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    maybe this is a dream too

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    🔞🔞The Office Affair of Jumoke🍇🍇🍓🍇🍆🍆❤️💙🤏👈

    [Finale] (18+)

    The longer we f----d Jumoke in that position, the more we got the hang of triple-penetrating her. She made noises I’d never heard from a girl before, but they were mostly muffled by Edet’s c--k. It was hard to tell how much Jumoke was enjoying her predicament, but it was obvious that all five men were thoroughly enjoying ravaging this cute female body in any way we possibly could.

    Edet and Ifeanyi pulled away after a bit, leaving Sani, Bello and I to finish up sticking Jumoke at the other end. With three pricks inside her, all pounding her in unison, she was beyond stuffed. Her mouth now vacated, Jumoke screamed with the pleasurably painful constriction of her c--t and ass around all the meat. We three were all groaning loudly and grunting like animals as well. Alas, we could take no more of dominating my good female friend without finally giving her our payload.

    Jumoke cursed profusely as Sani pulled out first, followed quickly by me. The chick rolled off Bello and was now completely empty, having had more than her fair share of c--k for the evening. It was now time to finish her off, and all five of us men were plenty ready to reach our c----x.

    “You still want us to c-m on that pretty face, right?” said Edet, stroking his c--k like the rest of us. Jumoke said no words but nodded her head yes as she got off the table and down to her knees. Her skirt was still intact, though wrinkled and ruffled, and her jewelry and high heels were still in place. Her whole body was coated in sweat now, and her hair still a wild mess. Her makeup, so perfectly done going into this affair, was smudged and running down her face in some parts – not that it mattered, since we were about to give her a fresh coat.

    Edet and Sani stepped up first, standing next to each other and pointing their pricks directly at opposite sides of Jumoke’s face. The girl put her hands on her knees, closed her eyes and grinned with pursed lips as she waited for the last stage of her interview. Thankfully, I had the presence of mind to grab my phone again and get a video. To my pleasure, I hit record just in time to watch both guys erupt at the same time, each spewing his respective load on either side of Jumoke’s face.

    Jumoke flinched at the first couple blasts to hit her, and then her teeth shone through as she smiled bigger, amused at being doused by simultaneous cumshots. Edet and Sani moaned loudly as they shot off big loads, the two of them doing a good job of covering most of Jumoke’s face.

    When the first two guys were finished, Ifeanyi and Bello stepped up. Jumoke, still grinning, had c-m streaming down from her temples to her chin and most places in between, but the rest of us guys still had plenty of blanks to fill. Ifeanyi shot off first, aiming primarily at Jumoke’s forehead. The c-m plastered the top of Jumoke’s head, some of it getting in her hair, but the rest streaming down to her nose and even into her eyes.

    Before Ifeanyi was done, Bello shot off in Jumoke’s hair first before getting a few good spurts on her cheeks, right below her eyes, while also covering her lips and chin. When those boys were done, they stepped aside, leaving the employee to her boss.

    “I’m impressed,” I said to her sincerely, actually, as I put the phone down and stepped up, stroking my c--k and pointing it right at her face, not only looking to cap off the bukkake but the whole gangbang, which had been going on for quite some time now. “I’ve got that job offer for you right here.” Jumoke’s face lit up . . . well, as much as it could with four loads of semen on it. “Do you want it?”

    “Yes, boss,” Jumoke said eagerly, c-m dripping into her mouth as she answered me.
    “Here you go,” I said and then ~moaned as I came hard all over her already c-m-covered face. I shot off seven or eight hard spurts, I was so aroused. The first shot or two went high and got in h~ er hair, which ~was a sexy disaster now with all the sweat and c-m in it, but I controlled the rest of my shots to blast the girl near her eyes~ first and then her nose and cheeks before my o----m tapered off.

    When I was done, I exhaled deeply and just looked down on the cute, young girl who was not only drenched in sweat now but had her face covered in five loads of c-m, which was streaming down her neck and had even reached her boobs already.

    We were all pretty exhausted and had a fairly extensive clean-up job to complete as our c-m-covered b---h remained on her knees at the front of the conference room. I got ~the phone out one more time to get a couple pictures of Jumoke’s acceptance of the job offer, so to say. Once we had all been thoroughly satisfied, we guys helped Jumoke clean he~ rself up and send her on her way back to her husband with a pretty wicked limp.

    Assuming ~her husband had even known that his wife was banging her boss for a promotion, I can’t imagine he had any idea what debased shit she had gone throug~ h to earn the job. Either way, at least he could be proud knowing his wife could handle any workload her boss gave her.

    Now that Jumoke had the job, all I had ~left to do was finalize the job description. After seeing what she was capable of, I couldn’t help but think of a few additional responsibilities to add to her title. She could certainly expect~ to be working late a few times a month, to say the least!

    ~The End~

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    Let her thank her chi that she’s still alive.

    Rubbish and nonsense job interview.

    Pornstar on the making.

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    Ubi Kyle
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    This Kind Of Job Self

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    Emmanuel affairs
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    You re strong ooo buh wats d job description sef.. sex machine??

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    Yeye job

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    All these to get a job…it ain’t worth it

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