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    :. Written by: Olamilekan Afolabi
    :. 07011818220
    Season 3

    Episode 9 (SEMI-FINAL)
    “I only pity these beautiful daughters of yours, they’re innocent on these matters but you’ve used your own to destabilize their lives and futures.” Henry said pitifully.
    “I only help these beautiful angels, I’m never their father; I adopted them.” Chief Chris concluded and his statement was quite shocking and unbelievable.
    “Adopted?” Daniel sighed in disbelief.
    “Yes, I adopted them.” Chief Chris replied.
    “So you’re not our father.” Princess uttered in tears.
    “Yes, I am never your father.” Chief Chris answered confidently.
    “You went to the hospital to adopt them or what?” Henry asked skeptically.
    “It happened on that beautiful afternoon; I was coming back from travel, the car ahead of me was speeding hazardously along the car-free road, I was driving behind the car professionally at 80km/h, everything happened just like film tricks in a movies, the car’s brake failed and unfortunately, a fatal motor accident happened at that spot; I shivered in fear because I had never witness an accident, I parked behind the car and I came down from my car; I ran to the car and I saw the driver; whom I guess is your father and your mother in their own pool of blood; they kicked the bucket immediately, Princess was still a baby back then, she was placed in her baby-sitter and Angel was sitting beside her, I ran to the two who miraculously sustained no injury, I brought them out of the car and rushed them to the hospital.” Chief Chris paused.
    “After the doctor confirmed that they are perfectly alright, I go along with some men to the accident scene and we took your parents corpses to the mortuary with the hope that their family members will ask of them but unfortunately, none of their family showed up. Their corpses were released to me after waiting for long and I buried them in the state cemetery.” Chief Chris paused as he wiped the tears in his eyes.
    “I’m childless, so I adopted both of you and named you my daughters.” Chief Chris concluded as tears roll down his cheeks.
    “What a funny world.” I exclaimed.
    “Martins, I learned a lot from you, I learn to be good and stand by the truth, I did a lot of evil deeds but I just hope you guys can forgive me.” Chief Chris paused.
    “Ola, Daniel, Henry, I bestow to you these beautiful angels of mine to you guys, even though I left nothing for them, please help me to talk good care of them.” Chief Chris begged.
    “Why are you this sure of death, you not afraid of dying?” Mr. Martins asked confusingly.
    “Hmmm… Martins, I’ve been feeding on slow poison for the past two months, and I’m very sure the poison would take effect any moment from now.” Chief Chris announced.
    “Oh my goodness.” Mr. Martins sighed shockingly. Shortly, Mr. Martins’ phone rang loudly, he checked the caller and it was fortunately Mr. Anume.
    “Hello Anume.” Mr. Martins greeted.
    “Hello Martins, have you heard the news?” Mr. Anume asked.
    “What news?” Mr. Martins asked confusingly.
    “The Vigilante Group captured ten members of the Bravura Demolisher; Leo and Dominic are among those captured, but…” Mr. Anume paused.
    “But what?” Mr. Martins yelled impatiently.
    “The angry mobs had set them on fire and they are burned to crisps.” Mr. Anume announced.
    “Gosh!” Mr. Martins exclaimed and he ended the call.
    “We have to leave now.” Mr. Martins alerted others as he led the way to his car.
    “What’s going on?” Henry and Daniel murmured.
    “I will open the gate.” Chief Chris volunteered as he ran to the closed gate. He hurrily opened the gate for Mr. Martins. Surprisingly, a speedy bike loses its brake, the bikeman tried to control the bike but the bike was out of controlled and unfortunately, the staggering bike hit Chief Chris from behind.
    “Oh my God, I’ve killed someone.” The bikeman said stammering, he ignited the engine of the bike and he praised the rabbit.
    “Let rush him to the hospital.” Mr. Martins yelled at Henry. Chief Chris was rushed to the hospital, he was admitted into the Accident and Emergency ward, and the nurses ran here and there picking tools and books. Not less than two minutes, the doctor came out of the ward with scornful face.
    “We’re sorry sir, we lose him.” The Doctor announced as he turned back to leave.
    “At last, he faced the wrath of the god of iron.” Mr. Martins sighed.
    Mama, Daniel and Henry’s mother, Mr. Martins, Princess, Angel and I sat down in the vast sitting room, everybody wore scorn and uninviting face, the atmosphere seems not to be friendly at all. Mr. Martin’s phone beeped and he checked his phone; it was a message from Mr. Anume.
    “Ola, switch on the Television.” Mr. Martins commanded and I sluggishly rose on my feet, I switched on the Plasma Television and the TV was displaying the jungle justice by the angry mobs.
    “Oh my God, isn’t this Leo?” Princess noticed shockingly.
    “Dominic?” Angel sighed.
    “Even Marcus.” Henry noticed conclusively.
    Below the video played was written ‘Angry mobs set ten notable members of the Bravura Demolisher on fire’.
    “So Leo’s a cultist.” Daniel sighed in disbelief.
    Shortly, the video was ended and the news broadcaster announced the death of the Lieutenant Colonel, who dies of shock after hearing the news that his only son was set ablaze by the angry mobs.
    “The Lieutenant Colonel.” Daniel’s mother sighed.
    “You know him?” Daniel asked suspiciously.
    “I have at hand a secret of his.” Daniel’s mother answered smiling.
    “A secret?” Mr. Martins sighed.
    “The Lieutenant Colonel and my husband were sworn enemies during my husband days in service; he assassinated my husband in his office. But unfortunately for him, my husband recorded their conversations before he was assassinated and I have the memory card with me, beside that, my husband kept a file with me, I don’t really know what’s in that file but I know it’s not something lightly. Don’t you know I was tortured by the soldiers because of the file in taking?” Daniel’s mother elucidated with tears in her eyes.
    “Now I understand.” Daniel sighed.
    “Princess, Angel, please I don’t want you girls so see yourself as strangers, you’re a bonafide members of this family, please don’t be sad about the demise of Chief Chris, we’re all heartache and pained. Please feel free and be relieved.” I condoled as Princess smiled softly at me.
    Daniel, Henry and I were walking down the street, we’re trying to make ourselves happy, we’re playing and gisting, we walked like about three kilometers away from home, we got to a busy street.
    “I’m thirsty o.” Daniel said yawning.
    “Oh my goodness, who am I seeing?” I notified shockingly, I used my hand to wipe my face over and over again but my eyes don’t deceive me. Daniel was also dumbstruck but Henry seems not to know the person in taking. (Guess who)

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    Jboy young
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    Its Cynthia

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    Sam Samuel
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    Hmmmm nxt pls

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    Mr.chorus(leo’s father) begging for money probably on wheelchair

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    :. Written by: Olamilekan Afolabi
    :. 07011818220
    Season 3

    Episode 10 (FINALE)
    “Oh my goodness, who am I seeing?” I noticed shockingly, I used my hand to wipe my face over and over again but my eyes don’t deceive me. Daniel was also dumbstruck but Henry seems not to know the person in taking. Lo and behold, it was Mr. Chorus on the wheelchair begging for aims, he looked lean and he’s now the image of his own self.
    “At last, nemesis caught up with this wicked, selfish and greedy man.” Daniel exclaimed and he turned to leave.
    “What are you waiting for? Come on let go.” Daniel concluded as he led the way, we shambled behind him, I kept on looking back at Mr. Chorus pitifully.
    Princess sat down inside a sofa, she was battling with the phone she was holding. Suddenly, she screamed out loudly but shockingly.
    “Wow!” Princess screamed in joy; she flung the phone she was holding and the tablet landed inside another sofa.
    “What’s the noise all about?” Daniel’s mother asked teasingly. Princess picked up the phone and she read aloud.
    “You’ve been offered provisional admission to study Physiology in the University of Ibadan; you’re to pay your clearance fees before the due date…” Princess read loudly but happily.
    “Wow, Glory is to God.” Mama praised happily as she embraced Princess passionately. Shortly, Henry, Daniel and I came into the house with smile all over our faces.
    “Welcome my sons; have you checked your admissions status?” Daniel’s mother asked smiling.
    “Sure mothers.” I replied happily.
    “How’s it?” Mama asked impatiently.
    “Mothers, I’m offered an admission to read Law in the University of Ilorin.” Henry announced happily.
    “Brilliant.” Mama commented.
    “Mothers, I must consider myself lucky, because I’m now an undergraduate student of the Nigeria Defence Academy; in the next four years, I’ll be in my Khaki uniform with ranks in its soldier.” Daniel elucidated jokingly.
    “Oga Soldier.” I saluted as he hit me jokingly.
    “That’s my son o.” Daniel’s mother riposted as the vast sitting room was rented with laughter.
    “And you Ola?” Daniel’s mother asked eagerly.
    “I don’t even know what to say…” I paused. Daniel’s mother and Mama shivered in fear.
    “Don’t tell me you’re not admitted after scoring 323 in jamb and 88 in post-utme.” Daniel’s mother rebutted.
    “Mothers, eight years in school, that’s quite stressful…” I paused and both mothers heaved a heavy sigh of reliefs.
    “You this boy, you won’t kill me.” Daniel’s mother commented as we all burst into laughter.
    “Anyway, I’m the number two on the merit list of the University of Ibadan; I’m admitted to study Medicine and Surgery.” I announced happily.
    “Where’s that future Banker?” Henry asked jokingly.
    “She’s in the kitchen preparing lunch.” Daniel’s mother answered.
    “Oh, I can’t wait to taste her wonderful and always delicious meal.” Henry commented and we all burst into laughter.
    “A banker is now a chef, right?” Angel voiced out from the kitchen.
    “I know what to do; there is no food for any lawyer in this house today.” Angel said jokingly as we all burst into laughter.
    “You this banker, you’d better not impress yourself o, I’m a better cook than you.” Henry rebutted smiling.
    “Then you’ll have to cook your lunch yourself.” Angel concluded as she headed back to the kitchen.
    “I hope her food is as spicy as it used to be.” Henry murmured.
    “Have you checked your admission status?” Henry asked as he ran after Angel.
    “Ah! Thank God they are both admitted in Unilorin, I’m tired of their troubles.” Princess sighed directing her statement to Henry and Angel and we all laughed.
    “Mothers, hope you’re preparing for the wedding ceremony of Uncle Martins and my role model; Doctor Vicky?” I asked smiling.
    “Well, we’re preparing, Martins told us that we’re going to be the mothers to the groom.” Daniel’s mother answered.
    “Wow, that’s very nice.” I commented happily.
    “He called me today that he sacked and got the Distributor Manager arrested for trying to bankrupt the Mining Company.” Mama added.
    “That man is more than an uncle, I love his actions and decisions; he is more a General Manager to Ola’s companies.” Daniel commented happily.
    “Point of correction Daniel, ‘to our companies.” I rebutted and we all burst into laughter.
    “We have to hurry to the reception.” Mama uttered loudly as she handed over her car key to her trained driver.
    “Call the brides and grooms.” Daniel’s mother commanded directing her statement to me and I hurried upstairs.
    “Oga soldier, can I?” I asked the soldier at the entrance to Daniel’s dressing room and he allowed me in after a minute of examining.
    “Daniel, this your junior officer standing at the entrance; I guess he is very stubborn and callous o, he doesn’t even tend to know me as the best man to his boss, and you know you caused all this.” I complained as I hit Daniel playfully.
    “Ola, my twins, he’s doing his job, you know I goes to the Defence College, maybe if I don’t graduate from the defence school I may be in his position, so you have to take it that way.” Daniel replied smiling.
    “Soldiers lives are quite funny and interesting, so you must wear uniform on your wedding day. Gosh!” I commented naughtily.
    “Ola, today is my day, it won’t be nice if I beat you blue black.” Daniel rebutted lightheartedly.
    “Can I send you on an errand?” Daniel asked smiling.
    “Maybe.” I answered.
    “Maybe? Okay, check on that Banker and Lawyer; that’s if they haven’t gone to works, I’ll go and check on my sweetest Cynthia.” Daniel requested.
    “I will do just that.” I answered as I left the room happily. I walked in a trajectory manner to Henry’s dressing room; on getting there, I met Princess coming down from the upstairs looking stunning and more beautiful in her elegant gown.
    “This girl must be an angel; her beauty is out of this world, I would rather count myself ‘lucky’ to hav this beautiful damsel in my custody.” I thought smiling.
    “Good morning babe.” Princess greeted respectfully.
    “Hope you’d a wonderful night?” I asked smiling.
    “Yes and no.” Princess answered paradoxically.
    “Funny you!” I exclaimed reasonably.
    “Where is that Lawyer?” Princess asked.
    “He has gone to the court.” I answered jokingly.
    “Hi babe.” Angel greeted from afar, she was looking gorgeous and stunning in wedding gown, she represented beauty and beauty of the day.
    “Big sis.” Princess returned as she hugged her passionately.
    “Oh, Ola!” Henry exclaimed as he came out of his dressing room.
    “Brother, mothers are waiting for you.” I announced but it Henry wasn’t paying attention, I repeated myself over and over again but guess what; Henry was carried away by the mind-boggling beauty of his wife-to-be.
    “Brother.” I called laughing.
    “Ola, are you sure this is my wife?” Henry asked serenely and I burst into laughter.
    Daniel wed Cynthia, Henry wed Angel was written boldly on the flyers given to the invited people that attended the wonderful and unimaginable weddings ceremony, people who attended the wedding were really excited and keyed up; Princess and I were the best lady and man respectively to both the grooms and the brides. Daniel’s mother and Mama represented the mothers to both the grooms and bride; Angel. Cynthia’s uncle is the father of the bride; Cynthia, while Uncle Martins is the father of the grooms; Henry and Daniel. The wedding was really a memorable one and it was really out of the blue.
    Princess and I waved off Angel and Henry at the airport; they are going for their honeymoon in Paris, France. Same goes to Cynthia and Colonel Daniel as they departed to Berlin, Germany. Daniel’s mother and Mama left earlier for vacation in the U.S.A.
    “In four years time, we will also take off like this.” I whispered into Princess hear and she hugged me passionately in public.
    “Once a lover, forever a lover.” Princess whispered into my ear and I nodded my head approvingly and we left the airport for home.

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    WOW !!

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