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    EPISODE 59
    “Let me get this straight, you want me to work for you.”
    Jake nodded in the affirmative. “Exactly!” he adjusted in his chair and stared at Philip. “I want you to get a sick leave for a week or more, starting today if possible.” He stretched out some papers. “These are the Doctor’s report.”
    “Slow down, Man. You already have my sickness decided.” Philip ran his eyes through the paper. “I don’t have Bloody Diarrhoea.”
    Jake smirked. “Is that a yes? You will be heavily compensated.”
    “When do we start?”
    Jake wore a wide grin. “Now! Our first assignment is to visit the scene of the Kidnapping and see if we can gather any other evidence.”
    “But I thought you said you have already visited the site, why waste more time on it?”
    Jake smiled. “We need more clues. Yes, we have a Koran, but at the same time, we need to see if anyone saw Sameer being whisked off.”
    “Are we the only ones on this case?”
    Jake shook his head in disagreement. “As we speak, Dora should be at Chidi Obi’s house.”
    Dora adjusted her baseball hat and approached the Security man. “I told you, I need to go in, I am from the Press.”
    “What unit are you from?”
    She smiled. “ The Indomitable ones.” She said, almost lamely.
    “What kind of name is that? I haven’t heard of it.”
    She shrugged. “It’s a blog. We are ardent supporters of Chidi Obi in his aim to sweep the country clean of liars and frauds; we support his cause which has been to provide for people. I wish to have an interview with him, even if it is for five minutes.”
    The security man, obviously bamboozled by Dora’s speech, sighed. “Just give me few minutes, Mr. Obi is with a very close associate and he doesn’t like to see anyone when they are together.” Dora smiled; it was obvious that the Security man had a thing for talking too much if impressed.
    She crossed her leg and took her seat. She had bought a baseball hat and a Nerd glasses so as to put up a disguise. She was on a fringe hairstyle in case she was asked to take off the hat . ‘This Fringe though…makes me look like a toddler’ she said to herself.
    “What did you say is the name of your unit?” The security man asked.
    She relaxed in her seat. “ The Indomitable ones .”
    “Mr. Obi would be a huge fan. He loves calling himself the ‘ Indomitable ’.”
    Dora grinned. She had chosen the name after a deep search on Chidi Obi and Dare had worked all night to build a blog on it, so if backgrounds check was to be run, they would look clean. “That’s a good thing. We are totally dedicated to the Obi cause.”
    “You are a strong Fanatic.” The security man said, checking the site on the laptop. Just as Dora had guessed, he was running the check to be sure that it existed. “This is amazing; you even have a followership of over a hundred thousand. Director Obi would be pleased to meet you.” he said, excitedly.
    Dora grinned. “Dare, you genius.” She said to herself.
    Dare sprawled out on the chair. “I bought Dora some virtual followers for her blog. Hopefully, it would fool Obi and maybe he could trust her with winning the public, from there she would get us juicy information.”
    I nodded. “I hope she doesn’t get caught.”
    “I don’t think so. She is safe.”
    I got Dare a cup of coffee. “Here you go. Aren’t you going home to have a change of clothes?” I asked.
    “I would be fine. We just need to have the necessary information and then I would head home, let’s just be sure that all is fine with Dora.”
    I nodded. The phone rang. “Hi Bola, what did you find out.”
    “There is really no new development. The Ade-Cole board members today issued a report to a local paper on your dismissal, so don’t be surprised when it starts making the rounds. Mr. Ayodeji Ade-Cole has been really down all day, his brother did the report to the Press and left. So he is just alone in the office.”
    I nodded. “Thanks. Just keep me updated.” I said and hung up. I turned to Dare. “Very soon the world would know that I have been dismissed from work.”
    “I am sorry.” He sighed. “Should I call Jake? We haven’t heard from him since he left.”
    My phone rang again. “We have combed the entire area, we didn’t find any other clue, but someone told us that she did see an Arab go into the Wood.”
    “That’s nothing special from what we already know. Is that all she saw?” I asked, unimpressed.
    Jake scoffed. “Yes. We would be heading to Chidi Obi’s to give Dora a back up.” He said and hung up.
    “Nothing special.” I said to Dare as I dropped the phone.
    Dare turned on the laptop. “I am increasing the blog readers and faking the comments. That man has to be impressed.”
    “Well done.” I said with a smile and turned on the Television. “Subomi in the news.” I announced.
    Dare looked up. Subomi was standing with his daughter, Jumoke Bankole. “I think it’s a thing of shame that a lawyer shows up in court without a witness, yet she made the world believed that there was a witness. We should rid the society of frauds like her.”
    “But, she claimed that she had a witness.”
    Subomi smiled. “My hardworking reporter, that lady is just 24, she is a desperate person, my daughter here went to school with her and she always knew her way around things.” Jumoke smiled proudly.
    “Bastard.” I cursed softly.
    Subomi continued. “If you want to climb the ropes, you should be ready for hard work, not for dubious means.”
    Dare turned off the TV. “We must shut these people up for good.” He said, angrily. “I will call Dora.”
    “Can I take some beautiful pictures?” Dora asked as she walked into the compound.
    The security man smiled. “Of course, but only the flowers.” He said and walked on. “I will get the Boss.”
    Dora focused the camera as she used it to view the environment. The front door opened and Chidi Obi walked out with his associate. She immediately took a picture of them both. It was clean and clear. She immediately removed the Memory Card and slipped it into her pocket. While trying to replace the Memory card, Chidi Obi yelled. “Who are you? What are you doing with that Camera?”
    Her heart raced fast as she stepped forward. “My name is Sandra Jite. I am from the
    Indomitable Ones blog.”
    His face relaxed. “Hand me that Camera.” He said.
    “Of course, Sir.” She said and stretched it out to him. “What were you doing with this?” he asked.
    She smiled. “I am a huge fan; I was trying to get a glimpse of the flowers that present you with the amazing scent that sets you off to work dutifully.” She paused to catch some air. “In your last interview with the Encomium magazine, you said that you are a huge respecter of nature and that a flower just sets you off with its awesome scent.”
    “Wow…I see you have a good check on me. What blog are you from?”
    She smiled. “ The Indomitable ones .”
    “Hmmm…I love that name. I should make a donation.” He said, searching for his cheque book in his suit jacket. “Where did I keep this book?” he said, fumbling with the jacket.
    The Associate stared at Dora. She felt a bit uneasy and tried to bow her head. “You! Aren’t you familiar?” he asked.
    Her eyes blinked. ‘He must have seen me at my coming out event’ she thought. ‘Geez!’ “Not at all, sir.” She said with a smile.
    He nodded. “Forgive me. I just thought you look like a face I have seen in the papers.”
    “Come on…the kid is just a blogger.” he said, looking through his I-pad. “Her site is well rated. Would love to see more of you, Sandra.”
    Chidi Obi dropped the I-pad and called out. “Where’s my Cheque book? Akume…Akume…Obaro…Obaro…”
    The Security Man that attended to Dora re-appeared. “Sir, you sent Akume and Obaro to the East, remember?”
    “Ah…I almost forgot.” He said with a dry hiss. “I have to be with them by weekend. Have the other guys joined them with the Nurse?”
    Chidi Obi’s Associate tapped him. “Easy with the mouth.”
    “It’s alright. You are so distrustful” he whispered to him.
    Dora pretended to be ignorant of their discussion as she clicked on with her camera. “Beautiful flowers, Sir.” She said as she turned towards them.
    “I would send a donation to your blog; can I have your contact?”
    She nodded and handed out the Business Card Dare had designed for her. Designing a card was the last thing they had thought of, but Dare just printed it in case and it turned out handy. “I would be expecting your call, Sir. And maybe an interview at our studio.”
    “Most definitely, Sandra. But that would be after next week, I have some urgent matters to take care of. The court case is really tiring.”
    She smiled. “Keep fighting sir, we believe in you.” she said and stepped out.
    Dora hopped in. “You guys won’t believe how much news I gathered.” She shouted and suddenly paused on seeing Kolapo. “What is he doing here?” she asked.
    “I asked KP to join us. We are a little short in some areas and if this plan is to be executed, I think we should put sentiments apart and use the best men for the job. Right?” I asked. Dora grinned and left for the Kitchen. Jake and Philip walked in after her.
    “Tired Men in the house.” Jake said, slumping into a seat.
    Philip folded his arms. “We found nothing.”
    “So the cutest Policeman in Lag (short form for Lagos city) isn’t tired?” I asked, staring at Philip with acute eyes.
    Philip smiled. “Are you flirting with me, Darlene?”
    I stared at his physique. “What did you think, you fool? I have an idea for the use of your body. I hear Chidi Obi is gay.”
    Dare coughed. “Okay! Your joke is even flat.” Flat??? So, I am not even as funny as Dora.
    “I am not gay.” Philip replied.
    I rolled my eyes. “Okay, I was just messing with you all. We need to get lively. Dora says she has news. Dora!” I called out.
    “I am sorry.” She said, taking her seat. We all took our seats. KP handed everyone each a bottle of Coke. “Okay people, Chidi Obi got fooled. He thinks I am Sandra Jite.”
    KP scoffed. “Lame name.”
    “What did you just say?” Dora swung at him.
    Jake stepped in. “Calm down guys, could we continue?”
    Dora sighed. “Well, he would be granting me an interview after the court case next week, hopefully, he would be behind bars. Anyway, to the real business, I think Chidi Obi has two trusted employees that may know Sameer’s whereabouts. Their names are Akume and Obaro.” Philip jotted down quickly. She took a deep breath and continued. “But they are currently in the East.”
    “Chidi Obi is from Abia. That’s in the East, right?” Dare asked.
    We all nodded. “What if they took Sameer to Abia?” KP chipped in.
    “Chidi Obi would be in the East by weekend.” Dora continued. She then smiled impressively. “The news is that Obi sent some guys there to join Obaro and Akume along with a Nurse.”
    I clapped my hand. “Brilliant! You are good, Dora. Obi has Sameer in the East.” I announced. “We just have to search what properties Obi has in Abia and we would invade them.”
    “Don’t be in a hurry, Darlene.” Dare said. “Dora, was it really easy for you to pick up all these information without Chidi Obi getting suspicious? I don’t want to believe that he is that daft.”
    Dora smiled triumphantly. “He is that daft. The snag is just that he has this friend that is so distrustful and he almost discovered me.”
    “I knew it. There had to be a hitch. How did you get away from him?”
    Dora shrugged. “Chidi Obi saved me; he was so buoyed by my reference for him that he won’t have his friend talk bad at me. I gathered from the security man that he and his associate are very close and he doesn’t let anyone into the house when they are together.”
    “Even if it was a joke, I told you the man is gay.” I said, dropping some humour.
    We all laughed, but then Dora fetched her camera and fixed in a memory card. “I don’t know, but I have a feeling about this his associate, I believe he must know something about Sameer’s kidnapping, we might have to watch him closely.” She said, as she turned on the camera. “Have a look.” She said, showing the picture.
    “UNCLE FEMI???” Dare shouted.
    Akume poured himself some liquor. “Watching this man is pretty frustrating. Obi should just save us the stress and kill him.”
    “The time is not right. He still has to sign those papers, so that there would be something authentic for the case.” Obaro replied, staring at Sameer.
    Sameer had been tied up. He looked fragile. The beatings had made him weak, yet he refused to bulge. “Insha Allah, Darlene will win.”
    Akume and Obaro laughed. “Is that the only thing you can say, Sameer? You have been repeating the same phrase since you got here.” Akume asked.
    The door opened and Nurse Caro walked in. “Get out boys. It’s time for his injection.”
    “Are you sure those injections are working properly? He still remembers Darlene Williams, they are meant to make him forget everything, right?”
    Nurse Caro shot at them. “Are you going to teach me my job?” she asked angrily.
    Akume and Obaro knew better than to get the Nurse angry. “We’ll leave, come on Obaro.” Akume said and led the way. The door closed gently.
    Nurse Caro lifted Sameer’s head up gently. He spat on her face. “Kill me!” he shouted.
    She wiped it off. “You nasty man! You have been doing this forever. I have warned you not to mess around with me; I could end your life.”
    “Do it!!!!!!!!!!” he shouted. “I will NEVER SIGN!” He said and dropped his head.
    Caro stared at him and took her seat. “Listen to me, Sameer. Why are you bent on hurting yourself? You could just sign and walk away.”
    Sameer laughed wickedly. “It’s a shame that you are pretty and dumb. Do you actually think that I would leave here alive? I am going to die even if I sign, and that goes for you to, you will be killed. They won’t let you go free.”
    Caro swallowed. “You have said enough. Time for your injection.” She said and stabbed him.
    Sameer wriggled letting out a scream. The scream soon died down and he fell asleep. Caro touched his head. “I am sorry.” She said and left.
    Dare paced round the living room. “Stop pacing, Dare. You are making me nervous.” I said.
    “Uncle Femi is a bastard. All this while, he has been ‘sleeping with the enemy’ and making us think that he loved us. I always thought that he had the Firm’s best interest at heart and would fight for its success. He wants to destroy my family.”
    Jake shrugged. “You shouldn’t be shocked man, it happens! I know it’s not right, but it’s just life.”
    “What are going to do to him?” Philip asked.
    I rubbed my forehead. “I’d suggest that we watch them for a while, maybe we would be led to Sameer, and I think it’s time Dora started video recording.”
    “What? That’s too dangerous. She could get hurt.” Jake jumped in.
    I swallowed. The way Jacob reacted was like a man fighting for HIS woman, or not? Or did I exaggerate? Whatever! He appeared to like her. Dora smiled faintly. “It’s not dangerous. I would be careful.”
    “There’s no way you are doing that. I won’t let you.” he replied.
    Kolapo hissed and I eyeballed Jake coldly. “Okay. Since we have no one to do the recording, I think I would just handle that myself, I have my own camera.”
    “If Chidi Obi is going to Abia this weekend, I should probably accompany him.” Philip said.
    I stared at him. “How do you intend to?” I asked.
    “I’ll tail them.”
    I shook my head. “It’s dangerous.”
    “I’ll accompany him.” Kolapo said. “I know how to use a gun.” He said, turning to Philip. “It’s our only chance.”
    Dora stared at him. “Are you really going, Kolapo?”
    He ignored her and stared at me. “We should get the date and time of departure.”
    “What if they decide to go through the Local flight?” Dare asked. None of us had thought that Chidi Obi might just be boarding a flight. Driving might be around 5 to 6 hours. “I think we should keep an eye on him to know their means of transport. If it is by flight or road, we would know.”
    FRIDAY 01:00 AM
    Dare pushed Jake’s head. “Hey man, you are drooling all over me.”
    Jake rubbed his eyes and let out a yawn. “I am sorry; I didn’t know I would fall asleep so soon.”
    “I have been watching for an hour now. It’s time for me to sleep, so you should stay awake.” Dare said, slipping down in his seat.
    Jake scoffed. “Really? Don’t be so mean. Let me do one more hour of sleep and then I would be fully awake.”
    “Shut up, Jake. Just watch the house.”
    Jake removed his seat belt. “Chidi Obi’s room light still hasn’t gone off. What could that Old man be doing up this late?” Dare was beginning to fall asleep. “Do you really love Darlene?”
    Jake sat upright. “You heard me, Dare. Are you in love with Darlene?”
    “Yes I am.” He replied, sharply facing Jake. “Are you also in love with her? And you are just hiding behind the best friend’s cloak?”
    Jake turned away. “What do you know?”
    Dare pulled him. “Stop fooling yourself. It is obvious that you love Darlene, but you have been foolish enough to hide it for a long time.” Jake held him by his jacket. “Calm down…I think you should exercise that aggression and try to love Darlene, not as a friend, but as A MAN!”
    Jake threw a punch into his face. “SHUT UP! What do you know about being a man?”
    Dare nursed his face tenderly. “I am withholding the urge to return the favour because I don’t want us to be found out by Chidi Obi, but I promise to rip your bones out once we get a battlefield.”
    “I have always loved her as a Man.”
    Dora opened her bag on the bed. She had packed a small bag. “Don’t worry we’ll find Sameer.”
    “I hope.” I said as I scooped my Ice-Cream.
    She smiled. “I really missed you, Darlene, and how you used to tease me about Chuck Norris.”
    I chuckled. “You are less funny these days. How is Jake?” I asked.
    She scoffed. “But you saw him not too long. Why asking me?” she stared at me and then smiled.
    “Are you guys happy?” I asked.
    She smirked and rolled her eyes. “We are.”
    Was I stupid or just too dump? Did I expect her to say that they weren’t happy? I sighed and helped her in unpacking her bag. “Wow…I love this gown.” I said, taking out a polka dotted gown. “You seem to have a thing for Polka dotted gowns. On our first encounter, you wore a polka dotted gown. That day I met you in my room.”
    Dora shook her head with a smile. “Darlene, you are a wonder, so you remember that clearly, yet you act as though you don’t care.” I chuckled softly. “You had called me a ‘Thief’, you had this grimace like my grandma.”
    “Grandma? What?” I threw a pillow at her.
    She nodded. “Yes, Grandma.” She replied, and threw the pillow back.
    I reached out to hit her with the pillow again and then her bag fell with all its contents coming out. “I am sorry.” I said laughing; I got down helping her pick them up. “Wow…what is this?” I said, picking up a tiny ruby colored box. Before she could look at it, I had opened it; there was a tiny card in it with handwritten ‘Jake loves you’. I carefully lifted the card and saw a beautiful ring.
    Dora was now looking at me.
    “Did J…J…Jake propose to you?” I asked, almost trembling.
    She was silent. And you know what they say, Silence is affirmation!

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    Darlene don’t worry about jake, I’m sure the both of you will end up marrying each other.

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    I can’t wait to see Chidi Obi behind bar.

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    And who told you that silence is always the affirmative, Darlene?

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    I love dis story next pls.

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    Am speechless

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    I guess u will find out its meant for u

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    It going to be hard but u guys will bring down chidi Obi

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