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    what did he say?

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    EPISODE 21
    “I would not be surprised if you are just reading this letter 2 to 3 days after getting it. It shows that you are still the Darlene that I have always known, always jumping into conclusions, the letter is from ME, not Jake. I would like to ask a favour from you. Do not hate Jake for bringing me to the Bahamas. I know you are shocked to read that Jake took me to the Bahamas, but he knows what to do for a friend, well, not really friends.
    I apologize for the show that I put up with the gun and all. I was clueless and scared of loosing you. I apologize once again, and I hope that you forgive me.
    Breaking up with you has been hard, but I am moving on fine. It has been slow, but I am determined to put you aside and move on. I know that it would be impossible to forget you. Before you hear the last of me, permit me to tell you all that I was not able to say when we last met.
    I never lied to you when I said I love you. I have always loved you since the first day I set my eyes on you, but I cannot say that I will always love you because I intend to move on, just as I know you have. Darlene, you were very special to me. You were my first special girl. You are nothing like every other girl I know, and that is why I will always respect you. You are the woman that every man wants, but not every part of you is what a man wants. You do not always have to be so FORTHRIGHT. From the first day we started our relationship, you were so straight with me that ‘you never loved me’, you did not have to put it that way. Not every man can cope with your being so forthright. I could not, and I am sorry.
    Darlene, you never TRIED to love me. You did not appreciate my love; I worked hard towards making myself a man worthy of you, but you were not ready to see him. Darlene, not every man can be exactly the type of man that you want, but you could have made me better, I was willing to try. U never was.
    D, about that guy you brought to my place, your boss, right? Look, I know that he is exactly your type-Elegant, and a perfect debonair, but I think I am going to be the first to slam the relationship before it happens, he will never make you happy. Love is everywhere around you, be open to it.
    Okay, I am done writing you, I still miss you, and I had a nice time with Jacob to be honest, he enrolled me here for a retreat in order to help me ‘find myself.
    Darlene, you are a perfect woman for any man, maybe, I am not just the perfect man for you. However, I believe that I deserve better. I will find someone else when the time is right and move on properly.
    Once again, don’t forget all that I have said. I may not be the perfect advisor, but I don’t think that your boss will ever make you happy. He might be your fantasy but he is not your Prince.
    I sighed. I read the letter for the second time, but this time, not aloud. Dora patted me on the back and left to join Kolapo in the house. I folded the letter and placed it carefully beside me. My Juice was now cold and it almost felt impossible to take another gulp. Paul’s words were more scratchy than scary. At first, I thought that he might have carried out his threats and committed suicide, but thanks to Jake, Paul is aiming at moving forward and even admonishing me on my next relationship. He even feels that Dare might be my next!
    I almost couldn’t hear Dora call until she tapped me. “Hey, I am sorry. Is there a problem?”
    “Are you so sure of Jake’s safety? Paul could be dangerous.” She said, taking her seat.
    “Jake will be fine. If he took Paul with him to the Bahamas, he must be aware of his actions. I am only curious as to why Jake didn’t tell me, he would never hide a thing from me.”
    “Here is a first” she shrugged.
    Dora was right. There is always a first time, but I never had imagined that Jake would hide a thing like this from me. “Yes.” I replied coolly.
    “Let’s imagine that both are safe. What do you intend to do about Daniel?” I stared at her. “The stalker”
    “He claims he is no stalker.”
    “They never tell. Why is he everywhere? Coincidence?”
    “I really don’t know, but I will get a restraining order, I won’t be taking any chances with that guy. By the way, Does KP work at Williams too?”
    Dora raised her eyebrows. “No. Why do you ask?”
    “He is always bringing you home, so I thought you guys might work together, and you know, I have never really asked him where he works.”
    “I think you guys should chat a little, he is inside and bored. Do you mind keeping him company?”
    “I am a bit stressed out now, maybe some other time.” I replied, standing.
    “Really? Are you going to deny my boyfriend the opportunity of having a chat with you? Don’t be mean sis, it won’t take forever, you know.”
    Kolapo smiled. “How are you today?”
    “Good. And you?” I replied casually.
    “Fine.” He cleared his throat. “I am happy to learn that you are getting along well with Dora. She’s a good girl”
    I smiled. “I know that. I am also pleased to have a good relationship with her.”
    “So, how is law going for you?”
    “I am at the initials, so I can’t say that I have really started the court cases and all, but I am doing pretty fine.” I sprawled out into the sofa. I was exhausted, and with this interview with KP, I might just get more exhausted.
    Kolapo stared at me for a while and said. “I think you are naturally boring.” My eyes popped open like a shotgun. “Do you have any fun at all? Anything spontaneous about you?”
    “I do have fun, but only when necessary, I try to keep the balance.” I replied.
    “Necessary doesn’t imply that you strike a balance, it sounds like only 5% of your life. I think you should hang out with me on maybe one or two occasions, I bet you will have fun.”
    “I do have fun.” I argued. “Only yesterday night, I was at the movies, and then at the Central Town square. I do have fun.” I insisted.
    “Who are you trying to convince? Me? Or yourself?”
    KP was right. I was trying to convince myself. Fun isn’t for me, or is it? I sighed, and diverted from our discussion. “Where do you work?”
    “I run a beauty parlour.”
    “Seriously?” I asked, looking surprised.
    He winked. “Yes. ‘KP’s Place’ is the name. You will get every treatment to bring life to the body and soul.”
    “KP’s place? I have heard of it in South Africa. When was it established?”
    “Yes. It’s been for over two years. I have the head office in Johannesburg; I just started the Lagos Outfit six months ago.” He replied, handing me a business card.
    “I will definitely check it out.” I said.
    “If you can come to my Beauty Parlour, you will get a fabulous treatment and then we could hang out a little. We could do that this weekend.”
    “I am very busy this weekend, maybe some other time, but we will fix an appropriate date for that.”
    I left Kolapo in the Living room and left for my bedroom. “I have missed you.” I said, slumping into my bed. All I could think about was sleeping. I sprawled out on the bed without eve taking off my clothes. I could sleep in shoes in this condition. My phone buzzed. It was a message from Jake.
    “I am in Nigeria.” It read.

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    EPISODE 22
    “Good morning Darlene.” Bola, my secretary said, flashing a smile at me.
    “Hi Bola. Hope you had a nice rest.” I called back.
    I dropped my handbag beside my chair and lifted the Dailies from the table. I widened my eyes as I lifted another paper; all the headlines read the same news.
    ‘Magnificent way for Jake to announce his arrival’ I thought as I grabbed my phone. There was a light tap on the door. “Please come in.”
    “Good morning Darlene.”
    “Good morning Dare” I stared at his wrapped fist. “Did you break a bone?”
    He smiled. “Daniel is a whole lot, his face broke my bone.” He took his seat. “How are you doing?”
    “I am fine. I appreciate what you did for me with Daniel.” I said, staring at his fist.
    He shrugged. “It was nothing. I hope you have Friday under control.”
    “Yes, I do.”
    Dare rose to his feet. “I will be in my office.” He replied, and left. I dialled Jake’s phone, but he didn’t answer it. ‘Maybe cooling off at the Police Station’ I thought. Jake must have been tipsy and gotten into an unreasonable fight. I concluded my thoughts and wrapped up my speech for Friday. I started rehearsing my speech. I stuttered over a few lines, but I had a conviction that I would still do fine on Friday.
    “Knock knock,” Toni said, as she walked in.
    “Good morning Mrs Small.” I said, rising to my feet. “Please sit,” I said, pointing at a seat.
    “Already feeling like an office owner,” Toni said, taking her seat. “Anyways, Case 1, I heard you were arrested, along with Dare. That’s romantic, did you share a cell?” she asked clapping her hands with glee.
    “Sorry to disappoint you, we were locked up for only thirty minutes, and also, we had separate cells.”
    Toni laughed. “Case 2, Have you seen the papers this morning? Your Jake is such a wonder. He was reported to have gotten into a fight at 11:45 last night; the papers said he was tipsy.”
    “Tipsy? Oh, come on, Jake does whatever he likes.” I said, sounding uninterested. I still felt hurt by Jake not telling me about taking Paul to the Bahamas. “He will be alright; the highest punishment he will get will be a fine for causing an upset in a public place.”
    Toni shrugged. “How do you plan to take care of your so-called stalker, I heard about the man.”
    “I have no idea of what to make of the whole thing now. He claims not to be a stalker, but I cannot trust him totally. He is everywhere.”
    “Maybe coincidental meetings, but just to be safe, get a restraining order on him. That won’t hurt.”
    I nodded. “I am processing that. I hope I can have it as soon as possible.” Toni stared at me for a while, as though she had something to say. She then swallowed. “What is it Toni?”
    “Nothing.” She rose to her feet. “I’ll see you tomorrow; I have a case this evening.” She replied and left.
    Jake’s phone was unreachable. ‘Must be having a nice time with the police’ I thought. The Police won’t miss on the opportunity to arrest a celebrity’s kid, especially one who can dish out enough money for his bail, but by the look of things, it seemed like Jake didn’t want to pay any bail, as his phone was unreachable.
    There was a knock on the door. “Please come in.”
    “Excuse me Darlene. Dare said that you should get ready to accompany him to the City Mall.” Bola said.
    “Thank you.”
    We arrived at the City mall an hour later. Dare walked briskly into the building and I followed without asking any questions. I started getting used to the idea that Dare might just want me to be anywhere he was. What could I do to stop that? He is the boss!
    “Darlene, meet Carl Frampton from London, he is going to be helping you with your first practise session.”
    “Hello Mr. Frampton.” I greeted courteously, exchanging pecks. I stared at Dare without a clue. He didn’t tell me that he had organised a meeting for me.
    “I guess you will be fine. Let’s see you battle out the initials in the courtroom. The first session is always a surprise.”
    I walked into a room that had some audience and a top Lagos Activist as the Judge. ‘Dare wants me roasted’ I thought. The Clerk went through the formalities and he called the case.
    “The State Vs Mr Jacob Martin-Oje.” He called.
    I turned round and watched my best friend walk in guarded by a police. He flashed a smile at me.
    “It’s your first test, but if you do well, he will be free to go home with you, if not, your friend will start community service tomorrow.” Carl whispered into my ears.
    I smiled back at Jake, and I could not wait to defend my best friend, of which I knew nothing about his actions.
    “Ms Williams, you are the defendant to Jacob Martin-Oje, it should be a mere test case, but if you score even a 79 point by my rating, Mr Martin-Oje will start community service. You need 80 points to get him discharged and acquitted.” The judge announced.
    Jake stuck his tongue out at me as I rose to my feet. I smiled. ‘Community service won’t be a bad idea.’ I thought smiling at him. He frowned at me.
    “Ms Williams and Mr Martin-Oje, this is no circus. Do proceed.” The judge ordered.
    I had a good knowledge of the basics from Law school, so I went through it swiftly and then defended Jake based on being ‘drunk and provoked to anger’. Jake, when asked of his weekly alcohol intake replied:
    “I am sober Judge; I don’t know who told my incompetent lawyer that I was drunk.”
    The courtroom let out a laugh, including the Judge and myself. I shook my head. ‘Jake had just ruined his chance of getting free. Community service for sure!’ I thought.
    “This court is aware of the relationship between Mr Martin-Oje and Ms Williams outside this courtroom and so I won’t drag the case any further,” the judge started. “Darlene, you did well using those points in his defence even though he rubbished them. We ensured that you couldn’t communicate to know anything from him, but I am pleased with your work, good job girl.” He said.
    “Bravo.” Carl said to me.
    The judge cleared his throat. “Nevertheless, it is community service for Jacob Martin-Oje”
    The Clerk called. “Court! Arise”
    We all rose to our feet until the Judge left the room. I rushed at Jake. “You nit-wit!” I said, jabbing his shoulders.
    He swirled me round and round. “I missed you love.”
    “Me too.” We locked in a tight embrace. “Community service for you tomorrow.’ I said, releasing myself from the hug. Now I was the one sticking my tongue out.
    “Whatever. It will be fun.” He replied.
    Dare and Carl joined us. “Good job Darlene, you are good.” Dare said.
    “Thanks Dare.” I replied.
    “See you in the office.” he replied and left with Carl.
    I winked at Jake. “You are dropping me at work, right?”
    “Seriously? I came in a police truck.” He replied, laughing.

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    I just love this guy behaviour
    So cool @Jacob

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    this Jake eee u wan fall Darlene hand

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