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    @kelly-kelvin ofua mma nnaa, kee ka emeri ?

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    It should be in d next episode

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    i be settler
    the matter na your matter
    it left 4 u to settle am

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    Always knew it was something sexual between her and u

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    Horluwa~p1 {•_•}Horluwa~p1 {•_•}
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    📞One Call Away📞

    💞 way to your heart 💞

    📝 written by Horluwa~p1 📝

    😎Episode 35A😎

    By the time we got down, the party was already down and almost all the students had gone. All the faces I was seeing was that of my classmates. The music was playing at a low volume and Oscar wasn’t at his position again.
    Everyone was sitting down.

    ” we’ve been waiting for the two of you since ” Philip said as we got closer to them.

    ” why ” I asked with a confused countenance.

    ” so that we can start our ritual ” he said smiling mischievously.

    ” ritual biti bawo ” I didn’t know when that escaped my lip in my local dialect.

    ” don’t be scared ” Philip said as everyone bursted into laughter as if they all understand what I uttered in Yoruba.

    ” it’s just a game of truth and dare that we always do anytime we organise a party for our class in any one of us house and because of our consistency at it, it had become our ritual ” he said clearing me out of the wrong.

    ” oh ” I said as I heaved a sigh of relief.

    Everyone was there, even Gina that I thought wasn’t at the party because I didn’t see her since I got to the party.

    ” now both of you give me your phone ” Philip said stretching his hand towards me.

    ” why ” I asked but Azeezah had already handed him her phone which means she wasn’t new to it.

    ” because things might get intense here and we’re not taking risk of allowing anyone to record anything that happen here because this ain’t a child play ” he replied me.

    ” okay ” I said as I took my phone out of my pocket and handed it to him.

    He left the scene with the phones in his hand.

    I locked eye with Happy and she smiled at me.

    I knew she must be pretending as her minding would be filled with curiosity if I had sex with Azeezah or not.

    Philip appeared some seconds later with plastic stool arranged into eachother in his hand.
    He dropped it and asked one of guys to arrange it in the usual manner as he disappeared again and appeared with a mp3 player in his hand and a basket which contained some drinks , a red cup and an empty bottle inside it.

    The stool was arranged in a circular form leaving space in the middle

    Philip dropped the basket inside the circle formed by the stools, and unloaded it.
    He switched the mp3 on and start playing music on it after reducing its sound.

    ” now let’s take our seat ” Philip beckoned to us and we all moved to sit on the arranged stools.
    Azeezah and I sat beside ourselves tho there was still space between us.

    ” because of Ben who’s new to us, I want all of us to introduce ourselves by standing up and mentioning our name or nickname and I’ll start ”

    ” I’m Philip, the smartest emir alive ” he said raising his hand up.

    ” I’m Gina, tha saucy queen ” Gina said standing up with a perky smile.

    ” I’m Oscar, tha spicy fingers ” Oscar introduced himself.

    ” I’m Azeezah, tha cute Alhaja ” Azeezah introduced herself and I scoffed.
    Someone who I had not seen her use veil before is claiming Alhaja but she’s cute sha, that one she got right.

    ” or could she have been to Mecca before ” I asked in my mind as I stole a glance at her.

    ” I’m Oluchi, buh call me Oluchi ” Philip sitting partner said smiling mischievously. And I always see her with Happy, maybe they’re best pal.

    ” I’m Happy, your hearty queen ” Happy said smiling.

    ” I’m Samuel, tha naughty pastor, god bless you all ” Happy’s sitting partner introduced himself as he stretched his hands at us.

    ” I’m James, but I don’t play basketball ” the next guy introduced himself with a little sense of sarcasm and I smiled.

    ” I’m Reuben but I wouldn’t mind if you call me Atah ” the next guy introduced himself.

    ” I’m Toluwalope Ilesanmi, the only diva of ss2c ” the next girl introduced herself.

    ” I’m Geraldine but I’ve not been to Ireland yet nor do I know any Henry Howard ” the last girl introduced herself.

    ” that’s good, so let’s start our game but this time, their won’t be bailing out by payment of money, almost everyone was paying the fifty thousand naira we used as penalty the last time, so this time it will only be on my special drink only but don’t be scared, I’ve reduced its alcohol percentage by half but I won’t advise you to still gulp down a cup at a go ” Philip said smiling.

    ” and as the emir, I’ll be turning the bottle first. ” Philip said as he placed his hand on the bottle and swirled it .

    The bottle turned with vigorous power and bit by bit, the power reduced and it finally stopped facing Oscar.

    Philip cracked his knuckles as he grinned wickedly.

    ” truth or dare ” he asked Oscar.

    ” Truth ” Oscar said without thinking about it.

    ” alright, going the soft way ” Philip muttered smiling.

    ” mention the name of the last girl you gave a head and the last girl that gave you b-----b ” Philip asked.

    ” hmmm ” Oscar asked as all eye turned on him, some were smiling awkwardly at him.

    ” it’s Sophia in ss3a that got my head and gave me b-----b ” Oscar said smiling.

    ” wow ” Philip mumbled smiling as he returned to seat on the empty stool and Oscar stood up and moved closer to the bottle .

    He swirled the bottle and it stopped on Reuben.

    ” Truth or Dare ” Oscar asked grinning wildly.

    ” Dare ” Reuben picked.

    ” uuummmmmphhh ” Oscar inhaled with a wicked smile gracing his lip.

    ” I dare you to take off your clothes excluding your boxer and start singing Nigeria national anthems and also recite the pledge ”
    Reuben stood up and did as he was dared and after he was through, he wore his clothes back.

    Reuben also swirled the bottle and it stopped on Philip.

    “Truth or Dare ” he asked Philip.

    ” Dare ” Philip was swift to reply.

    ” I dare you to give Happy a head till she o----m ” Reuben dared Philip and I felt my heart stopped beating as I tried to process what Reuben uttered.

    Philip stood up smiling and walked to meet Happy

    ” shall we ” he said stretching his hands towards her.
    Happy grabbed his hand and stood up.

    ” what’s happening ” I whispered almost loudly as I watched Happy stood up calmly.

    To be continued in part b

    Part b coming soon, don’t sleep nd miss it

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    Dats a funny part

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