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    darleome if u ar nt inlove wit jake den dnt b jelos. dora no try sha

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    nice one….waiting for more

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    Darlene you love Jake but you kept deceiving yourself. Since you said you don’t love him, please allow him to be

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    Darlene is really confused and i wish i could slap some sense into her head

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    enough of all these love play and bring the court case on…

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    episode 53

    The lights came on as soon as I opened the door to my room. “Ta-da!!! The Lord said, let there be awesomeness and here I am” Dora said as she curtsied. I hissed and sank into my bed.
    “What brings you here?” I asked, taking off my snickers. I hurled the shoe towards the door, and the jeans soon joined it as I slipped into my Bum short. Don’t ask about the size of my Bum, I am a figure 8, or hour glass like they say…so you can guess what the backside is like.
    Dora joined me on the bed. “It’s been a while since we had a tête-à-tête.” She was right! Our closeness had suffered a great deal and as far as I am concerned, she only made it worse. I stared at her as she smiled. What a smile! Enough to fool anyone like me, I fell for it once, and I won’t. I stood up from the bed and approached the door.
    “I am a little bit tired. I have work to do tonight.” I said, holding the door knob.
    She stared at me with concern. “Chill sis…are you kicking me out?”
    I laughed. “Literally, NO. I am holding my door knob and suggesting that if it is not a great deal of trouble, you should stand up from that bed, take a maximum of 7 steps and…” I paused to catch my breath. “Get OUT!”
    She obeyed.
    I slammed the door hard and returned to my bed. I started my rehearsals. It was hard to concentrate as there was so much noise coming from outside. Drags, screeches and shattering! “Can we have it quiet here?” I yelled. How sorry I was for calling for some quiet…A very uncharacteristic thing in Sir. Williams’ house then happened. LOUD MUSIC!!! Rock to be precise. Dad could kill if he heard anyone blasting music so loud. I jumped out of my room and the distraction just had to be from Dora’s room.
    I drummed heavily on the door. “Dora!!!”
    “Leave me alone.” She had turned down to reply me and then she hit it again.
    I fumbled with the door knob. A maid soon joined me upstairs. “Is there any problem, Ms. Williams?” she asked.
    “Isn’t it obvious?” I asked, eyeballing her. “Just get me one of the security guys to bring down this door.” I ordered.
    She nodded and left.
    “I am going to bring this door down and pull you by your hair to the zoo!” I ranted as I kicked the door angrily.
    The door knob turned gently and I walked in. “What the heck is your problem, Dora Williams?” I asked as I stared into the room. The chairs were scattered, she had broken a portion of the mirror and her bed was unmade. She sat before the mirror and painted her nails.
    I scoffed. “Are you throwing tantrums? I think you are too old to throw tantrums, and I hope you are not ignorant of the fact that this Sir. Williams’ house, you have to live by the rules here.”
    Now I had given her room to laugh with the ‘Sir Williams’ house’ talk. She caught her breath after a wild laugh. “You know the problem with you, Sis? You grew up with too many rules! You are stoic and you don’t appreciate the good things around you. Open the window and feel alive!” she yelled.
    I stared at her confusingly. “How does that correlate with the issue on ground? I can’t relate, Dora.”
    “Darlene…you think everyone hates you! I am a huge fan of you, I adore you, but you don’t even care about me. Do you even know what’s going on in my life? I had to end things with KP today, I wanted to talk to you about it, but you sent me out of your room.” She sniffed a bit and cleaned her eyes.
    I didn’t know what to believe. Was I supposed to hug her and find out her problem? The pure case of reverse psychology! Dora deserved an Oscar for this act. “Am I supposed to feel sorry for you that you broke up with Kolapo because you want Jake?”
    She looked stunned. At least, that’s what her look portrayed to me. “Don’t play innocent with me, Dora.” I scoffed and gathered some scattered clothes from the floor. I dumped them on the bed.
    “Darlene, I can’t believe that you could think that I would break up with Kolapo for Jake.”
    I continued tidying the room as she rattled on. ‘Show-me-something-about-life’ “Dora!” I shouted abruptly. “Enough of all this façade, It isn’t working with me, Honey.”
    She dried her eyes. “Things weren’t working fine between Kolapo and I. He accuses me of having an affair with Jacob, and I can’t believe you are taking his side too.”
    I rolled my eyes. “Dora, take care of yourself, I just hope you know what you are doing.” I said and headed for the door. A dart hit the door and I stopped abruptly.
    “What?” I yelled as I faced her.
    She sobbed. “Darlene, I won’t have you think of me in that way. I love Kolapo and I miss us. We have both changed!”
    I laughed. “Dora, isn’t your mom a psychologist? I think you should see her.”
    “At least, that’s someone you will NEVER have!”
    I swallowed hard and walked out closing the door gently. I left for the kitchen and gently poured myself a cup of grape juice. “You really hit that well, Dora.” I said, talking to myself. I fought back the tears welling in my eyes as I drank. “First, you took my father, now it’s Jake, and to cap up a brilliant display, you remind me that I have no mother.” I continued, as I talked to myself. In a matter of minutes, I had downed the whole content of the Juice bottle.
    I left for the garden. Dad was also in the garden, he was surfing the internet. “Is the server in the house down?” I asked, taking my seat.
    “Not at all, I just wanted a break from all the noise that Dora was making. I am chatting with Shodipo and so we are having this important discussion, I don’t want to be distracted.” He replied.
    I nodded.
    “Why is she causing so much noise?” he asked.
    I shrugged. “Dad, she’s your daughter, you could ask her.” I replied.
    He sighed. “I thought we were past this issue, love. Why are you finding it so hard to accept Dora?” he said, placing his Tab on the side table.
    “I have no problems with her; I just think that you should ask her such questions yourself, you know it will mean more to her when you do that.” I said, trying not to sound spiteful.
    He smiled. “I am proud of you, honey. You learnt the ropes pretty fast. Do you think I believe you?” he relaxed in his chair and sipped his wine. “Is she taking Jacob from you?”
    “Dad???” I asked, as I sipped his wine.
    He nodded with a wide grin. “There’s a weird blush on your face.” He said.
    “Blacks don’t blush!” I replied, dropping the glass.
    He nodded. “I think I have heard that sh*t before from your generation. A girl in love is a girl in love, simple!”
    “DAD!!! I am not in love with Jake.”
    He smiled. “You can talk about it with me. I am very much experienced in this field, you know.”
    I raised an eyebrow.
    “Of course.” He said, as he chuckled. “Look, no disrespect to my loving wife, Danielle wasn’t the woman I loved.”
    I found myself smiling mischievously. “Was it Olamide Ojo by any chance?”
    Dad probed me. “Have you gone detective on my life?” he smiled and then bowed his head and raised it. “Yes, I loved Olamide.”
    “Give me the full gist, Pa.” I said, tickling him.
    We laughed out loud. “You haven’t called me ‘Pa’ in years, nor have you tickled me. I miss us, Darlene.” I rushed into his arms. The smell of Dad’s cologne hadn’t changed. Dad still had the same Cologne like when I was a little girl and when we were still friends. Adulthood robs you of a lot.
    Dad smiled and ruffled his beard gently. “For years, I have lived a sad man’s life, and it was because I chose ‘Classy and Sophisticated over Love’. My blood bled for Olamide, but Danielle was just pitch perfect. She made me look good, my Dad was proud of me when I brought her home.” He paused to re-fill his glass. “Dad loved the way she held her glass, crossed her legs, her etiquettes displayed made one proud. Her smile was for everyone. Danielle was divine!” he sipped and sighed. “I loved her personality.”
    I swallowed. “And Olamide?”
    Dad smiled. He flushed, bit his lip and smiled again. “That was the woman I loved.” He took a deep breath. “She wasn’t perfect. She wasn’t classy, but she was simple. She loved to have fun. There was this time she made me go Mountain Climbing with her. Olamide was so adventurous.” He rubbed his forehead and continued. “She had always been in love with me, but the way I always rattled about Danielle’s class and all made Olamide propose that she talk to Danielle for me. I loved the idea. I would look good in the Magazines and all with Danielle.” Dad shifted his weight against the chair. “When I started dating Danielle, my friendship with Olamide slowly started to suffer and then I knew that I would miss her, but not as I did. We eventually broke ties completely.”
    “Do you still love her?” I asked. Dad stared at the skies and smiled. “Come on Dad, it’s never too late. If you love a woman, you can fight for it. It’s never too late.”
    He sighed. “Things have changed between us. Olamide is probably hooked with some guy in the Bahamas now or maybe just bashing cars in Vegas.”
    I laughed. “Ho-ho Dad!!! She’s probably too old for that now. Maybe some twenty years ago, she could have been that way, but now everything is different.”
    “If you say so, but I don’t think she’ll ever let go of that part. She was always happy.”
    I took a deep breath. “Ms. Olamide is in Nigeria.”
    He jerked up. “Really? Are you sure about that?”
    “Yes Dad. I met her at Dare’s place.”
    “Ade-Cole’s boy?”
    I nodded.
    “Oh well…do you have her contact or anything?”
    I shrugged. “I can get it from Dare for you.”
    “Never mind.”
    I sat up. “Why Dad? Dare is not responsible for this. It’s between you and Ayodeji Ade-Cole, not his son.”
    “Exactly my point.” He said as he cleared his throat. “That is why I won’t get her contact from him. I will just send Shodipo a text, I am sure he will have a link.”
    I sighed. Old dogs do tricks!
    “Back to you Darlene, are you in love with Jake?”
    “Dad, I like Jake. I don’t think love is involved.”
    He scoffed. “Even though I am not in your heart, I can tell that you are not honest with yourself, or maybe you are yet to realize it.”
    “Dad…I am sure.” I said, winking at him.
    He smiled. “Do you know what it feels like not to be with the man you love in the end?”
    “Come on Dad…I’ll be fine. Jake isn’t the man I love.” I replied, standing up.
    He nodded as he rose to his feet. “Have you ever given time for the thought to know what you are doing with Jacob?”
    “We are best friends.”
    He smiled. “Honey, that’s interesting. Anyway, we would have dinner with the Shodipo’s by weekend. Wole wants to introduce his new business to the family.”
    I rolled my eyes. “Do we have to attend it? I mean it has nothing to do with me.”
    “Darlene, you know it’s only normal that you attend these functions. You are a Williams.” He said and left.
    I stared at him as he walked away. He had left his Tab behind. I tapped the screen lightly and then saw his last e-mail. ‘TWO TICKETS BOOKED FOR A FLIGHT TO BAHAMAS.’ I enlarged the mail. Flight due for Wednesday and My court case starts on Wednesday. Was Dad running away because he was scared that I would lose the case? And if he was, who would be accompanying him on that trip?
    “Young lady, that’s my stuff!” Dad said from behind as I tried to check the booking details.
    The use of reverse psychology! It wasn’t only Dora who knew how to play the game. “Are you running away to avoid my court case, Dad?”
    “That isn’t the case, honey. You were going through my mail. That’s improper.” He said, snatching his ipad from me. “I am not avoiding your case.”
    I scoffed. “You don’t think I am capable, right?” I shouted angrily.
    “If you would just tame that temper of yours honey, you might stand a chance against Subomi. It’s barely two days away.”
    I hissed. “Dad, for a moment, I thought you and I had bonded again like before and we were going to be friends again, but now all I see is a bitter old man who has lost once and is not going to face the present.”
    “Easy does it…young lady” Dad said, stepping backward. I raised my voice. “Calm down, Darlene Williams!” he yelled.
    I scoffed. “Make me! This is the beginning of my career and it is throwing my father’s fears before me. I won’t allow your fears derail me.”
    “I fear for you, Darlene.” he said.
    I nodded. “I am not afraid. I am angry!” I said, storming into the house.
    “Sometimes that fear is necessary, child.” He called after me.

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    Everybody knows you love Jake but it’s unfortunate that you are yet to admit to it. Nne, don’t be like your Dad who ended up with yr Mum whom he wasn’t really in love with

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