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    EPISODE 43
    Dare removed his hands from his pockets. “I don’t know what you did to me, Darlene. But, all I know is that I need you.”
    Ouch! There are two words that according to my romance books a man shouldn’t use, ‘NEED and WANT’ when a man says he wants you, he is after your body and when a man says he needs you, he has some needs to satisfy in which you are the only one with the cure. Or not? I can’t say my theory is a 100% for every man, but I could make a 95%, right?
    “Say something Darlene.” He said, with his eyeballs squinted.
    I pressed the bell for a second time. Dare touched my hand and I yanked out of it furiously. “What is it, Dare?”
    “Let me take you out for a proper dinner tomorrow.”
    I laughed. “Proper dinner?” If Dare meant ‘proper dinner’, I couldn’t fault him. Most of our outings had ended up badly. Daniel, Reina and all…
    The security man came out.
    “Welcome Ms. Williams.” He said.
    I nodded and dismissed him almost immediately. I turned to Dare. “Mr. Ade-Cole, you have disrespected me enough and now you are trying to buy into my privacy. This is my house, not your firm.”
    “Darlene, can we not go over that. I apologize for all what happened, but I have been a little bit of balance of late and you have consumed me to my thoughts.”
    I have had enough. “DARE! What are you talking about? You are all over me; just give me a break from all these lousy jokes.”
    “I admit to have gone a bit over the edge with you, I have been very aggressive, but you can’t fault me totally. You led me.”
    My head spanned! All the blood flowing through my veins paused and for one moment, my spines went cold. I stared at Dare coldly. ‘How could he accuse me of his feelings?’ I thought. He fumbled over a few statements and wiped his forehead.
    “Darlene, I am not saying it’s entirely your fault that I love you, but…”
    I cut in immediately. “Dare, can you just hear yourself? Am I to share in the blame of how you feel? That’s not my business, it’s entirely yours.”
    “I know Darlene, but you can’t say you are totally indifferent to me. I can see it in your eyes.”
    I laughed sarcastically. “The only thing you can see in my eyes is my contact lens, and that is if I wear any.”
    He smiled faintly. “I never believed that I could have love scorned to my face,” he said reaching for his breast pocket. He stretched an envelope before me.
    “Sack letter, right?” I asked, collecting the envelope.
    He shrugged. “You might just want to read that. I bet you will know what to do next.” He said and walked away into the sunset.
    I immediately joined Dora in the kitchen. She was assisting the maids to have dinner set up. “Guess who I saw by the gate?”
    “Before we go into your guessing games, you had a call on the land phone from Dotun Davis and he is expecting you to return the call.”
    I nodded. “I’ll be in my room then. We’ll talk later.” I replied and rushed upstairs.
    I returned Dotun’s call and we set up a lunch meeting for tomorrow. I went over a few notes for the court case and did a rehearsal before my mirror. I had placed Dare’s envelope beside the mirror. It was giving me some sort of motivation irrespective of its content. If he dared to fire me, his firm would be at a loss. I could bet that the Ade-Cole board would not joke with a Firm fee of 6 million naira, so Dare would not dare to have me fired.
    I had dinner with Dora and KP. Dad had called that he would be having dinner with the Shodipo’s and his new fiancée.
    “I can’t wait to meet my new friends.” Dora said, sipping her wine.
    I scoffed. “Hopefully Wole and Wura are no longer the monsters they used to be at high school; else this excitement of yours will die in an instant once you meet them.”
    “They can’t really be that bad.” Kolapo interrupted. He gestured to Dora to pass the soup bowl to him. She passed the bowl quickly across the table.
    I nodded my head sarcastically. “Wait till you meet them. The person I can’t wait to meet is dad’s fiancée.” I said, wiping my mouth.
    “Are you sure that you mom isn’t playing hanky panky?” Kolapo said, staring at Dora.
    Dora looked slightly irritated at the term used by KP. “I don’t know.” She said, carelessly.
    Kolapo hit the table hard. “I suggest we play detective on her.”
    “I am not gonna watch my mom, KP. She’s an adult.”
    He nodded in agreement. “She might be an adult, but it’s not a crime if we try to know who she’s dating at the moment, and my heart tells me that it is Sir Williams.”
    Dora hissed. “She would have told me.”
    “She might have decided to keep it secret at least until something concrete comes up.” I chipped in.
    Kolapo stuck his tongue out at Dora.
    “For your mind KP…” she said in Pidgin English and cleared her plates to the kitchen.
    I stared at Kolapo. “Are you guys having issues?”
    He shook his head in disagreement. “None that I am aware of. But she’s been distant of late.”
    “I guess it’s about the change of jobs. She has more thinking to do; she even has less time for her wacked jokes these days.”
    He shrugged. “I don’t know, but I guess she’s nervous about her coming out event. That’s not so much concern for me like the Jake guy she’s always speaking to these days. I am a bit jealous.”
    I swallowed hard. More like lumps! Jake and Dora??? Okay…it couldn’t happen, right? I mean, she has Kolapo and they seem happy together. She wouldn’t dare date Jacob. Or could she? Why couldn’t she? What have they been speaking about?
    “But she says Jake is a cool guy and they are just friends. I think they hung out last week.”
    Hung out??? Now that’s a real hit for me below the belt. “I’ll be right back.” I said to Kolapo and joined Dora in the kitchen. She was drinking water by the sink looking at bit disturbed.
    “Are you alright, Dora? I mean you and KP?” I asked, fetching a glass of milk. I kept an eagle-eye gaze on her as I poured the milk. I wouldn’t want her thinking I wanted to analyze their relationship, especially now that Jake might just be lurking around.
    She nodded without looking up. I frowned slightly at her response. Dora was acting weird. ‘Could she be in love with Jake?’ I thought. God please, don’t let that happen!
    “We are good.” She said and laughed. “Why are you so bothered? We should be talking about you and Dare, not KP and I. We have a very healthy relationship.”
    I scoffed. “I hope it’s as healthy as you say.”
    “Of course it is sis.” She said, smiling.
    I rinsed the glass and then fired up the JAKE subject in a cool manner. “You and Jake hanging out of late?”
    She nodded in the affirmative almost confidently. “We went to see an event planner earlier in the week. I was able to meet his twin just last night.”
    “That’s cool. Hope you found Jane interesting.” I said, leaning against the sink for support. If by any chance something would happen between Jake and Dora, it would throw me off balance and not even the sink would be enough to keep me upright, but for now I would gladly savour the moment.
    She nodded. “Jane is okay, but she’s not as fun as Jake. I think she is more business oriented.” I nodded also. “Anyways, that’s by the way, let’s go and join KP, I don’t want him feeling lonely. He is already jealous of my outing with Jake for me to steer further thoughts in his heart.” She added and left the kitchen.
    I left Dora and KP downstairs and left for my room. They had a lot of issues to sort out, if by chance, Jake might be lurking around in Dora’s heart, she would need to flush him out quickly else she’ll risk losing Kolapo. Kolapo seems a fine man to me, nice, warm and everything appreciable in a man, but the truth is that, Jacob is a charmer. He could knock anyone over with a feather. And it seems to me that Dora might not even need the feather before she will be ‘wowed’ by him.
    I snapped out of my thoughts and reached for Dare’s envelope. I was relaxed that he wouldn’t dare to sack me without the consent of the board, and most especially with a high profile case around the corner.
    Dare and I have said everything we had to say to each other except that I have not been honest about my feelings. At this moment, everything looked glaring, but more confusing. Dare loves me, and yes, I love him. But, I now beginning to feel that I don’t want him, but what if I lose him.
    I loosened the ribbon around the envelope carefully, just in case it had to be returned. I wouldn’t want to change the wrap. I inhaled deeply. At the moment, there was a slight tap on the door and Dora stepped in.
    “KP is gone. Could we continue our discussion?” she asked, taking her seat.
    I stared at the envelope in my hand. “Our discussion might just be subject to what I read in this.” I stretching it forward, but not in her reach.
    “You might want some privacy in reading your letter.” She said, standing up.
    I nodded in agreement. Dora seemed a bit disturbed this evening. I fear she already likes Jacob a bit too much and that’s not convenient for me, as I feel she’ll be betraying Kolapo. Is that my only reason? Maybe I was scared of losing Jacob to her.
    “I’ll ping you when I am through” I replied. She nodded and exited quietly.
    I sighed and straightened out the letter.

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    EPISODE 44


    I really don’t know how to start this. If I am gonna write it like a poem, it will be a mess.
    So, I crave your indulgence to let me write in the way I can.
    Darlene, I apologize for how aggressive I have been in approaching you. This is because
    I have never really learnt the proper way to love like Romeo or Shakespeare.
    I have been more like Othello
    Darlene, I have never met anyone so forthright with me, so honest, so true.
    All those attributes in you turned me on and it has made me see everything I need in a woman in you.
    Forgive me if these tenses are not the way you would appreciate, but I would love you to see the sincerity in my words.
    I am a man who has loved and lost. Or maybe, I loved wrongly. But now, I am ready to do it right, if you will let me.
    I can’t find the words to express how much I was trapped by your simple beauty the first day you stepped into my office.
    The way you retorted at me when I dished out orders made me feel wrong for the first time.
    I never had anyone talk to me so ‘rude’ but with honesty in it. The first day we went to the park together was memorable for me.
    It brought back loving memories into my heart. I felt loved. The first time I raced in the park was with my mom.
    Darlene, I love being perfect, but with you, I don’t fear being wrong. You are all the gold I have got.
    Even if you will refuse me, don’t leave Ade-Cole, I don’t mind living with you and another man. I’ll be a wreck if you leave.
    I know you’ll say, ‘you were existing before I walked by’, but what am I to do when I have built everything around you?
    Darlene, I can’t live with my feelings heavy in my heart. This has been the hardest thing to do for me because I have tried to hide this part of me.
    I love you Darlene. I know you are disappointed with me, but if you can give me this opportunity, I am willing to make the best out of it.
    I want to love you Darlene. Please give me a chance. Dare
    I sighed and read the letter over again for the second time. I relaxed against the giant mirror and let some air down my stream. “Don’t make this any harder for me, Dare.” I murmured and left for the living room “Welcome Ms. Williams.” One of the maids greeted as she met me on the stairs.
    I flashed at her angrily. “You already did that when I came in! How many times do you want to say ‘welcome’?”
    She bowed apologetically. “I am sorry ma’am, but I can’t remember seeing you today.” “I reckon. I am sorry.” I replied and walked away.
    Dora dropped the phone as soon as I walked into the living room. “What a temper sis, what did the poor girl do to you?” she asked.
    I folded Dare’s letter carefully and joined her on the sofa. “Dad wants two guests added to your invite. They are mates from high school” “You already told me that when we had dinner.” She replied with a grin. “Anyways, aren’t you guys close?”
    I shrugged. “We weren’t close. They were mean chaps.” “So why does Dad want them around us?” she asked as she jotted something into a paper and folded it carefully.
    I maintained a firm look. “I really have no idea but all I know is that I expect a better behavior from them. I saw them last at high school.” I noticed Dora wasn’t really paying attention to what I was saying; she was more interested in tucking the paper into her purse. I sat down and said, “One of them used to date Jake; I think old flames would spark. He really liked her.” Dora jolted. Exactly what I wanted and where I wanted her, Dora seemed to like Jacob.
    She managed a light smile. “I have to run now. There’s this place I should be taking photos now.” She said, clutching her Nikon Digital Camera to her neck. She looked smart in her black polo shirt and denim jeans. She had an All Star snickers to match. “Is there something you are hiding from me?” I asked, trying not to look at her.
    I stole a quick glance as she rolled her eyes and held the door handle. “I am fine Darlene.” She smiled faintly and walked out. “D--n it!” I yelled as she walked out. Dora is falling for Jake. Who wouldn’t? The idiot is single, hot and idle! I was tempted to dial Jake and ask him about Dora but I restrained myself from it as I didn’t want to appear like the ‘jealous housewife’.
    In the end, I didn’t have to call Jake because as soon as I finished ruminating over Jake and Dora, he appeared at my doorstep with Jane. So I didn’t have to worry about him and Dora being together. “Halo Jane.” I said as we air kissed.
    Jake hissed as he stepped inside. “Why do ladies always deceive themselves with this ‘air kissing’ thing? You guys are really not close.” “We used to be before Jane became business oriented and started travelling around the world, unlike you.”
    He nodded, not convinced. “Where’s Dora?” he asked, slumping into the sofa. “She had some photo sessions to do this evening. I guess she was targeting the sunset.”
    He frowned slightly. “She didn’t tell me. I told her I was coming over.” “Why? Does she have to tell you anything?” I asked, staring at Jane worryingly.
    He shrugged. “I just thought she would tell Me.” he said and left for the kitchen. “What’s with Jacob?” I asked her as we sat down. “Frankly, I don’t know. All I know is that he is busy with Dora’s event like it’s his, which I think is a good attitude, maybe he should take up a job as an event planner.”
    I laughed. “Jake is a graduate of Architecture.” “Yes, but he hasn’t even sketched a kennel in years.” She adjusted on the sofa. “I think he has lost touch of his passion.”
    I nodded in agreement. “Jake has some catching up on life to do. Do you want anything from the fridge?” I asked, standing up. “Fayrouz please, I have slowly begun to like that drink.”
    I nodded with all smiles. “You are in the right house. That’s my best drink.” I said and left for the kitchen.
    Jake was in the kitchen making himself some noodles. “You could have asked me to do it.” I said, getting two bottles of Fayrouz from the fridge. “I didn’t want to disturb you.” He said and grinned wickedly. “Besides, it’s not like you can cook it the way I want.” He said, flashing his teeth. “And Dora isn’t also here to cook it.”
    Much-a-do about a noodle. Now it turns out that my sister would cook noodles better. “What else can she do better?” I asked and walked out. “Here you go.” I said, handing Jane the bottle of Fayrouz.
    She gulped heavily. “Forgive my manners; I prefer going direct on the bottle.” “It’s alright. It makes two people.” I joked as I drank.
    She sighed. “Are you ever going to date Jake?” she asked looking serious.
    Gladly, the kitchen was not too close to the living room. I took a quick check at the hallway to be sure that Jake wasn’t in sight. “What are you saying, Jane?” “Come on Darlene, at least you can be real with me about your feelings for Jacob. Ever since you guys have been friends since we were little, I know you had a special place for him in your heart, even Granma says so.”
    Granma! Jane just reminded me of my grandmother. When Jake and Jane used to come over for Tea and Cookies on Sunday evenings, Granma would tell us all stories and then she always said, she knew I would end up with Jake. One day she had said: “You guys are gonna make a great couple. You like each other genuinely.” “Jane, things have changed.” I started. “We were kids then and besides, Jake has never said anything about this.”
    She rolled her eyes. “What about you, Darlene?” she asked with a questioning look waiting for an answer that I was in no mood to give. “Look Darlene, in a matter of weeks I will be off to Germany or New York and who knows where, and I will want to know that my brother is fine. Jake is a man who seems to solve a lot of problems but he is a case of an unanswered question with you.” She started. “You know Jane; let’s not push this discussion any further. Jake is a grown man and he knows want he wants.”
    She nodded. “Of course Darlene, but the question is, “Are you good for him?” Darlene, you are the most simple girl that has made herself complicated and I fear that it might just rub off on Jake’s emotions.” Now I was silent. Jane’s words seem to be sending an arrow into my body and I wasn’t even trying to dodge any. “You and Jake would be a match made in heaven, how much I would love to see that day if you let it happen, but I don’t want you to break my brother’s heart.” She said, standing up.
    Jane’s last statement was one arrow I just dodged. “Jane, Jake and I are adults and if anything would happen between us, it would be mature, not based on impulse. All you have for now about Jake and I are just impulses and assumptions. Just forget about it and finish your Fayrouz.” I said, smiling.
    She nodded in agreement. “You are still the same old Darlene, always finding ways to avoid the inevitable. It will catch up with you someday, you know.” “Till then, allow me enjoy the free ride.” I replied, with a grin.
    Jake joined us in the living room with his bowl of noodles. “Anyone wants some?” he asked dipping his fork into the bowl. “It’s better than drinking on Fayrouz ladies.” “Bon appetite!” Jane said and strolled out. I followed her.
    I tried catching up with Jane who walked hastily. “Wait up Jane, what’s with the speed?” “Forgive me Darlene, there’s this place I have got to be now.” She said, adjusting her top.
    I sighed. “Aren’t you leaving with Jake?” “Nah, he’ll find his way; besides you guys have to talk about Dora’s event.” She said and we hugged.
    I returned into the house. Jake was finishing up his noodles and watching highlights from the English Premiership. “Chelsea is doing good this season, I missed out on last week’s game and with Hazard and Oscar in that team, they are running everyone ragged.” I rolled my eyes as he chattered. I am a Chelsea fan, but at this moment, I was in no mood to discuss sports. I saw the last EPL game, he didn’t have to remind me. “Jake, I saw the game. If you mind, we can talk about you getting a job.”
    He laughed. “What do I need a job for? I am not broke.” “Jacob, you don’t have to be broke before you need a job. I know you have tones of investment in the stock market, but the market isn’t faring well these days and you know it.”
    He nodded. “Dad will loan me.” “JAKE!!! Can you hear yourself? You are lazy! Jane is doing all the work and what do you do? You wake up, drive around town, go to the club, get drunk, and hook up with some call girl downtown so you don’t get daddy’s name soiled and all. That’s no way to live Jake.”
    Jake stared at me hard and wiped a tear from his face. He swallowed hard and sighed. “I don’t hook up with call girls.” He said firmly.
    There was so much tear welling in his eyes. “Jake, you don’t have to do this, I am sorry.” “Where is this coming from, Darlene?” he asked and walked out.
    Where is this coming from, Darlene? Isn’t it obvious? It is from a girl who just said what she has been meaning to say in years just because she’s jealous!

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    rhyne bryne
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    Hmmm next plz

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    Darlene accept Jake

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    Cnt wait

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    Darlene! Just be there deceiving yourself and Jake will slip out of your grip. Bad thing also is that Dora is even into him now. Though the blame isn’t solely yours…….. Jake is the guy who should be bold enough to go after the girl of her dreams

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    let’s see Hw dey end up

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    hmmm complication things

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