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    I pray kate comes out alive

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    Mr loudest it manageable thanks for update

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    I was beginning to think that Kate will die, thank God she’s now breathing

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    Nectar u won’t lose her

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    Thank God, i knew it
    katie you’re coming out healthy

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    Catherine knocked gently on Pearl’s door.

    Can I come in she asked softly. She shyed away for a while, signaling the nurse who was with her to go.

    ‘I believe you know who I am already’.

    Pearl nodded her head. Can you talk because I’m furious right now and could slap you in the face right about now but am a woman and can’t hit another for mistakes she made out of love for another who doesn’t belong to her in the first place.

    Whatever reasons you had sleeping with a married man, I don’t want to know.

    But tell me, would you have preferred another woman treat you thesame way?

    I’m asking you a question, so open your mouth and talk to me. No! Pearl responded facing the other end of her bed.

    Do you plan on doing that to my daughter again because next time I will commit murder.

    You are a detective, you should be able to tell if some one meant their threats. Kate is fine now so I would cut you some slack for just this onetime.

    Leave their marriage alone. My daughter as stubborn and rude as she is have a good heart but not to watch another woman ruin yet another relationship for her.

    Trust me she would have hurt you so bad but coming to think of it why would she sit back and watch her man sleep with another woman. Then she does nothing about it. That doesn’t sound like a woman who has been hurt severally by men. Catherine was asking herself loudly.

    LOVE! Pearl responded. What did you say, Catherine who was caught off guard asked.
    I said love. Pearl answered honestly.

    Well that’s not a bad attempt Pearl, I was thinking shes just tired of being single and probably because of her kids but thank you for reminding me there is something called love.

    I mean she’s capable of love after all. Catherine said with a happy tone. What are your plans now. She asked again.

    I would go back to where I started from and start all over again. Pearl answered stammering.

    Anybody waiting for you home? Catherine asked curiously. Yes, I have a family back home, she could barely look her in the eye.

    Are they expecting you or you need help with that. She asked again.

    They are not, I would appreciate your help with that since I runned off with Nectar, I cut all contacts.
    Pearl said shyly.

    Children of today, they don’t want to grow up. Catherine exclaimed and stared at her for a while.

    Then pearl broke down in tears. Catherine, who was compelled to console her decided against it at the last minute.

    I’m not sure anyone would accept me without a womb. She cried out.

    She finally moved closer and enveloped her in her arms.

    It’s okay, you will figure that out soon. Not everyone wants a child of their own, be true to yourself and anyone around you.

    Just then Wilson came in startling them. Glover and the wife are here Catherine. She stood up and patted her on the back.

    I would ask nectar for your number so we could talk about reaching your family, Catherine said and walked meeting confused Wilson at the door.

    I’m sorry, kindly let Kate know that. Pearl blurted out to Catherine. She smiled back to pearl seated on the bed still nervous and embarrassed.
    Nectar sat beside her bedside, looked on as Sly checked her out. Kate who could barely talk or see clearly kept making gestures but nobody bothered to ask what she was referring to. She drifted to sleep.

    Sly is she going to be alright, nectar asked after a long while.

    For now yes, but you can monitor her for the next few hours Glover, at least you still have a few days to get an official letter revoking your license. Sly asked.

    Kate though asleep but could hear everything around her.
    She dropped a tear from her ducts upon hearing the two men talk, then she knew nectar had to put his job on the line for her.

    Sly I would really appreciate it if you could take care of this. I’m not sure she would want to see me after all that I did.

    Glover, at least she is still your wife for now. Not for long Sly! Nectar replied. Are you giving up already? Sly asked.

    What should I do then, I realized from the very onset I was just focused on fighting for the love I feel for her, I didn’t give her the chance to work on whatever she didn’t feel for me.

    She did all that alone, all I did was add to her problems. Nectar said with emotions.

    So you want to let go without finding out what she wants. Sly asked again.

    I already know what she wants, and I would give that to her without any hustle. Nectar said focusing on Kate’s movement.

    I was busy blaming her for what looks like her personality. That’s how she is. She probably didn’t open up to me because she doesn’t trust me.

    Was that why you rushed off to pearl? Sly asked. Do we have to do this now Sylvester. He asked checking if Kate was awake.

    Yes we have to, you have destroyed her womb for christs sake Glover.

    That’s not okay with me, and she has been lying in there since i brought her in. She has no one Glover but she would love to hear from you.

    We spoke at length, she kept asking if your wife was okay, if you are okay. Honestly she loves you and ready to let go.

    You told her about Kate? Nectar could only respond to the later part of his conversation with Sly.

    Yes, what do you expect when you refused to see her. What kind of a man are you Glover. She has been here since three in the morning, scared out of her mind carrying the remains of your child which was eating her up.

    Give her that respect as a woman. Talk to her, you both made a mistake, clean your mess up and start afresh with whatever decisions you might make later.

    Doctor Sly couldn’t help but felt like smacking him in the face. What should I be telling her then. Oh pearl I’m sorry you lost your womb and I can’t be with you anymore.

    Common Sly it’s not that easy. He said.

    But it was easy sleeping with her when you had a wife at home who could give you all that you needed outside. Sly retorted.

    Don’t patronize me Sly! That wasn’t what happened, Kate wasn’t there at all and I was just used to pearl listening to my worries.

    Aside the sex, she’s a good listener. Nectar said regretting he even said that in the first place. So you run to her because she listens to you better than your wife.

    She wasn’t there to satisfy your needs because you forced her to marry you but you are sick Glover! That’s not a reason to cheat on a woman as Kate.

    When I first saw your wife, I wondered what a sophisticated woman like her was doing with a broken man like you because then you were still hang up on your ex wife.

    She was down to earth, in case you hadn’t noticed. We don’t only talk about the health of her kids.

    As a doctor I had to find ways of getting through to her if I’m going to tell her she might not live long and luckily she was ready to open up.

    You should know how this works Glover. Most at times we end up talking about you. Before, you even knew you were the father of her kids, I was one step ahead of you.

    At this point nectar flashed him a jealous eye. Don’t look at me that way Glover, I needed to know the medical history of the children’s parents and she seems to have no idea.

    I saw her cry many times in here, the days you don’t make it to antenatal.

    Do you even know what she likes about you most! I bet you didn’t pay more attention to her groaning and rantings. You judged those attitudes as her weakness.

    I understand they can put you off but that’s the only way she could get through to you dumb ass. You ever wondered how she could be so soft at a point and the next feel like smacking you?

    She has pride, and to make a conversation with you she could only rant her frustrations. Its not everyday, a woman as such marries a random guy from a bar.

    ‘Nectar’s eyes popped out’.

    Oh common Glover, I’m sure at this point I know your wife more than you do.

    We do this everyday to help our patients but you were a friend. Don’t worry she kept the intimate stuffs to herself.

    Though most of her rantings were genuinely because of her past experiences, sometimes instead of talking to you softly she just had to rant.

    That’s the woman you married. You remember the first time you complained to me and I told you to laugh it off. You were a new experience in her life, she thought wasn’t possible.

    Sly finally said getting flashes of tears from nectar. There was silence between them for a second and they thought they heard something.

    What a waste nectar! You are so dumb. Still a child. Kate thought with closed eyes then she hissed.

    That sound caught both doctors attention they looked to her direction just then Nectar’s parents came in taking their mind off that sound earlier.

    Sly I have to go. Nectar quickly made to rush out when he got a heavy slap from his Dad. You better have an explanation to why you chose to embarrasse me this way again.

    He held his face while his mom fidgeted with her hands.

    He gave another slap, just then Wilson and Catherine came in to his rescue.

    Glover, that’s okay! My daughter is fine now. I should be reacting that way. Wilson said.

    Wilson you don’t know what I had to go through for this shameless boy here, he calls himself a man but yet still a child who keeps repeating his mistakes.

    I wasn’t against his marriage to Kate because of her rude attitudes but because I was afraid of yet another Keisha repeating itself.

    But her mother thought it was a good idea Kate wasn’t timid, she could help tame this cheating bastard. See where we are now. Mr. Glover said fuming while nectar still clinged to his cheeks.

    You can see he has regretted his actions. And my daughter is sleeping, could we not make enough mess in here already. Wilson spoke up and held nectar by the hand, don’t ever do that to my daughter again.

    She deserves better, whatever your reasons were don’t let it repeat itself because you would hear from me. I’m not dead yet and I wasn’t any better than you. You dont want me reminding you, you didn’t work for this marriage, i did all the work for you so dont let me regret it.

    Learn from your mistakes and make this right. If you can’t handle her, return her back to me in one piece.

    Nectar’s face was down all along. Now don’t run away from your mess, wherever you are rushing to now, make sure you get back and fix whatever you broke. Wilson said and let go of his hands.

    Mom, Kate spoke up. Yes my dear, you need anything? No! She said with much strength this time. Are you expecting someone? No mom?

    You have been looking around and through the door for the past ten minutes.

    Are you looking for nectar? Just then, Matt’s and Stacy walked in and Kate got a surprised grin on her face. Obviously expecting someone else to walk through that door.

    Stacy, come here! Are you okay, she held her hands and squeezed it for a while. I won’t thank you just yet. That’s your punishment. Kate said sternly.

    Kate is that how you say thank you to your sister who just saved your life. Catherine asked.

    Mom don’t ask me to do that yet. This girl here, I mean my sister needs to be punished somehow. Don’t you all think so. Unless I lost my brain during surgery. She said and looked back at Stacy who only smiled.

    Matt’s, no one is telling me about my kids. Is everything alright with them, because I asked you guys to save them and I’m still here.

    I also heard some busy body saved me. I hope he didn’t do that at the expense of my little ones.

    Katie relax, your sons are fine. Premature though, they would need time.You can see them once you can walk about. Matt’s said moving to her side.

    You nearly made me run mad, you know that? Don’t ever do that to me again, Matt’s said running her hands through her hair.

    Kate smiled back, with this your love for me, I should fall sick more often so you can pamper me Matt’s.

    Kate teased faintly frowning with the pains she can’t obviously endure and focused her gaze on her Dad standing opposite her mom.

    Dad, can I have my freedom now. Do I have to leave my children for him, since that was the agreement you made with him.

    Kate don’t worry, I got that sorted out after you moved in with him.

    You can leave when you want to though I would love you to work this out but I wont dictate for you.

    Thank you. She said smiling. Was that a smile I just got from you Kate. He asked stupidly.

    You want me to take it back? She asked her Dad sarcastically and adjusted herself closing her eyes. Father of the year, she hissed again. Mom don’t say anything, I can hear you make noise. You two can take your love games out. I need to think now.

    **** *
    Nectar walked to Pearl’s door. Stood there for a while. Pearl who was backing him but struggling to fix her drip saw him a few minutes ago but ignored.

    Handsome, you either come in or step out. Pearl blurted out, raising herself off the bed.

    Pearl, i’m sorry it ended this way. He managed to say while walking to her bed.

    Sorry for what exactly, Saint! I lost a baby two times for you. And to add up to it, i lost the only thing that would make me a mother. Is that what you are apologizing for? Or because you can’t love me. Oh yes! You refused to answer my calls when i was in need of help, that might be it then.

    She said and started crying. It’s not your fault Saint, i brought all these on myself.

    My association with Andy, i knew would cause me something big but i didn’t think it would be this way. For a moment i thought you poisoned me when you slept off at my place which i could have framed you for attempted murder and get away with it, but my conscience wouldn’t allow me do that to you anymore.

    Though that’s all i wanted to do when i couldn’t reach you after i ate the pizza i thought you delivered, then i remembered i asked Andy for Pizza the very day you met him at my end. Pearl said wiping off her tears.

    I’m releasing you now from the seduction i have over you. You can go now. She finally said and rested herself gently on the bed.

    Pearl, I’m sorry, i thought the call was one of those, Nectar was about to say when she interrupted. You thought it was me worrying you again with my numerous sweet words. I just said you can go, dont let me change my mind. Pearl yelled which startled nectar.

    He stood for a while, stared at her and walked out of the door. He leaned against her door and murmured to himself ‘Forgive me.’

    To be continued with the last episode, maybe!

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    This is just too much for Katie

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    Hmmm..pls be fast with the next episode

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