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    Written by Sulaiman Ghanaboii(Mr chiller)

    Episode 1

    It was 5:50am in the morning and I just finished my morning prayer after praying greet my parents and went back to my room to sleep a little before preparing for work. I started thinking about my life, how everything turn out to be, all my plans in secondary school dont work as plan.lemme give you a little flashback on how I spend my time.

    When I was in secondary school my plan was after my waec and neco I will write jamb and do an awaiting result to my school of choice.
    back then, university of Ilorin was my favorite,I did jamb as planed and chose uni Ilorin as my first choice university, my jamb score then was 202 and my course to study was civil law.(secondary school leaver always aim higher in choosing their course to study in university not knowing it’s not easy) I apply for thier post utme and wasn’t admitted but some of my friends gain admission at that year in their school of choice.( it pain me o)but I have to put trust in God. Before I did my jamb exam, I applied for this afflited university or lemme say university consult of Olabisi Onabanjo University Iseyin study center located in Iseyin local government, Oyo State.the school admit me to study International Law and Diplomacy. I wasn’t that happy when they admit me because my aim was to be admitted to university of Ilorin but when it don’t work out so I went to study there jejely.

    At first the school was fun and I kinda like it, I make friends with some of my course mate, IBRAHIM, TAIWO, ADEKUNLE, AJIBADE AND OLAMIDE they are my best friends then we do things together study,play, eat etc we are best pals until I meet this girl morayo, she was beautiful and I’m in to her, as a new admitted student I Dont waste time to approach her cuz I dont to D.D(delay and be deny)she told me she hardly know me but we could be friends I accept cuz it’s better than being denied.

    I thought I have found love not knowing I was been played..morayo always take care of me,she was good to me and anytime I take her out she always insist on paying the bill.sometime I will allow her to and sometimes I won’t allow her,we were still good until first semester is over..when we resume in second semester, she have changed so much all her front and back have changed to something good.not that only the caring girl I used to know before have changed t. When ever I take her out she always order things that are more expensive than she used to buy before and always asked me to pay.their is this day that I can’t forget. She told me she was hungry and I told her I am too but I only got #450 with me and she said we should go find something to eat, when we reach where to buy food she said she will be the one to order the food so I let her do so, she came back with her food only she said mine is coming, she have asked them to bring mine but that is not my problem,my problem is the food she bought for herself and I’m like hope this girl know how much I told her that I have left, just then I think of before I embarras my self here lemme kuku use my brain, I told her I just want to take soft drink cuz I’m not that hungry (actually I am) after she finished she asked me to go and pay, I asked for the bill and it was #510 including the soft drink I buy at #110 and I only have #450 with me I gave the woman the money and tell her I will give her the remaining change when I come back she said I should make sure I pay her O. I just said ok. I went outside and meet morayo talking with KAYODE I wave at him and she came to me.this continue for a month and half.the fresh boy don become slim, I use bone do necklace for my neck buh thanks to my friends, they are the one that save me from that girl.when I told her I’m done with this friendship of a thing she was kinda angry and then smile and ask me to visit her at a friend hostel that she got something to tell me..

    What do u think she gonna tell me..
    What do u think of this friendship?.

    Episode two loading…
    (Mr.chiller’s story)

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    smelling problem

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    Bring it on

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    Fire on!!!

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    Episode two

    Written by sulaiman Ghanaboii (Mr.chiller)

    After my afternoon lecture, I went to were she told me to and ask of her from her friend and I’m told she’s inside I meet her wearing only bra and watching Avengers endgame I joined her, she keep behaving somehow, I don’t want to stay long cuz If I do something else will happen and have never try it with her before so I get straight to the point that what did she want to tell me, she stared at me for sometime and kisses me, I don’t let it last cuz my mind isn’t cool with her,her mood changes from that moment and focus back to her movie but she her hand near my junior I couldn’t concentrate again because my junior is getting hard as her hand draws nearer, I was just speechless, I couldn’t say anything but letting her initiate the Fiki isn’t gonna be a good idea, so I gat to do something to let her know I want that thing she wants.

    I took her hand and dropped it on my junior while I use my left hand to grab her butt, d--n! She’s not putting on anything, I was touching her ass. She opened her legs a bit so I can get access to the government house.

    I slid in my index finger into her puna from butt and she grabbed my junior with a soft moan cos I have a very big god and it’s always by my side.she remove her bra and I used my right hand to grab one of her boobs, I don’t even know the one I grabbed cos I like what I’m touching and rubbing.

    I started finger f-----g her while twisting her n----e. She was just stroking my junior and I was kinda not cool with it cos I was expecting to get a head from her but it seems it ain’t gonna happen, so I just have to bleep her and let go, I ain’t even gonna s--k her nipples. And if she thinks she gonna get me back with this little sex that means she’s wrong cuz have already make my mind off her, I dnt want to go through hell the second time.

    I turned her around to face me, I climbed her and she grabbed my head and started kissing me.

    Here’s my chance, I freed my junior, opened her legs a bit and slid in my junior into the promise land.

    Oh my gosh! That’s so big” morayo moans.

    I just smiled to myself because that’s a good start and also a satisfying compliment.

    I started going in and out of her and d--n! I forgot to use condoms and she’s d--n wild in there.

    I lifted one of her legs up and started pounding her like pounded yam. I almost burst into laughter because as I was pounding her she was screaming and moaning calling my name.

    I drilled her puna for 30 minutes via missionary position then we switched to cow girl style and d--n! Morayo was on fire. She can ride just the way I love it, I was in cloud nine and I feel my o----m coming.

    As I was about to pull out, she pushed my junior in and I filled her government house with my precious soldiers. We were breathing heavily, my junior was still in her government house and it’s also getting ready for the second match.

    But I don’t want to have any round with her anymore so I went to the bathroom shower and she also did the same.

    When she’s done, she ask me that am I still gonna leave her? And I’m kinda speechless cuz I don’t want her to think I just gain advantage of her and letting her go but I have to be true to myself and I tell her the truth that we can still be friends but not that friends like before.

    She agreed with a deep kiss and we have another quicky, it doesn’t last for 5mint.

    Within a week I meet this girl Oluwatosin,she was good looking than morayo..

    And she…..

    Hope she’s not morayo part two?

    Episode three loading…

    Mr.Chiller’s story

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    Written by Sulaiman ghanaboii(Mr.chiller)

    Episode three

    The fact is that Oluwatosin was an extraordinary being, she was really good at everything, she’s smart and intelligent, I love her to the extend that I can give my life for her(if I love someone, I always love them completely) she do guide me when ever I tried to do anything wrong,she’s one of a kind.

    Oluwatosin and I loved each other like kilode, everyone in the campus know about us, some are happy for us while some are planing how to destroy us.

    I’m Sulaiman by name (since you guys ask of my name)I’m a Muslim while Oluwatosin was a Christian (since my childhood have never date any Muslim before) problem started when some of her Christian fellower are in to her, some will come to her and tell her that I’m dating someone else apart from her, some will tell her I’m cheating with her muslim friend but she never believed them cuz she do trust me.

    One day while we were together, she was chatting online while I’m playing a game named mafia city, just then she asked me why, why did I do that, as an innocent guy I ask her what is she talking about and she show me a pic of me hugging a girl inside classroom. I was like who the f**k do this to me, I tried to explain to her that its not what she’s thinking but she no gree, she just walk out on me.

    Actually nothing is going on between me and that girl, she’s was a friend to me since day one and she do come to me sometimes to seek for advice or ask for some help.

    She came to me that day telling me about how life is hard for them at home, she said its almost going to two month since they send her money/food stuff and she got nothing to eat that I should help her with a little I have, I gave her 2k and asked her to always come to me whenever she’s in need of something, she’s kinda emotional with what I told and she hug me. That was the moment one idiot took a picture of us.

    Things are not going well between me and Oluwatosin, she do come to my place many times but the way she do things isn’t the way the Oluwatosin tosin I know before usually do. I can’t keep things going on between us like that.

    So one fateful day, I called Oluwatosin to come over and I called Bukola to come to my place too (that’s the name to the girl) Oluwatosin arrived before and she arrived ten minute after, Oluwatosin was like what is this girl doing here ,so is that how she always come to your place when I’m not with you. I ignore her accusation and ask Bukola to tell her what happened that day that someone took picture of us.

    Bokola told her everything (that girl mouth sweat o, that girl can exaggerate things o) Oluwatosin was touched with what she told her and ask her to forgive her for accusing her.

    I was happy through out the day, that is how Oluwatosin and I continued our love story till I finished my diploma program but those antagonist never stop to separate us even after our graduation and they later succeeded in separating when a close friend of Oluwatosin told her mum that Oluwatosin was dating a Muslim and their love story is really strong, Oluwatosin mum ask her to leave me if only I can became a Christian then I can be with her daughter.

    I can’t do what she asked of me cuz even my parent won’t allow me to marry a Christian, like play like play that is how Oluwatosin and I separated o. We still love each other till date but we have nothing to do than accept things like that.

    Since then i promise myself not to love any girl nor fall in love, I limit myself with girl cuz I don’t want any story that touch the heart.

    Its being two years since my last love story. I and my lil-sister travel to Oyo town to obtain jamb form, we are in motor parkback home when something happen to me.

    I saw this gourgeus girl coming toward us with this most beautiful smile on her face, she was with her two friends all I pray for at that moment was, I wish they was also going to where we are going and boooooooooooooooooom……

    I hope we are going to the same place.
    Hope I’m not going to regret meeting her too..just watch out for the last episode

    Last episode loading…..
    (Mr.chiller’s story)

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