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    in case you missed any season, see link below

    MY NYSC DIARY season 1

    MY NYSC DIARY season 2

    Copyright © 2018
    All right reserved. This story shouldn’t be reproduced in any form or any means without the permission of the writer. (Ola_Olowo)
    This story is totally a fiction and it’s dedicated to all Ex-Corpers, Current Corp members and all prospective corp members all over the nation.
    This is a continuation of “My Nysc Diary Season 1 and My Nysc Diary Season 2 (Life as a corp member in Ibadan)
    This is a story of a young man whose exploit during his Nysc years turned him to a Super-Agent. After so many years outside his fatherland, he was called back home to carry out some Nysc related assignment which is to stop the kidnapping of Corp members in some camps.

    EPISODE 1 & 2
    I went to GENESIS hotel through EXODUS road. On the way, I saw LEVITICUS recording the NUMBERS of people at DEUTERONOMY while JOSHUA was waiting at the beautiful gate for JUDGES to see RUTH calling loudly, SAMUEL, SAMUEL. At a stage, the first and second KINGS of CHRONICLE 1 & 2 were among to visit EZRA, NEHEMIAH and ESTHER for the misfortune of JOB their brother. They started singing PSALMS and teaching children the PROVERBS concerning ECCLESIASTES and SONGS OF SOLOMON. This coincided with the period that ISAIAH was engaged in JEREMIAH’S LAMENTATION together with EZEKIEL and DANIEL their friends. By the time AMOS and OBADIAH were not around.
    Three days later, HOSEA, JOEL and JONAH travelled in the same ship with MICAH and NAHUM to Jerusalem,HABAKKUK then visited ZEPHANIAH who introduced him to HAGGAI, a friend of ZACHARIAH Moses cousin’s MALACHI.
    Immediately after tradition, MATHEW, MARK, LUKE and JOHN got involved in ACTS of the ROMAN who were behaving like the 1st CORINTHIANS group because the 2nd CORINTHIANS group were always at loggerhead with the GALATIANS. At that time too, they advised that the EPHESIANS and PHILIPPIANS were close to the COLOSSIANS and a suggestion for the 1st THESSALONIANS was made and that on their 2nd THESSALONIANS visit, they should first of all see the first and second of the TIMOTHY brothers who had gone to the house of TITUS to teach PHILEMON his younger brother how to read and write in HEBREW. On hearing this, JAMES asked PETER twice to explain to him how the three JOHNS have disclosed to JUDE the REVELATION of this journey.
    And talking about journey, only one’s destiny can really say where a man heads to in life. For all those who have known me, the genesis of my journey was “MY NYSC diary and the 21 days in camp” and that was where it all began. I could remember vividly I had a revelation on the last day we were leaving camp that Boko haram attacked us and they destroyed the camp with their bombs. Ugo and I alongside some couple of corpers were able to escape through the fence which was close to our room. We jumped over the fence successfully and managed to escape from Kangere (where the bauchi NYSC camp was) and we have no choice than to paddle canoes down the ShinuwaRiver to the other side of the village before I was shot at the back by one of them. Immediately the bullet got to me, I woke up.
    I relocated back to Ibadan, with myfriend,Goddy. Goddy and I had some funny adventure moment in Oyo not until the last revelation I saw in camp came to reality. My NYSC diary season 2 gave the account of how it all went (you can search for it online) and I bet you this time, I was really shot. Well, some might have thought that was the end of it, but little did I know that was where it all began.
    Episode 2
    While in my unconscious state, I thought I was dead. I was moving round in a place like a desert till I saw light afar of. I walked close to the place then I discovered it was all guarded by angels. The building was made of gold and I couldn’t stop admiring it till I was challenged by one of the angels.
    Son of man, you are not meant to be here….. The angel said. Go back into the world and complete your mission.
    I was sent back to earth, unknown to me that my guardian angel was sent to be with me at that time. Goddy and I’s heroics paid off and we were handsomely rewarded by the Oyo state governor and we were also awarded scholarship to further our education in the United States.
    * * ***************************************************************************
    It’s been four years since I left Africa for the United States to have my Master’s degree, thanks to the scholarship of the governor then, Governor Ajumobi. My life had taken an effect which I never thought of. This is not the path I dreamt I will be on but when life throws you a lemon, you make a lemonade from it. Immediately after my master’s program, I joined one of the secret agent in New Jersey and got trained as a special agent with the dream of helping my father’s land the best way I can.
    Different news about the kidnapping of corps members were going wild everyday back in my fatherland and I do get the alert on a special system I have at home thanks to Ugo, my longtime friend who now works with the body, helping them with the mobilization of corps members.
    I thought Bangrajan was dead! I shot him when he was trying to escape during our kidnap incidence back then. I still had two months to complete my course as a special agent. Even though I have passed all assignments given to me in flying colours, the organization still feels I have to complete my course, and with the hope of them retaining me as a full agent.
    Africa oh ohoh, Africa oh men yeniba
    Africa, Africa, Africa, Africa eh… that was salifkaita’spopular song titled Africa. It had been my ringing tone since I had been in the US. I have been driving back from the just concluded assignment at Philadelphia, going back to New Jersey where I currently stay.
    I just nabbed one of the boys of Mc Dean, who has been our target for over two months. MD popularly called by his colleague has been on our radar for sometime. He was responsible for the killing of Professor Baxter in my institution. After I failed to pick up my phone during the first ringing, my phone rang again, I checked the caller, this time it was Agent Tracy, my colleague.
    A. Tracy: Oh Lam, you got the package?
    Ola: Tracy, when will you getthe right pronunciation? Its OLA not Ohlam. It’s not necessary you call the full name alright?
    A. Tracy: whatever, (she said in her American Accent) have you gotten the package?
    Ola: stocked in my boot
    A. Tracy: Hurry! You’ve got an emergency
    Ola: what is it? Talk to me
    A. Tracy: You’ve got a new assignment outside the states.
    Ola: Why? This isn’t the right time for me to leave the states for an assignment. And moreover, I haven’t completed my course yet.
    A. Tracy: Forget about all that boy. The big boss is involved in this.
    Ola: what?
    Then Tracy hanged up!
    Within 10 minutes, I drove straight to park the car while two of our secret agent were already on ground to take MD’s boy to the darkroom for further interrogation while I head straight to the channel room. Immediately I opened the door, I was welcomed in straightway by Tracy.
    Tracy: welcome ohlam, nice job you’ve done today but I am sorry we will be needing you to go on another assignment but this might look personal to you. The recent reports we are getting from Nigeria about the kidnap is getting out of hand, most especially in the western part of the country. We were able to use some of our technology to get a 5 minutes video footage of how the latest kidnap was carried out. Check this out (she handed over the tab to me then I watched keenly)
    Tracy: so bad we won’t be having enough time to spend together as we’ve planned but I promised to make it up to you as soon as you are back from this assignment
    Ola: Na you sabi
    Tracy: what did you just say? (Smiling)
    Ola: must you understand my language? (Still watching the video)
    Tracy: you are not serious
    Ola: but I haven’t complete my course yet
    Tracy: we all know you are good to go Ola. You’ve been one of our best secret agent since you got into this institution.
    Ola: that is not a reason why I should be sent to this
    Tracy: go talk to the captain
    Ola: What? Is he aware of this already?
    Tracy: sure he has (then she left)
    Ola: oh my God! How could they have done this at my back without letting me know?

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    Nice one and I hope you will. finish this

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    senator daniel
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    My @senator thanks 4 d i.v. Go get to action Ola. NEXT

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    Ur father’s land is calling you back

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