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    EPISODE 31
    Jake stared at us for a while. There was this awkward silence among us, and for a while, it seemed as though no one was interested in saying a word. Jake then broke the silence.
    “I could just go.” He said, pointing at the door.
    I rolled my eyes. This is a situation where I would not want to be, but at this moment, I could not help it. “I am sorry I didn’t reply your message last night, Jake.” I said dumbly.
    He smiled. “You mind introducing us.” He said staring at Dare.
    I immediately rose to my feet. “Jake, meet my boss, Dare Ade-Cole, and Dare, meet Jake, my friend.”
    Jake nodded with a smile. “Boss?” he extended his hand to Dare and they shook firmly. “Why are you here so early Sir, did you forget some documents with Darlene?” he asked.
    “I don’t think I have to answer that question.” Dare replied, withdrawing from the handshake.
    “Break it off guys, will you?” I immediately cut in.
    Jake clutched his I-Pod to his sweatpants. “I can’t recall us starting a fight. You just lack a complete sense of humour D.,” he said, grinning.
    “Jacob, why are you here?” I asked.
    He smiled. “You never used to ask me that.”
    “Well, she is now.” Dare interrupted.
    Jake’s eyes shot blood red in anger. “Hey Tough guy, I wasn’t talking to you.”
    “Someone’s getting touchy, Darlene, you seem to have a lot of Pauls in your life.” Dare replied, casting a quick glance at me. I froze as all I could think of was Jake’s fist landing in Dare’s face, but to my surprise, Jake smiled and walked out.
    “Jake, Jacob…Jake” I yelled, as I headed after him. “Security, Please stop him.” I alerted. He was in no mood to listen as he shoved the security man out of his way. He got into his car and immediately drove off.
    I stared at the dusts that Jake’s car pushed at me as he left. “Jake…Jake…Jake…” I murmured softly, as I held on to my Pyjamas.
    “Don’t make yourself a dummy for dusts.” Dare said as he touched my shoulder.
    I turned to him angrily. “It seems as though you have a talent for disgusting people, you successfully pissed Paul off, and you have just done that with Jake.”
    “It turned out well with Paul; at least he is out of your life.”
    I rolled my eyes. “Really? At what expense? He is married to a woman he hooked up with at the Bahamas.” I replied.
    “That makes it safe,” he said, smiling.
    I hissed. “You think this is funny. It isn’t!”
    “He started it, turns out he wasn’t man enough to take the heat.”
    I laughed so hard that Dare had to stand back.
    “What’s funny?” he asked.
    I stopped laughing and smiled. “Jake would have smashed you to bits if he had waited one extra second.”
    He bit his lips. “So, are we still going out?”
    “I never agreed to go out with you. Moreover, even if I did, you have done an awful lot this morning. So, please leave.”
    Dad rubbed his chin. “That’s a bit too hard to swallow. Are you kicking me out?” he asked.
    “You are already outside my house; I’ll just shut the gate after you.” I replied.
    Dare adjusted his shirt. “You are on weird girl. Ok…Bye.” he said and left.
    “You have a lot of mess to clean up.” Dora said, as soon as I returned into the house.
    I rubbed my forehead. “You bet.” I leaned on the sink for support. I have always said that I am not a huge fan of Saturdays and today just show why. Jake and Dare showing up at my house unannounced, I would have made an exception for Jake on a normal situation.
    “I’ll say your boss is rude and offensive.” Dora said, dishing breakfast into the Chinas. I smiled. I knew better. “How do you cope with him? Well, it’s obvious he likes you, so he may be a bit nicer with you.”
    I had a hurried breakfast and left for Jakes. ‘Ding-Dong’ the doorbell to Jake’s apartment chimed softly. He co-shared a flat in his father’s estate with his sister, but now, she is out of town, so Jake practically owns the flat. A real Porsche flat, if you ask me.
    “Hey D.” Jake said, opening the door.
    I frowned at his niceness. ‘Jake could be up to no good.’ I thought. Jake shut the door quietly after me. “Do I get you some Ice Cream? I am treating myself to some.”
    He winked. “Never mind, you will like it.” He said and dashed into the kitchen.
    ‘This is the Jake that I hate to see.’ He could just act as though everything was normal, or maybe, everything is normal. He returned with two cups of Ice Cream and handed me one with a spoon. I sniffed the edges of the cup. Jake chuckled.
    “You are safe with me, you have always been.” He said.
    I dropped the cup on the side table. “Jake…” I stressed. “I am sorry, love.”
    “Why are you sorry?” he asked, scooping his Ice cream coolly.
    I frowned. “Come on Jacob, I am sorry about what Dare did?”
    “Dare? I was not offended by his actions. He did the same to Paul; he should bag a degree in dehumanizing people.”
    He raised an eyebrow. “Are you going to deny it?”
    “He didn’t dehumanize Paul. Paul was trying to kill us.” I protested.
    Jake scoffed. “Who are you trying to convince? We both know that Paul couldn’t hurt you.”
    “Can you hear yourself Jake? Paul was with a rifle, a loaded one. I was lucky to have Dare around me.” I replied.
    Jake hissed dryly. “I hate that guy.”
    “So why did you act all nice like nothing had happened when I walked in here?” I asked, grabbing my bag.
    Jake rubbed his forehead. “D, you fired up this discussion. It ended the minute I left your house.”
    “I apologize for that Jacob.” I replied.
    Jake finished his Ice cream and rose to his feet. “Darlene, I am sorry. I should have told you that I would be visiting, but I went for an early morning spin and decided to check on you.”
    “Jacob, you can always check on me.”
    He smiled. “No D, we are adults, not 6 anymore. I have to respect that.” He replied and left for the kitchen. Jake’s words sent cold chills down my spine. I left his house before he returned from the kitchen. I headed for my driving lessons.
    I spent two extra hours at the driving school; I wanted to be on the wheels by the end of the month. I stopped at the grocery to get some apples; I intend to make some apple juice.
    “How did your day go?” Dora asked as soon I walked into the kitchen.
    I sighed and dropped the apples. “Not too well. Jake has so much on his mind, and I guess I will not be able to take them when he starts pouring them. I don’t want to lose Jacob.” I said, and hugged Dora.
    “I’ll call this the Plight of women. Do you know what you want, honey? You want Jake to stick around forever; I’ll say you should marry him.”
    I released myself from the hug and stared at her. “Could we have a serious conversation for five minutes without your insensitive jokes interfering?”
    “The point with keeping best friends especially of the opposite sex is that you don’t realise that you live a life together. You should just make out and get married.”
    I stared at her. “Is that your idea of having a best friend?”
    “Naturally, opposite sex don’t do fantastically well as best friends, the attraction still come. Maybe you are blind, but it’s obvious that Jake can see what is coming ahead.”
    Dora held my hand like a mother. “Stop living a lie. Define your friendship with Jacob.”
    “That’s it Dora. I need to rest.” I replied and left for my room.
    I inhaled deeply as I closed my door. I clasped my hand on my head and sat by the door. I could not stop the tears that flowed down my cheeks afterwards. ‘Welcome to my moment of strength.’
    “We can always talk about this Darlene.” Dora said from the other side.
    “Just go away.” I replied, amidst my tears.
    She tapped on the door lightly. “You don’t have to face this alone.”
    “Let me be Dora. I’ll be fine. I always have.”

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    EPISODE 32
    “You don’t have to face your problems alone. It is like paying a debt you do not owe. Let God worry!” Pastor Ben shouted into the Microphone. “Let go…Let God! Choir Please…” he concluded as he left the Pulpit.
    The Choir led us into a praise session and for that moment; I was lost in God’s presence. It has been ages since I felt like that.
    “You age slowly Pastor Ben.” I said, catching up with Pastor Ben at the close of the service.
    He laughed. “It’s all about God’s grace on my life.”
    “Correct sir.”
    Pastor Ben started out as my Sunday school teacher when I was still a toddler. When I moved on to Junior Class, he was made my Sunday school teacher. Therefore, I had been very familiar with him.
    “You should come to church more often child. There’s a lot going on around here.” He said.
    I sighed. “I’ll try harder.” I replied.
    “God grant you the grace, Amen.” He said.
    I joined Dad for a ride home.
    “When is your sister’s coming-out party?” he asked, that was immediately the driver started the car.
    ‘Dad couldn’t even wait for us to get home. Did he think that I was not interested in Dora’s party?’ I thought. “I haven’t figured it out yet, Office work has me occupied.”
    “You have to find a way to arrange that event or get someone to do it, but by weekend, there must be a coming-out event for Dora. I have to acknowledge her.” He instructed.
    I nodded my head in agreement.
    “I will give you a credit card to cover all the expenses.”
    I smiled. “I’ll like to cover 50% of the expenses, Dad.” I said.
    “Really? Well, that’s good. That means you will be using your savings, and maybe your…”
    I immediately cut in. “Let me worry about my funds.” I replied.
    “Okay. Will do.”
    Dad dropped me at the gate and he left with the driver for the Country Club. Dora had gone to church with KP and they weren’t home yet, so I was the first to return home. The Maids had fixed lunch, so all I had to do was eat and leave for my room.
    I logged on to the internet to check my mailbox and to my greatest surprise, Paul had sent me his wedding pictures and he typed boldly;
    I buried my head in my hand and replied his mails. “Congrats! ATB!”
    “Ms Darlene, Mr Jake is here to see you.” The Maid said as she tapped the door lightly.
    I closed my laptop. “I’ll be there soon.” I hurried downstairs to meet Jake.
    “Happy Sunday.” He said, handing me a tulip flower.
    I smiled and collected the tulip. “You too.”
    “Why did you leave yesterday? You didn’t even notify me.”
    I gestured to a Chair. “I had to leave.”
    “How is your driving lessoning going?” he asked, taking his seat.
    I took a deep breath. “Slow and steady. I should be driving by month end.”
    “Is that what your teacher told you?”
    I shook my head in disagreement. “I am optimistic about it. The hassles of Lagos City traffic is enough to deal with coupled with the long queues for mass transit vehicles. Its better I start riding myself.”
    “You’ll be fine. You are a very strong woman, once you start driving full time, you’ll do well.”
    I smiled. “Pending that time, I need your help with Dora’s coming-out event, Jake.”
    “That word is so 1900.” He replied, with a grin. ‘That’s my Jake!’ I thought. He was lively again.
    I grimaced. “What do you reckon I call it, Mr Classic?” I asked.
    “Um…will come up with the name later, till then, how’s it gonna be?”
    I smiled. “We intend to use the garden. The party is this weekend.”
    “Party to plan. Okay, I will get a couple to guys to handle the arrangements and decoration, and since I know Sir Williams has great taste for Wines, I will be ordering French. You can see to the food and just let me have a list of the invited socialites and press, and then you are all set.” He said briskly, as though he had the event all planned in his head.
    “Thanks Jacob, I knew I could always count on you.” I replied.
    Dad nudged me in the waist. “You know I will always be there for you.”
    “There’s something I would like to show you. Let’s go to my room.” I said and led Jake upstairs.
    Jake bounced on my bed immediately we got in. “Easy on that Jacob.” I said, turning on my laptop. “Paul sent me his wedding pictures, with that Marie Branson.”
    “Let’s see them.” He replied, smiling.
    In all honesty, Paul and Marie looked happy. The kisses and smiles were enough to convince anyone and at that moment, I could almost say that Paul had known Marie Branson forever.
    “I think he’s happy.” Jake said.
    I then stared at Jake. “How did he meet this woman?” I asked.
    “Are you interested in knowing the whole story? I must warn you, it’s not the perfect or epic love story, but I think it’s real between them.”
    I rolled my eyes. “Let me be the judge. I am all ears.”
    “Marie was also on the Body and Soul personal retreat that we attended.” He started.
    I immediately cut in. “I knew it, this is a situation of two blind men. Now who’s gonna lead who?”
    Jake smiled. “You sound jealous.”
    “Jealous? Oh, come on Jacob. I do not see how realistic this event between them is. I cannot call it marriage. I see it as a long term ensnaring bondage. On the other hand, short term, people get divorced in 2-3 weeks. Kim is a perfect example.”
    Jake laughed. “You can’t compare Kim Kardashians’s fancy wedding to Paul’s. Paul really wanted to move on with his life, and so did Marie. She is a divorcee, she was very interested in Paul, and they became close along the line.” He paused to catch his breath.
    “Let me understand this joke, two people coming out of bad relationships decide to get married after knowing each other for only 2 weeks, is that normal?” I asked. “They don’t even know each other.”
    Jake shrugged. “They must have felt that they can’t be worse than the people they know.”
    I swallowed. That was deep. Jake had just branded me ‘Bad’ indirectly. I frowned slightly. “Anyways, I know they won’t be happy.”
    “I think they will be. Marie is very understanding, and a kind lady.”
    I scoffed. “Oh really, yet she got divorced from her previous husband.”
    Jake smiled. “Who said a thing about her being married to a man?”
    “YUCK!” I could almost puke at a second thought. “You have to be joking, right?”
    Jake grinned. “Of course I was kidding.” He replied, laughing.
    “Don’t ever pull that one on me again, even as a joke.” I said and closed my laptop.
    Jake jumped down from the bed. “Don’t wanna be in your bed for too long.”
    “Why is that?” I asked, checking my bed.
    He laughed. “You don’t ever grab a thing, do you?” He punched the bed hard. “This is so feminine and will make me sleep in 5 minutes.”
    “You look like you can use some sleep.” I replied. “Did you go to church?”
    He covered his face. “You know how I feel about ‘God’s society’ I just don’t belong there.”
    “Why do think so?”
    He yawned. “I Club, I drink…and all the vices, why is he gonna open his house to me. I can’t go there.”
    “You need to see Pastor Ben. I think I’ll soon be a regular church-goer.”
    He laughed hard. “There you said it, Church goer. I do not want to be a churchgoer. I want to be a better person. Till then, let’s forget the topic.”
    “Do you mind joining me for a walk?”
    Jake yawned hard again. “I am so tired. Why do you want to take a walk?” he asked, slipping into his Supra.
    “It’s good for the body. The sun is a bit down now.” I replied, checking through my window. “It will be a perfect time to enjoy the breeze.”
    “I am ready.” He replied, heading for the door.
    Jake and I walked down the estate to a lonely and quiet road.
    “Darlene.” I heard my name so aggressively.
    I turned round to see Daniel. I clutched to Jake. Daniel stood before me with fiery eyes, and a dagger hung carelessly from his waist.

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    Wat is Daniel doing with a dagger?

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    Darlene! Are you now considering Dora’s advice(or was it leading abi suggestion)? I do think in the same line with Dora…. Jake is more than a friend & it wldn’t be a bad thing looking at him differently… Dare doesn’t look good for you. I dnt he’s a good person.
    Now, i don’t understand Daniel… Is he that he doesn’t understand when he’s not wanted? He’s now gonna land in some more trouble

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    Fiery eyes and dagger?

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    rhyne bryne
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    U might be leading people on indirectly oo

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    rhyne bryne
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    But what is Daniel doing there with a dagger

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    Daniel? He violated the restraining order…. Don’t take decisions in your angry mood and there’s no how you would be with Jake forever except through marriage

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