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    Can’t you date Jake? I mean, you guys understand each other

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    Its like this story fey burst my brain… Nice work

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    EPISODE 23
    “Jake, come on…do you think that I am ready to be driven round the city in a police van?”
    Jake laughed. “It’s not a big deal, and this won’t be your first time. You were arrested with your boss, remember?”
    “Oh…so you have gotten the gist already? Who told you?”
    “It doesn’t matter. The police station is still reeling with excitement from the arrest of two of the most powerful people in the city. Just take it as, you are a celebrated villain.”
    I smiled. “I have a stalker problem.”
    Jake stuck his tongue out. “That’s what you get for leading people on.” He said, adjusting his sunglasses.
    I yanked the sunglasses off his face that he let out a cry. “Lead? I did not even know the dude until I met him at my driving school. He followed me around ever since.” I protested.
    “Okay.” He replied, forcefully taking his sunglasses. “This cost much, they are royal.” He said kissing the frame of the sunglass. “I could care less about your stalker problem; all you need is a restraining order. But if my sunglasses got damaged, I can’t get it fixed.”
    Jake is back! Everything had to be fun for him. I smiled as I stared at the way he caressed the sunglasses. ‘Much ado about nothing!’ Jake made silly things count. An example was the car he had inherited from his grandfather before getting a new one.
    “How do you intend getting back to the office?” he asked, as a police officer approached us.
    “I will go with you as far as Broad Street.” I replied.
    The Police officer stood before us. “Hello” he said quietly.
    “He is my supervisor for the community service; just to ensure that I am a good boy.” Jake said.
    “My name is Philip.” He replied.
    “Hi Philip.” I said, as we exchanged handshake.
    Jake cleared his throat. “Philip, I would love if we could drop this pretty little miss at Ade-Cole firm before we return to the Station.”
    “Anything for a beautiful woman,” he smiled at me.
    “I will be by the Truck.” He said, taking his leave.
    Jake nudged me. “Officer Philip on your radar now…ha-ha”
    “Oh Please Jacob, did I even smile back?”
    “Whatever! He is cute Policeman; he is tall, athletic and handsome. You should consider him.”
    The Policeman had all the qualities that Jake said, but how could he think of a Policeman and me? “Jake, you should date a Policewoman. Let’s go”
    “Thanks for the ride Philip.” I said as I got off the Truck.
    “Anytime Miss. Just come to my division.” He called back.
    Jake winked at me. “Bye Love”
    Bola held out a note at me as soon as I got back. “It came from the Court.”
    “Thank you.”
    I read the letter and sighed. The Court was requesting my presence to follow up the restraining order I requested for on Daniel. I turned to Dare’s office.
    “Welcome back.” He said, as I walked in.
    “Thank you.”
    He gestured to a chair. “Please sit.” I complied. “I hope you didn’t come here to tear me apart about your Practise session.” He said, smiling.
    “Not at all, on the contrary, I am very grateful.”
    “You are welcome.”
    I smiled. “I am to appear at Court tomorrow over Daniel’s restraining order.”
    “Okay. I got the letter also to be a witness,” he said looking at his wrapped fist.
    “Does it still hurt?” I asked, looking concerned.
    I nodded. “I am not going to lie about that, it bloody hurts. His face is so hard”
    I chuckled. “I think you are the one with the lazy bones. Jake would tear anyone apart and his hands would still be intact. He is as fit as fiddle”
    “You should have called Jake that night, you know.”
    “Aww…I am not ridiculing your efforts, I am just saying that maybe you are paying too much attention to the fist and that’s why it won’t heal.”
    He smiled. “Okay,” he replied, taking off the bandage. “Maybe if I stretch the fist a bit, it will get better.”
    “You don’t have to remove it.”
    “I’ll be fine.” He replied. “I don’t want to appear with it on Friday before my father.”
    I rose to my feet. “If you say so, I have to return to my office. I have a few paper works to tidy.”
    “See you later.” He replied.
    I got an e-mail from Dora that read:
    “I have gotten more information on Paul. You cannot guess. See U at home.”
    ‘Now what’s new about Paul?’ I thought. I typed back; “Thanks”
    “Knock Knock” Toni said, as she walked in.
    I smiled at her. “You sly! Why didn’t you tell me about my practise session? Now I why you stuttered before leaving my office.”
    “But I heard that you did fine. You can blame me, those are office secrets.”
    “Or secrets between Dare and you?”
    Toni smiled. “He told me not to tell you, I am sorry.” She walked over to the window. “If you ever get bored, just stare through this window, and it will bubble you back to life. Reina never took her eyes off this place.”
    “Toni, if you miss Reina so much, you can phone her or just mail her.” I said, sharply.
    “I was just teasing.” She replied.
    I raised my eyebrows. “Teasing? I think you were in awe of Reina. You have to forget her, you know, and if you can’t, limit it around me, thanks.”
    “I have known Reina all my life, and she always made me miserable because of my size. You know what she tagged me at high school? She called me a ‘Balloon’! I could never like her.”
    I grinned. “I think you should work out during the weekends.”
    “I have regular sit ups, but I can’t diet to look like a strand of spaghetti like you. Do you even eat at all?”
    I laughed. “Of course, I do. You will shocked by my consumption rate.”
    “Please don’t make me laugh. If you eat well, it will show honey.”
    “You can believe whatever you like, but I eat well.”
    Toni flipped through a magazine on my table. “Friday is only two days away, what are going to wear?” she asked.
    “I haven’t really given it a thought. It’s a dinner, so I will take time off in the morning to get to the store, that is if my wardrobe is devoid of evening wears, but I don’t think it will come to that.”
    Toni pointed at a gown in the magazine. “This goes for twenty thousand naira, we can buy it online and it will be delivered tomorrow.” She said, going through the details. “Oh, it is M&S”
    “Let me see.” I said, collecting the magazine. I have a rich taste for English dresses, so I was willing to check out the dress. “Should we browse it?”
    “Oh yes,” Toni said as she leaned over the table. “What is this?”
    I laughed. “The gown goes for #21,000 naira. A thousand must go for delivery service.” I replied.
    “Why didn’t they place that in the magazine? Rogues! Always trying to exploit people.”
    I smiled. “It’s just normal that you pay a delivery fee for your goods. They have to make some profits.” Toni shrugged. “I know that they should have been honest with the actual price, but what can they do?”
    “Whatever, are you still going to buy?”
    I grinned. “I will just check my wardrobe when I get home. If I am not comfortable, I will place the order.”
    “Okay. See you at closing hour; I have to put a few things together for the Friday dinner.”
    “See you.”
    I joined the staff bus after work.
    “What’s new about Paul?” I asked as soon as I walked in.
    “ Hi Dora, how was your day ? I think that is a better way to ask your question” she replied, as she watered the flowers.
    I sighed. “I must have lost my manners. Good evening.”
    “That’s better.” She replied, with a smile. She continued with the watering of the flowers. ‘D--n Dora!’ I thought. She knew that I was dying to know what she had found out about Paul, yet she was not saying a word. I raised my eyebrows at her, hoping to gain her attention. It worked. “Oh that…about Paul, right? She asked smiling.
    At that moment, I wished that I could force the gist out of her mouth. A horrid grin lurked around her lips as she tried to conceal something that I was too interested in, she ended the smile and stared at me sternly.
    “Spill it!” I ordered.

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    EPISODE 24
    Dora removed her hand gloves and flashed a smile at me. “I’ll be right back,” she said, strolling into the house. I stared at her as she jogged off into the house. Her wicked grin put me off. She made me anxious to hear some news and then she disappeared into the house. ‘What did she take me for?’
    Thoughts ran through my mind as I tried to imagine what Dora could have found out. Dora seemed to be a busy type. Cutting the garden right after work is something I will not think of, not even for a second. The flowers had been properly trimmed, and I have to admit, Dora is a great person.
    I stared at her as she approached with a chair.
    “Comfy, right?” she asked with a smile. “Please sit.”
    “What are you doing, Dora? You have something for me, don’t you?”
    She smiled. “Please don’t get all arrogant with me. I have big news for you, but first, you have to use the chair.”
    I frowned.
    “Oh please, let me have your bag.” She said, collecting my bag with a grin. ‘What could Dora have to say?’ I thought
    I sat reluctantly. “Speak.”
    “I think you should start taking lectures on manners.”
    Dora could go comic on almost everything, although I admit to being rude. “Please Dora.”
    “That’s more like it.” She flashed her teeth at me.
    I tried to be patient as I stared at her.
    “Oops! Sorry love, I have something for you.” She said and returned to the house.
    I could kill Dora honestly. I clenched my fists in frustration. Why didn’t she just break the ice and save me the suspense?
    “I am so sorry sis.” She said clutching a brown envelope to her arms. “I have a question for you and I want an honest response.”
    At this junction, I could tell Dora a frank ‘yes’ just to know what she had found out about Paul. “YES”
    “Oh Darlene…I don’t know how to ask you this question.” She said clenching her teeth.
    “Just say it Dora, I will take no offence.” I pleaded.
    She shut her eyes tightly and said, “Have you ever had sex with Paul?”
    “WHAT!” I could almost puke at the thought. “Paul and I? No ways.”
    She sighed. “Be honest.”
    “Never! How could I sleep with a guy that I don’t even love?”
    “Okay then…”
    By the way she sighed; I could tell that she was relieved with my response. “Why the question?”
    “I just want to be sure that there were no intimate ties between yourself and Paul.”
    I smiled. “There you have it sis, I am clean, so break the ice.”
    I let out a laugh. “Chuck Norris must be getting poor in his lectures; this joke is as bad as it can get.”
    “I am serious.” She replied, straight faced.
    Dora looked serious. “You can’t be serious. Are you sure, you do know Paul, right? There are over a million men by the name Paul and any of them could be in the Bahamas.” I said, trying to convince myself.
    “I was equally upset when the detective brought me the news, but there was nothing I could do about it. He had proofs.”
    “What proofs?” I asked.
    She handed me the brown envelope. “There are pictures of Paul and his fiancée in them. There is also an upset”
    I flipped through the pictures. “What is Jake doing in them?” I asked widening my eyes.
    “That’s your upset. Jake is aware of the whole thing.”
    I shook my head as I returned the pictures to the envelope. “I am more shocked than upset.”
    “I guess you can be relieved.”
    I sighed. “Bottom line is that, he has moved on. I am only surprised at the speed and at his action.”
    “Now that he has moved on, I officially certify you free to hook up with any Lagos guy. So should I call KP to hook us?”
    “Chill sis…you have to slow down. I still need time to recover from this news that you’ve hit me with.”
    Dora sighed. “Come on Darlene, isn’t this what we both wanted? Paul is out of your life for good and he his moving on. So, why not be happy?”
    “I am worried for him. I am not too sure that he is making the best decision.”
    “I don’t get you Darlene, Paul is out of your life, he is an adult and he has decided to move on, why draw him back?”
    Dora was now wearing a frown. “Dora, I appreciate your efforts, but I want to be sure that what Paul is doing is right. If Jake was with him, I can’t be so sure of his decisions. Jake believes that the best way to get on with life is to do something sporadic, and I guess he stuffed the idea in Paul’s head.”
    “If Paul is stupid enough to let Jake decide for him, then let it be. He will live with the consequences. However, I honestly think that you should let this go and be satisfied that Paul is out of your life for good. ”
    “You think?”
    “I am sure, sis. Let him go.” She replied, and returned into the house.
    I couldn’t come to terms with the fact that Paul was moving on with his life. ‘Paul is getting married!’ I yelled. This should be good news for me, but I couldn’t help feeling bad about it.
    “Is there a problem ma’am?” the security officer asked.
    He heard me scream. “I’ll be fine.” I replied and hurried into the house to avoid further comments from the house workers. I tried calling Jake to no avail. His phone was turned off.
    “Dora, I need your help.” I said as I walked into the kitchen.
    She sliced some onions into a plate and chewed. “How?”
    “I need a flight ticket to the Bahamas.”
    She burst into a crooked laughter. “Are you going to start chasing shadows at this stage of your life? You are too much for that sis.” She replied.
    “If I want to be embarrassed, that’s my decision.” I replied, taking some onions from the plate. “What do you see in Onions?”
    She yanked the Onions from me. “I didn’t slice them for you. You are way too fresh to want more, and that’s the same case with Paul, you are too much for what you intend to do.”
    “All I need is the Ticket. I leave on Friday night.”
    She grinned. “You have a dinner at Ade-Cole, may I remind.”
    “Oh no!”
    “Look Darlene, I think you should let go. Paul has made a decision and you have to respect it. You dumped him. ”
    Paul had a right to move on, but not in this way. “Marriage after a supposed heart break is just not right, maybe that’s how I see it, but logically, he can’t love the poor girl.”
    “ He can’t love the poor girl. ” She mocked.
    “I am serious Dora; he won’t be able to love her.”
    She hissed. “Really? That’s rich coming from you. You were guilty of the same.”
    “Oh please Dora, cut me some slack. I was honest from the start. I am not sure that Paul will do the same with his Bahamas chic. He shouldn’t punish her because of me.”
    Dora groaned heavily. “Wake up sis! The world doesn’t revolve around you.”
    That was blunt! I had never heard Dora that blunt. I widened my eyes in shock.
    “If you keep widening your eyes in that manner, your balls will be out of its sockets soon.”
    I chuckled. “Thank you Dora.” I said.
    “For everything Dora.” I replied as I took some onions from the plate. “You have helped me in every way to put Paul in the past. Most importantly, you blazed a very harsh truth on me.”
    She smiled, and placed the plate of onions right before me. “Here you go, eat them all.” she replied and returned with two glasses and a bottle of Martini. “It’s good that you admit that you are not Ms World, everyone must bow. Care for Martini?” she asked.
    “No. I have so much to do tonight, I don’t want a hangover.”
    She laughed. “You are being a chicken you know, a cup won’t kill you.”
    “A bottle will kill you. See you in the morning, if you make it.” I replied, and rushed upstairs.
    I could hear Dora shout, “You should have waited!”
    I flung my wardrobe open and searched for a gown. I had a tough time selecting from my wardrobe. I would not have
    “ MILLAROCA WEEKLY” ridicule me as they did 10 years ago. I had shown up at my father’s charity event in a checked top, Turquoise blue trouser and some weird grey loafers that Jake said were ‘meant to kill’. I needed no one to tell me that I looked horrible as my Ponytail golden brown hair summed up my unimpressive appearance.
    The tabloid read boldly, “ 14-year old DARLENE WILLIAMS COMMITS ‘HORRIFYING’ FASHION BLUNDER!” A light tag was added to it with made me the object of ridicule at school on Monday, “…and they say that money can buy looks!”
    Millaroca Weekly is anywhere that Top events took place and I would not miss a chance to re-write my image in their history books. I have been able to make a statement in the fashion world over the years. Therefore, this year, and most importantly, at Ade-Cole, there will not be an exception.

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    I like that Dora
    She is full of life

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    You don’t intend to break Paul’s heart the more, do you? You better respect his decision… Listen to Dora

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