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    Please do not share without talking to me personally and asking for permission, thank you for reading this story.

    This story contains 5 episodes only and may contain trashy talks, thanks for reading.

    Welcome to the land where life is fun all day long, where there is no dull moment, where everyday is fun time. Where businesses moves and transactions are made.
    Welcome to the land of Oregun, Welcome to our land and zone, welcome to the place of hustling.
    We are Oregun boys, we hustle more than the hustlers that hustle in the streets of oregun.
    We work hard 24/7 Just to get the money. Money and girls is all that matters. Clubbing is the best way we have fun.
    Oregun is our home and life, we breathe and stand for Oregun.
    Oregun boys are hot and on fire, so don’t try us because we might just take you down to the land of the death.
    We are citizens of Oregun, we are Oregun itself and this is our story.
    Micheal: “Oh boy yesterday night was hot!”, he said expressing his excitement.
    Frank: “Asin ehn, see as n*ked babes just dey scatter for us”, he said demonstrating how it happened.
    Godwin: “I no even know when I finish my money on top that girl big yellow fanny”, he said.
    Chuks: “Mehn those babes bad o”, he said.
    Segun: “Oh boy me carry one enter one room o, the babe wan kill me on top bed”, he said.
    Micheal, Frank, Godwin, Chuks, and Segun had gone to a nightclub on Friday night which was super amazing. The club was a strippers club filled with n*ked young ladies.
    Godwin: “[Laughs] no be you go carry wetin pass you”, he said.
    Micheal: “Shey I warn you Segun, but you no hear, you think say na your c--k long pass”, he said.
    Frank: “Segun you done forget say na me get the biggest fattest and longest c--k”, he said with a smile.
    Chuks: “Frank you lie, na me. Abi you done forget the last girl wey we enter her c--t the same day, the scores wey she give us”, he said.
    Frank: “Forget your side jare, that day I just dey sick”, he said.
    Godwin: “[Laughs] na lie, Shey na all of us here do the bet and she agree, and Chuks win you”, he said.
    Chuks: “Thank God say all of Una dey there that day. Segun you be my boy na”, he said.
    Segun: “I don hear, but know say one day I go beat you for the game”, he said.
    Chuks: “E no go ever happen”, he said.
    Chuks: “Guys we must to reach that place today again o, my thing still dey scratch me badly”, he said.
    Chuks: “The drinks wey I drink no allow me enter c--t o, and I need am badly”, he said rubbing his private part.
    Segun: “[Laughs] Ah Chuks you too like To-square”, he said laughing.
    Frank: “[Smiles] Segun you don start again, which one be To-square?”, he asked with a smile on his face.
    Micheal: “[Laughs] Na t*to dey fear am to talk o”, he said laughing.
    Godwin: “No mind Segun, him go dey claim good boy but Na him like t*to pass all of us”, he said.
    Frank: “Godwin you no lie jare, Na Segun like t*to pass”, he said.
    Micheal: “Chia!, all of Una done spoil finish see the kin thing we Una dey talk this early saturday morning when 8 never reach”, he said squeezing his face and folding his hands.
    Chuks: “Shut up jare, ashewo like you”, he said making all of them to burst into laugher.
    Micheal: “[Laughs] Yeye boy”, he said.
    Segun: “Chai!, I just remember something o”, he said.
    Frank: “Wetin be that?”, he asked.
    Segun: “Linda tell me say she go come with her friend today”, he said.
    Godwin: “Wait shey Na with that her fine oyimbo friend Cindy?”, he asked with his face all lightened up.
    Segun: “Yes Na she”, he said.
    Micheal: “Guy I go come your house o”, he said.
    Frank: “No just try am o, na me get that fresh fish”, he said.
    Chuks: “Make una no try am o, Una go allow me first enter am then leave the remaining for una”, he said.
    Godwin: “Make una better stop this joke, Na me tell Segun make him arrange the babe for me”, he said.
    Segun: “No be lie, the babe Na for Godwin”, he said.
    Chuks: “See na me senior Una for here o, so na me suppose taste am first”, he said.
    Frank: “Senior ke, na just months you use take senior us here”, he said.
    Chuks: “Shut up, I be 18years now and Una still be 17+ una never reach my age”, he said with a smile.
    Micheal: “[Laughs] you be real case this boy Chuks”, he said.
    Segun: “Abeg make I dey go, before she come”, he said.
    Godwin: “Guy wait make we go together”, he said as he followed Segun.
    Segun and Godwin left leaving Frank, Micheal, and Chuks there to continue chatting.
    Frank: “Thank God say them don go”, he said.
    Micheal: “Why you talk so?”, he asked.
    Chuks: “Hmmm, Frank your way no pure o”, he said.
    Frank: “Na your own con pure pass abi Chuks”, he said as he brought out something from his side pocket.
    Chuks: “[Smiles] Correct guy, as if you know wetin I need now”, he said.
    Micheal: “Guy why you no bring am out since na, see as cold dey catch me”, he said.
    Frank: “Guy no vex, if I bring am out Segun and Godwin go finish am one time”, he said as he gave Micheal and Chuks part of the substance he brought out of his pocket.
    Micheal: “Chuks I hope say you hold lighter?”, he asked.
    Chuks: “Sure na, always on me”, he said as he brought out the lighter from his pocket and lightened up his weed.
    Frank: “This weed strong o, I buy am for one of my consumer hand. The guy tell me say na the new weed wey dey in town now”, he said as he took the lighter from Chuks and lightened up his weed.
    Micheal: “Nice, Chuks no go rush this one o”, he said collecting the lighter from Frank then lightened up his weed.
    They smoked puffing thick smoke into the air, spoiling the atmosphere with the smell of weed……. To be continue.

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