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    Subtitle: F--k fakers.

    -Episode 1

    Everyone fit be landlord, base on say am the youngest landlord ever liveth. You have reach to own a yard of your own if your parents will leave the house for you, you better go and build your own house.
    As the only heir, my parents died and I inherited a yard filled with drama queens and kings.

    Let me just describe the yard how it is, it is built round. Houses surrounded it with a well and tap at the centre. The house is in a square shape, having just three entrance and exit.

    At the end is a big kitchen for all, with restrooms passages attached to the kitchen, that is were one entrance with exit is.
    One is at my door post, that means I will just step out of my self-contain and ball out. The other one is at the other end.
    The explanation have do, lets start the tory jare!

    Evening time, I just returned from where I went to buy bread against tomorrow, since I don’t want to be late for shop.

    Voice: who is this downloaded prodigious miscreant, with hydrated mentality lampooned with upgraded stupidity, who shit this shit wey strong pass England economy?

    Me: this people don start again.

    I just entered my room, locked the door. I don tire to settle case for the yard.

    Segun: papa Jayjay, we go run for you, na only you go school for this yard, what of me wey get PHD I nodey use am make noise *with his thick voice, Segun can smoke for African*

    Mr. Caleb: make ona no make noise oh, I dey read headlines, if ona wan disturb make ona go outside the yard *man wey sabi, em dey always return early for their house girl Nkitae*

    Cynthia: all these married men acting like children, na em make I nofit marry public yard children *yard slay queen, queen of kindness. Her toto sweet pass Amaka own*

    Papa Jayjay: I surmise with my cognitive faculty, I envisage a laboratory experimented specie of a nuisance like Cynthia to bombard the wc with shit as strong as English wrecking ball.

    Cynthia: wetin bring that one, why you call me .. Ehnn.. Ehnn laboratory shit?

    Segun: Cynthia, call your soldier boyfriend make em come beat am for you.

    Papa Jayjay: take your unchristened hands off my precious collar, before I descend on you.

    Cynthia: beat me na, if no be barrack you go appear.

    Mr. Caleb: na wa for this yard oh, Cynthia go wear bra na. Your br*asts dey disvirgin us, biko nu.

    Others joined and outside became very noisy, I raised my music up and laid on my bed. And slept off, I haven’t even enjoyed the sleep when someone knocked on my door.
    I got up and walked to the door opened it, and I saw Smally smiling sheepishly.

    She sneaked inside my room, I checked left and right before closing the door.
    One small girl like that, that loves d*ck. She always come to my room to watch movie, if I sleep she will ride me.

    Smally: uncle, good evening.

    Me: evening oh, how you dey?

    Smally: I dey, I wan watch film.

    Me: oya watch.

    I nofit wait again to have her tight punani on my d*ck oh, I just lie down and started snoring.


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    Subtitle: F--k Fakers.
    -Episode 2

    It didn’t take time when my bed made sound, I felt a press around my leg side. The joy in my heart had no bounds, since I wore boxer it was easy to detect her next action.
    My d*ck already got an attention before she even pulled down my boxer from my waist, I tightened my face and snored louder, so that she will hurry up.
    I felt a tingling breathe around my d*ck cap, I no come dey understand. I felt her tongue on my d*ck.
    Me: ummmm…. Orrrrrhhhooooo *I increased the snoring*
    Free bl*wjob, she took me in her mouth and started brushing her teeth around my d*ck. I couldn’t pretend anymore before somebody will bite or chop off my joystick.
    Me: aahh! Aaahhh! Them send you, you wan eat am? *I jump off from the bed*
    Adeola: sorry.
    I examined my d*ck, the girl has a sharp teeth oh.
    Me: come dey go, I no want wahala.
    Adeola: sorry, I wan do.
    Me: make I pray first before you disappear, tell your convo assocation say them no see me, abeg come and be going.
    Voice: Adeola! Where this mumu girl dey?
    Adeola: mommy, I dey come.
    She hurried out, who is teaching this small girl all these bad thing. She is just in Js3 and her p*ssy is in level100. I locked my door in case she is coming back to finish off her plan, I went back to sleep.

    I haven’t slept long when heat woke me up, I sat on my bed and started hearing shout from outside. I rushed out of my room and heard the noise louder from the centre of the yard.
    Voice1: Big show, Big show is lifting Big daddy up…
    Voice2: earthquake oh! Mama Sandra no do oh.

    I rushed out and saw someone lifted up, I didn’t understand until I heard a loud thud and the ground shook. Everyone available in the yard are already out, encircled at the circle chanting.
    Voices: big show! Big show!!
    Voice3: mommy, beat am well well.
    Me: separate, separate, ona no go kill me.
    Voices: youngest landlord!! Baba landlord!!! Man wey sabi!!!
    That is when some of them dragged up Mama Sandra from Oluchi’s mother body, I stared at both of them without saying a word.
    Mama Oluchi got up from ground, thank God their two fight each other. The two fattest women in the yard, if na another person where I wan talk the story.
    Me: wetin dey happen here?
    Gabriel: papa Jayjay, tell youngest landlord wetin dey sup, wisdom wisdom!!
    Papa Jayjay: *cleared his throat* it is a lugubrious incentive that culminated the right-handed kinetic force trajectory at stationary body of mama Sandra, from tete-a-tete to thug of war.
    Voices: med oh! Papa Jay jay, wisdom don finish you, wisdom!
    Me: I no understand anything oh, Mama Sandra and mama Oluchi make ona come pay ona fight tithe if you no wan park for this yard.
    After I informed them I went inside, since it was getting late already. They sent their little daughters to bring them.
    I ate and prepared my bed, since there is light. Joy dey, I slept off with light oh. I no know wetin enter PHCN head them collect the light for 00:00hours when calabar man and woman get the next room close to mine, the young couples are very strange.
    They will leave house before the sun appear in the sky and return late in the night, and keep us awake if there is no light.
    Voice: *moaning* scatter me like trailer, assshh! Aaahh!!
    Soundtrack: gbbuuuuuuu! Gbbbboooo!!!
    Voice2: aaahh! Aaaahhhhh! You too sweeet!!!
    Voice1: asshhh! Hammer me like bulldozer.
    Soundtrack: tuuuuuoooo! Tuuuooo! Like millions of soldiers marching.
    Voice: *shouting* na only ona dey this yard!!

    To be continued after some comments

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    seated in de front roll
    bring it on

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    seated in de front roll
    bring it on

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    Next o.
    I day Follow u upanddown

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    hahaha no be small thing

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