Really, you can’t even see through my pain nectar?

    I’m barely able to look at you as a wife should and you stand there telling me you think I was okay. I’m only okay when I have to comfort myself i started all these but that still doesn’t give you the permission to treat your wife that way.

    What does she have, that I don’t nectar. Okay! I had a problem, it’s not as if you were not aware. We had a fight, okay I left home, you shouldn’t have brought me back when you knew what you did.

    What wrong did I do? I slept with my husband thinking about another man but at least I had the decency to come back home, I didn’t go sticking my mouth where it doesn’t belong nectar.

    You had the guts to tell me earlier, you still would defile your matrimonial home again, if i don’t satisfy your needs. Nectar, i don’t know if what i did with you earlier makes me a coward but you should know i could equally leave this marriage when i want to.

    I now have my Dad in my palms, he would dare not stop me this time. But i’m here because probably i want to make sure you are okay, whoever you are bringing home can take care of my Kids. I just don’t know why yet, but i don’t even have the strength to figure that out.

    I’m now a time bomb, i could explode anytime. Just don’t provoke me.

    Nectar, you are still silent, Goodness! You look like a child right now. Kate was right all along. Matt’s yelled out to nectar who was pleading with his eyes.

    I know you are still sleeping with her, and don’t dare open your mouth to defend your actions. Kate said when nectar was about to say something.

    Do you even love me at all? No don’t answer! Kate said holding her tears back.

    Saint you disgust me right now, hand over that envelope. Matt’s said and walked closer.

    Nectar with his hands wavering quickly handed over the envelope.

    Mom must hear about this Saint! Kate will let you know what I find out but for the meantime, let me know what you want to do with that cheat of a brother, standing speechless as if he has been charmed. Matt’s said and walked away.

    To be continued

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    Hmmm it only God dat can help kate ooo bcause dis Jane of a woman is very [email protected] keep it up dear

    I miss you, where have you been for the past weeks.

    I mentioned you several times

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