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    One Who Understands🔞 5&6

    Chapter 5

    School the next day was a special kind of torture for Ed. News of his ‘big reveal’ had raced around the school populace so everyone seemed to be looking at him differently. The only saving grace was that not one of the people who’d been in that room had taken a picture. Some had their phones out but were too stunned to act in time.

    The ‘Mister Ed’ nickname was being excessively overused, even by students he didn’t know. He endured this all day and by the last class he just wanted to get through it and go home. He saw Mrs. Dmitrov, his chemistry teacher, staring at him repeatedly during the class.

    Near the end of the period she handed back a test they’d recently had and he saw he’d gotten a D, which in her class was a borderline failure. He saw she’d written instructions at the top of the page for him to stay after class to discuss the grade. She’d done this to a number of other students and afterwards there was always a vacant desk the following day. He needed the grade to graduate. Having to take a summer course to get the credit would screw up the job he’d gotten lined up for himself. A job he couldn’t afford to lose.

    The bell rang and the students rushed out of the room as he packed up. He left the test and his chemistry notes out.

    Mrs. Dmitrov never smiled and her thick Eastern Europe accent made her class especially difficult for many students. Generally most people were uneasy around her. Students were scared because she held their future in her cold, uncaring hands. Other teachers disliked her because she never fraternized with them and treated them with disinterest. She was smarter than everyone else in the school and no one else seemed to be worth the effort to get to know.

    She had greying brown hair, always pulled back in a severe bun and she wore plain black framed glasses over her brown eyes. She dressed in brown and green almost every day. She didn’t wear any jewellery or makeup. She smelled like non-perfumed soap. She stood 5′ 10″ in flat shoes and while no one would call her beautiful she wasn’t ugly so much as plain. While she did appear to have large breasts, her large framed body was uniformly thick so if she had curves they were hidden under her drab clothes.

    She looked up from writing something and gestured for him to come to the front of the class next to her desk. It was situated to the left side of the blackboard next to the windows. When he arrived she pointed to the spare chair next to the desk and he sat with his stuff on his lap.

    She glanced at his test. “You are failing my class.”

    “I really need this grade. Are there any assignments I can do, any make up tests available?” he said with worry in his tone.

    “What is difficult in my lessons for you?” she asked.

    “I had trouble with the last section and I’m worried about the next one,” he said honestly.

    Just the smallest hint of a smile appeared on her lips. “You read next section? Good. You get seventy five in next section, you will pass.”

    “Seventy five?” he gasped. “I’ve been getting sixties in your class so far. How am I going to get seventy five?

    “I could tutor you but not for free,” she said, staring at him intently.

    Ed’s heart dropped. “I have no money.”

    A look of distaste passed over her features and she waved his words aside. “First I must know the truth.”

    He looked blankly at her.

    “There is a rumor I overhear two teachers repeating today. You were at football party?” she seemed nervous and Ed had never seen that on her before. Then he blushed as her words sunk in. Her eyes lit up.

    “You are aware of rumor. Is true? You are big?” Her accent was getting thicker with her nervousness.

    “Uh, I’m not comfortable talking about this-” he croaked before she interrupted.

    “If I do not tutor you, how will you pass my class?” she pressed, her eyes locked on his.

    He looked at her and realized he had no choice. He nodded.

    “Is true?”

    He hesitated then nodded again, his blush racing across his face.

    She held out her hand for his notebook and she quickly went over his notes. “Yes, you are grasping basics. I can work with this. You will come to my house tomorrow at 1PM for three hours. Yes?”

    Tomorrow was Saturday. He had the early shift at the home center, 7AM until noon so he could work that in. He nodded and she handed him his notes back with a slip of paper. He saw a map drawn on the paper.

    “Map to get to my place. Do not be late, bring your text and notes, and be ready to study! I do not do this for anyone else so you cannot mention it to anyone. Understood?”

    He nodded.

    She looked back to her work and he was obviously dismissed. He got up and left the school as quickly as he could.

    Chapter 6

    Grace drove home thinking about how much better today had been than the day before. Still not wonderful but showing promise at least. She recalled how surprised she’d been when she was immediately called into Mr. Chambers’ office when she’d first arrived. He was store manager and the administration offices were definitely buzzing as she passed through them. She knocked and heard his voice calling out for her to enter. She stepped inside.

    “You sent for me, Mr. Chambers?” she asked.

    “Yes, please, have a seat,” the white haired older man said gesturing to the chairs across from his desk.

    Once she was sitting he got right to the point. He was direct like that and the staff all appreciated that.

    “Frank Gorely has been fired. Effective immediately.”

    She couldn’t stop the smile from leaking onto her face.

    “From your expression this isn’t unhappy news to you,” he said.

    “No, it isn’t,” she agreed.

    “So you weren’t having an affair with him?” he asked bluntly.

    “God no! He was disgusting!” she growled then reined in her anger.

    The manager hit a button then flipped his monitor around to display the image of Frank’s privates hanging in her car window.

    “Your car? Your picture?”

    “Yes, from his surprise visit in the parking lot last night as I was trying to go home. From his slurring I think he’d been drinking. He threatened my job if I didn’t do something nice for him. I took some pictures then did something nice for me instead. I guess having a travel mug slammed down on his nuts didn’t match his expectations.”

    That drew a smile from the man. “My question is this. Are you going to sue the company over this?”

    “What? No! I can take care of myself as I proved last night. I told him to stay away from the women in the store. I sent him the picture as a warning to heed my words. I appreciate having a job. I just want to keep it. Your action in firing him certainly fulfills my need for justice,” she blurted. She looked at the man. “How did you get the emailed image?”

    “His own policy backfired on him. He implemented a mail filter on all company email to copy any messages containing ‘pornographic images’ and certain offensive words to a special HR inbox. Your message to him contained both so the first HR staff to arrive this morning got an eyeful of their bosses… parts. Frank is in the hospital recovering from emergency surgery last night. Seems he had a little accident. I doubt he will press charges considering what he was doing when the ‘accident’ occurred.”

    She nodded with a smile.

    “Alright then. I formally offer you my apology for having to deal with Frank Gorely and my thanks for giving us the means to expediently remove him from the company.” Mr. Chambers stood up and held out his hand. Grace stood and shook the offered hand. She understood the meeting was over. He walked her over to his door and the staff saw they were both smiling when she left to go back to her cashier’s desk. She saw a few thumbs up on her way back.

    When she got back to her desk after lunch she saw every station had a bright and shiny metal travel mug perched atop it. News of her dirty deed had passed quickly and for the rest of the day she had been accepting thanks from many of the women in the office.

    She felt kind of warm and fuzzy about it on her drive home but that hadn’t added any extra money into their account. She had to keep in mind that she still had a job. And Frank’s job was gone, like his testicle.

    Chapter 7

    Friday night was pizza night. They had coupons which would get them one large pizza with one topping for half price. Ed would make salad and that was enough.

    For the first time in a long time Shirley was sitting at the kitchen table with them. She still had her whisky but she was sitting in a chair.

    Grace was looking at her in shock. Just yesterday Shirley was drunk out of her mind and in agony. Today, she was just tipsy and only showing the occasional grimace as she moved her back.

    “How are you feeling Mom?” she asked quietly.

    “Like I’m finally on the road to recovery!” Shirley gushed.

    “What happened?”

    “Edward has magic hands,” her mother replied.

    Ed looked distinctly uncomfortable when Grace looked over at him.

    “I was in so much pain last night that I climbed down all those stairs to his bedroom and woke him up to massage my back. He did something to my spine with his thumbs and it felt so much better afterwards. I think I’d feel even better if my d--n mattress wasn’t so worn out. I felt better than this when I went to sleep last night.”

    “Mom, we can’t afford to get a new mattress for you,” she said. Grace was remembering how upset Ed was when he got home last night. He’d been crying, she was sure. Typical that her mother would ignore his feelings and just demand he fix her… back. She looked at him as her eyes widened.

    “Ed, did you fix Mom’s back?”

    He looked troubled. “I don’t remember. I was pretty exhausted last night. I don’t remember much.” He glanced at Shirley.

    “How much is a new mattress at your store? One with a pillow top!” Shirley blurted. Then she gave Ed a weird look and he looked away. Grace was lost. She had no idea what was going on.

    “Even with my discount a basic mattress is at least $500 and the ones with pillow tops are all over $1000! Even a basic one would be a stretch on our budget!” Grace exclaimed. Shirley looked glum.

    “But my back is sore after sleeping in my lumpy old bed,” she whined.

    “We can’t afford it! OK?” Grace was starting to get angry again. It was always money! If she’d sued the store she might have gotten some money out of it but that would run out and then she’d still be in this stinking town but now with no job prospects.

    Appetite gone she pushed back from the table. “I’m done in. Going to bed. See you in the morning,” she grumbled as she left.

    Shirley stood up. “I’m going too. Goodnight.”

    Ed looked at her back with relief. He was so worried she was going to say something about the previous night. Once she was out of the kitchen he cleaned up and packed the extra slices of pizza for Grace’s lunch. His stomach rumbled as he put the pizza in the fridge. He squashed that down and helped himself to more salad. It wouldn’t last another day. He washed the bowl when he was done and went to bed himself. He had the early shift so he might as well go to bed early.

    Chapter 8

    Sometime around 1AM he heard his bedroom door open and he looked over to see Shirley walking towards his bed. He tried to blink the sleep out of his eyes because he couldn’t figure out what she was wearing. It seemed to flow around her body like smoke. He got glimpses of too much of her skin and he had to look away.

    “Ed, my back is hurting. I need you to massage it again.”

    He crawled out of bed and saw her crawl in with a smile on her face. He looked down at her back in dismay as the gauzy fabric was so… transparent. She had a nice body though it was carrying too much weight in some key areas.

    He touched her back and she hissed at him. “Under! You have to take it off!”

    Again she struggled to lift herself as he tugged at the nightie and ended up touching her skin all up the sides of her body. When he reached the sides of her breasts she snapped her arms in trapping his hands against them.

    “You tickled me!” she gasped.


    He carefully peeled back her nightie until her skin was exposed. He began his routine and once more she sighed, cooed, moaned and writhed as he worked the knots out of her back.

    “Do the thumb thing!” she moaned.

    He wasn’t sure what she meant so he ran his thumbs over her shoulder blades. She groaned then shook her head.

    “No! Along my spine!” Shirley growled impatiently.

    Ed moved his thumbs to her spine and a memory surfaced. He closed his eyes and felt the memory take over and let his thumbs move up and up as the image of the text book flashed by in his mind. He did feel a few new misalignments but they were small. He popped them and moved on and Shirley gurgled her happiness as his thumbs reached the top and began their way back downwards. Her pain was gone once more!

    His eyes were still closed and he was slipping into that semi-conscious state where he was most aware of his sense of touch.

    Shirley’s skin was soft under his hands, her flesh pliable, her body receptive to his touch. Her coos became more sensual as he moved lower and lower. He was kneading her flesh once more when he surfaced from his Zen state and she was on the brink of release. He squeezed extra hard in surprise when he realized what he was touching and she cried out as she came.

    She panted and gasped until she could catch her breath. She spun suddenly and sure enough he was tenting his shorts again.

    “I can’t believe it! A boner for your Aunt Shirley again? You dirty boy! Take those off!” she demanded.

    He looked down. “Please. I don’t want to.”

    “After all I’ve done for you, you’re going to be disobedient?” she gasped but smiled secretly when he looked away and tugged his shorts off.

    She looked at his monstrous c--k and shivered in delight. So thick! So long! So wicked!

    Shirley grabbed it like she had the night before and felt the heat of it flowing into her hands. Oh god, she wanted to put it in her mouth then her p---y but it was too soon for that. He wasn’t ready.

    She began to stroke him firmly and he leaned away from her again but she just kept up her efforts. It took much longer to get him to the edge tonight. She was beginning to break a sweat and her hands were getting tired. Still, her eyes were glassy with lust and her panting breaths matched his. She could feel him thickening in preparation for his o----m so she moved her hand to the top again and over stimulated the thick purple head. He cried out and his come burst forth over her face and down her chest as she directed the jets.

    There was more than the night before! Some had shot straight into her open mouth. She savored it as she looked at his perspiring face. His eyes opened and he froze when he saw what he had done, again.

    “Oh god! I’m sorry!” he gushed but he noticed she wasn’t looking angry like the night before. He was so confused. She- she liked this?

    “Wicked boy! What am I going to do with you!” she breathed. She slid a finger down her cheek towards her mouth and s----d the digit clean as he watched incredulous.

    She stood and slowly walked out of his room as he flopped back on the mattress. His brain spun and spun until exhaustion took him.

    Chapter 9

    The morning shift at the home center had been brutal. They’d gotten a shipment of patio stones in and he and one other worker had to move them from the truck to the outdoor garden center. There was no room for the stones so they had to move ten pallets worth of bags of crushed gravel to make a spot.

    His muscles twitched from the workout and he was a sweaty mess. He wished he had time to shower before going to his tutoring but his instructions were not to be late. He drove quite a distance out of town and found her small farm house off the highway. The location matched the map directions so he drove up the long straight lane between the trees and parked beside the house. Glancing at the dash clock he saw it was 1:07PM. He grabbed his backpack and rushed up to the front door and pressed the doorbell.

    The door yanked open and Mrs. Dmitrov was standing there looking angry and a little frantic. She pushed the screen door open. “YOU ARE LATE!” she yelled. Her bottom lip trembled slightly and her eyes were a little red like she might have been crying.

    “I’m sorry. There was a surprise shipment we had to move. Sorry I’m so sweaty!” he stumbled through his apology. He entered the house and she pushed the door closed.

    She froze as she took in his sweat stained shirt and the sheen on his skin. She moved closer and he saw her nostrils flare as she smelled the saltiness of his sweat and the heat coming from his overworked muscles.

    “Put your bag down and take off your jacket!” she barked.

    He dropped the bag by the wall and yanked his jacket off. He turned and hung it on a hook.

    Suddenly she was pressed up against his back and her arms were under his arms and around his chest. She pressed her face into his sweaty t-shirt and breathed in deeply.

    “Mrs. Dmitrov!” he gasped as she ran her hands over his broad chest muscles.

    “Nina. You will call me Nina but only in this house,” she insisted.

    Her hands were sliding lower and he was starting to react to her touch and the feel of her breasts crushed against his back. He froze as he recalled her words the day before. She wanted to know if he was big. Her hands were about to find out.

    “What- what about the tutoring?” he stuttered.

    “There is time for that later. Now I must know if you were telling the truth!” She undid his belt, button and zipper. Then her hands were inside his pants.

    Ed gasped as her hands reached the root of his swelling c--k. It was trapped pointing down in his pant leg. She couldn’t extract it so she made a sound of frustration and slid his pants down as she knelt behind him. He sprung free and she looked around his legs to see it.

    “Ahhh… Oh god! Is true! It has been so long!” she moaned as she delicately ran her hands over his stiffening flesh. Her face was pressed against his butt and he felt her kissing his sweaty skin as she stroked him to full size. Her hands gently hefted his heavy balls in her palm. “You have much c-m for me,” she whispered. It felt like she wasn’t talking so much to him as to his testicles.

    “Mrs- Nina! Please! What are you doing?”

    She released his c--k and stood up behind him. She stepped back and he turned to face her with his c--k hidden behind one of his arms.

    “Do not hide yourself. Not from me,” Nina said as she looked down.

    Reluctantly he pulled his hand away and his c--k bobbed before her.

    “It has been many years since I have seen one so large. My husband was large too but he died in war in my home country before I fled to the States. I want you to make me feel like I did when I was with him.” At Ed’s confused look she took his hand and began to pull him to the living room. He had to kick off his boots and step out of his pants and socks to keep from tripping but he followed her. He quickly looked around. Not much in the way of furnishings or personal touches. Very functional but that was about it. He turned his attention back to her.

    “My husband was not a gentle man. He had coarse desires and took his pleasure. I was young and inexperienced but he brought me such pleasure by taking his own from my body. It has been years since I lost him. I wish to feel that again. You will do this.”

    “I’ve never… done that,” he admitted with a blush.

    She stepped up to him and looked him in the eye. “You will not fail my class if you do not fail me here. I will teach you chemistry and I will teach you how I wish to be used. Not all women enjoy it as I do.” She paused as she thought about that last statement. “Most do not, but I do. You will do this.”

    It wasn’t really said like a question but Ed felt compelled to nod anyway. He didn’t have a choice as he needed the course credit.

    What did you think will happen next??

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    Since no one want to comment I’ve stopped the story a new one will be starting😇😇

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    me that want to read I don’t even understand where the story is going sef

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    So much interest in the monstrous c--k…next

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