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    Pearl u I’ll not succeed with ur plan to hurt late God we not allow u

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    Kate I admire your courage.
    just be strong

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    Ibrahim abiodunIbrahim abiodun
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    what a secret agony complicated and funny story here thanks

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    Who no call me, buh right here

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    Catherine, i think something is wrong with your daughter. Wilson said on their way to the cops. What do you mean by my daughter? And she is your wife right? Catherine said rolling her eyes

    They had a fight earlier over Wilson asking Stacy for help with his kidney which he doesn’t want to involve his children.

    I’m sorry about earlier, i would call up Doctor Juanz later and put myself on the transplant list again. It could take a while to get up to the top but Catherine, i promise to give you another child before i pass on.

    Just don’t ask me to involve Stacy, she might not even be a match. He said jokingly at the latter part, which got Catherine giggling.

    Okay, but what do you mean by something is wrong with Kate. Are you referring to her rude attitudes. She asked. No, i mean she looks pale as if someone who just exhausted her ninth life. Wilson said with a worried face.

    What are you saying, Are you thinking what I’m thinking Wilson. But we have to take some tests to be sure Wilson.

    Don’t bother, i already did that when she was born. Wilson replied. Catherine was surprised Wilson had Kate checked out for any sign of what he was suffering from himself.

    Don’t sweat it Catherine, you were still in the intensive care unit and i just had to satisfy my curiosity. He revealed. She won’t talk to me when i tried finding out if she was sick. Wilson said with worry.

    Wilson, your daughter is pregnant with two babies, of course she’s stressed out. Catherine interjected.

    No, take another look. You are a woman, you should be able to tell the difference between a heavily pregnant woman and a sick one. Wilson tried to clarify and that got Catherine worried.

    I’m sure nectar would have said anything if it was that serious. You know that guy loves your daughter so much, and you did a good job picking a wonderful man Wilson. She said trying to take her mind off the fear breeding in her mind.

    Did I tell you, he was the father of the babies? You never mentioned, how did that happen. Wilson replied.

    You were so angry that you didn’t pay attention to your daughter’s ranting about sleeping with him the first time nectar came to the house. But that’s fine now. You just have to find a better way of getting through to her as a friend not as her Dad.

    Can we see her on our way back from the Cops? Wilson asked and his wife nodded.
    Kate, Nectar called up his sleeping wife. She has been sleeping since that heated argument earlier.

    What is it again Nectar? Kate asked faintly. Your friends are waiting downstairs for quite some time now. I will be with them soon. Kate said and fished her shirt from the wardrobe as she was in a short earlier.

    Kate you look unwell! Both Eve and Annette chorused grabbing the attention of Kate who came down to meet them. I’m fine girls, just woke up. You didn’t tell me you were coming. Kate asked with a sad tone.

    Matt’s called, she said your husband needs help planning your baby shower. Eve said smiling. I’m sure Matt’s was pulling your legs, just then she saw nectar passing by with his car keys.

    Nectar do you need help with any baby shower? Kate asked to get nectar’s attention. He just nodded.

    Going somewhere? Kate further asked. Yes, but can I see you for a minute Kate. Nectar asked praying she would just talk calmly and not embarrass him.

    Okay! Kate replied and walked closer to where he was standing. Be snappy with it nectar, she said softly. Don’t get mad please. I just want to clear my conscience with what happened this morning with… … he said and begun to stammer.

    You mean pearl! You want to check on her health right. That’s not a problem nectar, you can go. She was about to walk away, when he held her by the right hand.

    Please I will be back soon and I want you to know I don’t plan on sle…. e…

    Kate interrupted again. You don’t plan on sleeping with her. I get it nectar, kindly go and if you would need to sleep over, just give me a call so I wouldn’t worry.

    Kate walked away while nectar smiled to her friends then bumping into Matt’s who just chuckled.

    Where is your husband off to now? Matt’s asked. Can we focus now Matt’s? Why did you lie to these two here about a non- existence baby shower? Kate asked smiling.

    Mr. Santa! These are serious allegations against your mom and you know we would need an evidence to at least collaborate your claims.

    That’s not a problem at all officer, Catherine who has not said a word in there all this time finally spoke up. Okay, let’s have it tomorrow so we can do the arrest soon. The Officer said assuring them.

    Nectar arrived at Pearl’s and saw someone rushing out who doesn’t look so familiar.

    He tried to call but he quickly got inside his car and drove off. Pearl its nectar, please open up. I just saw someone run off from here. Who was that? Nectar questioned Pearl who looked quite better.

    And you look fine now, let me check you out. He said and walked to the couch where Pearl seemed to have been lying earlier.

    There was silence for a while and he does his checks. Pearl you still haven’t given me an answer to my question. Who was that?

    Why are you so curious? You are suddenly acting as if you care about anything that has to do with me.

    That was Andy! I bet you didn’t take a look at the envelope I brought. If you did, you would have recognized him. Pearl further said. My wife’s Andy? He asked surprised. What do you have doing with him Pearl. He asked.

    Don’t ask me that silly question when I got into this mess because of your search for love. You brought all this on me. She said faintly while groaning in pain.

    You want to tell me you were working with him and Jane all this while? Nectar asked this time not surprised.

    Nectar I gave you everything I got on them. Check it out and leave me alone. I need to sleep. She said and covered herself with her sheets.
    Why are you even here in the first place? Pearl asked.

    I came to check on you. I told you to call me and you didn’t. Obviously you had your hands full. What is that supposed to mean Nectar? You might have been sleeping with Andy all this while. Is he the father of that child?

    He asked hoping this burden would be lifted off with a confession from her.

    You know what, think whatever you want to. I know you are responsible for this child as I would never cheat on you unlike you do to your wife.

    I hope she knows you are here. She asked and coiled back in her sheets while nectar raised her head to give it some ease on his laps as he had occupied part of the couch earlier.

    He watched her sleep! Then he wondered what has gotten into Pearl, she is acting weirdly. Could she have really changed? He kept asking himself until he slept off.

    To be continued

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    Nawa for this Pearl o

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    hmmmm Pearl ur plan won’t work

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