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    Written by: Ola_Olowo
    Life they say is a world of challenges. Each day we wake up out of our beds, accepting life for whatever it has to offer. Challenges are one of those things we need to outgrow. A Christ less life is a life full of crises.
    This is a story of a young man named Agent Ola during his NYSC days in Oyo state had his heroic feats hemming towards fighting serial crimes committed by insurgents who were terrorizing corp members. In the midst of his assignment, he ran into a young female corper who eventually fell in love with him. Unfortunately Agent Ola met his waterloo at the mercy of a politically ambitious opposition named Senator Wilson just after a successful protest in Akwa Ibom in contempt to the then concluded election.
    What would become of Agent Ola’s fate? What would be the reaction of Kim his girlfriend upon receiving the news that Ola has been abducted? What really is Chief Wilson’s petition? Sit back and enjoy the next scene in the NYSC Diary of Ex- Corper, Ola, in Once upon a corper Season 3 sub-tagged “Faith”
    All right reserve. On no account must any part of this write-up be transmitted or page, blogs, websites without the permission of the author.
    Reports have been getting to me that some people are claiming they wrote the previous series of MY NYSC DIARY.
    Kindly report any form of plagiarism to writer via:
    Facebook: Olamide Olowo
    Whatsapp: 07060406597
    Email: [email protected]
    Once Upon a Corper Season 3
    “The missing Agent”
    Location: U.S.A
    Time 5.25pm
    In his office was the head of department of Special assignment section,the retired Colonel of the American Army, RTD, Colonel Alan who was working on his personal computer system. He has been in touch with the prominent political leader in Ghana, Senator Elikem who had requested for some secret agent to protect him and his family as the presidential election is just some months away in Ghana.
    Senotor Elikem resides in Accra and he is one of the top politicians in Ghana. A 48 year old man, with 2 kids who currently school in the United Kingdom is one of the aspirants coming out to contest for the presidency. It’s been a torrid time for the people of Ghana as the current president John Kumma as finally revealed that he would be stepping aside from his office after 12 years in power. Since his declaration, several aspirants have been turning up the podium to show their fair share during audition in their quest for the presidential seat. Of the handful of presidential candidates was Senator Elikem Williams, young, vibrant and the people’s favorite.

    Screen flip in retrospect to their video call on Skype

    Colonel Alan: I understand you pretty well Senator but you still need to give us some time
    Senator Williams: This have been what you have been telling me since two weeks that you were recommended to me by the president of Nigeria
    Colonel Alan: (Getting pissed off already) Alright Senator. Let me come out straight with you. We have just 6 grade A agents with us. And 5 are currently on duty in Syria, Bangladesh and Russia.
    Senator Williams: What happened to the 6th one?
    Colonel Alan: Hold on Senator. The 6th one is currently on leave and should be back any time soon -a reason I suggested you should give me some time to figure things out.
    Senator Williams: Oh now I understand you. Am so sorry for the way I talked earlier during our conversation
    Colonel Alan: Its fine Senator. Just give me some little time and I promise immediately he resumes back to work, you would be the first to know as he would be deployed over to your location.
    Senator Williams: Thanks so much Colonel
    Colonel Alan: Wait, hope you’ve sent the necessary information we required of you to General Smith
    Senator Williams: That shouldn’t be a problem. I will ask my head of security to send that across to him very soon. And please, I want an African descent. I don’t want a white secret agent ;which might want to raise some eye brows.
    Colonel Alan: Never worry about that Senator. The agent I am sending to you is an African American . He is our best black agent and keeps a high profile even in his country,Nigeria.
    Senator Williams: Oh, Good! then. Thanks for the time Colonel.
    Colonel Alan: Sorry for the inconveniency Senator. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

    The phone conversation ended.

    Colonel Alan: What’s with Agent Ola? He should be here by now as he picked the intercom on his table and punched in some digits.
    Agent Tracy? Please report to my office immediately. He hung up.
    Few minutes later, Colonel Alan’s door opened and Agent Tracy marched in. Agent Tracy was putting on a black fitted Jean trouser in the her Army-cutomised mufty.
    Colonel Alan: Where’s Agent Ola?
    Agent Tracy: (I knew it! She said in her mind) He has not resumed back to work yet.
    Colonel Alan: Are you serious? Is it not just a month leave?
    Agent Tracy: Yes sir. He was suppose to resume last week Monday but we’ve not seen him
    Colonel Alan: Where is he? Is he still in the states or he travelled out of the states for his leave?
    Agent Tracy: Erm… I really have no idea sir but I think he might have travelled down to Africa on his leave.
    Colonel Alan: Africa? You can’t be kidding me! I need to get in touch with him. In fact, he has to report back to work immediately. Do some findings and get back to me as soon as you can.
    Agent Tracy; Alright sir.
    She salutes and walked out of his office


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    Twins Deborah
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    I have been looking forward for this story. Next pls

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    go on

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    Kvng Focusboy Destiny
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    Let it flow bro…..welcome back

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    Damilola Aremu
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    Abeg pass me that stool make i sitdon

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    The wait is now over……. Continue

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