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    I thought no it’s just a prank to know Darlene real feelings

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    Chidi Obi, your end is nigh

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    This is getting so down

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    EPISODE 60
    Things might not be completely awkward between Dora and me but I could say it wouldn’t be easy, especially now that she would ne marrying the man I love. Yes, I said it, I love Jacob. Maybe our close ties had made me too blinded to it, but immediately I saw the ring, I knew I would die if he married Dora. She stole him from me. Several thoughts flooded my mind as I watched Dora and Jake whisper to themselves in the garden. I watched from the kitchen. I felt a light tap.
    “You don’t have to torture yourself.” KP said, handing me a glass of wine.
    I sighed. “How are you coping?” he was Dora’s ex and he seemed to be getting along just fine. “Kolapo, you are really a strong man.” I said, nudging his arm.
    “You love Jake, right?” he asked. “Not as a friend, but as a Man?” he asked.
    I blushed. “I have always seen Jake as a man since we were teenagers. But, maybe, I have not seen him as my Man.”
    “What do you mean?” he asked, getting a seat. “Darlene, from what I have gathered about you, you strike me as a lady who wants a perfect man. Truly, Jake is a perfect man. How come you haven’t seen it?”
    I scoffed. “KP, Jake stole your girlfriend, and now they are going to get married, why are you bringing up a dead issue.”
    Kolapo blinked and swallowed. “It’s difficult to accept the fact that the woman I love is going to be with someone else, but at the same time, this is the man that you truly love. I know you might think you love Dare because he fits your perfect description of the man in the fairy tale book, he is tall, handsome, sophisticated and an arrogant charmer, but really, can you go on without Jacob?”
    “Dare loves me.” I replied, quietly.
    Kolapo nodded. “How do you know?”
    “He said so; Jake has never said he loved me as a woman, as his woman. It’s just been friends for him, and I don’t want to be the fool who sees him differently.”
    KP smiled. “But you already see him differently.”
    I clasped my hand in my laps. “What difference does it make? He will marry Dora, and maybe Dare would ask me to marry him, and I would too. It seems like I got more than what I wanted, all I wanted was a heartbreak from Dare because I hurt Paul so much, and maybe then I won’t feel guilty being happy with Jacob, but it’s like I am going to get a heart wreck. ”
    “Would you be happy?”
    I nodded. “Dare still has his moments.”
    “Wow! You are willing to be with a guy who has his moments, but not willing to fight for a man you love.”
    “Jake doesn’t love me!” I yelled. “Let it be.” I said and walked out bumping into Dare. He bowed his head and walked away. “Dare… Dare….” I called after him.
    He stopped and turned sharply. “What?”
    “What did you hear?”
    He scoffed. “Nothing.” He turned away. “Nothing I didn’t already know.” He added and walked away.
    Dora stared at Jake. “There’s a slight chance that Chidi Obi would send for me soon. He is over impressed with the blog. He even believes that I dedicated it to him.”
    Jake scoffed. “Idiot.”
    “I am a bit concerned with the fact that Dare’s Uncle is an associate of Chidi and he looked at me as suspicious. He might run a check on me.”
    Jake nodded. “It’s all been covered up. There’s a record for Sandra Jite. I think we just have to keep tabs on his movements. Speaking of which, I should call Philip to know if he has discovered anything.” He said, fetching his phone.
    “How’s your heart, Jake?” she asked, staring at him lovingly.
    Jake blinked. “I’d rather not talk about that for now.” He replied and dialed Philip. “What’s up, man?”
    “I am sorry, should have called. Chidi Obi is going by road, the court has ordered that he doesn’t leave town, so he would be going by road. At least, records won’t have any idea of his movement.”
    Jake nodded. “That’s alright. When do they head out?”
    “Tomorrow, I guess. But I guess it would be very early in the morning, he sent someone to the Bank for him. The Banks don’t operate on Saturdays. So how are we going to tail him?”
    Jake sighed. “Come home first. We would decide how to make the trip, speaking of which, I would have to go to the Bank to get some money for the trip.” He said and hung up.
    Dora cleared her throat. “There’s something I have to tell you.”
    “Can’t it wait? I need to withdraw a huge sum, so I don’t want the bank queue on me.”
    She probed him. “Why not just use the ATM tomorrow?”
    “I’d rather do that now.”
    She closed her eyes and opened them. “Darlene saw the ring.”
    “What? How did she see it?” he asked, livid in anger.
    She sighed. “It dropped.”
    I sat at the pool beside Dare.
    “So I just have my moments?” he asked.
    I sighed. “Dare, I didn’t mean it that way.”
    He smiled. “Why are you trying to comfort me? Just spill it.” He said, nudging me in the waist.
    “You are really boring!” I said.
    He scoffed. “You are really mean! I give you just one minute to say what you really think of me and you blurt out so violently.”
    “But you said I could spill. Dare, do you really love me?”
    He sighed and relaxed his body. “I have said it to you before, haven’t I?”
    I nodded.
    “The question is do you love me?”
    I blinked. “I am not sure of my feelings. Sometimes I think I can’t go a day without you, other times, I know I can’t go a day without Jake.”
    Dare took a deep sigh. “That’s all I needed to hear. It’s Jacob, right? Why then do I think you see everything you want in me?”
    “You are right. You meet my description of a perfect man. Paul was too sweet, I guess I preferred the more mean person, I wanted a man who would make me feel hurt, I guess I got all that from you.”
    Dare stared at me. “Did you like me so that you could get heartbroken? Wait….are you saying you fancied me because you felt I won’t love you back, and that you would feel the same way Paul felt?”
    I bowed my head down.
    “You are unbelievable, Darlene Williams.”
    I sighed and turned my face away. “I fell in love with you, Darlene.” he said, holding my hand. “Everything you did, the way you spoke back at me, the way you stared at me, yelled at me, everything you did was perfect to me.”
    “Dare, I am messed up. I think I love Jake. When I am not with him, I feel like my world is over, his absence is my weakness, I don’t want to go on without him.”
    Dare’s hand slowly slipped away from mine. “Then why are you not with him? Why is it Dora?”
    “He doesn’t love me. He only sees me as his friend.” I replied, and wiped a tear from my eyes.
    Dare sighed and turned away.
    “Have something to eat.”
    Sameer put his head on the table. “I am not hungry. I just want to die.”
    “What if you have the option of running away?”
    Sameer looked at Nurse Caro. “That would never happen.”
    “I can help you, but you need to eat first, you need your strength to run.” She said.
    Sameer picked up the spoon and forced the Rice into his mouth. “Why are you helping me? I haven’t forgotten a thing yet.”
    Caro blinked. “Sameer, every time I give you an injection to forget, I give an antidote.” She whispered. “I can’t bring myself to turning another person into a vegetable.”
    “What do you mean?”
    She raised her head to avoid the tears in her eyes from falling. “You are not the first man to be hidden here during a court proceeding. I usually take them out with injections, it always turn out bad. I need you to pretend so that I am not discovered.”
    Sameer nodded. “Okay.”
    There was a knock on the door. “Is he eating?” Akume called.
    “Of course. How long can a weakling hold?” Caro replied and opened the door. “He is slowly beginning to lose his memory, he even said, he didn’t know who you are.”
    Akume laughed wickedly. “That’s good news. Chidi Obi would be pleased. Our income from this job is huge. Oil is involved.” He said, smiling.
    Sameer rushed his food. The thought of escape made him stronger; he wanted to be ready when the time came. Who wouldn’t?
    Philip stared at us. “There’s a plan. I have thought that enough hands are needed on this job. There would be enough men watching wherever Chidi Obi has Sameer, so it would be wise if we all went.”
    Jake cut in. “What are you saying, Man? Let the ladies stay behind. We would follow him.”
    “Forget about the gender, they are useful for us.” Philip retorted.
    Jake rose to his feet. “Hey! You are a Policeman and I guess it has eroded your thoughts; these ladies are not members of your force. They are not cops.”
    “Calm down Jacob, at least give us the option of deciding for ourselves.” Dora interrupted.
    Kolapo sighed. “I agree with Philip, let’s forget about the gender, I think we need them, probably they would handle the driving while we invade wherever it is, or maybe they would get us back up or something.
    I took a deep breath. “Okay, let’s all go. What vehicle would accommodate the six of us?”
    “And Sameer, when we find him?” Dare chipped in.
    I smiled faintly. “Let’s take the Nissan Quest Space bus.” I suggested.
    “The keys? Time to go and fuel it.” Kolapo said.
    I left for the kitchen and got the key from the rack and handed it to Kolapo. “Let’s go Dare; we’ll buy extra tyres too.” Kolapo said, heading out.
    Dare stood up and joined him. “Later folks.”
    “I have to head home to pack a bag.” Philip said. “I’ll join them for a ride.”
    Jake also rose to his feet and grabbed his car keys, “I would be going over to Chidi Obi’s. We have to monitor the situation there.” He said walking out. I was left alone with Dora.
    “I suggest we pack too, so that we could all go over there by midnight.” She said, heading for the stairs.
    I nodded. “I’ll be back soon. There’s somewhere I have to be at.” I said and walked out.
    Kunle Williams pressed his weight firmly against the door. “If you continue like this, you are not going to get better, dear.”
    The Doctor stared at him. “Kunle, we’ve been friends for a while, and I think you are doing the right thing by attending to her.” He said staring at his patient. “But this is something you should have done a long time ago; unfortunately, the person who needs your attention is Darlene.”
    Sir Williams sighed. “Do you think I don’t know? I feel bad that I can’t be with my daughter, even though I didn’t expect her to knock Subomi out, but I should have at least been there to witness the moment. Darlene is probably devastated now and she doesn’t even want to talk to me.”
    “Then go to your daughter. Look, you already brought my patient, let me take care of her, you don’t have to put Darlene at the receiving end of your past mistakes. Remember, the truth would be revealed soon and you don’t want your daughter to completely shut you out when she knows about her.” He said, looking at the patient.
    Sir Williams took his seat. “I have to tell Darlene the truth, but I am scared that if after Wednesday when the final verdict is passed on the Chidi Obi saga and Darlene loses, I might not be able to tell her.”
    “Kunle, you made those mistakes after your wife died, but you can’t deny Darlene the truth else she would never forgive you if she found out on her own.”
    “So you are suggesting that I tell her?”
    He nodded. “Yes, she deserves to know. And she needs you more than ever. Your connections are needed to find her witness. You should go back home.”
    “But I can’t leave her here. Everything she went through was because of me, if I had acted like a man from the beginning, all these wouldn’t have happened. I will be here till she’s completely fine.” He said staring at the Patient’s bed.
    I walked into the church and took my seat at the back pew. “Dear God, I know I am not worthy of your presence, just few days ago, I ran off thinking I could handle it, but God, I am devastated, not only because people don’t know the truth, but because I have failed. Please forgive me if I didn’t trust you enough.” I sniffled a bit. “God, I want you to please make a way for us, we want to tail Chidi Obi, please grant us the wisdom needed.” I paused to catch my breath, “Father, I also want you to help me sort out my emotions in Christ name, Amen.”
    “Darlene Williams, how are you?” Pastor Ben asked with a smile.
    I returned the smile. “I have been holding up fine.”
    “I hope you do remember that it’s not over yet.”
    I nodded in agreement. “Yes Pastor, I have faith.”
    “I will be praying for you.” he said.
    I smiled. “Thank you Pastor.”
    Pastor Ben smiled. “I have teenagers class to take later on, it’s a special, do you want to come to look around?”
    “I would have loved to, but I have to leave town tonight, so I am very busy, I am so sorry.”
    He nodded. “It’s okay. All would be well; I strongly believe that the time is now.” He said, standing up. I also rose to my feet. “God be with you, child.” He said and walked away.
    I had a genuine smile on my face as he called me ‘Child’. I took a deep breath and I felt relaxed. My phone rang. “Hey Jake, what’s up?”
    “I think we have to double up. Chidi Obi is leaving by midnight, I guess some things arose there.” He said and hung up.
    Akume and Obaro untied Sameer. “What are we going to do now, Nurse Caro?”
    “We have to get him to a hospital. He is burning hot, and he is of no use if he falls recklessly ill.” She replied.
    Akume sighed. “The boss said we shouldn’t move him out of this place. I suggest you go and get him some medicine, the hospital would ask questions we can’t answer and it could get to the Police, and you know what would happen if the police discovers this.”
    Caro stared at Sameer. “What then do you suggest we do? Remember, he has forgotten so many things, we just have to take him to the hospital and give him a new identity.”
    “He is Arabian. How do we disguise that? The country knows that Darlene Williams claimed that her witness is Arabian.”
    Caro scoffed. “Is this the only Arabian man in Nigeria? You guys should quit being sissies and let’s take care of this man. If his nerves become damaged, he won’t be able to lift a finger not to talk of signing the deeds. Look, we would keep a close watch on him and all would be fine.”
    “I don’t think it’s wise to take him out of here, Chidi Obi instructed that he shouldn’t be taken away, and that’s why he would even be leaving Lagos tonight, let’s just be patient guys. It won’t hurt if he gets worse, we could die by Chidi’s gun; remember what happened to our buddy, Bruno. The Boss killed him without hesitating.
    After Obaro’s persuasion, he walked out with Akume. Caro hissed as she stared at Sameer. “Plan A failed. We would bring up something else.”
    Sameer sighed. “I hope we do soon. I know that after Wednesday, they may just use any means to have the signature.”
    “I will keep trying. If this is the only good I do before I die, I would make sure that you show up in court on Wednesday.” She said and left.
    “Could Sameer be dead?” I asked as I dropped my bag in the trunk.
    Jake sighed. “Don’t be a pessimist; let’s just hope he is still alive.”
    Kolapo got behind the wheel. “Okay people, let’s go.” We all got into the space bus and the security man shut the gate after us. Philip took his seat in front beside Kolapo. Jake and Dora shared the next row, while Dare and I took the back seat.
    Kolapo pulled up in front of Chidi Obi’s house. “We are right in time.” He said as the gate opened and Chidi Obi tucked his head out to give the final instruction to the security man.
    “Follow closely. Not too fast and not too slow, but once we are on the high way, be super fast. We could lose him.” Philip ordered.
    Kolapo smiled. “Yes boss!” As soon as Chidi Obi’s Range Rover moved, Dora took a picture of the car’s registration number.
    “Just in case we lose him, we have a car to follow.” She said triumphantly.
    Kolapo did well to keep a distance from Chidi Obi’s car, but he ensured that we weren’t lost on the high way. My phone rang.
    “Hello.” I said.
    “Hi D. how are you feeling?”
    It was Dad. “I am okay.” I replied.
    “Where are you, it’s a bit windy.”
    I scoffed. “What do you care? Anyway, I am on my way out.”
    “That’s good. I can see you are shaking it off really fast.”
    I sighed. “Is that why you called, Dad?”
    “Yes…and just to know how you’re faring.”
    I nodded. “Okay, I have to hang up now. Bye.” I said and hung up.
    “You don’t have to be so cold to the old man.” Dare said.
    I stared at him. “Really? What kind of a father abandons his daughter on important events in her life?”
    “Maybe he had something really urgent to attend to.” He suggested,
    I nodded. “Like what? You should have an idea; after all, you went to the Bahamas.”
    Dare scoffed. “The Bahamas is a big place; I don’t necessarily have to bump into your Dad to do my business.”
    “Look Dare, I don’t want to argue with you, okay?”
    Kolapo suddenly pulled up. “I think the tyre on my side is flat.”
    “No way, Man.” I said.
    KP grinned. “Yes way, Man.” He opened the door and headed for the trunk. “Come out everyone.”
    We all got down and watched KP and Philip change the Car tyres.
    “Time to get back on the road,” KP announced as soon as they were through with changing the tyres.
    I sighed as I took my seat. “How do we catch up now?” I asked.
    “There’s this thing called GPS…come across it?” Philip said with a grin. “We actually fixed one to that Range Rover. We work hard you know.” He added.
    We tailed the car comfortably now. “Could we have a holiday like this where we would do a road trip without having to tail anyone? We would stop at road side canteens and eat and sleep at the motels and we would have so much fun.” Dora said, resting her head on Jake’s shoulder.
    “Quit dreaming!” I said. At that moment, I wished that Kolapo was more like me and that he would swerve the car so that she could take her head off Jake. My face was burning with some jealousy. I turned my face away. Dare held my hand and smiled. “Thank you.” I whispered and made his arm my solace.
    We finally arrived at the hotel where Chidi Obi had lodged. We waited about for about 20 minutes in the car before Kolapo and Philip left for the hotel. Jake jumped at the steering. Kolapo and Philip would be lodging in the same hotel with Chidi Obi to monitor him. We headed for another hotel which was just ten minutes away by car.
    “Are you trying to get Darlene jealous?” Dare asked as he dropped his bag on the bed.
    Jake scoffed. “Why would I do that?”
    “I know you are probably thinking that you can make Darlene get jealous with Dora, but I want you to know that you are only going to hurt yourself.” He replied, slipping into his pajamas.
    Jake sighed. “I am not making her jealous. If she is jealous, then maybe she probably sees me differently from the best friends that we used to be, which would make me happier.”
    “Jake, I have to be honest with you. I think you are right for Darlene, you are everything she really needs.”
    Jake stared at him. “And you? Are you giving up so easily?”
    “I have never really been a competitor. Naturally, I go for what I want. I wanted Darlene, she was tough, exciting, but even if I was to give her my heart, she would never give me hers. I think she like me for the Charisma, Appearance and of course,” he paused to smile. “My good looks.”
    Jake scoffed. “You really are full of yourself.”
    “Look here Jacob; there are some things that a man must do to appear as a man. It’s not all about the love. Sometimes, you have to act like a man.” He said, tapping his shoulder.
    Dare jumped on the bed. “Don’t think too much, try to sleep. We have to rise early.” Jake sighed and changed into his Pajamas.
    “So when are you guys getting married?” I asked.
    Dora flipped over her shoulder. “As soon as this case is over.” She said with a smile.
    I nodded and turned off the light. “Is Jacob happy?”
    Dora rolled her eyes. “I am good in the kitchen, good in bed.” I swallowed. She continued. “Why won’t he be happy?”
    “Jake slept with you?” I asked.
    She nodded. “Come on, I am the WOMAN he is going to marry, and he is no wood, he has to appreciate the good things of life.”
    “SHUT UP!”
    She smiled. “Of course. Sweet Dreams, sister. Although I strongly doubt that you would have sweet dreams.”
    I smiled and hit her with the pillow. “You thief!”
    “You never said you loved Jacob, you said you were ‘best friends forever’” she said with a grin. “We can always share that.”
    I rolled my eyes. “Why haven’t I killed you yet, Dora?”
    “Because you love me.” she replied, with her tongue out.
    I stared at her hard. “Just one question, how did you manage to get rid of Kolapo from your feelings?”
    “That’s a special secret.”

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    You guys guys don’t need all these relationship stuffs now, else your mission will be disrupted

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    Jake is not going to marry Dora, they just want Darlene to realise his feeling for Jake

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    base on my observation KP will get Dora back…. can’t you see he’s not even worrying? …….. team work , Chidi Obi enjoy yourself B’cus you’ll soon go behind bar……….

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