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    Written by Princess Juliet
    Episode 2
    The journey to school
    The voices in my head became more insistent and what followed was a light tap on my shoulders
    “Uju! wake up , it is already morning”
    Slowly, I opened my eyes to see my mum staring down at me
    “Mummy!” I called softly
    “Kulie Osiso ( get up quickly)”. she repeated and I stretched, looking towards the closed window
    The dawn was filled with the sound of birds and a c--k crow could be heard from miles away …….
    I hissed silently, the day isn’t bright sef , why then did she disrupt my sleep?
    “Did you just hiss? My friend, leave that bed or else I will come baptise your body with water”. She repeated for the third time but this around with a harsh voice that Chichi who was beside me stirred a little, mumbling in her sleep…
    grudgingly, I dragged myself out of the bed and went over to the bathroom…
    I stepped into the bathtub and turning on the tap, I almost ran out
    The water was d--n cold!
    “Ewoo! I can’t bath with this oooo” I mumbled, so I cleaned up only the “important part” and when I say important part , I mean my legs , my under arm, my face and most importantly my “under”….
    I can’t come and kill myself!
    When I was done , I reached for my towel wrapping it around me and on returning to the room , I found Chidi and Chichi seated on the bed talking in whispers
    For real!Jeez! this two should be nicknamed “Aki and pawpaw”
    Seeing me, they paused , sitting apart as if they don’t each other
    Funny kids!
    ” but can’t you just leave tomorrow?” Chichi started , folding her arms across her plain chest
    “Yes Uju, leave tomorrow pleaaase”. Chidi joined her , pleading and I was forced to laugh
    “Like seriously, don’t tell me you guys are already missing me?” I retorted looking at Chidi and then at ChiChi
    They both maintained a straight face and I sighed , joining them on the bed
    ” I wish to stay but I can’t , lecture will commence tomorrow and I also need to complete my verification”. I explained ….
    “I know sis, Just that i am going to miss you”. Chidi said , blinking his eyes twice …
    From the look on his face , I could tell he was about to cry
    “Same with me”. Chichi butted in as I smiled lightly.
    “Oh dear! I will miss you both and ….. I paused when I heard a car drive into the compound ….
    “Uju! hurry up , the taxi is already here”. My mom called from the sitting room and instantly, I got off the bed and rushed to the window to take a peek ; and just like she said , it was the taxi -man we hired …..
    “Chissos! chissos! the taxi is already here , please help me with my luggages”. I instructed my siblings and to my surprise, they obeyed without any complaints , dragging two bags each as they walked out of the room
    Good children!
    Moving closer to the wooden wardrobe, I opened it and brought out the neatly folded clothes .
    A pink top , blue jean skirt and a matching undies!
    I towelled off as I hurriedly dressed up then put on my “baby shoes”, picked up handbag along with my phone and ran out of the room to the sitting room where I met my parent discussing..
    “Good morning ma!Good morning sir ! I greeted
    “Morning Princess! how was your night?” my dad asked and I blushed
    I love it when he calls me Princess , no qualms sha as i am from a royal family …….
    “It was fine sir!” I answered politely
    Good!”call your younger ones , let’s have our morning devotion”
    “Speak of the devil! my younger ones walked into the house , panting
    “What is inside those bags that makes it so heavy? Is it rock?” Chichi asked in sarcasm
    “Where are the bags?” I asked, ignoring her sneer
    “Inside the taxi-boot”.Chidi answered, walking past me to the couch and I smiled lightly
    “You guys have tried , thank you so much”
    “Enough with the noise, Let us pray”. My dad hushed and immediately, we went down on our knees , saying “Amen! Amen! as our strict dad led the prayer ….
    After a quick advice from my dad , I bade my siblings and then mum and I headed for the taxi …
    “Safe Journey!” My dad called after me and I nodded without looking back , I was already missing home…
    how I wish Dad could drive me to the car park himself but no , today is a Sunday and he has to be in church …well! Mum is with me and she is going to accompany me to the car park ……
    Exchanging pleasantries with the driver, we hopped into the taxi and on starting the ignition, the driver drove off …….
    The shouts of “Ijebu”, ” Ibadan”, Ago-Iwoye”, filled the air and I looked out of the window to see young men with bare chest running around soliciting for passengers ….
    “Ago iwoye! Ijebu ode!”. they kept on shouting with their terrible voices
    Alighting from the taxi , I went to the back of the car to joined my mom and the driver in bringing out my luggages from the car boot
    Seeing us , one of the “young men” rushed to us
    “Mama! Fine girl! Na who dey go?” he asked , clutching to one of my bags
    “Na my pikin , she dey go Ago- iwoye”My mum answered as I stared blankly at him
    it was my first time travelling in a public bus and everything seem strange to me ……
    “Ago iwoye! the bus dey for there”. the man said , pointing to a white bus with green stripes and then he shifted his gaze to me , darting his eyes all over me
    “Mama!this your pikin fine ooo”. he said , licking his lips and I looked away in embarrassment
    “Chai! how I wish I get wife wey fine like this “. he added and I huffed , flaring up
    “Can you please lead us to the bus and stop spilling trash, if you want a fine wife then marry one ”
    “Han Han! Fine girl! I was just playing with you ,why are you now taking it serious?….Walahi! Na yahoo guys go date you las las”. he retorted , biting his fingers and I rolled my eyes about to reply him but my mom was quick to interfere
    “Uju! this is enough”. she scolded at me and then faced the man
    “Don’t mind her! she is just being childish…. so erm .. can you help us with the luggages?”She asked changing the subject
    And without saying a word , the man picked up two of the bag and headed for the bus…
    “Crazy!” I cursed silently, dragging the two smaller bag as I followed behind him ….
    There was only one seat left in the bus , it was a seat right close to the window so I climbed into the bus and sat down comfortably, placing my hand bag on my laps..
    I looked out of the window just in time to see my mum pay the driver and when her gaze met mine, she walked up to the bus
    “I have already paid your fare and your luggage fee”. she informed and I nodded slowly, staring into her cute face
    Tear welled up in my eyes and I let them stream down my cheek
    My mum! I was already missing her
    “Oh dear!what is wrong? You alright? what is with the tears?” she asked in a rush
    “Nothing!” I lied and she smiled knowingly
    “You already missing me?”she asked and without waiting for my response, she continued
    “I understand you but this is not the time to shed tears , you got to be strong and focused so do me a favour and clean off those tears…
    I nodded slowly as I wiped away the tears off my face
    “Good!and also don’t forget all of my advice , always remember to put God first”. she reminded , taking a few step back as the driver started the ignition and I nodded slowly, trying so hard not to cry again ..
    “Bye mum!”I bade , waving at her and with a light smile, she waved back at me ……
    heaving a sigh, I leaned back on the seat , closed my eyes as I pondered the question on how school life will be…….
    The journey to “Ago iwoye” was a tiring one as we got stopped countless of times by the police ,passed through a very bad road and nearly got into an accident….
    But God being so good , we sailed through…..
    Finally! After a long drive, we got to Ago – iwoye and I brought out my phone from my bag to dial my brother number ….
    he picked up on the second ring
    “Uju! Where are you now?” his voice rang through
    “We just passed by the huge school gate but the car is still moving”.i answered
    “Good! tell the driver you are alighting at Oru”
    “Oru! Which one is that one again? I queried,I was already getting pissed with all of strange names
    “Just tell the driver, that is where I stay and also where you will be staying”. he said and ended the call….
    Phew! This is one hell of a journey!!
    “Driver! I will alight at Oru”. I called out to the driver
    “Alight! Ki le so?( what did you say)” . the driver asked, glancing over his shoulders
    Oh right! he doesn’t understand simple english
    “Mo fe bo le ni Oru”I repeated using the language he will understand, Yoruba and he nodded slowly
    Aha! Aha! I know you might be wondering how an Igbo girl like me understands Yoruba ..erm.. actually……I was born and bred in Lagos and to tell the truth, I have never been to my home town…..
    Funny! Isn’t it? … well! I am not to be blamed!
    ” A ti wa Oru ( we are already at Oru)” the driver announced, snapping me out of my thoughts and that was when I noticed the bus was almost empty
    Really! when did they all get off?
    quickly, i got off the bus , dragging my luggages along with me
    “Nawa oo! only you , four big bags!”the boy seated beside me remarked but I chose to ignore him
    A boy that run his mouth like a girl , is that one a boy?
    Standing in front of a filling station with the name “Be-happy”, I looked around me for my brother but he was no where in sight .
    Arrgh! Is he kidding me? I mumbled, glancing at my wristwatch
    It was 11:15am, Jeez! no wonder the sun is scorching, burning my skin with intense heat …..
    I brought out my phone and was about dialling my “annoying brother” number when a white Benz pulled up in front of me
    Who is this one again? I wondered, taking a step backward
    “Hey! Pretty girl, how are you?” a thick baritone voice asked , winding down the window and my heart skipped a bit as I stared at the light skinned hottie seated in the car….
    “I am Tobiloba and you are?”he asked with a killer smile and I looked away, ignoring him
    How can a boy his age own such a expensive car?… or wait! Is he a yahoo guy?
    “C’mon pretty, or are you shy?” he continued and I scoffed , facing him
    “Just go away!” I barked expecting him to drive off but instead, he chuckled, alighted from his car turning around to stand in front of me….
    “No pretty! I won’t go away , I understand you still a fresher ; hop in let me give you a ride
    ride kwa! See me see trouble oo, did they send this one to me?
    Opening my mouth, I was about giving him a piece of my mind when a “keke maruwa”( tricycle) pulled up in front of me and my brother alighted from it ….
    At last! I muttered , sighing in relief
    “Uju! I am so sorry ……he paused when he noticed “Mr Benz”…
    “Ahan! Tobi ! What are you doing here?” he asked ,looking at me and then back at him
    Really! They know each other
    “Rinzy! I dey admire fine babe , You know her ? or is she your babe?”he asked , furrowing his eyebrow and my brother scoffed
    “Idiot! She is my sister”. he corrected and Tobi nodded , smiling
    “Wow! Wow! You never told me your sister is this beautiful”
    “Abeg! Abeg! no bring that one here , what are you doing here sef?” My brother questioned him
    “Ehem .. actually .. I was trying to convince her to ride with me ”
    “Really! Oya na Tobi money “. my brother hailed him and then faced me
    “What are you waiting for?get into the car”. he instructed, picking the two big bags and then placed it gently in the back seat
    I scoffed silently, he is really impossible!
    Slinging my hand bag over my shoulder, I was about picking up the smaller bag when Tobi stopped me with his voice
    “I will do that!” he said , winking at me and without waiting for my response, he picked up the bag and threw it into the back seat ; then he faced me
    “Get in”. he mouthed at me and for a moment I was lost staring at his cute face …
    No! Uju! This is so ungodly!
    I quickly composed myself , got into the back seat and on following my brother’s direction , mr hottie drove off ….
    Mopping the sweat from my brow, I listened to my brother and Tobi as they talked about School , projects, boring lectures and lecturers
    Oh yeah! this explains how they know each other, they are course mates…. how amazing!
    I was so tired so I leaned back on the seat trying to calm my nerves ….
    “You bored?” Tobi asked, glancing at me through the rear mirror
    “No!” I answered and he looked away , smiling
    “But you still haven’t told me your name”
    “her name is …. my brother tried to say but he cut him off
    “She isn’t dumb , let her do the talking herself”
    “Fine! Fine! my name is obian…. erm …….erm …just call me Juliet…. “. I answered, telling him my English name and he smiled lightly
    “Juliet! a perfect name for a pretty girl, so can we be friends?”
    “No!”my brother butted in and he laughed softly
    “Relax bro! I like your sis so don’t be scared , I am not Demilade who goes after any sexy thing on skirt”. he drawled and they both laughed
    Demilade! who is he? I wondered
    The car skidded to a halt in front of an uncompleted building, I call it uncompleted because it was yet to be painted
    Is this my lodge? I wondered
    And as it reading my thoughts, Arinze said
    “This is your lodge , it is a girls hotel”
    I nodded slowly as I read the wordings on the wall
    “Pretty queens villa”
    I alighted from the car , bringing out my load one by one and when I was done , Tobi nodded towards me
    “I will catch up with you later!” he said and then zoomed off
    I watched him go and smiled lightly, such a nice guy!
    “Let us go!” Arinze said, carrying two of the bags as he climbed up a short step to the house
    still smiling like an idiot, I picked up the remaining two and followed behind him .
    we walked through a Long passage to the last room ; then he brought out a key from his pocket , opened the door and we both walked into the ……room
    oh my gawd! I exclaimed softly, looking around
    The room was so spacious and beautiful, I wasn’t expecting this at all….. I mean my dad sent him money to get me a bed and a gas but what I am seeing right now is so different from what I pictured in my mind …..
    The room was fully rugged! the bed was bigger than I had imagined! There was a reading table, lamp, fan , a wall- hanger and to crown it all , a small television along with a dvd….
    “Is this really my room?” I thought aloud and Arinze laughed
    “Of course it is! It is not even fine sef , I plan on getting you a bigger television”. he stated and I shot him a surprise look
    Is he also into yahoo? I wondered
    And as if hearing my thoughts, he said
    “Don’t act all surprised, I run a tutorial for students in my department
    Oh! I nodded slowly, “is that what Tobi does also? I asked curiously and he smiled , ignoring my question
    “You will be having a room mate”. he continued and instantly, my head grew wide in anger
    “Roommate! Why? You should know I love being alone so why will I have a roommate?
    ” it is Faith”.he quickly added and my eyes grew wide in surprise
    “Faith! You mean the assistant minister in the cell fellowship back home?”I asked to be sure and he nodded
    I laughed long and hard
    “Stop the joke jo , how can Faith be my room – mate? how can she be a fresher? .. I mean she is even older than you …..
    he smiled lightly, “age doesn’t matter in education”. he stated and yes , he was right ….
    “I will be leaving now , my hostel is the green building opposite yours
    And with that , he left the room…
    “Now I am all alone “. I muttered , collapsing on the bed ….
    Pulling off my shoes, I rolled excitedly on the big foam….
    I am finally free from my parent clutches!
    Few hours later
    A knock on the door Jolted me up from sleep and I hissed loudly , sitting up on the bed
    I never even knew I slept!
    Looking around the room , it was still the way I left it , scattered
    The knock sounded again but this time around, it was louder
    “Uju! a female voice called from outside and Instantly, I recognised the voice….
    “Faith! I muttered, getting off the bed to open the door and Just like I said , it was faith
    She was carrying a heavy sack on her head so I helped her put it down and we both carried it into the room
    “Chimo! she exclaimed, holding her waist as she sat down
    “Old woman!” I remarked playfully and we both laughed
    “But Arinze didn’t say you will be coming today”. I said , trying to hide my real feelings
    ” don’t mind him Jare”. she said , looking around the room
    “I can see you are yet to unpack”. she observed and since she was asking an obvious question, I i chose not to answer
    I was in a foul mood, I never wanted any roommate but what can I do? She is already here ….
    “Have you eaten?” She suddenly asked and I shook my head negatively
    “Why?Don’t tell me you can’t cook”
    “I can’t !” I answered truthfully
    She stared at me in surprise for a while and then smiled
    “Don’t worry! I will teach you”
    “Really? I asked to be sure .
    cooking was a thing i had passion for but my mom hardly let me into the kitchen because of my health ….. I had chronic asthma so I guess that explains everything….
    “Of course! You are my younger sister and I will make sure to take care of you”. she answered and I smiled lightly
    having a roomie isn’t a bad idea after all!!!!!!


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