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    Parking is not only a learned skill but an art that some have mastered and some not. Some parkers just don’t have the ability and park regardless and others out there want to make sure they learn the hard way.

    Somebody Call The Fire Department!
    Parking in front of a fire hydrant is illegal, but some drivers like to venture out on the wild side and do so anyway. If their luck has it and there’s a fire that day, this is what would happen.

    Did Anybody Say Monster Truck?
    A note left on your windscreen is never a good sign. Someone is not happy about something or not impressed with your parking skills. And if the person doing the warning has a monster truck, then things could get worse.

    No Parking Means No Parking Buddy
    We’re all guilty of parking where we shouldn’t at one time or another when we’re in a rush. This person did just that so someone decided they needed to learn a lesson and blocked them in with trash cans.

    A Parking Contest
    And the winner is? Just because someone has a fancy car doesn’t mean they own the road or parking lot in this instance. If they think they do, here’s their award for respecting others and for the best parking skills.

    The Princess Has Arrived
    Learning road signs and road marking is part of your driver’s test. It seems this driver is either royalty or they simply didn’t learn their road signs very well because they had no problem with parking in a no-parking zone.

    And It’s A Wrap

    Parking within the lines is the most basic rule of parking, but some people either can’t or choose not to. Looks like this driver will try harder to park within the line next time to avoid this from happening again.

    Chop, Chop, Chop

    By looking at the picture it’s not quite clear what parking rule this person broke, but it’s very clear that someone was not happy with them at all and had to make sure they communicated that loud and clear.

    An Unusual Scene Of A Crime

    Yellow tape usually signals the scene of a crime, but it seems this was an unusual scene altogether. Not quite sure what happened here but this driver’s parking skills are non-existent. This is the surprise that’s waiting for them!

    It’s Not Every Day A Superhero Leaves You A Note
    It seems someone decided to take up two parking spaces instead of one, so this law-abiding citizen took it upon himself to do something about it. A simple note with a bit of humor should do the trick. Hopefully

    You Chose The Wrong Day to Park Outside The Lines
    There’s an expression when something bad happens to someone which is,
    “being at the wrong place at the wrong time.” This person will soon realize that this is the perfect example of that and will probably utter those exact words.

    Trash, Trash, And More Trash
    Nothing says “I’m not impressed with your parking skills” better than 40 trash cans around a badly parked car. Maybe whoever did this didn’t have paper and a pen to write a note and this was the next best thing.

    Nothing Smart About This Car
    Smart cars are popular because of their tiny size and their ability to squeeze into any parking space. The operative words are “parking space”. This driver clearly thought it meant any space at all and squeezed in this tiny gap.

    The Power Of Social Media and The Internet
    You’ll find anything on the internet these days. This person made use of the internet as his threat when he felt this driver needed to know he was parked wrong. Soon everyone would know when they post this pic too!

    Draw Them A Picture

    It’s annoying when someone parks blocking your driveway. This homeowner decided to draw this driver a picture so they can see what they’ve done wrong and to teach them how to park in the future.
    People need to be more considerate!

    What Would Life Be Without A Little Poetry
    There are many different ways that people deal with various life situations. This person chose to use their creative poetic side to make sure this driver knew he had acted like a tool by parking the way they did.

    A Clean Canvas Is The Best
    There are times when a note is not enough, something more drastic is needed to get your message across. This person took it to the next level! At least they used a clean canvas to create a piece of art.

    Car Acrobatics To Get The Job Done
    Sometimes you have to take things into your own hands and do some risky stuff. This driver had no idea their car could do acrobatics, but an upset passer-by made sure to show them just how it could be done.

    It Looks Like Chocolate But Might Not Be

    If someone parks like they’re the king of the road and disregard other drivers, then there are some appropriate names you could use to describe them. Here, this totally appropriate word written using chocolate sauce was a touch

    And The Award Goes To?
    This person went to great lengths to make sure this driver learned a lesson in parking. Imagine the person’s face when they got back to their car. Seeing that would have been priceless! Who knows, maybe they appreciated the decorations.

    A Great Woman
    Helen Keller was a phenomenal woman who earned her bachelor’s degree despite being deaf and blind. It’s certainly not acceptable to make fun of her, nonetheless, this person thought it appropriate in this context, to get their point across.

    Spelled Out For You

    Sometimes people need things spelled out for them to understand a concept. What is it with disrespectful people taking up two parking spots! They definitely need it to be spelled out for them to know the right way to park.

    This Is What You Call Being Committed To A Cause

    We thought the person with the balloons had pulled out all the stops, well, this person takes the cake. Printing out a fake ticket shows you just how committed they were to teaching this inconsiderate parker a lesson in parking.

    Shopping Carts For Everyone
    It’s common etiquette to park in a way that other cars can park next to you at the supermarket, especially on a busy day. If you don’t, you could find yourself here with your car is surrounded by shopping carts.

    Talk About Making A Statement
    These drivers took it upon themselves to work as a team and teach this parker a lesson. One by one they saw the injustice of the initial bad parker and decided to express their opinion by making a bold statement.

    This Gives Trashing Someone’s Car A New Meaning
    The expression to trash someone’s belongings were taken to a whole new level here. It was taken very literal and that’s how this car ended up covered in smelly trash. Let’s hope they make better choices when parking next time.

    Now You See It…Now You Don’t
    Bad parking skills aren’t only limited to cars, but to bicycles too, it seems. This cyclist learned the hard way that unless you’re a considerate parker, there will be negative consequences. Good luck getting your bike down from a tree.

    Even Mother Nature Doesn’t Appreciate Bad Drivers
    We all know humans like to take things into their own hands to take revenge, but here we see that mother nature has an opinion on parking illegally. The cars parked legally were untouched, but the other wasn’t lucky.

    Mr. Potato Head And Friends
    This person should be applauded for their efforts. They even carved out an entire potato clan to express just how angry they were with this driver’s parking choices. Let’s hope they don’t do it again to avoid another vegetable attack.

    Hollywood Stuntman
    Anger isn’t always the best solution, so this guy decided to use humor and added some positivity to get a message across. Maybe this tactic worked, but if it didn’t I’m sure he still enjoys doing his Hollywood’s stunts.

    A Monster Truck Is Coming For You
    Who in their right mind thinks it’s ok to parallel park when the parking bays are perpendicular to the sidewalk? This guy did, and a monster truck went and parked right over him. Let’s see him gets out of this.

    Let’s Wrap It Up

    We’ve already seen a car being plastic wrapped but this person went one up on that. Not only did they wrap the car in plastic wrap but they attached a dumpster to the car as well before wrapping it.

    The Revenge Of The Shopping Cart
    In a scenario like this, there were no bells and whistles to express how they felt about the way this person parked. All they needed was a zip tie, shopping cart, and a car handle, and there you have it.

    Even Law Enforcement Gets Served
    Every driver has at one point in their lives received a parking ticket, that’s why this picture puts a smile on your face. The irony of a parking enforcement vehicle getting a parking ticket for parking illegally truly is priceless.

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    Can’t stop Laughing at each pictures

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