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    Oh no! All becos of money???

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    alayande Segun
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    Hmmm there is going to be revenge I know

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    interesting next plsssss

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    Wicked ppl,bc of money

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    Episode 4

    “Off to where?” Uche asked Richard as they
    both ran into each other.
    “Somewhere important.” He replied without
    waiting to discuss more.
    “Richie! Where? You look horrible!” Uche
    shouted and walked before him as quick as he
    “Guy! My sister is ill again. I think I still have
    something to sort out with these parents of
    mine.” He replied as he halted.
    “Your sister is ill, instead of you to go to her
    place and help her to the hospital, you’re here
    talking about fighting your parents.” Uche
    “You won’t understand me.” Richard walked
    “Tell me this is a lie!” Helen shut the door and
    moved closer to Pemisire.
    “They… d..died.” Pemisire cried.
    “Die? Wait.. I don’t get this. You came all the
    way from Lagos to Ibadan here?”
    “Helen, please.. I just don’t… I don’t know!”
    She kept crying.
    “What happened? You shouldn’t be here
    crying.” Helen sat beside her on the Vitafoam
    that was on the carpet in the small room. It
    was a small room with the small matress at
    the left corner of the room when the door was
    flung open to the right. It had a black wall
    clock, a small television and DVD player with
    a fan near the reading table which was
    located close to the wall at the back of the
    room. The room was painted bice-blue colour
    and had asbestos ceiling. It was a rented
    “They were killed.. Dad.. Pemisayo..”
    Helen shook her head sadly and held
    Pemisire’s shoulder. “You shouldn’t cry, don’t
    cry.” She repeated.
    Pemisire couldn’t hold the tears back, she
    didn’t even care if she’d be killed overnight,
    she sat with the corpses till it was morning
    again and left the house when it was past four
    that morning. Her eyes were red and her body
    was still stained with blood. “I shouldn’t?” She
    continued weeping.
    “Yes! Remember all you did tell me when we
    were in school, remember life is not a bed of
    roses, do you remember your nickname? A
    man’s destiny? I think you should recall all
    those days you’d sit with me and admonish
    me about my future, about life. Don’t let this
    weigh you down, and besides, what really
    happened?” She asked.
    They were close friends when they were still in
    the university, they were also roommates that
    did share everything they had. Helen had lost
    her family to a fatal accident while she was
    about completing her secondary school
    education. She was living with her father’s
    sister who turned out to be monstrous to her
    overnight and made life uneasy for her after he
    tertiary education. She had to rent a room and
    became a chemistry teacher to make living.

    “I was with my family, twenty-four hours ago.
    I was talking with my sister.. many hours
    back. I never knew that would be the.. the very
    last time we would talk.” She burst out again.
    Helen heaved a sigh and wiped her lone tear.
    “You can’t be like this forever! We should
    thank God for sparing your life. Let me give
    you one fact of life, one thing is that God
    created us in such a way that we are greater
    than all things. All the animals, even weather!
    We can shield ourselves whenever it rains or
    when it’s sunny but animals can’t do this! The
    first thing is to always thank God for creating
    you as a man, not a goat and even appreciate
    him even in the times of trial. You can’t tell
    who might have killed your family but it might
    be you the person came for! Something is just
    that you can’t have everything in life!” She
    clapped her hands together and paused.
    Pemisire turned around and looked at her.
    “One can’t have everything in this life?”
    “Sure! I know you’re full of wisdom and you’re
    as well comprehensive. The news that was
    broadcasted last night was about the death of
    the popular man your dad worked with; Mart.
    It’s all over the world already that the man
    died, even though he was in money, I mean
    cash! He didn’t have everything! He had
    sickness, some people’s maybe be barreness,
    others maybe any other kind of disturbance.
    It’s for a purpose.”
    “What purpose?”
    “Hmmn…” Helen smiled faintly.
    “My friend, get out of my way!” Richard
    pushed the security man out of his way and
    entered into the house. He looked browned-off
    and blue in the face as he stepped inside the
    compound. For the gate keeper to have
    refused opening the gate, it must be an order
    from his parents.
    He was dressed in casual white shirt and a
    brown loosed-fitting trouser as he stood
    before the house in the compound, checking
    the house out. It had changed from how he
    left it. He hissed and walked in briskly, that
    wasn’t what he came for.
    “Hello!” He bustled in through the door and
    met his parents on the dinning, already eating
    “Breakfast?” He glanced at the wall clock and
    walked closer. His ‘hello’ wasn’t replied, he
    never cared likewise. Wasn’t it too early to
    eat? “I said hello!” He walked closer.
    “How did you get into this compound? Have
    you forgotten your words?” His father
    challenged him.
    “I came here just to tell you that you’ve
    succeeded in making her sick again, everytime
    she gets sick, I’ll curse you!”
    “Was Musa not at the gate? How did you
    “I never knew you’ve told him you don’t wish
    to see me any longer. I have never seen this
    kind of parents before, you’re callous, always
    unmoved, wicked and heartless! Don’t you two
    know you aren’t meant for each other? See
    what you’ve turned Christina too, a sickler
    without hope.. you’re wicked!”
    His mother smiled faintly. “You’re so
    senseless! You lack courtesy and etiquette.
    She has anaemia, yes, we never denied her
    until you two behaved stupidly. I thought you
    could handle it yourself.”
    “Is this a mother?” He gave her a stern look
    while the woman stood furiously and slapped
    him. “How dare you?”
    “I’m not moved to an inch, even if you wish to
    stab me. I know your type, always trying to
    satisfy your selfish desires at the detriment of
    your children. If she dies, I’m going to kill you,
    Dad and myself.” He walked out as he held on
    to his cheek, weeping.
    Lawrence walked into Davies’ house with his
    two men. He looked enraged as he stepped
    into the house. “You mean that last lady must
    have escaped?” He asked.
    “Yes sir.. or maybe she wasn’t around.” One of
    the guys replied.
    “No, I’m sure! I’m really sure.” He repeated.
    “We have to get this place cleaned up and
    make sure these corpses are packed. I called
    the hospital already, for the ambulance. And,
    search the whole house thoroughly for that
    attaché case, it contains the vital documents.”
    “Yes boss.” The guys chorused.
    “After we worked for many years, how could he
    be the only one who will inherit all the
    companies? Just get all that done, I hope you
    aren’t armed.”
    “We are not sir.”
    “That’s good, you know I have to be at Mart’s
    place too, concerning his death and the likes.”
    He said.
    “Alright boss.”
    “So, search everywhere thoroughly for the
    documents or any vital evidence.” He said and
    walked out.
    Richard hastened into his sister’s room as the
    door was opened by Stephanie. “Bestie.. how
    are you?” He quickly asked.
    She looked pale and ill. “I’m not alright at all.”
    She replied as she breathed slowly.
    “Again? What really happened?” He asked
    “She’s been feeling somehow since yesterday
    evening till this morning that everything had
    gone worse.”
    “Alright… but you should have called me
    yesterday, that’s not the case now sha, let’s
    go to the hospital.” He said as he brushed to
    his feet.

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    Story dat touches…sobz!

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    Knowing ur genotypes b4 saying I do is very important. Nt dat u bring children into d world n suffer dem wat know nothing of. Richie, I feel ur anger but take it easy with ur folks, na love mata.

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