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    Give him a chance

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    wow dat was nice

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    Atleast you managed to say sis

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    EPISODE 17
    “Why did you turn down my lunch request on Saturday?” Dare asked as took his seat.
    I rolled my eyes. “I was under no obligation to accept your invitation, was I?” I asked.
    “No.” he replied. “How is your speech for the Annual Meeting coming?”
    “I have something drafted up, but I will check with Toni later in the evening” I replied. Dare cleared his throat. “Is there any problem?” I asked.
    “No, just make sure that the speech is fabulous” he replied, as he walked out.
    It was lonely on the top floor. I could understand why the top floor used to be for Dare and his ex. They would have some cherished moments on the top floor. I couldn’t doubt the fact that Dare must have taken interest in me. Why else would he bring me to the top floor? He claims it is professional, but cheap tales will not buy me. I stared through the large window that provided me an amazing view into the city. ‘Looking might help ease the boredom’ I thought.
    “How is the lady on the top floor doing?” Toni asked, barging in.
    I was so excited to see her that I could not rebuke her for barging in. “Take me away from here” I said, hugging her. I did not like being away from Toni; it was boring. “I miss you Mrs Small”
    “Oh please…”she stressed, releasing me from the embrace. “You have a beautiful office here. I can see you changed the wall papers, Reina liked it Turquoise”
    “Toni, you know so much about Reina, why is that?” I asked.
    She sighed and took her seat. “Reina attended the same high school as Dare and I”
    “Wow! You were Dare’s school mate?” I asked, taking my seat.
    She smiled and nodded her head in agreement. “We attended virtually all the same schools”. It sounded like ‘Jake and I’ to me. “Reina was in love with Dare since we were kids and she did not stop until she was finally his prom date. The whole school rocked when they won Prom King and Queen as a couple. They were a cute couple.”
    “Why did they split?” I asked curiously.
    “Reina had her excesses. I am not saying that Dare is a saint, but Reina always pushed him too far. She always wanted to be the captain of the relationship; she took decisions on Dare’s behalf, especially concerning this firm”
    “Hold on Toni, I can’t believe that Dare would have allowed anyone ‘boss’ him.” I said, interrupting.
    Toni scoffed. “Anything is possible when you are in love. He loved her but their break up was inevitable. She took swipes at every lady around Dare, including myself, and I guess she also got bored of him.” Toni paused and smiled. I raised my eyebrows in anticipation. “You are so into Dare right?” she asked.
    “Oh, come on… why do you say so?”
    Toni knelt before me and held my hands. “Don’t fall in love with him”. I immediately released myself from her grip. “He’ll make you suffer”. She then took her seat and smiled. “Did I act like a mother?” I shook my head.
    “Are you also taking lessons from Chuck Norris?” I asked. “My step…umh…My sister also spits out some unbelievable jokes, and she is a Chuck Norris ardent. I am not in the least attracted to Dare, I am only interested in a few details about him, and maybe I could psychoanalyze him”
    “If you want to analyze him, you can meet him in person. But, I think there is more to your interest in Dare, anyways he and Reina ended things maturely.” She said.
    Mrs Small was taking a swipe at the way my relationship ended with Paul. “How did you know that they ended their relationship on good terms?” I asked with a grin.
    “I think I was well informed with that relationship, maybe I skipped out on the bedroom details. Anyways, to your question, Reina still sends Dare monthly good will messages, and don’t ask me how I know that” she replied, standing up. “By the ways, how are things with you and Dora?”
    “I think we are coming along well, she is very sweet, except on her dry days when she dishes out what she calls ‘jokes’.” I replied, pouring myself a cup of coffee. “Do you care?” I asked. Toni nodded in affirmative and I handed her a cup. “Here you go.”
    “Thanks dear, is there any news on Paul yet?” she asked.
    I had no answer to Toni’s question. Dora and I haven’t started our investigations yet. “There is no news yet. I am going to contract a detective on his case before the week runs out; hopefully I can find him alive.” I wiped the tears that were soon gathering in my eyes. “I’ll find him Toni.” I said, trying to assure myself.
    “Don’t worry Darlene, I am sure that Paul won’t hurt himself.” She replied
    She was right! If Paul should commit suicide, he won’t be hurting himself because he’d already be dead. The only person he could hurt directly would be me, as I will feel guilty about his death. “Toni, I need you to help me look at my speech for the annual meeting,” I said, trying to divert from my current sorrow.
    “I’ll check it over lunch. Do you want to go with me to Chinese?” she asked, approaching the door.
    I nodded my head in agreement. She winked at me and closed the door gently. Thoughts of Paul flowed through my mind as soon as Mrs Small left. There was a light tap on the door. “Please come in”
    “How are you finding your new environment?” Dare asked.
    I had to be professional about my duties and start ‘compromising the truth’ when necessary. “It’s been wonderful here,” I replied, with a large smile.
    “You don’t have to tell a lie Darlene,” he said taking his seat. “By the way, you look beautiful when you smile,” he said. I smiled. “I was teasing,” he said, quickly.
    I frowned.
    “I like it when you frown, your attitude is enchanting” he replied, with a grin. I shook my head. “Do you mind joining me for lunch this afternoon?” he asked.
    I smiled. “I am booked for lunch.” I replied, as I opened my laptop.
    “You turned down my request on Saturday, and you are doing it again today, why?”
    I shrugged. “I am booked today, just like I was on Saturday. I am having lunch with Mrs Small, I don’t know if she will appreciate a third party”
    Dare laughed. “Third party?” he asked. I didn’t need to give him an answer. “I am no third party to Toni, not that I want to tag along, but she won’t refuse me”
    I grinned. “I’ll have to check with her,” I replied, lifting the receiver of the intercom. Dare was all smiles as soon as I dropped the receiver. I don’t have to tell you how the conversation went. Toni said, ‘I’ll be honoured to have him with us, yaayyy!’ What a woman! Couldn’t she have guessed by the tone of my voice that I didn’t want Dare with us at lunch?
    “So, do you want me?” he asked.
    I drew a dry hiss. “Do I have a choice?” I asked. “Oh…yeah, you are also the boss!”
    Dare stood up. “I will not come if you don’t want me there.” He then reached for the door. “See you later”
    “Please join us.” I said, almost sounding desperate.

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    EPISODE 18
    “Fond memories, right?” Dare asked Toni as we ate. She gave a sheepish smile. I flashed at her in annoyance. How could they be talking of fond memories when I had no idea of what their discussion was about. Toni would not bulge.
    “Except, that we are replacing a face here,” she replied.
    “For our sakes, I wouldn’t call it replacing, more of changing.” He said.
    ‘How is replacing different from changing?’ I thought. My salad was going cold as I drummed my fork effortlessly on the plate. It was not responsible for any of my problems yet I could genuinely dish my anger out on the plate.
    “I hope you don’t feel lost, we were just catching up on old memories.” Dare said, as if he had read my thoughts. I scoffed. ‘Why were they acting as though they did not work in the same office, or as if they were just meeting for the first time?’ I had no idea of what they were discussing and what they should have done was to save their discussion for later, maybe in the car when I could distract myself with my Blackberry. Reaching for my phone now will seem inappropriate; it is called lunch, not talk time!
    “Not lost!” I replied, almost too sharply. Toni immediately cleared her throat to cover up what could have been likened to a ‘jealous housewife reaction’ if noticed by other customers. “I meant, I am not lost, something caught my throat,” I lied.
    “Sorry about that. You have barely touched your salad, do you want to re-order?” Dare asked.
    If Salad could be cold on my tongue, I wondered what wouldn’t be at this junction. “No, thank you.” I replied.
    “Toni and I used to frequent this place with Reina when she still worked with us.” He said, sipping his wine. “She loves very classy environments, I won’t be surprised to find her here,” he added. I remained mute. “Are you sure you don’t want to re-order?” he asked, staring at me.
    I smiled as I swallowed some salad. That felt like a bitter pill to swallow. “I am fine, you see.” Who was I trying to convince? I guess more of myself. I snapped out of my thoughts and sipped my wine. “When is my first practice session?” I asked.
    “You are quite eager about getting into our playground.” He replied. “It will take a while, after the annual meeting this Friday, we will look into the date.” That meant good news for me. “Do you guys mind visiting the park with me?” he asked.
    ‘Now he feels like running and he needs company,’ I thought. I looked at Toni, who had no objection as she flashed a smile. “It’s okay by me.” The rest of the lunch was a bit quiet, except for the occasional, ‘hope you aren’t offended with my presence?’ question asked by Dare. I remained mute. I did not give any answer to Dare’s questions. A smile was enough.
    We strolled into the central park. I walked by Toni’s side putting her in the middle, I did not want to walk beside Dare. “I will just sit over there while you get on tracks.” I said, approaching a bench.
    “Who said anything about me running?” he asked.
    I shrugged. “You don’t have to.”
    “I brought us here to see you run,” he replied, staring at me.
    “Yeah…right!” I drew a dry hiss and sat on a bench. Dare left with Toni. ‘Who does he think he is’ I asked myself. ‘This isn’t the office and he can’t be dishing out orders to me. If he misses Reina so much, he could send for her to amuse him by running round the park, but certainly not me!’ I said aloud.
    Dare returned with Toni and some clothes. “Here you go dear, just change in the bathroom over there,” he said, pointing at the bathroom on the far left. “Hurry, those ladies are waiting for you,” he waved at some ladies who waved back.
    “You can’t be serious.” I replied.
    “It’s just for the fun,” Toni said.
    “Fun? I think you should enter for the contest Toni.” I replied, standing up. “I am sorry that you both wasted your time going to get me clothes, but I am not interested in a race”
    Dare sighed. “It’s fine Darlene. I was just pulling your legs anyways,” he replied.
    “Thanks for the scare.” I replied, clutching my bag to my arm.
    “You are such a chicken Darlene,” Toni said. “I can’t believe that you are scared of the crowd here,” she added quickly.
    I scoffed. “I am only being cautious, not scared” I replied. “Well, I suppose we are done here.”
    “Apparently, since you refused to partake in a challenge, we have nothing else to do here; we will be heading back to the office.” He replied. “I will go and get the car.” He added and left.
    I flashed at Toni in annoyance. “What were you thinking?” I asked.
    “It’s not that much of a big deal Darlene; we just wanted you to compete with the other women in the race. I felt that you will do well in the race.” She replied, smiling.
    “Really? And you didn’t figure that you would fare better in the race? If Dare wants amusement, there are better ways to get it, not through me!” I replied.
    Toni shook her head. “It’s all over now, you can calm down. You look worked up. I think you were more scared of not impressing Dare than not getting on the tracks.” She added with a smile.
    “Come on Toni, I have no reason to impress him.” I replied, with my eyebrows raised. “Here comes Dare.” I said, as I sighted him. “Shall we?”
    The journey to the office continued with Dare and Toni chattering about high school days, especially the Prom event, with Dare likening himself to a Prince on that night. I forced myself to listen to my I-Pod as I struggled with making selections from Owl City to Adele, they would play low, and I was still interested in listening to Dare and Toni. I was the first to hop out of the car when we arrived at the office.
    “Darlene, a postman came here looking for you at lunch.” My secretary said, as I approached her. “He left this note for you.” She stretched out a paper to me.
    “Thanks Bola.” I replied, and walked into my office.
    I opened the note slowly. “Let’s see who we have here.” I raced to the address. It came from Bahamas. “Jake is such a kid. What happened to emails?” I said aloud. Since it was from Jake, I could read it on my way home. I folded it and dropped it in my bag. I turned on my laptop and started reading law tips. I had to prepare for my practise session. I called an Events House to book a meeting with them after work; Dora’s coming out party had to be planned. I would have had Jake plan it if he was available, but due to his absence, I had to plan it.
    I was glad when the clock struck 5pm. I had to catch the bus at Broad Street. I hurried to the elevator.
    “Darlene, can you spare a minute?” Dare said as he stuck his head out of his door.
    ‘You have to be kidding me,’ I thought. “Yes Boss.” I replied and left for his office.
    “Sorry to delay you but I need you to take a look at a few files for me.”
    I placed my bag on a seat. “Where are the files?”
    “I am sorry I lied, I need to talk to you.” He said, looking worried.

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    I Hope u are safe

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    What did he want and why will he lied to you

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