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    So terrible

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    This is terrible
    Her sister may not forgive her for this

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    yeah I guess so

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    Ocean of madness

    (Story by Prisca Ezeh)
    Episode 3

    We got home and everyone was silent.. Just then Juan’s phone was her fiancée.. Stephen was his name, he was from a prominent family..had three oil companies working under him..and travels around like OMG..there was a time he surprisingly took Juan to France just to get bread!! He said France makes the most sweetest bread.. I was so happy for Juan
    Back to where we are..mummy told me to pick and tell him Juan is sleeping, she is having headache but i remembered..Juan was chatting with him that morning before the accident..
    I picked and he responded hastily
    “Juan Juan where have you been?”
    “ here my love..i just went out to get something”
    “Since morning?..and you left me hanging”
    “Am sorry”
    “There’s a little change in your’s no longer tiny as it used to be”
    I was silent for 8 seconds before i responded
    “Am having catarrh”
    “Oh..should i come over?”
    “ won’t be necessary dear”
    “Alright..please take drugs oo, you know am coming to see your parents next week for the introduction”
    “Jesus Christ!”
    “What?! Juan is anything the matter?!”
    I comported myself immediately
    “Nothing love..something bit me” my parents were watching and kept on supporting me to go on
    “Alright to you later baby”
    “I lov–e y-ou” i was nervous saying that
    “You too sweetheart”
    The call ended and everyone breathed with relief

    “That was close!” Dad said
    “That was deadly!” Mum fired
    “Can you both stop?..Juan is to be married to this man but here i am trying to impersonate and take him away from her” tears rolled down
    “Dear you did nothing are trying to fill in her space.. I know Juan will be happy you did so for her” mum hugged me
    That night was long as i kept on rolling on my bed..thinking about what i did and about Juan’s condition
    I tried closing my eyes then Juan’s phone rang again it was her manager..
    I picked to impersonate her
    “Hello Miss Juan”
    “Hello sir”
    “Sir??..You never call me sir”

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    Ocean of madness

    (Story by Prisca Ezeh)
    Episode 4

    “Anyways you need to be here to cover up Carolina’s shift”
    Just then i remembered when Juan always talked about her working colleague Carolina.. She wasn’t rich but always forcing herself on the clients.. According to Juan Carolina was a curvy and also a cunny being..i wondered how i am going to survive her
    “Hello..are you with me?!!” The manager yelled
    “Yes sir”
    The call ended..i quickly jumped out of bed and began to wander about in my room
    “What should i do lord?
    “What is my fate?”
    “What about Sister Juan?”
    “Will she be fine?”
    “What if i get caught?” All were the question going through my mind
    I decided to talk to mummy tomorrow maybe there might be a solution
    I went to bed and hoped for the next day

    The next morning came..i couldn’t wait for the sunrise i went straight to mummy’s room
    “Mummy Juan’s manager called oo”
    “Are you for real?”
    “Yes and he wants Juan to cover her colleague’s shift..what am i going to do?”
    “Okay i have the best make-up artist..i will send him need to look like Juan”
    “Okay mummy” i felt relieved
    Some minutes later..The make-up artist was home..he was a young talented guy with great skills..he started his job after showing him a picture of Juan..
    When he was done,he turned me to face my parents..i was Juan’s carbon copy..
    “My God.. Juan you-..Am sorry Luciana you are just like your sister”
    Mum tried crying but dad held her..I rushed to get dressed and off to work

    I was at the firm and i entered greeting everyone who passed me
    “She’s pretty today..much more pretty”
    “She doesn’t act this way..her walking steps are different”
    “Maybe she borrowed those cheap clothes” this were the words coming out of the ladies working at the firm
    “Don’t they know Juan was actually wealthy?”

    I went straight to the manager..and he ordered me on what to do..i quickly took on the shift with much questions
    “Juan what’s wrong??..why asking much questions?”
    “Am not too strong”

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    This plan is definitely gonna backfire

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    Occean of madness indeed,i jst dey imagine wat will soon happen

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    Wonderful. Carry on

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