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    So Baluu is alright

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    This Doctor Dovlo sef is an hardened criminal!

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    PASSWORD 2 Episode 43-44
    Before he could utter another word the morning air was broken by sudden screams, and Kofi shot to his feet, and saw a great number of heavily-armed policemen emerging from the forest and coming at them with guns drawn.
    “Get down on the ground with your hands behind your head!” many of the policemen were screaming as they aimed their guns at them. “Get down on the ground with your hands behind your heads, now! That is your final warning!”
    Kofi dropped down flat on the ground and put his linked hands at the back of his head.
    “Down, Baluu, down!” Kofi cried earnestly. “Down, or they will shoot you!”
    Baluu looked down at Kofi, and tears streamed down his cheeks in torrents now.
    “I will die my own way, and live my own way!” he said softly. “There’s nothing in store for me if I’m captured again, Kofi. That evil man will not take the chance anymore. He will kill me. Don’t forget my story, Kofi. Let the world know!”
    “No, no, no!” Kofi groaned from the ground. “Get down, Baluu! He hasn’t succeeded in killing you! We will win this! There’s a committee in place to investigate him! Let’s continue the fight, please, get down!”
    “Thank you for making me a free man today, Kofi!” Baluu said, and then he uttered a frightening yell, his face suffused with absolute hatred, and charged the policemen.
    Kofi knew that Baluu was trying to get himself killed!
    “Noooooooo!” Kofi screamed and got off the ground.
    “Get down or we will kill you!” came the demented scream from the police.
    Kofi hurled himself at Baluu’s legs and wrapped his arms around them.
    The Giant stumbled and began to fall as some of the policemen opened fire!
    “Hold your fire, hold your fire, goddamn you stupid fools!” Kofi heard someone screaming as bullets zinged past them, kicking up the sand on the shore of the man-made pool.
    Baluu was still screaming as he tried to dislodge Kofi, but Kofi Kuntu held the legs of the giant tightly, knowing that if he released him the giant would attack the policemen and he would be shot to death!
    The maddened giant pried Kofi loose and tried to rise, but Kofi stood up, and as he threw himself at Baluu again he felt a sharp pain ripping across his back as a bullet smashed into him, and he was thrown into Baluu’s arms as blood spurted from his right shoulder in torrents!
    Baluu held Kofi as they both fell to the ground.
    “Kofi, Kofi, Kofi!” Baluu was screaming, but Kofi remained immobile, his eyes staring sightlessly at Baluu.
    “It wasn’t your fault, Baluu,” Kofi whispered, and then everything went dark, and his eyes closed.
    “Eiiiiii, no be smallll ooo, Ei no be small at all!!!” Baluu screamed as the insane version took over immediately. “You killed the Jabujabu? Ei, no be small o, Baluu will crush you all like Adukrom cockroaches!”
    He was on his feet, and he sent policemen falling left and right as he battered them, swinging his massive arms and smashing them as if they were toys!
    They could not open fire because he was so near to them, and they were scared of hitting each other.
    Baluu crushed them, with arms and feet, totally berserk!
    By the time the policemen finally managed to shoot Tasers into him, rendering him powerless with the electric bolts, and the handcuffs were slapped on him, he had wounded close to twenty policemen!
    Doctor Joan Kankpe, protected by some policemen, knelt and injected Baluu in the neck, and the giant became limp!
    Next she walked leisurely to where Kofi was lying on his chest, bleeding profusely on his back.
    She looked down at him without any concern.
    “Jesus, Doctor, what are you doing?” a police superintendent, Kelly Hope, asked with fierce eyes. “The boy is dying and you’re just standing there? He’s bleeding to death, for Christ’s sake! Do something about it!”
    Joan Kankpe suddenly shook herself free from the hatred she felt for Kofi, aware that the police could give a testimony later on against her.
    She dropped her medical pack and took out a pair of scissors.
    She cut the material off Kofi’s shoulder and attended to the wound. The bullet had passed through Kofi’s right shoulder cleanly, leaving two holes she had to deal with, and she did it quickly. The movement in the car might reopen the wound, and he would lose more blood, and probably die.
    “We need to rush him to the asylum so that I can properly mend the wound,” she said as a way of covering her tracks. “He can still bleed to death!”
    And then, as she was getting to her feet, the remaining portion of the blue material on Kofi’s back shifted lower, exposing a black birthmark on Kofi’s back that looked uncannily like an eagle in flight.
    Joan Kankpe’s eyes opened wide, and she gasped with sudden horror!
    She toppled forward, and might have fallen heavily had not the police superintendent reached out to steady her.
    Doctor Kankpe was aware of their concerned voices dimly as she fought off the unconsciousness trying to assail her.
    She dropped to her knees again with a little cry.
    Her right hand trembled violently as she reached down and dragged the material from Kofi’s back further down, and when she saw the strange birthmark she clamped her hand to her mouth with stunned horror.
    The men were lifting the stretcher on which Kofi was lying, but she held out a hand immediately.
    “Wait, please, wait, I need to treat that wound again!”
    The policemen watched with puzzled eyes as Doctor Joan Kankpe cut off the material from Kofi’s back, and then she opened up the plaster and gauze she had put on Kofi’s wound. The gauze was soaked with blood.
    She took her time now, and she was extremely fastidious as she worked on Kofi’s wound, sealing it carefully and dressing it.
    The policemen were even more shocked when she touched Kofi’s cheeks with trembling fingers, and then she burst into uncontrollable tears…
    Director Bobo Dovlo smiled with contented glee at Doctor Joan Kankpe across the huge study desk.
    “Couldn’t have ended better,” he said with sadistic ecstasy. “Just couldn’t have ended better! Both Kofi and Baluu back at the infirmary, under tight security! Oh, today is a great day!”
    Joan Kankpe smiled and leaned back luxuriously.
    “You’re a genius, my love,” she said and leaned forward to fondle his right hand which was lying on the desk. “You were able to kill your first wife and deal with her brother Baluu to take her wealth!”
    “She was a fool, darling,” Director Dovlo said, his eyes flashing. “That woman was leaving me, you know. She claimed she didn’t love me anymore. We had no kids, and so she was taking all her wealth away. I couldn’t have that, so yes, I killed her with a lethal substance that didn’t show up in an autopsy. Keeping Baluu insane has proved to be so fun, the bastard! He was always harping at his sister, and he is the direct reason why she asked for a divorce eventually.”
    “My super man!” Doctor Kankpe said with a loving grin. “No one crosses you and goes scot-free.”
    “No one, darling, no one!” Dovlo said with an evil grin. “I’ve lost interest in making Kofi insane, darling. All the fun is gone! I just want him dead now, just dead! He’s too much trouble! I don’t know how he was able to control Baluu, you know, after I had Baluu put in Ward B to maul Kofi. But that’s okay. Baluu was without medication for about twenty-four hours, and that’s dangerous, because he must have had a lucid moment, and he might have said something about himself to Kofi. So, I want you to inject Kofi with a lethal dose of my drug. Deliver it directly to the heart, darling, and Kofi will be dead in three days.”
    He pushed the deadly drug toward Doctor Kankpe, who nodded, took the drug, and put it in her bag.
    “I’ll do that, my love, my sweet darling!” Joan said. “With Kofi dead, you’ll marry me, won’t you?”
    He smiled at her.
    “I promise you, darling, as soon as this inquiry blows over, you’ll be Mrs. Dovlo, and the new Assistant Director of The Adada Asylum!”
    Joan Kankpe smiled happily and stood up.
    “I’ll fix you a drink then, my darling!” she said and walked over to the bar at the end of the study.
    She mixed his favourite drink and brought it to him.
    He took it with a murmur of thanks, and then she bent and kissed him sweetly and warmly.
    “Feel like some hot session, darling?” she whispered hoarsely, her voice brimming with desire.
    “Just give me thirty minutes to finish this report, sweetheart,” he murmured and kissed her n----e through her blouse.
    She giggled and went back to her seat.
    Director Dovlo took a long pull from the glass and set it down carefully on the small mat, and then he turned and opened his laptop and pressed the power button.
    He looked up suddenly at Joan Kankpe, and then he looked at the residue of the drink she had fixed him.
    Dovlo looked at her slowly, his face slack with absolute shock and disbelief!
    He looked at Joan’s phone, and he noticed that it had been on the desk all along, propped up on its stand and the camera facing him.
    His shock was suddenly filled with indescribable wrath and a mixture of fear!
    “What the hell did you put in my drink?” Dovlo whispered hoarsely as sweat fell down his face in torrents. “And your phone! You were recording our conversation, weren’t you? Video recording? What the hell is the matter with you, Jo?”
    Joan Kankpe stood up, licking her lips nervously.
    “Darling, what…what are you talking about?” she feigned innocence.
    Bobo Dovlo looked at her, and then he suddenly lunged for Joan’s phone!
    She snatched it up with a little cry of fear and dropped it into her bag.
    Bobo Dovlo snarled, his face losing every vestige of humanity as his eyes bored into her with animal ferocity.
    “You b---h!” he screamed wrathfully. “He screwed you too, didn’t he? That’s the only reason you’ll betray me like this! You f-----g w---e! ”
    He lifted a giant stapler machine on the desk and threw it at Joan Kankpe with all his remaining strength!
    She had no time to dodge, and the heavy metal struck her in the face, making her moan as she felt warm blood spurting from her nose!
    She turned to flee but Bobo Dovlo wrenched a drawer on his desk open and dragged out a pistol and pointed it at her.
    Joan Kankpe was terrified!
    She was staring death in the face!
    Bobo should have fallen unconscious by now because of the drug she had laced his drink with, but he was proving to be a devil!
    It seemed nothing could affect him!
    But when he looked at her with the gun pointed, his eyes were slightly unfocused, and his lips were slack and wide open, and she knew the drug was taking effect!
    He was losing motor functionality!
    The gun, however, was pointed straight at her heart!
    She was scared, and she held out her hands with supplication.
    “Darling, please, don’t do this, please, I beg of you!” she said.
    “Babobasha shilokoss shilomatamma agloshia shinshooor!” Bobo Dovlo drawled, the effects of the powerful drug she had laced in his drink greatly affecting his speech and his vision, making his words all jumbled up.
    “What, darling?” Joan asked with fear. “I didn’t understand what you said!”
    “Pasha dolospisho zialili pansharta!” Bobo screamed as he walked like a drunkard round the desk, thick saliva drooling from his mouth, his eyes as wild as those of a lion, fighting the effects of the drug. “Skilo shimpapa! Shooshor!”
    He fired the gun rapidly, but he was so affected by the drug at the last moment, making the gun tilt downward, and the bullets went into the floor of the library!
    But with each bang of the gun Joan jumped with fear, acutely aware that if it had not been because of the drug these bullets would’ve entered her body, and killed her!
    To be continued..

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    Heartless Doctor

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    what a shocking discovery

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    Nice one

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