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    hmmmm tht was serious

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    John could had just reveal that to them long time and all these could have been avoided.

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    my brithday is coming very very soon ooooooooooooooooooo

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    Pizza Girl Season 2 Episode 25

    (She Was Trouble, Until She Met Him)

    ©️Authoress Ti Fe


    “I have always wanted Caroline to love me like she loved Jacob. To love my children the way she loves Diana. But she never did.” He said.

    “So you thought the best way was to kill her?” The detective asked.
    “I wouldn’t lie about anything because John must have told you everything.” He said and I was running impatient. I wanted to punch him on the face so badly. But the police didn’t let us in.
    “ISAAC please calm down. He will tell us everything.” Mom said as we watched from the glass.

    “I wanted Diana dead when I saw that she willed all the properties i gave her to Diana. I was expecting her to share it among them, at least give the largest share to our children, my children but instead she gave out everything! Everything to Diana who never loved her.” He said angrily.

    “And did Caroline know anything about this?” He further asked.
    “No she didn’t. Do you expect me to tell her I want to kill the daughter she loved the most? It’s not possible.” He said.
    “So you claim you are guilty.” He said.

    “Yes I am. And it hurts me to see that Diana isn’t the one dead. I gave Caroline everything, my love, money. Only for me to know she never loved me but was just after my money and property. And she is still in love with Jacob.” He said and I so vexed.

    “So you wanted your tracks clean that’s why you sent John instead. Using his fears against him?” The cop asked.

    “Yes and it’s not my fault that he couldn’t be a man when he ought to. He was so scared of dying and it got the best of him.” He said and I punched the wall In anger.
    “He doesn’t even have any remorse! Why would Caroline go for someone like this just because of money!” I said angrily and mom held my hand.

    “Isaac please calm down.” She said.

    “No! Enoch is dead! Dead because of him! dead because of Caroline selfish act! Dead because John couldn’t be a man! They are all at fault!”

    “Can you imagine the pain my mother is going through now? Finding her son that has been lost for 20 years and losing the one that has being with her for 18years!” I yelled and she hugged me.

    “Isaac I am so sorry. I understand you, you aren’t the only one hurting. I have always warned my sister that money isn’t everything. I knew she loved Jacob but couldn’t stay because that time he had little.”

    “I tried talking her out on it but she is the most stubborn lady I have ever met. She went ahead with the marriage. Danielle who was her best friend also talked to her and that led to a fight, and now the lose of her second son.”
    “I understand you Isaac.” She said and I started to cry.
    “I can’t believe Enoch is gone.” I said in tears.

    “I don’t believe too, cos it’s hard. But things we don’t wish for happens, many people are there, their family members die, they never wish for it. None of us does, but it still happens. That’s life Isaac.”

    “Your mother is the most hurting one here. If you are like this, how do you expect her to be? You need to be with her now. She needs you more than ever, cos only you can console her.” She said and I nodded.

    “Thanks Mom.” I said and she smiled faintly.

    “You should go and see Danielle now.” She said.

    “And you?” I asked.
    “I need to speak to John before I leave. I will be fine okay? Be there for your mother.” She said and I kissed her forehead before walking away.


    “They got Elisha. Everything will be okay.” I said to Mrs Danielle and she nodded staring at the ceiling.

    She has been like that since she stopped crying. I just hope Isaac gets here on time. She needs him now, I can’t do this alone.
    “When is your husband coming home?” I asked her trying to keep the conversation going.

    “Soon. He will be here soon. I don’t even know what to say to him. That our son got caught up in some other families problems?” She said and I sighed.
    “Everything will be fine. I promise.” I said.

    “Don’t make promises you can’t fufiled Diana.” She said and I nodded sadly.
    “Danielle.” Someone called and we both looked up to see a man. He looked so much like Enoch and I could guess he was his father. Isaac’s stepfather.
    “Daniel.” She called sitting up.
    “Oh my baby.” He said hugging her tightly and I didn’t know when I smiled. He still calls her Baby.
    “Daniel I am so sorry.” She said in tears.

    “Don’t say anything. I heard everything. It’s hurting and I know how you feel.” He said in a shaky voice.

    “Daniel I don’t know what to do nor what to feel.” She said and tears rolled down my eyes.
    “I understand you need to grief. This is our only son. I am trying to stay strong for you.” He said.
    “He isn’t our only son.” She said and he furrowed his brows.
    “I should wait outside.” I said but she stopped me.

    “No it’s fine.” She said and I nodded.

    “What do you mean by he isn’t our only son?” He asked.
    “I found my first son. I found our son.” She said and he smiled.
    “You did?” He asked and she nodded.

    “I did.” She replied.
    “Where is he?” He asked and she was about replying when Isaac barged into the ward.
    “Mother.” He called and they both looked at him.
    “Here.” She said and he stood up.
    “He is the one? What’s his name?” He asked approaching him.

    “Isaac, I am Isaac and you are?” Isaac replied.
    “Daniel. Your father.” He said hugging him and he looked at Danielle in confusion.

    “I thought my father was dead.” He said as they disengaged.
    “He is. This is your Stepfather, he is also your father and he loves you dearly. We both searched for you.” She said and he looked at Daniel.

    Tears rolled down my eyes to see them that way. Happy.

    I wish my stepfather was also as loving as this. But I guess my mother got married to a d**k cos of money.


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    Pizza Girl Season 2 Semi Final

    (She Was Trouble, Until She Met Him)

    ©️Authoress Ti Fe


    I smiled when I saw the family reunite. It was a great happiness to see that boy that I met on the streets finally has a home to live in. A home where they will love him no matter what.

    But on my own side, I guess my only home is with Aunt Rita. She is the only one I can trust and love, not even my mother.

    “Diana.” Somebody called from outside the ward and when I looked there I saw Caroline.
    “What do you want?” I said storming out in anger.

    “Baby please listen to me. I am sorry.” She said in tears.
    “Don’t even get started with me. You have gotten what you want with Elisha. The money, losing your child, hatred from everyone including your own blood.”

    “I shouldn’t be the one you are apologizing to. You have been doing that for a very long time now and when I thought I should have a reason to forgive you, because you are my mother, your true self finally showed me you aren’t worth anyone to love you.”
    “Because of you, you left me with Aunt Rita, because of you, Isaac’s father is dead and he was on the streets for 20years, because of you I almost died of poison, because of you Mom fell in love with John, because of you Enoch is dead! It’s all your fault! Because none of this would have happened if you stood with father when things were hard.”

    “I can’t blame him if he has a family somewhere else now and has the money to cater for them. The patient dog eats the fattest bone. I don’t want to ever see you anywhere near me, because I never want to be like you!”

    “I hate you and regret having you as my mother. I wish the table turned and the barren one is you, while Aunt Rita is my real mother. All this wouldn’t have happened, you know why?”

    “Because she isn’t driven off the edge by material things.” I said in anger.

    “How dare you talk to me like that?” She said raising her hand to slap me and before it landed on my face someone held her back.
    “Don’t you dare touch my daughter.” Father said pushing her back.

    “Father.” I said happily hugging him and he kissed my head.
    “What are you doing here?” I asked.

    “I heard the rumors. I had to rush down here to see if you and Isaac are okay.” He said shooting mother a disappointed look.

    “I am fine but Isaac isn’t. He just lost his brother, and Caroline’s husband is the cause of it. He tried to kill me and Enoch took it instead.” I said and his eyes widened.

    “What?” He said and we both looked at her.

    “Jacob don’t even start acting like the saint you aren’t. Help me talk to Diana, I can’t lose her.” She said.

    “At least I ain’t the devil here. When you took my daughter away from me,I begged you! I begged you to stay but you were already blinded by the money Elisha had.”
    “I knew things would go wrong, but he killing our daughter, is one thing I didn’t expect at all. You should be grateful he didn’t succeed, cos I would kill your children one by one right in your presence.” He said angrily.

    I was shocked seeing him that way because I have never seen him get so angry. I looked at Caroline and I saw she was equally shocked.

    “Go away. We don’t need you here. You have done enough damage.” Father Said holding my hand.

    “I will go. But I need you to know I love you. I love you so much Diana, and I love you too Jacob.” She said.

    “Oh please, don’t tell me that.” He said and she ran out of the hospital in tears. I turned to father and hugged him letting out all the tears on him.

    “At least the devil is gone. We can now have peace of mind.” I said in tears.

    “She is still your mother Diana. You should find a place in your heart to forgive her. I know it won’t be easy, so I give you time.” He said and I sighed nodding.
    We both looked inside the ward and I saw Isaac looked happy with his family. The father Daniel too looked like the happiest father on Earth.

    “,Who is that?” Father asked.
    “Isaac’s stepfather.” I replied with a smile on my face.

    “Hey Diana. Come in.” Isaac said waving to me and I smiled walking into the ward.
    “You are my sons girlfriend.” Daniel said and I nodded smiling.
    “I am so happy you two met each other. He has told me many things about you, starting from when you first met.” He said and I nodded.

    “I don’t regret having Isaac in my life Sir. Though when he came in good and bad things from my family happened to him. I will still love him, I will love him forever.”
    “I am just scared that it may not need mutual, not after what my family did to him and his brother.” I said bowing my head in tears.

    “Hey. C’mon you know I can never hate you. You are not your mother, the lady I am in love with isn’t driven by material things because she fell in love with a street boy who also ate garbage. I love you and will always do. You gave me a life when I had no one.” He said and I rose up my head.
    Tears filled both of ours eyes and we hugged each other weeping.


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    Pizza Girl Season 2 Final

    (She Was Trouble, Until She Met Him)

    ©️Authoress Ti Fe

    At Enoch’s Burial Ceremony


    Everything the Priest said at the burial, I didn’t hear anything. All I did was weep on Diana’s shoulders.

    I couldn’t endure the pay and act like a man. It was so so hurting. I wished that I had the chance to talk to him polity before the truth came out at all.

    But we were in good terms. We even fought because of my girlfriend. All the memories floaded my head and I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing.

    “Isaac it’s your turn to say something about Enoch.” Diana whispered Into my ears bringing me back to reality.

    I stood up in front of the whole congregation and walked to the alter where the microphone was. I cleaned my face as soon as I got there.

    Mother was next to father, her head on his shoulders looking at me. Father was trying to stay strong.

    Diana was next to mom, they looked so sad too and that was so overwhelming for me. They are the only ones I have left.
    Tron and his sisters were also seated. They looked sad too and I sighed finally summoning the courage to talk.

    “The first time I knew Enoch. Gosh, he was a real trouble maker.” I said smiling and the congregation laughed for some seconds.

    “To be honest, he did everything to piss me off especially when I thought he was after my girlfriend. I hated his presence around me.” I said remembering how we tackled each other at Caroline’s party.

    “There was even a time I punched him in the face and he bled out. I didn’t regret a bit of it.” I said in a shaky voice.

    “But when I knew the truth of my identity, and that Enoch was my brother, I felt hurt. I wanted to make up for the times we fought and hated each other.”

    “The most surprising part was when he came to me after knowing the truth. I never believed he would see me as his brother, after seeing me as a street boy the whole time.”
    “He impressed me and made me feel more loved. Because of him, I came out of the room I locked myself after hearing the news.”
    “I wanted to know that soft side of my little brother. I have always wanted one and he has always wanted a big brother too.”

    “But death, being who she is, snatched him away from me.” I said and bursted Into tears.
    “But I am happy because I spent minutes with him after the truth was out. I talked to my little brother the way the big brother should.”

    “And I know Enoch is very happy wherever is he right now.”
    “I just want to say, I cherish those few minutes Enoch. I love you so much little brother.” I said in tears walking down the alter.

    I looked into the casket and saw how gentle he looked lying there.
    “Let’s rise.” The priest said.
    “Hey.” Diana said and I looked at her. She hugged me and I swept on her even more.


    After two Week

    “Son you staying here will keep bringing back the memories. And i don’t want you to be sad your whole life. I am sending you to New York.” Daniel said and Issac’s eyes widened.

    “What? New York?” He asked In shock and I smiled feeling happy for him.

    “Yes and that’s not all. Diana will be going with you.” He said and my eyes widened.

    “I am?” I asked happily.
    “You two are engaged now. You are free to go anywhere you want together. I have everything under control.” He said and Isaac hugged him.

    “You are the best father. I really appreciate this. But what of mom? Would she be happy without Diana next to her? To help her in the pizza shop?” He said and I looked at Aunt Rita.
    “I want Diana to be happy for ever because she Worths it. If she wants to go with you, fine. She is engaged and would be getting married soon. I can’t stop her, she is no more a kid. And the Pizza shop, it’s under control.” She said and I smiled. I ran to her and hugged her tightly.

    “Mom you know I will always love you.” I said and she nodded happily.

    “And I will always love you too. Be happy Child.” She said and I nodded smiling.

    “Who else has anything else to say?” Isaac’s father asked and Danielle raised up her hand.
    “I am going to miss my two cuties. We should have a family hug.” She said standing up and we all hugged each other happily.
    But just for the records, Enoch was never forgotten.


    I give praise to the Almighty God for the success of this novel. To be honest, I wanted this novel to at most have 30 chapters, but now it ended at 65 chapters.
    God has been the source of everything. He gives me everything, every bit and that’s what make me an exception. All glory I return to him
    I also thank all my fans that have been following this story from the beginning, even my other stories. Thank you all so much, for your encouragement, comments, the tasks which we completed.

    I love y’all .


    Where do I even start? This story has great lessons, I mean lot of lessons. I will list few and you can help me out with the rest.

    1. Never look down on anyone. No matter the position he or she is presently. Never do that because you don’t know where you will meet the person the the future.

    ✔️ Diana never looked down on Isaac and she never regretted it

    ✔️Enoch made that mistake and he regretted it.

    2. Age is just a number. Love isn’t driven by the Age. Issac and Diana are the perfect couples despite the age difference.
    3. Never let material things push you into destruction.

    ✔️ Caroline destroyed her life because of material things and that’s why she wasn’t talked about anymore

    4. To the step parents. Always treat your partner’s child with love because they are also your children.

    ✔️This is what Elisha didn’t understand, but Daniel got it perfectly.

    5. Death isn’t a respecter of anyone, so the best thing is to keep praying for ourselves and our loved ones.

    6. Comment what you have learnt in the comment box and rate this novel.

    Thank you all

    ©️ Authoress Tife

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    Beautiful ending


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    Jboy young
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